Moana - Disney

Moana – Disney

When the godfather of Pixar, John Lasseter took over as the chief creative officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios he vowed to revive the once robust division and now his next highly anticipated step in that process is beginning to round into shape. Production on Moana featuring the voice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has begun and with that announcement has also come a very exciting casting call for a major speaking role. The producers and casting directors are on the lookout for fresh, up and coming talent to be a part of this incredible new project and performers can apply today.

Moana is set 2,000 years in the past and will follow the titular character, a dynamic young teenage girl living in Oceania. When her people discover that a great danger threatens the future of their society, Moana decides to embark on an epic adventure in search of a mythical island that could hold the key to survival. Accompanied by a legendary warrior and a hilarious pot-belly pig, Moana will travel to great distances,

encounter fascinating creatures and sing unforgettable new original songs. This is a comedic adventure on an epic scale as only Disney can do! The film will star Johnson (Hercules, Fast & Furious 6, The Other Guys) will star as Maui the hero and the feature will be overseen by producers Lasseter (Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo) and  Osnat Shurer (Arthur Christmas, One Man Band, Jack-Jack Attack), directed by the duo of 2-time Academy Award nominee Ron Clements (The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin) and Oscar nominee John Musker (The Great Mouse Detective, Hercules, Treasure Planet) from their script which they crafted along with fellow Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi (Flight of the Conchords, Eagle vs Shark, What We Do in the Shadows).

Casting calls for Moana are being organized now and female actors  interested in applying for the lead role can submit an online video audition today by heading here for information and instructions. More details on the outstanding new Disney production will be posted here throughout the casting process so keep checking back for updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this next entry in the company’s legendary animation vault and why you think you will be perfect to be chosen as a voice actor in Moana starring Dwayne Johnson.

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  1. Celeste Solazzo

    I want done an audition to be the protagonist from Oceania

  2. Hensley Story

    Hello! My name is Hensley Story. I’m 5 years old will be turning 6 in November! I have started acting and really love it! I’ve had coaching classes with Robert Vito and Dan Benson. They have both told me I would be perfect for Voice Over being that I am young but speak very clearly and can pronunciate my words very well! I would love you have to opportunity to be the Voice of Moana! It would be a honor! Thank you

  3. inda

    hey i am Inda and i am 11 years old and it has been my dream to be in a movie
    and i really wish it could come true. I know there are so many other people that want this to but even if it does not happen to me i’ll be fine. P.S In case your wondering i’m a girl.

  4. inda

    the movie sounds good

  5. Amanda

    Hello! I would love to be the voice for Moana or any character honestly. I am definitely not a teen, but a 30 year old female who still gets asked if I’m the parent when setting up appointment for my own children. Lol! I love to read and reenact stories to my children, mostly Disney stories and any story books by David Shannon!

  6. Kathaleeya

    hello, my name is kathaleeya xiong and I am 13 years old. I live in Fresno , California and I was in interested in singing and acting since I was in 3rd grade . I had never been in a movie or a Disney acting career , which is now I would like to try my hardest to get this role. Acting and role playing is what I enjoy the most. Being myself,being filmed and being heard.

    I would like to take part this character, because It would be like a dream to say the roles of maona speaking and putting great work into the films animations. It would be an honor to take role of Maona.

  7. Austin Martin

    Hello! My name is Austin Martin. I am 22 years old and thought I would give this a try. I would like to try out for a role in this or any Disney/Pixar movie. I have a bit of experience with acting but not a lot. I did some school musicals in high school, but other than that I haven’t been able to do much of anything due to my current job status. I am from a small farm in Nebraska. It has been a dream to be able to voice act for a Disney or Pixar film even if it is for a small role or third party. If I am able to get into this, the only thing I would like in return is to get my name out and about in order to get more offers later on. If you have any questions, any thoughts or any helpful advice/tips it would be much appreciated. I also have had experience from doing short films with my neighbors and continue doing so with them. If you are interested in seeing any of them, just reply to me and I can get you steering in the right direction.

  8. Austin Martin

    Hello! My name is Austin Martin. I am 22 years old and thought I would give this a try. I would like to try out for a role in this or any Disney/Pixar movie. I have a bit of experience with acting but not a lot. I did some school musicals in high school, but other than that I haven’t been able to do much of anything due to my current job status. I am from a small farm in Nebraska. It has been a dream to be able to voice act for a Disney or Pixar film even if it is for a small role or third party. If I am able to get into this, the only thing I would like in return is to get my name out and about in order to get more offers later on. If you have any questions, any thoughts or any helpful advice/tips it would be much appreciated.

  9. Isabelle Louis

    Hi, I am Isabelle. I am 12 years old and I have loved acting and singing. I haven’t yet been in a movie or video game but I am hoping I could find a role here. I have loved voice acting and I love to play with my seven year old sister and she wants me to be the bad guys. And, so I do but each one has a different voice and that is sort of my practicing. I am going into 7th grade but when I was in 6th grade, I was in a school musical, “The Lion King” and when I auditioned for it, not everyone got in. Thankfully, I was one of the lead roles, I was Mufasa! Even I was a girl I still had to use my “bad guy low voice. I also had a solo and I had to sing that in a lower voice too. It was such a big hit and I had so much fun doing it. So, since my sister is 7, I have seen every princess movie ever made! I feel like if I can get the part, my sister would be so proud! I turn 13 in September so if you want a 13 year old, you can have that. Thanks!! And I can’t wait to hear what you say!

  10. Kolbi

    Hi! My name is Kolbi and I am 16 years old and I am interested in being the voice of Moana. I LOVE acting and I think that it is my God given talent. My voice is a little on the mature side, in other words, I may sound like a grown woman if you guys were to hear it, lol. On the other hand, I took theater/drama during my 7th grade year and my sophomore year in highschool, going into my junior year, and so far, I love it! However, I am not the best singer, so if you guys are looking for a singer as well, then I am not your girl. If not, then feel free to keep reading! I think that I will be a good voice for Moana because I have that bubbly personality and can change my tone of voice whenever it is needed. I can sound sad, angry, happy, energetic, you name it! Oh, and I can also force tears! I have been trying to get into the acting industry ever since I found my
    love for acting when I was in the second grade after participating in a play that I performed for my school. After that play, I realized what my talents were and I would love to display them to the rest of the world! Whether I become the voice of Moana or not, good luck to anyone else who is interested and willing to be the voice of Moana and best of luck to you all finding that special person! XOXO

  11. Kiara Morten

    Dear Reader,
    My name is Kiara Morten and I am 13 going to be 14 in August and Love acting. I do not have much experience but I have enjoyed what I have done. My mother is always telling me to try new things and go out of my comfort zone and that is why I am here. I think it would be a huge thing to play the voice of a character. Not only would that be cool but to be playing the voice of a character in a movie Dwayne Johnson is starring in! I think this would be a great way to start off my career. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment. Please keep me in mind. Thank you!

  12. Cindy Vuong

    The name is Cindy Vuong, 17-year old girl located in California who is looking for new opportunities in voice acting/acting. Currently looking for new faces? I think I would be a great choice.

  13. Anjelique-Hope

    “Wind in the distance is louder than usual, something must be coming here and it has everyone in a rage. But not me I’ve heard this voice before the same roar came through my window I felt it in my hair, I’m ready for it is only war cry from life and I’m ready to live.” I wrote the first thing that came to mind and this was it, lol I know it seems a bit weird but any time I feel a opportunity brewing it’s like the wind, but I’m ready to blow you away and put forth the strength and loyalty I poses. I’m maybe very young but I’m cunning and dedicated.

  14. Stephanie Spencer

    Hi, I have always had an interest in the film career and voice over work has definitely appealed to me. I have a very expressive personality and it comes out in different mannerisms and I am always trying to improve. Bringing a character to life would be an amazing challenge and gift!

  15. Noelly Artola

    my name is Noelly Artola and i’m 12 yrs old and i’ve always wanted to be the voice of a movie especially Disney ,hopefully u make my dream come true and pick me

  16. Julie Tench

    Hello, My name is Julie Tench and Disney has always been a huge part of mine and my family’s life. I’ve been told that I have a voice that would be great for Disney or Broadway which makes me happy for either one. I have not had the fancy acting and vocal school that many talented people have had but I feel that some of the greatest voices are not always from the schooling they have had but their personality and passion that they have for Disney. Thats what makes the characters so great!

  17. Gabriel Paul

    Hello there my name is Gabriel paul i am 14 years old and i want to become an actor and i always loved Disney while growing up and i will love to be part of this project i’ll love to try out if your still auditioning and if i don’t hear back from you guys that’s OK but if you do have any other auditions for other movies please let me know and thank you for your time. 🙂

  18. Beck Stefanic

    Hello, I am Rebekah but I like to be called Beck. I am a female of 15 years of age and I think that I would be okay do this role because many people tell me that my voice catches their attention and that it’s hard to ignore me. And I get along with anyone I meet. Positive attitude all the way, no arguing here.

  19. Marcia

    I would love to join in. I believe I’m a good actress and good be fit in this role. I’m 11 years old looking for an auditions of any movie. I live South Africa, Cape Town. I watch Disney everyday and always ask myself what can I do to become them!

    Thank you!

    I would love to audition.

  20. Morgan Johnson

    I’ve been working as a session singer for over a year now and fresh out of high school. Outside of my singing I have a lot of voice impersonations. I find it very easy and fun even to manipulate my voice. I would be highly honored and interested in expanding my portfolio if given the opportunity.

  21. Maria

    Hello, My name is Maria and I am 14 years old. I am very interested in working for the voice of the film “Moana”. I can easily control and change my voice to a younger child’s voice or an older teenager. I think I would do well for this job. I forgot to mention that I live in Texas. I would appreciate if I could get this role. I am truly hoping I get it. Thanks for everything.

  22. Hend

    Hi everybody,
    My name is Hend Assaf and I’m from Canada.
    I’m a grade 11 student (15 years old) who is passionate about acting in anyway possible since I was a kid. I’m born Canadian but originally from Middle Eastern Asia. I would want acting to be a big part of my life and would leave no room to disappoint in any show/film/voice over/etc where I could act. I’ve been told to be very well at imitating, creating different characters and/or personalities when acting. I also created a play for a spring concert once. I take fencing lessons but my main hobby that most people believe I’m very good at is art.
    I wish the best of luck to anyone auditioning and hope the film turns out great with all the talent.
    -H. A.

  23. Barbara Njoki

    Hello my names are Barbara Njuguna am 23 years old I live in Mombasa Kenya. I am a big Disney fan and I am looking forward to seeing this new production and I am auditioning for the lead role of Moana. why I think I am perfect for this role I just know I can do wonders given an opportunity to work with such a talented group of people and to work with the rock will be fulfilling a ten year old me’s dream of meeting him.

  24. Charlotte Evans

    Hello! My name is Charlotte Evans, and I’m interested in voicing a character in a Disney movie. I have experience- I was a minor role in CIS Aurora’s Peter Pan JR, I was in the chorus of The Sound of Music put on by Summerstage (Aurora, IL), and I was Mushu in CIS Aurora’s Mulan JR just last summer. I am 5’4, 150 lbs, 13 years old (14 this October). I can do voices aging from 10 to 16. I can also sing (mezzo soprano). Please contact me if any spots are open! Thank you so much.



  26. Joelle

    hi I’m Joelle motley, and I am fourteen years old, I believe I would be perfect for this role because I can change my voice to several different pitches and because I look very similar to moana. I grew up watching Disney channel and I would like to change from watching it on television to being on the television(:

  27. abby epley

    i think i should be chosen to be the head role because i am a good actor and my voice is perfect and i am like that girl i am 10 getting ready to be 11 my name is abby epley

  28. BJ

    Voice over acting for Disney and the movie industry sounds challenging and fun. I have no experience but what the heck!

  29. J.F

    Hello My name is jalen frisby. And i would just like a small role in this movie. I grew up watching disney movies and it is my dream to be in one. I am 18 years old. I do some impressions, i use my natural voice, and i live far so i can send some voices to you guys. Thank You

  30. gladymar

    Hi my name in Gladymar Gamboa I am currently 16 years old and I live in Florida. I have not been acting for long but throughout the little time that I have been acting I have accomplished many things. The past year I lived in North Dakota where I played one of the leads in “The Actors Nightmare” for our state drama competition from which out of the hundreds of students there I took part of the 22 who got superior actors. And as a whole our one act show took 2nd place. I was also in a speech team from which I did very well in. I would love to play the part of Moana in this upcoming Disney production.

  31. Julia Bonneau

    Hi, my name is Julia Bonneau and I am 15 years old. I have grown up loving to act and took an interest in voice acting in middle school. I have never been in a video game or movie or anything like that, but I have never really tried before. Now, this year, I am taking an initiative and trying all over the place. I know this is a big part for my first “official” voice acting opportunity, but everything is worth a shot. I live in Niles, Ohio and if you would like to hear me read a few lines I would be more than glad to help out with this movie and fill out one of many dreams. This is definitely one of the bigger ones, I would have to say my inspiration was from the Uncharted Series. I would love to be a part of this project and I would do it totally free as well! 🙂

  32. Claudino (Dino) Cruz

    Hello to whom is reading,
    My name is Claudino (Dino) Cruz and I would like to apply as a voice actor for any Disney movie. I’m interested in an exciting career different from a sales job I have now. So I have an idea an how to speak with different tones snd volume so people can understand what I mean and how it’s meant to understood. Many people say I have distinct and deep voice, which I would like to put to good use. Thank you for your time and have a great memorial weekend.

  33. Brittany McDonough

    My name is Brittany McDonough, i have been interested in acting and voice over rolls since i was little. I love acting and singing and talking in different voices. Though it may seem odd that a 22 year old like myself can sound like an 8 year old, it is true. I have always been into pulling pranks on my family and friends, whether its calling them in my “baby voice” and making up some kind of funny conversation, or acting like something is wrong, and being able to make myself cry to be more realistic. When i was little i was big into plays at school. Now growing up still, i would love to be in a movie acting, or doing voice over for cartoon characters. It would be such an honor. I know that i could do it.

  34. Desiree dean

    Hi my name is Desiree Dean I’m 22 yes old and I want to be in this movie cause it’s been my dream to do voice acting and it sounds cool and fun

  35. Timothy

    Hi my name is Timothy Keathley, I am 15 years old, and I live in Ridgecrest CA. I have been interested into voice acting and acting in general since I was in middle school it would be an amazing honor if I was casted into this movie

  36. Madeleine

    Hello! My name is Madeleine C. and I am from Texas. I love to act and sing and it would be such a privilege to voice as a character in this movie. Some of my experience includes singing, acting, and dancing in numerous school productions and musical theatre camps.

    Name: Madeleine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (15 in August)
    Hair: Blonde (blue/green eyes)
    Height: 5’3

  37. Anibal De Jesus

    Hey I’m Anibal and i am 23 i can sing, dance, and act i’m here cause this something i always been passionate about and have the drive to go far

  38. Ne'Khia Ray

    I Think I would be perfect for this part because I attend a well known art school which is LaVilla School of the Arts where we are told to express our voice artistically and also through music

  39. monica sharp

    hey my name is Monica,
    i am very new to this acting stuff but would love to start by staring as a character. i have seen all Disney movies and can recent them backwards. i would love to here from you guys. thank you!

  40. Eliaylia

    My name is Eliaylia Brooms. Lila for short. I am 13 years old. I love in Manistee MI. I can sing and change the emotion in my voice instantly. I really would love if you would consider me.

  41. Carlo T

    My gosh, listen to all these kids. Hello! Ahem….I’m 38….Kaboom!! I’m Eloquent. Sardonic! Australian (with Greencard). I’m gifted in zany voices. Plus I’m sardonic. (I like Sardines too). I own a beautiful, rich, natural speaking voice in my native Australian accent. Make me a creature in one of your superlative features booioiiiiuiing! Congratulations on finding me. Oh and yes…..Pixar is amazzzzzing blah blah

  42. Raven shelton

    Hello my name is raven I’m 22 years old currently in college to become an OT. I also am working part time at a restaurant and love to make people laugh with all the voices I make. I have many!!! People say I really have a talent. If you would like to hear it go ahead and email me I would be excited to show you what I got especially in a Disney film it would be a dream come true to be on the best of the best cartoon creations .

  43. Korin Bukowski

    I have always dreamed of being a female
    character voice over. Would love if you would consider me. I was top 10 in the
    NBC show The Voice season 9. I love animals and the sea and sea life I always
    wanted to be a Mermaid lol!! I would love for you to
    Google me and hope you would consider me
    for this part

  44. Brianna

    I am 13 almost 14 years old and I have been wanting to take part in acting and voice acting for a while now. I always thought it would be fun and I could really grow as a person. I would like a chance to audition for ths. Esoecially with this being a disney film. Working with disney has always been something I wanted to do since sitting in my room watching Finding Nemo and shows like Wizards of Waverly Place.

  45. Olivia Patko

    Olivia Patko
    Age 13
    Singer .
    Actor .
    She would be great for this role because
    she is a great actor and singer and
    can make her voice fill with different emotions
    she is perfect for this roll and would love to be considered to do it

  46. paige ashland white

    hi my name is Paige white I am 9 years old I have a beautiful singing voice I have also gotten tons of solos on for an OMA showcase a even one for a WEDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in front of HUNDREDS of people !

  47. Alexandria Hart

    My name is Alexandria Hart. I am 29 yrs old.. Im a nursing student and ive always wanted to act and be a part of a big production.. My family and friends all say that i have a voice that belongs on television or radio. I can do voice impressions and i take and follow instructions very well.. Hope to hear from someone soon

  48. Zalika Billar

    And i love singing??
    Sorry forgot that!!????

  49. Zalika Billar

    My name is Zalika Billar
    I live in the Netherlands.
    Im 13 years old.
    My height is 1.62 metres
    I have very dark brown hair till my lowest part of my back.
    And i always had a dream to be a singer or actres. But only for animated movies.
    I’m always the different one in the family because i’m sort of the entertaiment one.
    Its my dream.
    I would do anything to get this role and become an actress

    Im sort of always dreaming about this every night and adventures.
    I think Moana is the one!
    And this could be a start of my career.
    Fingers crossed.

    Thank you sooooo much!!

  50. Ashly Abbey

    Hi my name is Ashly Abbey
    Age: 15
    I love doing voice parts in movies, I’m very good with voices I can do lots of voices. Being able to be a voice in a movie would be fun. I’m very dedicated to what I do in work. I put forth my all and don’t give up. I’m a very bubbly and energetic person!

  51. Kaylene Raber

    My name Is Kaylene, 20 years of age & I am confident that I am the right choice for this new exciting film.
    Let Me start by saying that If there Is anything I am an expert with, It’s Disney !
    I own the whole Masterpiece collection & Have grown up with Disney since I was brought Into this world.
    Since I was small, I would mimic the characters voices & mannerisms until It was spot on.
    I am confident, determined, hardworking, goal oriented & Like I said, I am a Disney expert.
    I would be beyond grateful for the chance to prove that I am a true “Disnerd” & That I am what this New film needs.
    Thank you for your time!

  52. Brianna wellman

    I have been looking for casting calls to start a career of acting. I love to dance and act.
    I have perform for tdsb creates for dance. And I would love to get this job to help me more with my acting.
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Thank you

  53. Brianna Negrete

    Hi I’m Brianna and ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be in a Disney movie. They’ve always inspired me. And I hope to be apart of it one day. Although I’ve never had any acting experience before, I have done a few class plays. I was in chorus in the 6th grade and made it into the All City Chorus. I don’t sing as often anymore but whenever I do, people say I’m good.
    Age: 15(almost 16)
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Skin: tan
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 120
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Location: Centreville, MD

  54. Allison Ebner

    Hi! My name is Allison Ebner and I’ve been looking for a role that will suit me well and I think this is it. I am a spunky, adventurous girl with a mature voice but not too mature that it wouldn’t work for this role. I am open to playing any other characters you need as well as Moana. I think any role will be right for me. I’ve had experience in musical theater, but never something like this but, there’s a first time for everything! Below is a little more about me:
    Name: Allison(Ally) Ebner
    Age: 13 years old
    Grade: 7
    Hair Color: Brown with a little blonde
    Hair Length: Medium
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Talents: Singing/Acting/Modeling
    Thank you, and if you want more information, feel free to contact me anytime!

  55. Allison Ebner

    Hi! My name is Allison Ebner and I’ve been looking for a role that will suit me well and I think this is it. I’ve had experience in musical theater, but never something like this but, there’s a first time for everything! Below is a little more about me:
    Name: Allison(Ally) Ebner
    Age: 13 years old
    Grade: 7
    Hair Color: Brown with a little blonde
    Hair Length: Medium
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Body Type: Athletic
    Talents: Singing/Acting/Modeling
    Thank you, and if you want more information, feel free to contact me anytime!

  56. Laurissa Frye

    Hello, my name is Laurissa Frye. I am 13 years old and I am in 7th grade. I have been taking acting/singing classes for about a year now. I have never actually auditioned for anything yet. But I am ready to start getting in my experience and start auditioning. I have brown hair and brown eyes and some people say I look Native American. I am very interested in this role and would love to do it. I am very passionate about what I love doing and have always wanted to be an actress. Thank you. If you want more information or pictures, feel free to contact me.

  57. Nia Muniz

    Hello, My name is Nia Muniz . I am interested in being a part of this film, It looks absolutely amazing. I am a model/actor/singer. I have prior experience with acting and would love the chance to get more experience. Here is a little bit about me.
    I performed in the 5th grade talent show for singing.
    12 Years Old
    6th Grade
    brown hair (short)
    brown Eyes
    Thank you, If you want more information or pictures please contact me

  58. Nicole sciarappa

    I have been looking for a chance to show what I can do and not having much luck. I love to act, always have. I just want a chance to see if I can succeed or fail. I never give up. I have a very bubbly and outgoing personality. I believe everyone deserves a first chance at anything.

  59. Maria Miles

    Hello Casting Directors,

    My name is Maria Miles and I just turned 16. I’m a dramatic and outgoing person, so therefore I don’t believe there is a role I can’t handle. I’m currently playing a teen Princess named Mora in a school play and this animation is about a teen named Moana. But I strongly know this role is for me. Because what better person could there be, for an adventurous teenage girl role than me? You creating this film of a girl that resembles me I would wonder if this is my dream come true.

    Thank You, for the opportunity.

  60. Christina Musilli

    Hi my name is Christina Musilli,
    I would absolutely love to get a chance to audition for this movie. I have always wanted to be a Disney Princess and Moana would be the perfect person for me. I feel she is carefree and fun, and that is the way I am. I love making people laugh and feel that Moana is my type of girl. I have a cheerful and smooth voice that is not annoying. I am good at using my voice to sound, exhausted, happy, sad and other emotions. I am twelve years old, and if I did get the part it would mean a lot to me as well as my family who has always encouraged my dream of acting. If you have picked a person for Moana, I would be grateful to get a different part in the movie!! Please consider me.
    Thank you!! I hope to hear from you soon.