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The world’s most fun and challenging TV game show is back with all new episodes and all new challenges that could take you from zero to cash money winner in just 60 seconds. That’s right Minute To Win It is returning to the airwaves with a new network, a new host and all new opportunities for people from around the country to make their dreams come true. Casting calls for this wacky test of skills will be happening soon and interested participants can apply today for their shot at a ‘Minute’ of glory!

Minute To Win It is an irresistibly addicting game show series that features contestants attempting to do extraordinary things with ordinary objects. At the beginning of each game the contestant is given a blueprint of the challenge and then 60 seconds is put on the clock if the contestant completes the challenge he or she earns a cash prize and moves on to the next round. With each round comes higher payouts but even harder challenges. If the contestant can conquer all 10 challenges he or she walks away with the minute to win it title and a cash payout of up to 1 MILLION dollars! This is a game show for everyone – each challenge involves items that are found around every home – so everyone can practice at home to try and become a champion. Past challenges have included knocking over empty cans using a yo-yo tied to your back, stacking four lip balm tubes using a pair of chopsticks, using a cup to vertically stack dice in towers of three, four and five, flipping two tea bags onto the bill of a baseball hat and many, many more. This is the game show format at it’s wackiest and most fun! This all new edition of the hugely popular program will be hosted by none other than seven-time Olympic medalist speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. With an all new host and all new incredible challenges these new episodes will be the best yet. Casting calls for the new episodes of Minute To Win it are happening soon and those interested in being contestants can head here gsntv.com/shows/minute-to-win-it/casting/ to submit themselves and for more information. We will be posting audition updates as soon as they are released so stay tuned for more news and be sure to leave a comment and tell us why you love the show and why you want to compete on Minute To Win It.

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  1. Kunal Gautam

    am crazy about minute to win it…i hope someday i get the chance😭…anyways , what is the process to join minute to win it?

  2. Supriya

    Minute to win it is a super show and I aspire to participate in the show☺️😊 have fun and enjoy the most. Please let me know the process to participate.


  3. EJ putnam

    I am try to get my brother law on your show

  4. Cecilia

    My name is Cecilia Schatzle (Shat.zul). I love a minute to win it because it’s a thrilling and challenging show. I always find myself holding my breath or screaming while watching. I’m THE ultimate candidate for the show because Ive got a big bark… and a big bite. This 2018 im proving to myself that I can conquer anything mentally. Im not a stereotype and there’s more to me than people think! I want to be the champion, A minute to win it! And I’m keeping my eye on the prize!

  5. Hannah Cutkomp

    It would be amazing to be on Minute to Win it! My name is Hannah Cutkomp, I am 21 years old, and have always loved your show.

  6. shirlyn

    I LOVE MINUTE TO WIN IT! 🙂 🙂 🙂 would be great if I could be on the show

  7. DeAirris Foster

    I would love to be on minute to win it. I have watched almost every episode of this show & I absolutely love it. LETS HAVE SOME FUN! IM READY!!

  8. Manish goyal

    Hi im manish from india i want to join this game

  9. Heather Cameron

    I would love to do something memorable and I am a Canadian 🇨🇦

  10. Shawna Wood

    I would like to be on minute to win it because me and my kids have been watching this show for an amount of years, and I thought I might suprise them !


    Hey guys, my name is Anthony and the reason is love it be in the show is because nobody from Alabama has ever been on the show, so I’d love t e chance to be the first from Alabama to win, and I will win just give me the shot to prove it 😉

  12. SarahJ

    I love the show…it’s fun!

  13. Gagan

    I want to join

  14. Jalen Johnson

    How do u apply for minute to win it

  15. cerela Roxby

    Where is Minute to Win It taped

  16. ashwini mokhashi

    I want to participate in this super minute, but I don’t know the audition place, please send me the address.

  17. Charlotte

    How to join to minute to win it..?I want to help my parents ..but how?? Please help me

  18. Deepa Susan Cherian

    I would love to participate in this game show.. wants to know the formalities..

    MINUTE TO WIN IT.. loving it…..

  19. Jackson james

    Respected sir,
    I would like to participate in this programe because i have some problems and not only me but also my 2 frnds. They are faceing a medical emergency so i would like to do in this.

  20. zaheem pkv

    I would like participate in minute to win it

  21. Arun Kumar NS

    I want to join
    Minute to win it.

  22. Kristine cruz

    Please allow my niece to join win it to winit shes 7yearsold kontak

  23. Name*Jisharudheen kp

    how can’t joining the program

  24. Lourdes

    my daughter Chloe really wants to join minute to win it kids edition she’s 7 years old I hope se can join^^ she always watch minute to win it ^^

  25. ummer farooq

    I want to join
    Minute to win it.

  26. ummer farooq

    I want to join minuteto win it

  27. Kolbie Alwyn D. Deligero

    I want to become a contestant in “minute to win it” to do and enjoy the challenges and become a millionaire!?

  28. Olusegun Imah

    My name is Olusegun Imah, me and my team would love to host the show in an African Country.
    Can you kindly let us know who is in charge of the distribution of the rights to host the show and what are the requirements, so that we can commence on the project.
    We would really be grateful if you could grant us a positive response.


  29. twinkle

    I want to join cause i want to try that game as my challenge its more fun in ABS-CBN the best TV channel

  30. twinkle

    I want to join

  31. Sony jijo

    When is your next audition date???? I do wish to play.

  32. Molly Fishman

    I really would love to do this. It would be really fun.My family watches this show. I’m very interested.

  33. Shyni

    Hi this is Shyni I have two daughters and I am a wido and I love this show pleas give me one chance . It help me a lot for my daughter future studies and I am nurse pleas give me one chance thank u ….

  34. raven

    I would love to do this

  35. Tim

    I have done stuff like this at my house my whole life. When it comes to competitions like this I’m first in line! This would be life changing for me!

  36. Stanley Jones

    I love this show and I would love to be a contestant on it.

  37. karen williams

    please contact me throw email. I am interested in knowing when are auditions asap!

  38. David Hockensmith

    My wife and I love Minute It To Win It !!!! We are so glad to hear that it’s back. I work for a great resort in Las Vegas and my wife is on disability and is a great house wife that takes great pride in taking care of me and our apartment. We would love the opportunity to win some money and clear our debt and be able to buy our own home. The american dream seams far away when you have to grind it out leaving week to week. We are very proud of the fact that we work for what we have and we just need the right break.

  39. George

    Hallo i am a big fan of your show i live in east africa and would like it if we could do the show in my home country how can we patner and have an african show

  40. Lisa Winters

    I love minute to win it because it is so simple yet so complex. It gives everyday people an opportunity of a lifetime that they wouldn’t ordinarily have. I am a junior high science teacher and I love to use the games in the classroom to teach in a hands on and affordable way. My husband and I are currently debt free and are one of very few couples who have never had a credit card in our lives. With that, we are trying to save up to buy a house cash. Things have come up and we are way behind. With a little one in the oven we are hoping to win minute to win it so we can buy a house to start our new family. We dot intend to spend more than $200,000 on a house because we want to give some to my mom who has been diagnosed with stage 4metasteaized breast cancer into her spine and rib. She has had to stop working and I would like to give her and my dad money so they can retire early and not have to worry about work. My husband just went through a very scary neurological condition (I have video) and we now have medical bills there. We also support a beautiful girl in Mexico who is almost ready to go to college and we would love to pay her way to provide that opportunity to a higher education. This would mean the world to us! I hope we get picked!!!

  41. Jessica summers

    All I can say is I have watched this show since the first episode aired. It would be one amazing opportunity to be chosen to be on it! I can honestly say the main reason I would want to be on this show would be to win that top prize. I have not come from a wealthy easy famy. I have worked my butt of since I was 16 and I don’t complain. I love my life but I can say having a little more money would make my life easier. I could by a car and stop taking the bus, I can pay off all my student loans, I can help my mom get off the streets at 60 years old and buy her a home or pay her rent. I am a very athletic women and I know I would have so much fun doing these challenges. Please give me this amazing life opportunity to help me and my family!

  42. Helene K.

    I love this show!! The reason is simple, it makes me smile!! Recently, I have found myself unemployed and all week I look forward to watching the show. It makes me happy!! When I watch I feel like I on the stage with the people attempting the various challenges! I love that it is within each person’s hands (literally) to conquer each challenge. As a child and now as an adult I have always love trying to complete various crazy tasks, successfully 🙂 I am excited and intrigued by Boot Camp-I want to take part in the Minute To Win It boot camp!! I am energetic, spunky, silly and believe America would have a blast watching me on the show! Without a doubt, I could definitely use the “extra” money to pay off my college loans and to continue donating money to the various charities I have supported for many years. I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

  43. Heather

    Hello!!! I love watching this show and seein ppl conquer their task and it’s real intense watching the time count down and wander if they are going to get it in time. I would also love being on the show because I’m competitive and would love to win some money. My partner and I are very outgoing and real funny and would be a joy to watch!!! Thank u!!

  44. Patrice Baker

    Hello my name is Patrice Baker and I am 22 years old. I have been trying to figure out how to get on this show for two years now every since i started watching it. I have commented on at least 5 of these pages and others as well. I would LOVE to be a part of the show on my own or if you are looking for a team of two my husband and I would be perfect. We work very well together and he is good at just about everything he tries. He also has a huge personality and would be great entertainment . I am a fast learner and I am very good with my hands. By myself or me and my husband together this will be a great opportunity. Please consider me for the show I wont let you down

  45. Megan

    Hello Minute to Win it! I would first like to say that my whole family loves your show and we play the games every chance we get! It would be amazing if my twin sister and I could be contestants on your show. To tell you a little about us…we are 22 years old and have been best friends all of our life. We played sports together for 13 years. I am a single mom to an amazing 3 year old little girl. My twin sister will soon be graduating from college with a criminal justice degree. Though being able to be contestants on your show and winning the 1 million dollars could help me raise my daughter and help my sister with her student loans, there is a bigger reason we so desperately want to be on Minute to Win it. In October 2014 my family was struck with some heartbreaking news. Our dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Our dad is hands down the best man I have ever known. He coached us for years during sports and has encouraged us in every aspect of our lives. Our dad is unable to work and our mom has been on leave since October to take care of him. If given the chance to be on this show we would be able to pay all of the medical bills and help our parents with whatever they need during this difficult time. Our parents have given us so much our whole lives, it’s time for us to give back to them. We want to make our dad proud!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity and God Bless!

  46. Michael higgins

    I’ve got the sad story with a happy ending. All I need is the money to progress with my life. Let’s get it on! I’m hilarious. Make mysf snort sometimes. Huge personality!

  47. DeAndre Hagar

    I can tell you a million and one reasons to choose me as your next contestant , but I’m not. I’m a family man. Loving husband , great father , awesome friend , son , brother and uncle. This will be a great experience for me and my wife and we’re willing to give our all.

  48. derrick pendleton

    Say hello to your next contestant slash winner.
    Thank you in advance for picking me.

  49. Johnita Patillo

    I am a college student who can use the money to pay off nursing school also I’d like to help my parents pay off their land and I’ve been watching this show for years; I believe that I should be on this show because I love the challenges and I feel like I have what it takes to make it far in this game.

  50. Kelsie Mleczko

    Hi! My name is Kelsie! I absolutely love watching Minute To Win It; especially with my boyfriend, Mike. My favorite reason for watching it is to see all of the creative and innovative ways that every day products bring out the fierce side of competitors. On the other hand, Mike loves Minute to Win It for the athleticism, agility, and focus involved! The pair of us would be an exciting asset to feature on the show, and we’d be honored to do so. Thank you!

  51. dj

    Ever since the very first episode I’ve been a huge fan. I have the personality for this game I have the charisma I have the enenergy and I have the skill. But thats not why I want to be on the show.. Growing up, my family and I didn’t really have much. We’ve been homeless 3 times and we’ve always struggled with bills. We could barely afford to keep a gallon of milk in the fridge and a loaf of bread on the counter. My mom had to work 2 jobs just to get by. Now I’m not trying to get sympathy, that is nowhere near what I’m doing. I just feel this would be the perfect opportunity to give my family the life they rightfully deserve.. I love this show. I’ve seen every episode. I’ve even constructed my own in home MTWI games. Idk, if I am picked then perfect, I couldn’t be happier. If not.. That’s perfectly fine too. And I’ll congratulate whoever is chosen.

  52. Doug Wagner

    I feel like I could do very well on this show and would love the opportunity to give it a shot…plus could always use some extra cash!!

  53. John Pip

    i would love to be on this show. Im a college student needing money for school that gets pumped about the challenges on a minute to win it. plus who doesn’t love money

  54. Dawn[ Ganaway

    Simply[ The[ Best

  55. Christopher Cury

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Like I really think i can make it all the way.

  56. Loretta

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Like ii really think i would make it all the way to the end.

  57. Hiba

    Hi please I want to be in the minute to win it I think it will be very fun and also the money it can make for me a lot and help people they need money to live.i try a lot to be in the last session but I hope I will have the luck this year to be in the show

  58. Bailey Merritt

    Well I have to say I’ve never thought to try and become a contestant on a game show, but I absolutely love minute to win it !! I’m not really sure what most people write for these applications to get noticed so Im just gona wing and be my crazy honest self ! First off I think I would be GREAT at the challenges , I’m a very athletic individual , great hand eye coordination , and I am an intelligent person so I would say those qualities combined would prove to be a winning combination! Also if I am honest I would like to find out for myslef what it’s like to be on the show , the pressure, the audience and all the other factors for this simple reason ……… I am definatley one of those people that watch others competing on the show while I watch from the comfort of my home saying ” I would totally have done that better !! ” hahhaaha. So I figured maybe time to put myself to the test. And if I were to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to appear on your show and even luckier have a chance to win some money I would LOVE to have the opportunity to not only pay my mother back for everything she has done for me , but give her some sense of financial security , I have the most wonderful and loving mother who has sacrificed everything for me and I don’t know anyone that deserves to have someone do something nice for her then my mother , not only is she the best and most generous mother ever, she is that way with absolutely everyone she meets. So I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for when you choose your applicants but I would love the chance to be on your show and thank you for your consideration.

  59. Brionna dixon

    I think i would be really good on this show because i think it would be really fun.
    I would like the money to help my parents out.
    Idk if im old enough but im 13 years old and i just would really love to be on the show

  60. Dakota Green

    I am looking for a little extra cash to pay off students loans and show off my athletic ability and strategic mind. I am currently working full time 40+ hours a week and attending graduate school as a full time student. This would be a chance for the to pay off my student loans and maybe take a break from working and focus on my schooling. I am working to have money to live on and pay bills (including my loans), but my current job it not my passion, it isn’t what I am going to school for. I want to be a teacher so I can help educate young minds because they are the future of our great nation and with the potential cash I could earn from this show it could allow me to have more free time to focus on school and myself. Work and school is all I know!!

  61. Aminta Gutierrez

    I would like my brother and I to be on this show because it will be an amazing oppertunity to show everyone that we can win in this awesome show and have an amazing time being on TV. Plus , it just looks really cool 🙂

  62. LaQueesha Bush

    Hello I am the wife of this potential contestant. His name is Shawne. He’s 30yrs old. This guy is a character to see under pressure. I truly believe he is the perfect fit for your game show. Shawne is in very good shape for his age and adores competition.
    This is someone I know everyone will get a kick out of watching.


  63. Lyn Redd

    I’m not sure if I’m old enough since I’m 14, but i am the best at puzzles and I think I’d be good at minute to win it. I don’t feel that I really stand out much in the infinite abyss of people that would like to be on the show, but who does?

  64. Nadia

    Hi I’m 12 years old I will do really gud on ur show I started practicing wen I was 10 I no I’m ready

  65. Stephen Haynes

    My name is Stephen Haynes — a clever-minded individual who loves challenges! Challenges have been apart of my life, whether it was recovering from being unemployed for eight months, moving to New York with no job and $300 in my bank account, or convincing the world that I’m destined to be a television host for my own sports show (still a work in progress). I live off of challenges and I pride myself on a competitor! If chosen as a contestant on this show, I will bring my A+ Game and bring home the $1 Million!!!

  66. Megan Borkes

    I’m Megan, a 27 year old entertainer in Orlando, FL. I play Minute To Win It games with kids during the holidays as one of my entertainment jobs around town, so I’ve had some practice. I’m also super competitive. I’d love to win some money to help me fund trips to make my long distance relationship with my boyfriend in London possible – as you can guess, international flights get quite expensive, so a little extra cash would definitely help out.

  67. Mostafa

    I m from Canada, I would like to be among luky people that `s why I m applying. I have for kids and I want to buy house and give some money to my relatives who are poor. I want to tell you that one of my kids who encouraged me to try it in the hope of being chosen (Really I hope so).

  68. Nichole

    Hi, I’m Nichole. I’m 23 with four kids. My oldest being 6 about to turn 7. I just recently got married to my husband. We had a baby in September. We live in a very small town in northwest Montana. It would be great for us to get a chance on minute to win it. I know there are plenty of people responding, but I can tell you not many people ever get to do things such as this from my town or anywhere remotely close to here. Thanks.

  69. Tracey

    Hi, I think I should be picked for minute to win it because I am an easy going down to earth person that loves to compete, life is short and we should all have fun, every second counts!!!! I love watching the show and I would really like to try it first hand. I have had an extremely rough year financially and the money would help but what I really think I would enjoy most would be the challenge!! Minute to win it….. pick me!!! : )

  70. Amanda curtright

    I’d like my grandmother and I to be picked to be contestants on this show because our favorite thing to do together is watch games hows like this one.. I graduate from college in 6 weeks and we were going to go on a cruise but I’d like to make this memory with her even if we don’t win anything.. I know it would make her happy and Id rather have a smile on her face as my graduation gift than some cruise. She’s my best friend.. My mother my grandmother.. My rock.. She’s given up her world for me and I just want to try to do something I know would bring some joy to her.

  71. Shabbir Khan

    Its such a delight to even know that this is show is getting started again… I’m from India and I love this show so much! well, about the chance, I have been working since I was 5 years old (not kidding) to support my family, lived homeless on the streets, attended goverment schools without shoes and in torn clothes (but still never missed it)…
    Even after struggling so much, there is still so much to for my family (I have a huge family btw!) This money can help me get out of debts, buy my own home, fulfill my and my famliy’s dreams…
    And most importantly, I deserve a shot, coz I’m gonna make it FUN for the people to watch!!!

    I’m hopeful and I will be waiting to hear from you…

  72. Austin Cocanougher

    I deserve to be picked because I am working to put myself through college. I stretch myself thin with school, whatever I can do for money, and baseball while keeping straight A’s. I love the show and Id love. A chance to be part of it. Let alone earn money.

  73. Sara

    I am currently enrolled at York College of Pennsylvania. Like most college students I am in need financially. My parents have helped me as much as they can and I would like to some how show them how grateful I am. My father is a diabetic and is my rock and he is going above and beyond trying to help me. If I were to have the opportunity to be on the show it would mean the world to not only me but to my family as well.

  74. Ralph Marz

    I am a Disabled combat Veteran from the Iraq war, I have come to Hollywood to follow my dreams of bieng an actor/comedian after surviving my call to duty in Iraq and I would very need the money for my daughters upbringing while I follow my dream. Thank you R Marz

  75. Tyron Kinney

    I feel I deserve a shot at a million dollars because Ive worked my entire life and still have not saved enough to put my oldest son through college. Im not gonna give you guys a sob story or nothing but my boy deserves it and I know if givin the chance I will make money needed to further my sons education and possibly even get myself a new car, Lord knows I need one. Thanks for the opportunity….