Miles Above New Comedy Webseries

Actor Casting Call

There is a new comedy webseries casting call that is searching for actors to star in it! “Miles Above” is a project that will follow two stars of a home remodeling shot and showcase what happens behind the scenes. Lead roles and supporting roles are up for grabs so this a great opportunity for actors. The acting audition notice is looking for a males and females in their 20’s – 30’s. Filming will be in North Carolina, so local actors are needed to fill the characters. If you are ready and have what it takes to star in a new comedy series, apply today for this incredible opportunity.

About “Miles Above”

For new sitcom “Miles Above”, to be filmed by an independent production company based on a Home Remodeling Show. Follow the two stars Cat and Joe along with their crew and see how they interact when the cameras are off.

What They Are Looking For

Character Bio’s below, if interested send example of work, headshot or both. If you have neither that is ok too. We will review information and notify actors directly of when and where a closed casting call will take place.

Mid 20’s -30’s. Contractor for Miles Above. “Dad bod” or typical “contractor bod”, outgoing, funny and witty. Always trying to lighten the mood but knows when to be professional. Is extremely confident with work and personal life and has a track record to back it but doesn’t come off as arrogant or cocky. The life of the party that makes friends with everyone. Joe had a personal relationship with Cat for years and established a business remodeling and renovating homes prior to their break up. After break up they maintain the company with a different dynamic between the two but when with customers portray they are still the perfect couple. Joe still has feelings for Cat and thinks highly of her.

Mid 20’s — 30’s. Designer for Miles Above. “Girl next door” type who is always put together beautifully but appropriately for the situation and environment. Smart, analytical, and decisive. Everything in her life has come easy and things have always fallen in place, all while knowing the value of hard work. She thinks everything in the world is like that and cannot comprehend sometimes hard work does not pay off. But she does not come off as privileged and is loved by all who know her but she has a small personal circle of close people. When on camera she acts like the perfect couple when off camera she acts indifferent to him. She harbors sub conscious resentment and love for Joe.

Early to mid thirties. Camera man for Miles Above. Laid back and even toned. Steve speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to share his opinion but very dry and calculated by doing so. A long time friend of Joe. . . he is the voice of reason between Joe and Cat. Steve is serious when he needs to be but ultimately a play hard work hard kind of guy.

Late twenties. Started in the business straight out of college as a producer. Lacks strong social skills, quite often coming off awkward in social situations. Thinks very highly of himself. . . very self-absorbed. Has a routine for everything and does not take deviating from his daily routine well. He seems emotionless in every situation unless it effects him. Talks down to everyone including Cat and Joe, his main money makers.

Beautiful woman. She knows she is beautiful and uses it to her advantage. She is start struck at meeting Cat and specifically Joe, but can’t help to use her beauty to get what she wants but is faithful and She deeply loves her husband and children. She is not a gold digger but if she wants something, she gets it.

Someone with wealth and has a beautiful wife that is out of his league and knows it. He is smart, extremely good with money and knows that sometimes he has to spend it sometimes to make is wife happy.

How to Apply

If you are intersted in auditioning for the movie email Applicants should include their full name, location, current photos and an acting resume or experience.

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