Mena Featuring Tom Cruise

Mena Featuring Tom Cruise

If there was a Mount Rushmore for film stars may be one of the first chiseled and now Tom Cruise is set to star in his next blockbuster film event. The 3-time Academy Award nominated superstar behind such global hits as the Mission: Impossible franchise, Top Gun and Minority Report will lead the action spectacular Mena and cameras are gearing up to roll very soon. Casting call announcements for several roles have been released and submissions from aspiring actors are being accepted today.

Mena will tell the harrowing based on a true story tale of Barry Seal, an accomplished pilot who became one of the world’s most notorious criminals of the 1980’s. Using his extensive aviation knowledge and advanced radar and radio equipment, Seal moved massive amounts of narcotics and arms for both the CIA the infamous Medellin drug cartel from his headquarters in Mena, Arkansas.

The film will follow this deviously talented man as the line between his relationships with the law and the criminals became more and more blurred and his life turned upside down.

Top-flight director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Swingers) will helm this project from a script by newcomer Gary Spinelli and has begun initial supporting casting with the talented Sarah Wright (Parks and Recreation, The Loop, The House Bunny) and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Jayma Mays (Glee, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, The Smurfs 2) signing on. Mena will be produced by the highly revered, Oscar-winning duo of Brian Grazer and Ron Howard (Arrested Development, A Beautiful Mind, Friday Night Lights).

The hype for this outstanding new production is starting to heat up and so are loads of casting call opportunities for men and women, boys and girls of all experience levels. Performers of all ages and types will be needed for this project and submissions for upcoming auditions are being accepted now. To apply for talent calls actors can send emails to This post will be updated throughout the film’s production with audition news and updates so check back for more details and leave a message in the area below and tell us what you think of this action thriller and why you want to be a part of casting calls for Mena starring international box office champ Tom Cruise.

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  1. Emanuil yankov

    My name is Emanuil, im American citizen, originally from Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. I’m tall, with dark hair, brown eyes. And noticeboard but pleasant accent. My mesurments are: 5’10 height , 150 pounds. , I’m willing to volunteer. I have great passion for the art of cinema.
    Please contact me if you are looking for talented candidate.

  2. Chris Glynn

    My name is Chris Glynn
    Very athletic. I workout 4 days a week and can run 3 miles in 16:36 & 4 miles in 22:42
    Went to Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps
    Scored 300/300 on USMC PFT (Scores were all past the maximum requirements)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnic background: Two or More Races

    I would bring a unique feel to the set, I’ve always gone above & beyond in all of positions/roles in my careers and without a doubt I would do an exceptional job while on set. Lastly this would be an amazing opportunity and a great experience to participate in a film in Hollywood and see the other side of the film.

    I can’t wait to be apart of this action-thriller, it’d be awesome to join Tom Cruise and this elite class of actors to be apart and portray aspects of the exciting life qnd intriguing story of Barry Seal who ran cocaine for the CIA and his own narcotics cartel.

  3. Deanna pulis

    I’m 16 about to be 17 on November 16th I’m white with brown hair and blue eyes standing 5’7 and 170 pounds I’m starting to chase my dream of being an actress I’m interested in being in big movies and tv shows. I’m a natural born actress and just would love to live my dream and I won’t ever stop till I do.

  4. Brooke Stojic

    Hey, my name is Brooke Stojic and I love movies! But I love acting even more! I’m 14 years old and I have experience in acting at the Orangeville Theater I have amazing facial expression and a great ability in staying in character, I can cry on demand (with a couple of minutes) and I have such a passion for drama! Please contact me back and transportation shouldn’t be much of a problem! Thank you!

    Hair: Rich Brown
    Eyes: Chocolate brown
    Height: 5″8
    Skin colour: Tan

  5. Justin Bradley

    This movie sounds very unique and interesting. And not to mention the absolutely astonishingly good actors that are taking part. Tom cruise is my top 3 favorite actors and is a huge inspiration to my acting. I just recently discovered that I have a passion for acting and decided that it is the career that I want to pursue. I have little acting experience, only a few productions back in high school and once in the local community arts center by my home, a part which i received much praise from everyone for doing but I am currently taking acting classes in college. Although I have little experience, I have been told my a lot of people that i should really get into acting. I practice for hours on end every day and have mastered a variety of role types: funny, mean, scared, CRAZY, serious…you name it! I would be a great addition to this movie because I’ll do whatever it takes for any role I am playing to be believable. I am not afraid of criticism and am an overall genuinely friendly guy. I am a fast learner with everything I do and once i focus on something, I don’t stop until it’s perfect.
    I am a 19 year old white Caucasian male – 6’1″ 170 pounds of pure muscle baby!.
    I workout almost every day and make sure my body is always sculpted. I am an extreme sports enthusiast. I used to be able to backflip a motorcycle and i can still do flips on a wakeboard. I hate to sound conceited but I am a good looking guy; I know because I have been told this by many people.
    When I watch movies I feel like I am a part of them, so i can only imagine actually being a part of them! I would love to be a part of this film because it would be a great experience working alongside such revered actors and would be a great experience to put under my belt. Thank you!

  6. Spencer Bishop

    Athletic, handsome, funny…the list goes on
    Don’t me shy and send me an email

  7. Angelia salkled

    Angelia salkled
    Angelia salkled October 5, 2015 at 5:19 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 200lbs
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: brown
    Hello my names Angelia, I’m 16 and I’m a senior in high school (I’m graduating a year early)
    I’m a certified nursing assistant and I go to college next year. I’m really dedicated to things but I still don’t know what I want to do with my life so in leaning towards acting and putting myself out there. I know I know I’m not the skinniest person and most movie directors look for really skinny beautiful people but I promise you I’m worth it. I have a great personality and any one who you’d talk to about me will tell you I’m the funniest person to be around I always have people in a good mood and have them laughing and I’m really outgoing. This would mean a lot of you’d just consider someone like me. Thankyou so much.

  8. Nick Fletcher

    Count me in Tom!

    Rugged look, fit, witty, good at dialogue.

  9. Paul Ash

    i live in bangladesh. its a neighbour country of india. its my dream to b part of this production as an actor. but people like me who are born in 3rd world country always keep dreaming but their dream never comes true like mine. cause, all the ways of our opportunities are closed from everywhere, doesnt matter how much talent we are.
    to be an international artist (actor) is my born dream. in my country our platforms are not so high. we get less opportunity and less finacial support to work in big production or international production. thats why our dreams always die. this application is a part of my dream. granted or rejected i will keep dreaming rest of my life.
    Name: Paul Ash
    age: 28
    eyes: black
    hair: black (long)
    ethnicity: asian\ bangladeshi
    race:; hindu
    height: 5 ft 4
    experience: theatre

  10. Michael Obeñita

    I am very interested. : )

  11. Dakota

    My name is Dakota Kotsios and I’m a huge fan of Tom Cruise. I recently decided to follow my passion for movies and acting and decided to begin by becoming extras in films/television. No matter the size of the role I’m always committed and I put in %150! I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be apart of such a huge film! Please consider me! I’m young, driven, and eager to get involved in the film industry!

    Age: 20
    Hight: 6’1
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Body Type: Lean/Athletic
    Weight: 170 lb
    Skin Type: Tan/Olive
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown/Short

  12. hannah nesmith

    Hi there my name is Hannah nesmith. I have always wanted to be apart of the movie world. I enjoyed trying to make movies of my own when I was little. I was a cheerleader all through school. I like doing some stunts and I also like to be part of things. My family has always told me I have talent to do things in life so I am going to see if it is true… Thank you and god bless you can go to my face book at Hannahndoyle nesmith. There are tons of pics of me and family. And yes me and my husband do have seven kids.

  13. Jacqueline martinez

    hi i am Jacqueline martinez i am 14. this movie sounds like it would be a blast to shoot and i love tom cruise. but of course i would not let him being on the set distract me in any way if any think it would motivate me to do better. please consider my offer thank you.

  14. Nevaeh Clouse

    Hi, everyone

    I’m currently trying to kick off my granddaughter’s career as an actress/model. She is very enthusiastic, creative and a lot of fun to work with. She has been in school plays and loves to sing and dance. She likes pretend play and can make an ordinary day exciting.

    Her current agent is Viera Models in Florida. However, I am trying to find additional opportunities for her.

    Thank you

    Name- Nevaeh Clouse from Cocoa Beach Florida

    Age- 7
    Height- 4’3
    Weight- 55lbs
    Hair Color- Long blonde
    Eye color- Blue

  15. Nevaeh Clouse

    Hi, everyone

    I’m currently trying to kick off my granddaughter’s career as an actress/model. She is very enthusiastic, creative and a lot of fun to work with. She has been in school plays and loves to sing and dance. She likes pretend play and can make an ordinary day exciting. Her current agent is Viera Models in Florida. However, I am trying to find additional opportunities for her.

    Thank you

    Name- Nevaeh Clouse from Cocoa Beach Florida

    Age- 7
    Height- 4’3
    Weight- 55lbs
    Hair Color- Long blonde
    Eye color- Blue

  16. Stacey Simmons

    Age: 35
    Place of Birth: Grenada
    Skin Color: Brown
    Hair Type: Short
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Waist: 6 inches
    Hight: 5’6″
    Weight: 142 lb
    DOB: 05|06|1980
    Hair Color: Blond
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American

    I’d have attended drama class at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Having to play any role in this movie would be an inspiration to me. I’d enjoy watching performs in plays, movies, and television productions.
    Acting is always my dream. All I ever wanted was to have that very opportunity to act on stage or on the big screen. I never act nor do any commercial in my life before.
    Acting can easily be broken down into three different kinds: stage acting, screen acting, and being a movie star.
    My Everyday Roles there are many roles that I play, or at least attempt to play, in my everyday life. While formal training is helpful, experience and talent are more important for success in field. My everyday talents are reading, dancing, and most important writing poetry. I found this to be important for me to remember as often I found myself in my scenes doing way more than I needed to.

  17. Jay Gonzalez

    Age: 27
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160 ( athletic/ muscular built)
    Hair: head -bald, clean cut/ scruffy ( full beard if needed for rugged look)
    Eye’s: Even though they’re regular old brown, I’ve been told that I speak with my Eye’s.
    One of a kind, I’am French, Cuban, Puerto Rican and black.
    New jersey native. Very out going with a strong character. I was an Mp in the U.S Army for a few years. Ive trained in martial arts ( Tae Kwon Doe and hopkidok ) for 13 years i also performed part of the demistration team. Can handle multiple weaponry,
    TaeKwonDo, Hap Ki Do, Ho Shin Sul, and Kum Do Instructor
    Grand Master Soon Kil Jang

  18. Ibrahim Yorgun

    I have flying fobia thus it would be a good idea to play in a pilot film which Mr. Cruise plays the leading role. I am university student in history PhD program and have acting skills but never played in such a big production but had some small roles in school theaters. I am international candidate from Turkey but speaks perfect English.

  19. Brandon Stanbridge

    Hello, my name is Brandon. I’m 34 6’1″ 220lbs brown hair blue eyes. This movie sounds very interesting and exciting. I’d love the opportunity to audition for a role in the film.I have never really acted before and no one has ever said I should. Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but this old dog learns new tricks every day. I give 150% in everything I do. I’m hard working, easy to get along with and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Thank you for your time. Brandon

  20. Fare Fare

    Acting is a job, leaving an impression on people, that’s creativity. Not only do I believe I can do both, I believe I can do more. There’s only one way to prove myself, let me audition.
    Thank you,
    Fare Fare

  21. sabin tamang

    sex : male
    height : 5-11
    age : 21
    talent : fighting martial art & dance

  22. ya'jhanique ward

    Hey my name is ya’jhanique ward. And I love to act in sing.Drama, action, and comedy, it really express my feelings. I been acting and singing since I was 5 years old, joining plays and others activities just to become what I really want to be. I’m also a Christan I talk to other people about god because that’s what god wants me to do. I’m sweet and funny and I think this is a perfect opportunity for me. If I can’t be in this movie its OK because I know I have a better chance next time.
    Race: African American
    Sex: female
    Hair: black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Weight: 130
    Age: 15
    Thank you very much for my application have a bless day

  23. Kim and Channing

    Kim and Channing as in Thelma and Louise. Just got our family raised and ready to join the world. Kim’s background, Bank coding, Channing in Radio DJ. Both single, ages 48 ish. Just got back from an experience of diamond hunting, you would not have liked to have been with us.. Now we are ready to try acting for real, we have been doing it all our lives. We are considered to be pretty nice looking for our ages. You might want to take peek at us. Thanks for the opportunity to apply for casting. Thanks, Kim and Channing.

  24. Yeisha

    I would like the opportunity to be featured in the upcoming film titled Mena.
    I am of Puerto Rican decent, petite and fit. Age 27
    Check out my Twitter account @yeisha_gonzalez

  25. Chelsea Priest

    Hello there, I am an aspiring actress waiting for the chance to make my mark in the world and I would love for it to start here.
    I am 23 years old, standing at 5′ 5″, weighing in at 200 pounds solid with light brown skin, dark brown eyes and black hair done in dreadlocs. I also have a lot of natural energy. So, basically, I’m Black, lol.
    I don’t have any experience in acting, but I have done small things since I was kid. And I have been wanting to become an actress ever since. I really want to hit the ground running and this history movie would be an awesome place to start. I would love for it to start here! Tom Cruise inspired me with the way he has done his films, becoming so involved with every single one of them. In fact, he’s the reason I want to go to the International Stunt School (the link of which was found on his website by the way). So, anyway, hope you pick me!

  26. derek pugh

    hi my name is Derek I’m 29 years old brown hair brown eyes I’ve acted in 3 plays. what was in front of 2000 people when it was over I was told I was really good. Given the chance you would not be disappointed.

  27. derek pugh

    hi my name is Derek I’m 29 years old brown hair brown eyes. I have acted in three plays one was in front of 2000 people. when it was over I was told I was really good. I would love the opportunity to pursue my passion. there’s a big chance you would not be disappointed. thank you

  28. derek pugh

    hi my name is Derek I’m 29 years old brown hair brown eyes. I’ve acted in three plays one in front of 2000 people. when it was over I was told I was really good. I would love the chance to pursue my passion. given the opportunity you won’t be disappointed.

  29. john volker

    Hi, I feel I am qualified as have been on sleepy hollow, under the dome. Movies: Bolden, Sin sir, South of hell. Us Army officer- prior service. Aviation 25 years. I am 5ft 9 tall and Caucasian.

  30. Lesly Arkenau

    Hi I’m Lesly and I’ve been in school plays and musicals and I’m ready to start my career as a actor.
    Age:12 height:5’4 eyes:blue hair:blonde race: caucasian gender:female

  31. Landa McGrath

    This film sounds exciting and I have no excitement in my life How about giving a local a chance and giving me a thrill? I will do my very best to represent whatever your needs may be to do this film I am not shy nor starstruck. I will get the job done .I am not experienced but Life is an experience and the background of this film kinda strikes a familiar note . Ok Tom Cruise great actor but not why, very well respected actor ,but not why only hoping for a break even as extra wanna be me and I can do this!!!!! I know I can do whatever is needed to make this happen no lack of confidence here that is a promise!!!!

  32. khaled douaidia

    Hello my name is khaled im.from algeria im 17 years old And i would love to audition for a part in This movie
    Call me in my email

  33. Hannah Louise campbell

    Gender: Girl
    Age: 12 (25.6.02)
    height: 5″10 (tall i know)
    Hair: Brown , thick , mid back
    Eye: hazel – straight
    Race: white – but naturally tan really easily
    I’m from Britain
    Experience: I don’t have any in terms of movies (you probably guessed that). However I do Drama in my school and have taken part in plays in primary school (now in secondary) and I enjoy it.

    I want to do this because I love to entertain in any way. I love making people laugh and helping making there day better.

    Thank you for your time
    Hannah xxx

  34. Sénia Cleide

    Hello my name is Sénia Cleide i’m 18 years old, And i would love to audition for a part in This movie, i have so much to say about my self, i’m bot. Confortável about exposing my self in the internet, só for more info please email me, or Call me

  35. Keon Gates

    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’11-6’0
    Weight: 160-170
    Ethnicity: Black/African American
    State: Florida

    Business inquiries: Please email,

  36. Melrose Johnson

    Gender – Female
    Age – 19
    Height – 5’1
    Weight – 110 lbs.
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity – African (sierra Leone)
    Special Talents : Acting and Modeling (work with John Casablanca agency)
    There is nothing I can not do if taught

  37. Fiona

    Age: 13 on may 28
    Sex: female
    Hair Color: dirty blonde
    Eye Color: changes from greenish to blue
    Height: 5’5

  38. Melissa


    Hi my name is melissa I’m from Houston tx, I’m new at acting but it’s my passion. People always tell me I have the look and persona so why not try it out. I’d love to be apart of ur cast .

  39. Trish Jackson

    My name is Patricia “Trish” Jackson; I have no acting experience however, I’m enthusiastic about learning the art and feel that this action film featuring Tom Cruise would be a fantastic start for me. Not being camera shy, I’m the first to want to be part of a show, play anything that allows me to demonstrate my talents. The reason why I feel I would be great for this movie is because you will need at some point an older, mature beautiful women, with an absolutely awesome attitude. I’m a hard worker, adapt easy to change, and have been told I have am a breath of fresh air to be around! I’m 5’1, about 140, Lt. Brown skin African American. I would love the opportunity to land a role in this exciting up and coming movie which I know will be a box office hit.
    Look forward to hearing from!

  40. sandy or san

    hello my name is sandeep I am a 18 year old, I live in India and . don’t have experience and i am not like others 😉 and I am willing to work very hard to achieve that.if you just give me the chance to prove myself, I wont let you down. I am very good a creating and keeping a character, and can match other actors energy around me. I would thrive in an environment with such amazing actors and would learn huge amounts of knowledge about the preforming business, Please giveme the chance to show you what i can do. Feel free to email me any time. 😉
    Age: 18
    Height: 6
    Hair: black

  41. Pol Bordoy

    I want to be an actor since i was a little guy, i think that’s is going to be a very good experience, i have some experience in theater but i want to start in cinema.
    I’m a differnet type of actor, i will be the best actor in the world, i sopous the change in every audition, i need your help, i need the fire to start my career. Here is my porfile:
    Age: 15
    Sex: male
    Height: 1,73m
    Hair colour: brown-black
    Eye colour: brown
    Physic: muscular
    Vehicle: no
    Experience: yes
    Weight: 59kg
    Origin: Spain
    Living in: Spain
    Actually i’m studing in high schol, but if you get me i can study after or before the performance, all my live i ‘have been whaiting for oportunity like this.
    If you need more info please contact me via email address

  42. Elizabeth

    Hello! My name is Elizabeth, I am 18 years old, I’m from Greece and I live in Thessalonikh ,I do not have any experience. I would love to be an actress! Studying photography and audiovisual arts in Athens. In my free time engaged in music, painting and photography. Engaged in. Horses riding and skating on ice. I only speak very little English( it’s a little problem) .
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Weight: 65kg
    Height: 1 meter and 69 centimeters
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: dark green
    Favorite animals: dogs, cats and horses

  43. MD

    I have a background in political science and been told I would be great in the film industry.

  44. Chihiro Loh

    My name is Chihiro Loh and I am currently 15 years old. I’m half Japanese and half malaysian-Chinese. I have a huge passion in acting and modeling. I’ve been doing ballet, ice skating, ice skating, and flamenco. I had done drama in my school for years and my interest grown. Including, acting plays, concerts, chior, dance concerts, etc. I play drums, guitar and violin. Also, I speak Japanese, Chinese and English. (All fluent). I really want to get a role in this movie and would be extremely honored if considered.

    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: dark brown
    Height: 155cm
    Weight: 44kg
    Ethnicity: Mixed Asian

    Please email me if you are interested. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon!

  45. machete h

    Would love to be a part of this movie…

  46. Amber Smith

    Hi my name is Amber, I’m 17 years old and I am quarter Asian. I was born in England and have lived in Scotland, South Africa, Cyprus and I now live in America. I love acting and have done it from a young age and attended the Pretoria Youth Theatre in South Africa. I took drama classes in Cyprus and I got an excellent mark for my drama exam that was graded by the Cambridge University Examination Board in the UK. I enjoy acting and dancing and I would be honoured to be part of this movie.

    Age: 17
    Height: 5’4
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue

    Thank you so much!

  47. David Andrew Hall

    I like the idea of working on an action / location film. The cast and crew intrigue me and it seems to have legs without knowing the actual script. I have the desire to break into the Hollywood scene and someday hope to receive an award for my acting or writing that is recognized for the merit it deserves.

  48. Johana

    I have very little of acting experience and I can take directions.
    Age: 32 but look younger and been told I have similarities to Salma Hayek but cuter 🙂
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 115
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Cuban
    Race: White
    Special Talent: Dance
    Being in a thriller movie would be having to display different types of feelings and projecting those to the audience. such as suspense, tension, excitement and not to mention working with a powerful, talented and great Tom Cruise!

  49. Robert Mosley

    Hi my name is Robert Mitchell Mosley. I am 18 years old and I am extremely interested in auditioning for this film. I am Caucasian,5″10, 250lbs, have brown hair and blue eyes.

  50. Ziqing Zhang

    Hi, my name is Ziqing (pronounced as ziching) I’m 15 years old with not much acting experiences but I am considered to be a humorous and friendly person. It will be an honour to be part of the movie Mena.
    Basic info:
    Height: 5’2
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black

  51. Eddie Ave

    Sitting here watching center stage with Jeremy Piven and his interview has inspired me to explore the acting industry which I have always had an interest in.

    Endings are important
    Be patient
    Be present and embrace all of it
    Family first

  52. Jessica Lorraine

    Hey, I’m a talented model and future actress, and I’d like to work on this filming 😀
    I’ve done some stage acting, I’m good at taking direction, I can take on any roll I’m given, I’m always up for a new challenge, I work well with others, and you’d be a fool not to at least give me a chance. 😉
    Personality: Charming, Delightful, Mysterious(though some might say odd), witty and of course, winning. 😉
    Height: 5’3″
    Eyes: Hazel (brown/green/yellow)
    Hair: Auburn (brown)
    Build/Body: I’ve got an hourglass figure, but I’ve got a slim build/petite body frame
    I’m white/pale with freckles


  53. Bridgette Garland

    Hello! my name is Bridgette Garland. this film seems very fun to be in and i think you should choose me because i would be a good lead or extra. , i am 11 years old with blue eyes and blonde hair. I have 4 siblings, five counting myself so i ruffhouse alot and im a friendly person. Im well focused and would love the chance to be in this. but i look older than i am. Im so sorry because i just noticed this reseme is all over the place, anyways… I ama an A student, I spent 9 years of my life in theatre, and i have experience in acting. I am a gymnast and dancer as well. I am a very creative and loud person. Of course, im not really shy at all because im pretty wierd and outgoing. I would be delighted to be even an extra in this. I put a lot of effort in everything that i do. Thank you for your time and consideration
    Email me

  54. paulo guimaraes

    I just started my career as a background actor, love it so far. Meeting great people and learning what it is like to be on set. I want to keep learning what I can to improve in this business. This movie so ds great and I love Tom Cruise as an actor. So far I have worked background on “American Odyssey,” “Impractical Jokers,” a Web commercial for Pictcake, and two days shooting for Jodie Foster film, “Money Monster.”

  55. Madalyn Knott

    Hello, I’m Madalyn. I am a performing artist and took 4 years of classes and have been assistant producer, director, and set design of 3 different shows. I have been in numerous shows and one of them was a classic piece, Antigone.
    Age: 18 (09/17/96)
    Resistance: Spring Hill, FL
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 105
    Eye: brown
    Hair: currently black
    Skin: very pale ivory
    Body type: petite hourglass
    Skills: acting, dance, learns quickly.
    I’m very upbeat and a hard worker. I work well under stress and take criticism. I am very diverse and flexible. Also willing to travel!

  56. Tola

    Its a greats chance and honer if I’m aloud to be a part of this movie. I love acting and i work hard, all i need is one chance.

  57. Karoline Loa

    Gender – Female
    Age – 17
    Height – 5’3
    Weight – 106 lbs.
    Hair – Light Brown
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity – Hispanic & Hawaiian
    Special Talents : Competitive swimmer

    Hello, my name is Karoline and I have years of experience with acting classes. To be apart of this production will be an honor and I won’t disappoint you. I follow directions, take things seriously, and take constructive criticism well. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope to hear back from you!

  58. Kaleb Stark

    Hello! My name’s Kaleb. I’m 15 and 6’2 and would love to be given the chance to star in Mena. I want to pursue acting in my college career and actually am in college right now doing my pre-req’s. Tom Cruise is a phenomenal actor and I would love the opportunity to act in such a film! I’ve had many acting experience before.

  59. Noelannie

    Hello my name is Noelannie. I am 21 years old. My biggest dream is to become an actress. I am a skilled woman I like challenges and I’m a fighter I always like to fight for what I want my goal is an actress and peaceably with God’s favor

  60. Randall Mayi

    I would love to be apart of this film In the near future

  61. Jadyn Todd

    My name is Jadyn Todd from Cocoa Beach, Fl
    I am 18 years old about 5’7-5’8 I have a muscular build at 133 lbs.
    I have brown medium length hair I am Caucasian my eyes are hazel but change from brown to green. I have been playing guitar for 15 years, singing for four years and have acted in a couple plays throughout my years. I’m no stranger to performing in front of crowds after being lead singer and lead guitarists for a few bands. I also have experience in acrobatics and would enjoy doing my own stunts. Please contact me if you are interested.

  62. Olivia Montgomery

    Hi my name is Olivia. I am 13 years old and I have been acting since I was in second grade. I have been in about 17 shows, including musicals, for the past seven years and I love it. I am always committed to my role no matter how small, or big, and it would even be an amazing opportunity for me to be an extra in this film.

    I am about 5’6 and I’m Caucasian. I have brown curly hair, but it can be straightened if needed, I have brown eyes, and olive skin.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope that you consider me.

  63. Braydon

    18 year old native american boy. Inspired by todays actors, every movie star is my idol I can’t just have one. They each have a certain way of acting, that I aspire to achieve even though I just realized. I WANT TO ACT!!!!

  64. Ruben rea

    Hello, my name is Ruben Rea and I am currently 21 yrs old. I would love a chance to be a part of this movie. I was involved in drama and theatre all throughout school, from grade school through high school so it has always been a dream of mine to become an actor or even just have a small part in a movie. I have long bright red hair(which may/can change), I am Native American and Hispanic mix and I am about 5’6. I am very skinny and weigh about 105lbs. I look very young for my age so I can be very flexible with what age I play. With that being said, thank you so much for your time and consideration.
    Ruben Rea

  65. Taylor Dejka

    I would absolutely love to be in this film. I will be sending an email telling a little more about me alomg with some pictures. Acting is what I plan for my career to be. In fact I am currently majoring in acting but if I can catch a big break that would be fantastic. I would love to be considered and will play any role big or small that I may be considered for. Hope to hear from you soon!
    19 years old
    blue eyes
    brown/blonde hair

  66. William D. Wilday

    This sounds like an excellent project to be involved in.
    I’m looking forward to auditioning for a role in MENA.

  67. Steven Murphy

    Hey, my name is Steven Murphy, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Buffalo, NY. I’m 5-11 with short dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I love to act and would be honored to be called for an audition. Hope to hear back.

  68. Rafi Carbonell

    I personally love the plot of the story. It sounds intense, thrilling, and exhilarating. I would love to be part of this project. It has so much potential, and it can easily be a hit. I want to be part of the film, “Mena”, for the story, the experience, and most importantly, get to work with a professional cast and crew. This has been my dream for years, and I finally want to make it happen. I believe I have the skills, looks, and drive that you are looking for. Mena would be a great start in my career. It is going to be a great movie!

  69. Jasmina

    Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am 14 years old. I love acting and acting is my passion. I have had experiences with acting before, for example I was performing in a theatre for 2 years, where I had to dance, sing and act. I play on the ukulele. My dream is to one day become an actress on TV. I am always commited to what I have to do and never leave things to the last minute. I love spending time with my family and friends and especially love learning new things! I am very confident on stage and I love performing. Please give me this chance. It would mean the world to me. Thank You.

  70. Hasan iqbal

    Hi im Hasan im 5ft 6 from Halifax, England and im aspiring to leave my mark on the world and make sure everyone knows it. I have no previous acting or modelling experience so i am looking for something to kick start my career . I am hard working and will work extremely hard to make an impression and do my absolute best. i will always give 100 percent or otherwise there is no point. Who ever i work with should also expect 100 percent effort from me. I just need someone to give me that one chance to kick start my career. Thank you for reading and i look forward to what the future holds in store

  71. tamar levy

    Hello, my name is Tamar Levy, I am 13 years old. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I an love to sing, I am an actor and I play on the piano. I believe that I can be very good and you will see if you take me to an audition I will be very happy if you give me a chance.

  72. John Tolbert

    my name is john Tolbert and I live in mena and would like to be part of the movie because I think it would be an interesting experience to be in a movie from where I live and I know my way around mena this would be my first time acting so if you would consider me to be apart of this movie It would be a real honor. I am trying to get into the movie business and I think this will be a great movie to start out in so please consider giving me an opportunity to be in this movie.

  73. Kennedy Owen

    Hello, my name is Kennedy Owen. I am 15 years old and I would consider myself a very talented singer and actress. I would love nothing more than to make my dreams come true. I am determined and a very hard worker and I put 110% into anything and everything I do. Please take my application into consideration! Thank you for your time.
    Basic info:
    Height: 5’7
    Ethnicity: cacasioun
    Eye color: light blue
    Hair color: brown
    State: AZ

  74. Jennifer Gerrard

    Live 5 mins from ball ground site! Would love to be an extra! We did trouble with the curve when it came to pickens county also!

  75. Jonathan

    Aloha, I’m 20 years old. I’m very much interested in auditioning for Mena. For more info about myself you can visit my portfolio at