Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Looking For "The Runner"

Nationwide Casting for New Competition Show with Over $1 Million in the Game

Executive Producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are teaming up with Adaptive Studios, Pilgrim Media Group and to create THE RUNNER — the most epic cross-country chase ever filmed. And they’re looking nationwide for competitors NOW!

This thrilling, new competition show has a simple challenge: “Find the Runner!”

About The Competition Show

Somewhere in the United States, a mysterious RUNNER will be racing toward an undisclosed city. That RUNNER will be hunted by competing teams of CHASERS. It is up to the RUNNER to use strategy and determination to avoid the CHASERS and make it to the target city. It is up to the CHASERS to find the RUNNER before time runs out… or another group of CHASERS beats them to it. There is over $1 million in the game!

Searching For Runners and Chasers

So here’s the big question: Are you a RUNNER or a CHASER?

TO BE THE RUNNER: You must be shrewd, in good shape and independent! You have no one to rely on but yourself. The ideal RUNNER is adaptive, resilient, street smart and great with strategy.

TO BE A CHASER: You must apply as a two-person team. You and your partner must be outgoing, clever, competitive and in good shape! It doesn’t matter if you are friends, relatives or co-workers, as long as you can work together, strategize and win!

Either way, this is your opportunity to win big in America’s ultimate game of pursuit.  Visit to apply NOW!  You must be at least 21 and US resident to compete.

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10 Casting Responses

  1. Todd Skeen


  2. Karol

    Bitches How do I apply for this?

  3. Sean

    How would I apply to be a Runner?

  4. joe perez

    Want to be a runner



  6. Reggie

    I want to be a runner

  7. David Borrego

    To be a Runner

  8. John-Henry Lambin

    Hello, I would be very interested in being in your show. My sister and I would team up together. Please let me know what I have to do for an application, etc…

    Thank You!

  9. Nungshi

    Hey team, It’s great to come across such opportunities for roles that producers are looking for . Unfortunately I’m not a US resident but I’m keen to look out for roles that I could possibly audition for. I currently reside in New Zealand . Is there any other way or platform I could get involved?

  10. Brandy Harmon

    i would like to apply as a chaser 2 person team