Marriage Reboot Seeking Couples - Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Are you dealing with problems in your marriage?  Do you want to try to hash out your issues on a reality TV show?  There is a new casting call for you!   Marriage Reboot is a fantastic opportunity for married couples that are dealing with different problems/issues that have caused their relationship to be in a state of crisis and now are willing to take the necessary steps to save their marriage. We pair them with two very well renowned therapists who will guide them through the process of switch therapy and will walk them through step-by-step.

About Marriage Reboot

During the process of switch therapy, we will pair them with another experimental spouse whom they will live with for two weeks to provide them with the opportunity to experience an alternative living situation as they work on smoothing out underlying issues in their own marriage. This is a chance for them to really understand the issues that are happening in their marriage and work on themselves in order to take action at an accelerated rate.  The series is going into it’s third season and so far we have had a high success rate with the couples who have participated. All but one couple is happily married and currently have children or are trying!

What They Are looking For

What we are looking for is couples without children from their current or previous marriage, who have been together for around 7 years, 3 of which they have been married. They should also be between the ages of 27 and 37, give or take a couple of years.

Each couple will receive $20,000 for their participation and you will receive $5,000 for each referral that is chosen to be part of the experiment.

How to Apply

In order to proceed with casting email with the following information for you or your referral:
– Names and ages of each of you
– How long you have been together and how many years married
– What area you live in
– 5-10 Photos of you and your spouse
– A phone number so we can contact you

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