“Manifesto” Starring Kevin Spacey – Discovery Channel Audition

Actor Casting Call for TV Show

Are you looking for an acting audition for a TV show? A new actor casting call is searching for men and women for recurring and guest starring roles for the upcoming Discovery series starring Kevin Spacey called “Manifesto”. These roles are for the 8th episode of the first season. Casting directors are looking for SAG and SAG-Eligible actors for the show that will be filming in Atlanta between January 30th and April 12th, 2017. UMMI is accepting submissions from men and women for a ton of great roles. If you are looking to take your acting career to the next level, this is the job for you!

About “Manifesto”

Discovery’s highly anticipated new scripted series MANIFESTO tells the story of how the FBI tracked down notorious Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, told from the point of view of the FBI profiler in charge of the manhunt. FBI agent Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald was one of the most decorated profilers in the history of the Bureau and his radical new approach to intelligence gathering ultimately brought down the Unabomber. [Discovery]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are now accepting submissions from experienced actors for recurring and guest star roles in the upcoming series. Filming will be in the Atlanta, Georgia area from January 30th through April 12th.

[LINDA PATRIK] – Mid 40s, Caucasian, David Kaczinski’s wife, she’s reading the Washington Post at a cafe in Paris when she has a startling epiphany that the Unabomber just may be her brother-in-law, Ted Kaczynski. She immediately calls her husband long distance and urges him to buy and read the paper. RECURRING ROLE.

[JUDGE GARLAND BURRELL] – Mid to late 40s, African American, thoughtful and in control, unwavering and decisive, Judge Burrell presides at the Unabomber case. As he hands down sentencing, he cannot contain his disgust. Outraged by Ted Kaczynski’s monstrous crimes, he only wishes he could somehow inflict upon the defendant the suffering of his victims. GUEST STAR.

[STEVE FRECCERO] – Mid to late 30s, Caucasian, he is one of the prosecuting attorneys on the Unabomber case. Driven and hard-working, pleased by Fitz’s efforts to keep the trial going forward, he later solemnly introduces those who had been victimized by Ted Kaczynski’s murderous attacks. RECURRING ROLE.

[SUSAN MOSSER] – 40s, Caucasian, mother of three young daughters, she is the wife of Thomas Mosser, killed by Ted Kaczynski. Her statement at the trial is heart-breaking and poignant. 1 long speech, 1 scene.

[GARY WRIGHT] – 40s, Caucasian, genial and gentle, he is the eleventh victim of the Unabomber who reads his statement at the trial. 1 long speech, 1 scene.

[DAVID GELERNTER] – 40, Caucasian, is a professor of Computer Science at Yale and another of Ted Kaczynski’s victims, who lost an eye and the use of his right hand. At the trial, he speaks out passionately about the evil done to him. 1 long speech, 1 scene.

[THE CLERK] – He/she is the Court Clerk at the case of The United States versus Theodore J. Kaczynski. 2 lines, 2 scenes.

[PATRICK FISCHER’S SECRETARY (JANET SMITH)] – She is the secretary to Patrick Fischer, chairman of the computer sciences department at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. She, too, was a victim of the Unabomber, seen later at Ted Kaczynski’s trial. 1 scene.

SHOOT DATE(S): 1/30/17 – 4/12/17

How to Apply

To be considered for this casting call you can do so three different ways, you can apply online, drop off your headshot and resume to their office or attend one of their upcoming casting calls.

Submit to UMMI’s online via our talent submission form by going here – http://ummiagency.com/castings/manifesto-episode-108/

Drop off your headshot and resume at our agency office located at 3348 Peachtree Rd NE, Tower Place 200 Suite #700, Atlanta GA 30326, Monday thru Friday from 9 am – 5 pm, or

Attend our next open casting call (view upcoming dates).

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