We are shooting a short film for a new dating app.


The short film features couples enjoying coffee while sitting in a coffee shop.  The main couple is on a date, flirting and having a good time while sitting in a cozy atmosphere.  The goal of the short film is to draw on the comfortable atmosphere and make the audience feel how the date is not awkward or unnatural.  We want to make it known that our app brings compatible people together.

In a world filled with social media and apps, it is hard to stay off your phone and enjoy the actual company of the people you are with.  We want to show what it’s like to combine the use of an app with the beauty of spending time with someone that may become very important to you.  Our app will help someone find a date on your phone, and then bring those people together naturally.  We want to stress being comfortable with the person you may find on our app, so we are looking for an outgoing but welcoming male to play the role.

We are looking for a male actor, should be between 20-35.

  • Handsome
  • Friendly
  • “Hip” or trendy
  • Confident in his demeanor
  • Very welcoming
  • Warm personality
  • Looks natural


Shooting location is Brooklyn, NY shoot time will be about 4-5 hours.

It will look a little like a professional top-tier coffee shop ad that you would see on TV.
Please submit with your info asap!!!

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12 Casting Responses

  1. Greg Dixon

    hi my name is Greg Dixon I’m from New York Long island How can I apply ??

  2. Dericous Drake

    Hello I am the Dericous Drake of the phi kappa delta dramatic speech and debate I recently one a competition for oral interpretation of prose I am 5″10 I weigh around 145, 168 im am 21 and an amazing person ive been acting since I was little but my light has always been blocked by something but im putting myself first now and im.just trying to get a solid background and I just feel like a commercial is the best way to start we have to start somewhere you know

  3. Robert Sneed

    How do i submit info??

  4. Kelvin Denzel Miles


  5. Jeffrey Ayala

    My name is Jeffrey Ayala I’m interested in being an actor for the film, would like to do scene on your show. I have experience being doing skits and theater as well I was on Vh1 show Larger then Life tribute to Big Ang,I was in the auditions. I’m 6’3 195 pounds long hair tan Latin Mix Please if anything if I fit what your looking for

  6. Neal Fishenden

    Hey my name is Neal Fishenden. Im 6’6, 170lbs, brown eyes, dark hair, light skin complexion with an athletic frame. I have a great sense of humor and I’m quick on my feet with jokes. I grew up in a household that watched “in living color”, “the Wayans brothers” and “Martin”. I would love to pursue an acting career and feel that this would be a great opportunity.

  7. Neal Fishenden

    Hey my name is Neal Fishenden. Im 6’6 170Lb with an athletic frame.I am the same complexion as chris brown or drake (team lightskin lol). I played college basketball so i am very outgoing and friendly. I like meeting new people and would love to pursue an acting career. I made this sound like an eharmony profile but hopefully i get a chance to act in your film. =)

  8. Evan Quimby

    My name is evan. I am a 29 year old male from ct. I feel as though I would be an excellent fit for this role as I fit your needs appearance wise not to mention I am very familiar with the online dating world, making the role more natural. I am 165lb brown hair (gentleman’s cut) with vibrant blue eyes. Please email me and I will be glad to send photos.

  9. Sean Campbell

    Im here for it!

  10. atilla goksen

    Looking to persue an acting career

  11. Alec

    I’ll do whatever it takes

  12. Vernon Davis

    My name is Vernon Davis, and I received notice of your upcoming project and I’m very interested! I am very charismatic! My latest project was an extra in a BET series, and I completed a couple short films. You can find my acting profile at If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone (814) 876-0253. I look forward hearing back from you. Thanks.