Major Network Seeking High School Bakers – Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Teen Auditions

Are you a high school student who has some major baking skills? A major cable network wants you for their upcoming reality show! The television casting call is searching for fun and innovated high school bakers. They are looking for boys and girls who are high school students but over 15 years old. Selected individuals will be competing with other students on a team of four. You can submit on your own or with a team! If you create fabulous desserts, are creative, blow the socks off your friends and family with your skills, they want you! If you are ready to showcase your talent to the world with this fun new show, apply to the reality TV show casting call today!

About the Show

Contestants will get to show off their baking talent and have the chance to compete for a major grand prize. Individuals will be teamed into a group of four. Groups of four are also welcome.

What They Are Looking For

A major cable network and Wyldside media are now casting fun, innovative high school bakers who are creative in the kitchen?

Compete with Other Students On A Team Of 4 To Win A Major Grand Prize And Showcase Your Baking Talents!!

Do you make incredible desserts?

Are you known for thinking outside the box in the kitchen?

Is everyone impressed by your cooking abilities?

Have you taken culinary classes or are you simply self taught?

If you’re imaginative and have the skills and a passion for baking, we want to hear from you!

Submit on Your Own or With A Team! (Must be over 15)

How to Apply

You can apply to be considered by visiting or email for more details.

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6 Casting Responses

  1. June Yuan

    Hi, my name’s June Y. and I am a self-taught baker. I love baking and constantly looking for new culinary trends. I run an Instagram baking page , please check it out!

  2. Brooke Willenbring

    I am looking for an oppertunity to really get my foot in the food industry. I have much potential, but there is only so much I can do at my age. I just turned 16, I am self taught and I currently have the honor of instructing kids cooking classes. I have a strong passion for culinary arts and would love to keep updated.

  3. Ashley Hopkins

    I’m Ashley, my friends are Jayla and Alycia. We’re all 16 and we love to bake. We’re self-taught bakers. Baking is a passion of ours and we normally spend a good amount of time backing and decorating. From bright colors to gloomy shades, we know it all.

  4. Caitlin

    My friends and I are 14 turning 15 this year or already 15 and are in year 9. I personally love tempering chocolate, decorating cakes and experimenting with desserts. Another one of my friends is really good at making cakes and cookies. We are a really bright and bubbly group of girls with lots of confidence and a variety of skills.

    • Caitlin

      – And we are all self-taught cooks but we love trying the new baking trends and the smiles on people’s faces when they take a bite of our delicious creations.

  5. Corina

    My daughter is 10 she bakes cookie cakes brownies muffins and cake nicker doodle and more stuff are number is I know shes not a teen shes a tween she takes acting classes