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Reality TV Show Casting Call – Nationwide

Are you and your family pooling your money and resources to renovate and update a home that you’ve had in your family for generations? Award-winning television production company is seeking families who own an under-used piece of property that needs some TLC. All-new series will follow along as family members work to breathe new life into forgotten and under-used family properties. Get renovation help in all-new, fun and feel good TV series!  If you have been waiting for this chance, this is the 2018 reality TV show casting call you don’t want to miss out on!

About the Show

A brand new television series will help homeowners renovate a piece of property that is in need.

What They Are Looking For

• Do you have a home or property in your families’ possession that has been forgotten, never-used, or under-used? Do you have some funds set aside to help pay for minor renovations?

• Maybe your grandfather’s seldom-used hunting cabin would be a perfect family vacation spot?

• Do you have a beach-side vacation home that your family never uses because it sorely needs a remodel?

• Are you and your siblings going all in and fixing-up a destination, family home out of town?

• Perhaps your parent’s lake-side house would be a perfect starter home for your new family but it needs some work before it’s move in ready?

• Are your parents selling their home and you and your significant other are considering buying and renovating it yourselves to keep it in the family?

How to Apply

If YES! We want to hear from you! Email:
Please include the following: Your name, age, location, information about the property, any details about plans to renovate the property, full contact information (phone and email) several recent photos of yourselves, family and the property.

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11 Casting Responses

  1. Joann Mason

    Hi!! My name is JoAnn Mason and my husband and I bought a foreclosed farm house on almost 3 acres in Webberville michigan. Before we could get it fixed and move in it was broken into and everything stolen or destroyed. ALL my husband’s equipment for his landscaping business was stolen,his plow for snow removal, our speedboat they even took the car but was nice enough to leave our battery. We found out who had done it but the police did nothing and when we contacted insurance they said even though we paid the premium since no one lived here for 30 days they wouldnt cover anything. They put holes in the walls. Stuffed my husband work gloves in the toilet and set them on fire. Emptied a whole fire extinguisher in the house. When I opened the microwave there was a bottle of rubbing alcohol in capped with a metal spoon in there. All my pictures from my children’s younger years were ruined along with their baby books and boxes I had started for them. I have no sink, no stove in my kitchen. The house was built in 1880. My daughter is living with my parents because we just cant get ahead enough to get things fixed. My 9 year old son bless his heart tries to help but everytime we think we r getting somewhere we get thrown back. We tried to fix bathroom and found out that there is no insulation in the walls. I just had to cut my wall in kitchen to get a baby opposum out of there. We have a dream to stay here forever and turn our 3 barns into a dog rescue to leave something for our kids but it just seems like it will never happen. We cant even get the house done. Please please please help!!! Thank you so much!

  2. Julie Kilgore

    We live in a 1976 ranch house on 6 acres just outside of dallas. I am a thin blonde surgeon who was a music and art major and my husband is tall hockey playing artist whose extracurricular activity is playing in a greatful dead cover band we have 4 beautiful kids, 5 nigerian pigmy goats, 2 great pyrenees, numerous chickens and one duck. We are on year four of our reno and oh SOOOOO far to go. We have done a lot of the work ourselves but we need help! I am currently training in manhattan to do hair transplant surgery (i was previously a general surgeon). In my spare time i pretend like i am on a reality TV show so that when all the crazy things that happen in my life happen, I can pretend the ratings are *really*good. LOL!

  3. Rae Lamons

    My name is Rae Lamons and I am in Columbus, Ohio. I am the caregiver for my grandmother and grandfather and recently we have ran into a problem with their home. My grandfather has cancer and my grandmother is an stoke survivor. My grandfather was the sole provider in the home when I was growing up and my grandmother raised their three children. When my grandmother got sick he took care of the house and started to do all the things to keep it going. Their relationship is an example of marriage that I would love to have one day. They have lived in this house more than 50 years and this is all that they know. Recently we have came into a problem because my grandpas cancer has progressed but they both do not want to leave the home. The house is not in the best shape now and I would love to restore the house and keep them in it for me and My three children to raise and continue the legacy. Everyone in the neighborhood knows my grandparents as the people who sit on the porch. My grandmother and grandfathers house has been around since 1932. He is now undergoing cancer treatments and might have to leave his home. The dream would be to restore the home and make it a place where they can still live as well as keep it within the family. The home is totally free and clear and I would love to try and get a loan to restore the home back to the historic gem that it should be.

  4. Serenity Hamm

    I have a home that was my father’s just passed away in Raymond Washington it’s a hundred and four years old it needs a lot of work the porch is starting to rot and needs painted it just need some TLC and I had some money put away to get some things done on it cuz I really want to keep it in the family and I had someone I hired to do some work basically Steel $8,000 for me so at this point I have to either get the work done or sell it and I really don’t want to sell it so this would be perfect for me and my kids and my mom to move there when I retire I’m 44 years old and I live in Vancouver Washington

  5. Kimberly Murray

    We are the Murray’s! We bought an 1880’s house in hopes that we could flip it for money for the kids college but ran out of money because of the kids college. We have 10 kids and 8 that still live with us. We are all trying to work together to fix it but it is a challenge. We even found a secret staircase behind a wall in the broom closet. The house is not haunted and is beautiful. We would love your help!

  6. Marcy Oliver

    The home we have is currently lived in. It is a very large home and we are foster and adoptive parents to seven amazing children. The main floor of the house does not work for us and it is difficult to eat together as a family in our small kitchen area. We have two refrigerators in the garage because most of our children have experienced hunger and a lack of food in the past so we want them to know that there will always be plenty of food to eat. We would love to teach them to cook but the kitchen is simply not set up for this. Their idea of cooking is ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese. We want to instill in them that they have the opportunity to change their future and do things in a different way. We really need a kitchen makeover in order to give the children who are currently with us and any children who come in the future a new understanding of what it is like to be in a family and work together to create harmony in our family. We want to be able to cook and prepare meals as a family and right now it is simply not able to happen. Thank you for consideration of any potential projects you may have.

  7. Erin E. Shannon

    I live on a farm in Whitesville, Ky. My home was built by my grandfather. It does need work, but I think my funds would be best used on the silo on the farm. I would like to make it a silo house and rent it out by the night to adventurers. Of course if that is not of interest, my home does in fact need some TLC as well. I currently don’t have a proper closet. My clothes are in the unfinished basement. As a former runway model, I have many beautiful clothes and shoes that just get musty and yucky in the basement. From the runway to the family farm is an adjustment by itself, trying to make it work for my 2 sons, myself and my husband has been a bit of an obstacle. Call, text, or email me with any inquiries.

  8. Denise Willingham

    i have lived in my home for 15 years and it needs TLC desperately. This home has raised 3 children 4 great grand children and nos 3 great grand children. This house a been through a lot, seen a lot and heard a lot.

  9. Ileana B

    I have a home that my parents quit claim deeded to me. It had been in their possession for several years. Before her death in 2015, my mother asked that I fix up the house a little so that I would be able to occupy it with my 2 sons, her only grandchildren. I have been in the process of updating it for over the last 2 years. I have done it little by little because of my financial situation. I have already done the 2 bathrooms, flooring and recently had the kitchen done. To complete the updating it needs the windows, doors, inside and outdoor painting and the landscaping. A little bit of TLC with your assistance would be an advantage in order to keep it in the family. Hope to hear back from you!!!

  10. Monica Jewell

    We wish to renovate and update our home that we have. Please Award-winning television production company we need you, we have used piece of property that needs some TLC. We will need renovation help in all-new, fun and feel good TV series! we have been waiting for this chance, this is the 2018 reality TV show right? call us! don’t want to wait!

  11. Trey Dunia

    We have a house that we bought and intended to fix it up, raise a family and live happily ever after. When the real estate market crashed in the early 2000’s we lost our Santa Rosa house to a short sale and therefore lost our ability to have the funds for fixing up the Sebastopol house. Add a divorce, two teen boys, an older ranch style home and boom…our house is now a “fixer-upper” for sure. My ex-wife (the best ex-wife ever, BTW) is ready to sell the house. While I am planning a move to Sacramento to begin announcing baseball for the Sacramento River Cats, my ex-wife will be lost in a market that is waaaaay to expensive for her to get anything else. I agreed to give her a larger split of the sale but I’m not sure that will help her. The house has sooo much potential…fixed up it’s a million dollar + beauty. Right now we’d be extremely lucky (ie unlikely) to get back the 650,000 we paid. We’ve put on a new roof, but the appearance is lacking and the wear and tear of teen boys shows. Anyway, it’d be a great house to fix up but we just don’t have much money to do the fixing. Take a look, it may be just what you’re looking for.