MacGyver on CBS Seeking Hispanic Men & Women

Casting Call for Hispanic Males & Females for TV Show in Atlanta

Hispanic males and females are now needed for the CBS series “MacGyver”. Yes, if you haven’t heard CBS is remaking the series. The show will be starring Lucas Till. Casting directors need Hispanic men ages 20 to 45 years old to play Latino Cartel and Latino Military Guards. They are also looking for Hispanic men and women for a flea market scene. These roles will be filming on July 29th, August 1st, August 3rd and August 4th.

About “MacGyver”

A reimagining of the classic series, MacGyver is an action-adventure drama about 20-something Angus “Mac” MacGyver (Lucas Till) who creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem solving and vast scientific knowledge to save lives. Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe is maverick former CIA agent Jack Dalton (George Eads). Under the aegis of the Department of External Services, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip. [CBS]

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are now seeking Hispanic men and women who are in Atlanta, Georgia. The pay rate for the series is $68.00/8 hours plus time and a half after 8 hours. If you have a beat up car, truck or moped, there will be an extra 25.00 pay.

LATINO CARTEL: We are looking for Hispanic Men 20yrs to 45yrs. You will portray Cartel in a barrio type setting. Men are allowed to have shaved heads, shaggy or long hair. Facial hair is encouraged and tattoos are OK! You should look menacing and like you run with the wrong crowd. WORKS Thur 8/4.

LATINO MILITARY GUARDS: We are looking for Hispanic men 20yrs to 45yrs. You should be fit, and intimidating with short hair or a shaved head. WORKS TWO DAYS! Fri 7/29 & Mon 8/1.

LATIN FLEA MARKET: We are looking for Hispanic Men and Women of all ages. All shapes and sizes. WORKS 8/3

BEATER CARS, TRUCKS AND MOPEDS: We are looking for Hispanic men and women who have downscale cars, trucks and mopeds. Vehicles should be older models or have visible damage.

How to Apply

*If you fit any of these roles and have availability for the specified work dates, please submit by sending a photo of yourself or vehicle and your height, weight, pants and shoe size. Please use “VENEZUELA” in the subject line to *

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