"Ma" Starring Octavia Spencer

Movie Extras Audition for Featured Role – MS

Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer is teaming back up with her “The Help” director on a new movie! “Ma” is now filming in Mississippi and there is an exciting new role available. The film is searching for a big guy to be a featured extra. The role calls for a big male to be at a liquor store. For the movie guys can be tall, wide, muscular and/or chubby. They want someone who looks intimidating because he will be swatting aside a pestering teen like an annoying mosquito. Filming will be in Natchez, Mississippi on February 23rd. Compensation will be $64.00 for 8 hours and $112.00 for 12 hours. Whoever is chosen for the featured role will need to drive his car on set. Don’ t miss out on the chance to work with an Oscar winning actress and an impressive director and view the acting casting call below!

About “Ma”

Spencer will play a lonely woman who befriends a group of teenagers with torturous consequences for the kids. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Morgan Casting is searching for a “big guy” for featured background on a Tate Taylor (“The Help, “Get On Up”) film shooting in Natchez, MS.

Big Guy at Liquor Store can be tall or wide, muscular or chubby, or all of those! The point is, you need look intimidating and be able to swat aside a pestering teenager like he’s a bothersome mosquito. Also, we need for you to drive your vehicle on set.

Big Guy at Liquor STORE will be needed February 23rd only. Compensation is set at $64 for an 8-hour day and $112 for a 12 hour day. No travel or lodging provided for featured background or extras.

How to Apply

If interested, please send an email to mississippimovieextras@gmail.com with two photographs: one a head-and-shoulders shot of you and another full length. In the e-mail, please note your
Phone number
City/State in which you live
Type of vehicle you drive
Any acting experience?
Please make subject of your email “YOUR NAME for BIG GUY AT LIQUOR STORE”, and don’t forget to attach your photos! Thanks so much!

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  1. Bryndon Bordeaux

    So probably not what youre looking for but im 6’0 tall; weigh about 170+ lbs and drive a ford explorer sport trac. Totally intimidating but its all i got. Toughness is subjective depending on your audience. Im from gulfport, Mississippi so you cant get anymore south than this. Im pretty im not what you guys are looking for but im just throwing this out there just for the hell of it. i dont have any acting experience but Im pretty comfortable with who am and my abilities to learn so ultimately its up to you guys. I just though id give this shot because life is short and what do you have to lose? Am I right? Thank yall for your time and I hope the best for you guys.