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TV Show Casting Call for Extras – Atlanta, GA

There is a new series coming to OWN and an extras casting call has been released! Oprah has added the upcoming TV show “Love Is” to her lineup. It is based on the successful Hollywood duo Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil. Mara created the popular shows “Being Mary Jane” and Girlfriends while her husband directed “Jumping the Broom”. The show takes place in the late 1990’s, and it’s about a young African American Male and Female, who fall in love while working as writers and producers on a hit TV series. Filming will be taking place in Atlanta. Casting directors are now accepted submissions from actors who are available to work the entire season. Producers are handpicking extras so this is a fabulous opportunity. Those chosen will receive $88.00 for 8 hours. The team is looking for background actors and everyone will be important to the scenes and success of the show. You may even get the chance to be featured or upgraded! Review the TV show casting call and apply today!

About OWN’s “Love Is”

Based on the Akils’ relationship, the series will tell the story of a power couple navigating the landscape of Black Hollywood.

What They Are Looking For

The “core” categories needed are:

MARVIN SHOW WRITERS/ PA’s: African American looking Males and Females, who look in the 20’s to 40’s age range. Good Actors. This category will be highly featured.

INSOMNIA CAFE OWNER: Asian looking Female who looks in the 50’s age range.

INSOMNIA CAFE WORKER: Asian looking Female who looks in the 20’s age range.

CAFE “CORE” PATRONS: Males and Females, any ethnicity, who look in the 20’s to 50’s age range, should be writer types, Student types, date night couples, and struggling to break into the industry types. Remember you should have a look that fits into the 1990’s.

1990’s AUTOS- We will need to use cars from the late 1980’s and 1990’s time periods throughout the season of the show. The cars should be 1998 or older (meaning made before
1998) and should be in good shape. She should NOT look like cars that are 20 years old. Please submit a photo of the car or truck in your e-mail submission. We will accept all car colors EXCEPT WHITE. No white cars please, and no cars with stickers and decals on them. There will be additional compensation for using your auto.

Location: Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville (and other locations)

You MUST fit all of the following categories to be considered.

You are registered with Central Casting Georgia (or able to come in next week and register, before filming starts.

Are and available to work whenever the show needs you, which means no other “regular” jobs or time restrictions or gaps in your availability. This show should be your top priority.

You have a look and style that fits into the 1990’s time period, especially hair styles. If you are not sure, please do your research and google the 1990’s including popular TV shows and check out the hair, and facial hair and clothing styles. Also important is NO VISIBLE TATTOOS.

How to Apply

If you fit one of the categories listed above, and you are interested and excited about being a part of the show “LOVE IS_” please send an e-mail, with a current photo, and contact information (and please let me know if you are currently registered) to e-mail will be used for the show “LOVE IS_” so please make sure to submit your e-mail, and put LOVE IS in the subject line. You don’t need to submit for multiple categories, nor do you need to submit multiple times. You will be considered for any and all categories that you match.

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8 Casting Responses

  1. clarissa

    my name is clarissa , i am African American . I’m 27 but i still look 16 i get mistaken for a teen almost everyday. i’m emotional so i can act. i also have enough pain to play any deep role.

  2. Lacey Howard

    When is casting? Summer 2019?

  3. Joyce Alcineus


    I am 32 years of age and 5-8 in height. I am a wonderfully made African American woman who is full of grace, love, and charisma. Acting is something I was destined to do and I will be the perfect asset for this cast.

  4. Samantha Collins

    I’m very interested in a role

  5. Leanne Patterson

    Please send casting information for all movies and commercials that your company is filming in the Georgia area. – Woman age range 43-50…..Thank you!

  6. Ida Johnican

    I am interested in a role

  7. Yvonne Shaw

    Would love to act for a “LMN” movie, or commercial. Little acting experience.

  8. Sharelle

    I’m interested in my client applying for this role.