Lost In Love - FYI Reality Series

Lost In Love – FYI Reality Series

The FYI Network has put itself on the reality television map with it’s provocative and enthralling series Married At First Sight and now it is set to roll out it’s next mega-popular dating series Lost In Love. The producers and casting directors for this sure to be hit project are on the lookout for cast members ready to take a unique journey into the adventures of romance. This could be your chance at finding the love of your life and winning some cash along the way. Casting submissions are being accepted now for this show that will have everyone buzzing.

Lost In Love is ready to give a group of men and women the one thing that all of us has thought about and desired – the chance at romantic redemption. This incredible new dating series is searching for people looking to reconnect participants with the one’s that got away in their past. If you have a long lost love that you still think about and have always wondered what would happen if you had another shot Lost In Love is your chance.

Lost In Love is prepared to go to whatever lengths necessary to find your lost love and guide you through the process of winning back their heart. Those chosen for this amazing new series will have all of their expenses paid in addition to $1,000 in compensation and if you refer someone you know that is selected you will receive $500! True love never dies and this show is out to prove that it is also never lost.

Lost In Love has launched a nationwide casting search for men and women ready to woo their past loves. If you or someone you know is single between the ages of 25 and 40 and is interested in submitting themselves for this reality series you can share your story by email here casting@lostinlove.tv. For more information you can head to the show’s official website here lostinlove.tv/. We will be posting more details as they are released so keep checking back for update and leave a comment below and tell us why you want FYI to help you on Lost In Love.

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19 Casting Responses

  1. Star

    Love is something we all need and yet it seems like its the hardest thing on earth to find.. I’m 28 years old and I’m ready to start a family, but marriage comes first find the right person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I believe in law of attraction So I’m putting myself out there hoping to get something good in return. I love the show and find it amazing how scientist find your ” perfect” match and yet things can go so wrong.

  2. karenK

    Hello! All I like to know is how, when, and location to get cast for this reality show, because this sounds quit interesting and would be a lot fun but unforgettable experience.

  3. nicole

    Would love to be on the show. Would really be a great person for this show. I have my lost love that drives me crazy because he is all that’s on my mind all the time and I wonder what could of happened between us if we were still together or if we got back together. So please consider me =) thank you.

  4. Barbara

    I agree with Shirley that posted on March 31…Give us 50+ and fabulous women a chance to give America a great reality show. The Real World at fifty and beyond….

  5. Shirley

    Make a reality show for women over 50 and then you got reality and a great show. We can teach these young something for real.

  6. Renee

    I would love to experience/find my one true love on your show.

  7. jlere

    Hi my name is jlere I am 13 in June I’m going to be 14 I have Hershey brown skin I have dark brown eyes and hair I weight 107 height 4’11 I would take small role thank you for your time.

  8. Jaime N Conover

    Good evening
    My name is Jaime Conover:

    I’m so looking forward to meeting my one true love it’s crazy . We’ll not just one .
    Philadelphia born and raised openly gay lesbian this show would be alsome for me because it’s nothing like trying new thing in life meeting different ppl .why wouldn’t they fall in love with me hot sexy out going crazy real crazy party fun tattoo bar hopping confrontation by choice girl may I add I do cook my butt off outstanding house maintainer shop until I drop unborn creature.
    Casting for Lost in Love would be phenomenal. Soo come find me ! 😉


  9. kaushal prasad

    sir i would love to work with you

  10. Lindsey

    I am 14. That may be kinda young. But maybe i could play a sibling roll or something. Im super creative, i love singing and acting. I have wanted to be on TV since i was little. I am 5’3′, i have brown hair and hazel eyes.

  11. Shyanna

    Hi, I’m Shyanna Whitt, I’m bisexual (prefer girls though). Here’s my info 🙂

    Age: 18 on 2/26/97
    hair color: brown (black when I dye it)
    eye color: blue-green
    weight: 250 lbs
    body: thicker than most
    talents/hobbies/ reading writing listening to music and hanging out with people I love
    personality: I’m pretty shy at first but when people get to know me I tend to talk a lot , It takes a lot to make me mad, but I’m pretty sensitive, If I’m upset I tend to shut myself away from people and listen to music or write poem.
    Past problems: I had a problem with self harming myself but I have been clean from it for about two (2) years

  12. Michelle

    Ready to adventure the journey of falling in love ❤ ❤ ❤
    I’m 32 beautiful and full of life…..

  13. Larrhon Foushee

    Hey, My name is Gabby. I am a 20 year old college student. I am Jamaican American and currently live in Raleigh, NC. My goals are to become an anesthesiologist nurse so I am working on my bachelor, I currently took the semester off to figure out my place in the world. I am a pageants queen and no stranger to the cameras. I am a down to earth person and love to have fun. A long lost love in my life or ” the one that got away” is Jay Johnson, gosh he stole my heart in high school and we recently departed ways. I would do anything to see if we could relight that fire in our hearts for each other again. This is maybe my last option so I really hope you guys read this and pick me. If you could please give me a call or email me that would be great!
    Name : LarRhon “Gabby” Foushee
    Age : 20
    DOB: Oct. 18th, 1994
    Height: 5’5
    hair color:dark brown/light brown
    weight : 160
    body: Thick, Average
    Talent : Mime Dancing, Writing Poems, Making Friends, Soccer, Fashion Design


  14. Darnley Manius

    Hii my name is Darnley Manius. Im 18 years old. Im from Haiti. I Came to New York when i was 13 years old after the Earth Quake. I graduate high school last night. Now im attending Medger Evers College. My goals is to become a Pediatric/Nurse and a Model. Since when i was little i always wanted to be a model or actor, but my parents couldn’t afford to pay classes for me.. I have been trying to get into acting for the past 4-5 years. I would love to be part of any kind of movie. I am outgoing, im funny, im very friendly , I get along with everybody, I can easily memorize scripts, numbers, dates, etc… I play basketball and volleyball. I pray every night and day to get in the acting/modeling business. If you could please give me a call or email me that would be great!
    Name : Darnley Manius
    Age : 18
    DOB: Aug- 31- 1996
    Height: 5’11
    hair color:dark brown
    weight : 140
    body: thick slim
    Talent : crochet, write poems, play basketball & volleyball etc….
    phone : (347) 641-4013 / (347) 693-0682 / 347-673-6345
    Email : dmanius2014@bklawtech.com

  15. Cynthia Williams

    Great look for the role! I will be happy to send you my agency info offline!

  16. kristin sherr

    I am 17 years old and very able to be in touch with my emotioms and portray many types of characters. It is my dream to be in a romantic film or tv series. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you what i can bring to the table. Please help me accomplish my dreams. Thank you for your time.

  17. Matt Rubel

    Oh man, this show’s absolutely perfect for me. Not just saying that because I want you to think that, but I’m kind of just talking to myself while writing it down. Honestly, that’s really all I have to say other than the fact that I’m 18, my name is Matt Rubel, and I’m 6″2. If you’d like to look at more pictures of me, email me and I’ll either send them to you, or you can check out my Facebook page, or instagram, or really any of those social media things. Thanks!

  18. Ryan

    I am 22 and ready to take any journey. You get me there and I’m yours