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Liv And Maddie

Liv And Maddie

Here it comes aspiring actors, actresses and Disney fans everywhere – the next season of DC’s hottest sitcom has been announced and it sounds like another year of hilarious stories for the world’s favorite network. Liv And Maddie has been given the go ahead for an all new season and casting calls will be lining up for all new roles very soon. This incredible Mouse House comedy could be the audition chance of a lifetime for several talented up and coming performers.

Liv And Maddie tells the story of a pair of identical twin high school girls in Wisconsin who couldn’t be more different. Maddie is a bright young basketball star who is beginning to find her place in school and her social life. When her sister television star sister Liv arrives to school after the end of her successful sitcom everything changes and Maddie’s spotlight is stolen. Incredible comedy ensues as the sisters learn to deal with each other day to day and learn to deal with the fact that their parents both work at their school! Liv And Maddie is setting up to be the next in a long line of unforgettable Disney hall of fame shows that captivate audiences around the world. Casting calls for Liv And Maddie are happening soon and performers everywhere can submit themselves for consideration today. To apply for available roles or for more information on this spectacular project you can head here More details on this fabulous Disney sitcom will be coming soon so be sure to check back for all of the terrific audition details and you can leave a message below and tell us your thoughts on this amazing family friendly creation and why you want to be cast in it.

This could be the casting call of the year for some lucky performers as they land a role that launches an incredible career in entertainment in the show that could follow in the unforgettable footsteps of Hannah Montana, Austin & Ally, Good Luck Charlie or Jessie! Apply today and you could find yourself as the next talented actor cast in the next amazing season of Disney’s comedy hit Liv And Maddie.

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  1. Jazmyn

    I want to auditions for liv and maddie so ifar you can I really want to get pick and I will put my name but this is my sister tablet I am 11 years old and my name is jazmyn jack

  2. Ashilee Alspaugh

    Hi! I’m Ashilee, first off… huge fan. Being a part of a Disney Channel show has been a huge dream of mine for almost my whole life. My mom and I used sit up late and watch disney channel shows and act along to old episodes. I’m hoping and praying for a chance…
    I will be 16 in August, and I sing, dance, write songs, and act. I have medium length brown hair (hair dying is considerable), and blue/green eyes and an ivory skin tone. My height is approximately 5’7 and I weigh about 118 lbs. If I could have a shot it would be the best thing that I could ever ask for… So please take me into consideration.

  3. khady ndiaye

    hi my name is khady and I am 13 year old, my dream is I want to became a part of liv and Maddie show

  4. Sanaiyah

    I hope that you will accept me I could act or but I really want u to pick me because every time me and my brother watch this we actually spend time together and talk about are personal feelings. We laterally watch you two 24seven and me and my brother love y’all so much

  5. Norsyah

    Hi my name is Norsyah. I love liv and Maddie. There teaching me about how much you need your sister and always love each other. And I love to act. Thanks to you guys on Disney channel you inspired me to never ever give up so I’ve been online all day looking for a acting job but the suck. So I’m hoping my best TV show comany” Disney channel ” could help me.
    And if you want my information look below thank you.

    Gender: Female
    Age:11 Dob: January 6,2006
    Weight:104 height: “6”