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Nickelodeon Kids Casting Call

Do you want to sign up to be on Nickelodeon? There is a new Nickelodeon kids audition that you can apply to! The casting call is for a new TV show. A new Lip Sync Battle spin off for children is heading to Nickelodeon and they are looking for kids and teens to appear on it! Nickelodeon casting calls are now being held for boys and girls ages 7 to 13 years old. Casting directors are searching for outgoing, creative and fun kids who have what it takes to battle on the lip sync stage. The new series is called Lip Sync Battle Shorties. They are searching the country for the most talented lip syncing kids and teens around. If you have been trying to find out how to be on Nickelodeon here is your chance!

About Lip Sync Battle

“Lip Sync Battle Shorties” will feature everyday kids competing to perform pop songs in lip-sync challenges. “Shorties” will emphasize the creativity that the kid contestants bring to their moment in the spotlight as they design the choreography and staging of their performance. Each seg will feature three contestants and the Shorties Dance Crew. A host for the series will be announced soon. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

Does your child have what it takes to rock the Lip Sync Battle Stage? Currently seeking dynamic, creative and fearless kids ages 7 to 13 to compete on Nickelodeon’s hit new Lip Sync Battle spin off, Lip Sync Battle Shorties.
If your child wants to bring his or her moves, imagination and attitude to the Lip Sync Battle Shorties stage then they want to hear from you today!

Kids & Teens Ages 7 to 13

All Ethnicities

Dynamic, Creative and Fearless

How to Apply

Those interested can submit to Include the child’s first name, age, city and state, parent or guardian contact information and phone number and a video link of your child lip syncing his or her favorite song. Please only submit the information that is requested do not include any additional information. If he/she has a special skill such as magic, gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics, dance like ballet, tap, salsa etc be sure to include it in their home video lip sync submission.

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494 Casting Responses

  1. Mariah

    Hello my name is Mariah Williams, I make all good grades. I am strong talented and cheerful. I think I got what it takes to be on stage the show my true Talent. Do you go on Facebook or tick tock you can see I’ve got skills and talent and not afraid to be myself. I am 11 years old. If you try to recruit me email that email address at the bottom to make sure it’s okay with my mom, thank you and have a great day.

  2. Frances

    My child is 8 years old she is a ,excited, Athletic , crazy , sassy and professional dancer . She is dying to come on this show anything I will do to sign her up for this .I have a question tho how do you get to the website ? Please answer back ASAP . Have a great day !

  3. Natasha

    Hi! My name is Natasha I would love to be on lip sync battle shorties, but is it too lat to audition.

    • Andrea Stillings

      Hi I’m Andrea Stillings I go to trunnell elementary I live in Louisville,KY I’m also a 9 yr old I was born on January 24th 2009 I watch the show ALOT I watch JoJo siwa on YouTube and I see Nick Cannon on a lot I make good grades and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO BE A LIP SYNC SHORTIE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Natasha

    Hi! My name is Natasha. I would love to be on lip sync battle shorties, but is it too late to audition??

  5. David

    Hi I’m David I’m in Nigeria I can rap,sing and dance please I want to be picked this is my opportunity to show my talent thanks love you Nickelodeon

  6. David

    Hi I’m davd I’m in Nigeria I can rap,sing and dance any type of dance and this is my opportunity to show my talent thanks

  7. lotus

    i love this show

  8. Olivia

    Hi my name is Taleah I love to lip sync I even do it in the shower . jojo Siwa inspired me to go nickaloedeun evan duo i am just 8 i have a spot in my heart for lip sync biy

  9. Da'Naja

    Hi my name is Da’Naja and I’m 12 and want to perform on the lip sync battel storties stage.

  10. Alyssa

    Hi I’m Alyssa I am 11 years old and I love to lip sync and dance.
    I am a big fan of pretty much all singer’s. I have a big imagination and I have a lot of ideas.
    Thanks 💖💖

  11. Peyton Little

    Hi,this is Peyton Little. I am agood dancer. I am nine years old.Please let me be on your show. I’ve never been chosen for anything. Nobody notices me for who I am. So please let me be on this show,and I will be the happiest I can be.😎😃😇😀😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩

  12. Peyton Little

    Hi my name is Peyton Little. I am 9 years old. I have always wanted to be on your show,so please pick me to get up on that stage. I love your show. I watch it all the time.

  13. Carly Morales

    Hi! My Name Is Carly And I Am 10 Years Old. I Live In Staten Island, NY. I Would Love To Be On Lip Sync Battle Shorties! I Love The Show And I Love Nick Cannon And JoJo Siwa! I Really Hope You Pick Me! Thank You! 🙂

  14. Citak

    Hello my Name is Asya. I am 11years .

  15. Danasha swift

    Hi my name is danasha swift I’m 14 years old I have the biggest heart ever I love fashion, singing, fashion, when I get older I want to be a teacher a design teacher and wherever the kids make I’m gonna sell really cheap to the kids who can’t afford name brand clothing, I love lip syncing and normal singing it’s my passion and love I have been to auditions before for acting and modeling, I have 6 sister’s who know a lot about fashion and drama so I’m very skilled in all of that I would to be accepted for an audition, and this once and a lifetime opportunity to show you what I can do thank you

  16. Kaitlyn Garrison

    I am Kaitlyn Garrison I live in memphis and I would love to be a shortie I am 13 years old I will be 14 in october

  17. Gracyn

    Hey! My name is Gracyn. 🦄
    I love your show so much!!!! I’ve always wanted to show my talents on Lip Sync Battle Shorties! I am ten years old. I take dance class and I sing and lip sync on a daily basis. I know how to do a back walkover, a cartwheel, a round off and I can almost do my front walk over on the ground. I’ve done gymnastics since I was 3 years old.
    Please get back to me!! I would be SOOOOOO EXTREMELY HAPPY to be on your show!
    XOXOXOXO -Gracyn 😜💕🦄🎉

  18. Carollyn

    Love jojo. Siwa. What Wish meet please turn i am singer 898lindensteet
    Wilmington Delaware19805. 🇺🇸 carollynburnett 17 old yaer all what bee show please please

  19. Michael Squires Jr

    I have been a fan of your show and I would like to show you what I got on singing and dancing

  20. Carollyn

    Singer love jojo siwa song whish meet show please 17

  21. Lauren LaPierre

    Hi, my name is Lauren Lapierre and I an 10 years old. I live in San Diego and it has always been my dream to be on LSB Shorties. I want to be on the show, to tell and show people that you can make your dream come true with a little bit or effort. If I happen to get a spot (which would be amazing) I would choose the song Whistle (While you work) by Katy Tix. I chose that song because it gives a good message to people letting them know to not let bad things get to you and let those bad things go away. When I listen to it, I always think to follow the words in life to be a greater person. I think that everyone should know that they can get through the hardest stuff in life because greater things wait for them at the end.
    And again, it would be a dream come true to be on LSB Shorties. Thank you. -Lauren LaPierre (*-*)

  22. Kadijah Fonfara

    would like to be on it

  23. Laila

    Hello my name is laila I’m very athletic I love to dance and sing at the same time I’m 12 and I was really hoping to be on your show

  24. Stephanie paysen

    This is awesome my daughter is talented in all ways.

  25. Jada McCray

    Hi! My name Jada, I am 12 years old, and I live in Arlington Texas. Performing has been my life. I especially enjoy singing, acting and dancing. I am also a huge fan of Jojo Siwa, like she is an inspiration to me. It would be a dream come true if I could be on Lip Sync Battle Shorties

  26. Jada McCray

    Hi! My name is Jada, I am 12 years old, and I live in Arlington Texas. I’ve always had a dream of performing since I was little. I mainly like singing, acting,and dancing. It would be a dream come true if I could be on Lip Sync Battle Shorties.


    iam15 years old and iam from NAMIBIA and i wuold like to act on neckelodeon it was my dream seence 2013 my hope is on your hands


    iam 15 years old and iam from NAMIBIA and i like acting is just like my thing and i like dancing too and my hope is on your hands

  29. Alexis

    Hi my name is Alexis Naylor and im 8 years old i love to sing and dance .When there is a song i dont know the words start flying out my mouth and know every JoJo Siwa song i love her i was the first one in live stream .Anyway i would love to be on lip sync battle shorties because its my favorite show . And my favorite song is Hold The Drama by JoJo Siwa i know ballet i also love freestyle i think you will glad after you pick me !!!!!!

  30. Brianna

    Hey my name is brianna and i am 11 years old and i live in chicago and i live with my mom,sister,my brothers,my two dogs and cats

  31. Julia

    If you need a cute, funny, and outgoing kid, I’m your girl. I’m Julia and I LOVE LBS! I was all like . LET ME DO THAT 🤩 I first saw jojo siwa on kids choice awards. And I loved her song 💗 I’ve always dreamed of being a pop star like her. 🎤 I hope and Pray And wish I could be on LBS. I made an inspirational poster for goodness sake! I want to sing dance and laugh 😆 my true side comes out when I’m with friends. But I get nervous dancing… 😬 but I decided I don’t care. I AM GETTING ON THAT STAGE!!!!! So pick meeeee pleaseeeee I don’t wish for anything else as much as this! Contact me mom if I get on! It will be a dream come true! Hope to see you there! *Kawaii face*😃😗🙃🤩😜😝🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻😆😬🤣👍🏻🏳️‍🌈🇱🇷

  32. amany or anna

    hi im amany but my friends call me anna singing and dancing has been part of my life since i was six and now im 13 years old and i hope i get into the show please think about me it would be a dream coming true.

  33. Olalekan oyeleke

    I always wanted to be on TV especially on Nickelodeon.

  34. Isiaah mckeown

    Hello my name is isiaah mckeown and im 12 years old i would love to be on lip sync battle shorties. I am an avid fan of many amazing bands such as imagine dragons,gorillaz,and nathan sharp. I am an extrovert and i love being loud and funny. If i where to be picked that would be the best thing in the world.
    Sincerly, isiaah mckeown

  35. Princss

    I love lip sing battles because you can express all your feelings on stage

  36. Lauren LaPierre

    Hi, My name is Lauren, I am 10 years old and I live in San Diego California. I would love to be a guest on Lip Sync Battle Shorties. It has always been my dream to be a kid boss and I love dancing. And if I do get chosen, I have already decided on a song. It would be We R Who We R by Ke$ha. I chose that song because it tells me to be who I am, and don’t change yourself for the world. And it m=would be a dream come true for me. And I will also show that no matter what you look like, you will always be able to do what you love.

  37. Jasmin Stokes

    Hi I’m jasmin I’m your next big Lip Sync Battle Shorties I’m a huge fan I love the show and I’m 12 years old and it will be my dream to be on the show to show you guys my talent to Lip Sync and dance to any music

  38. Clifton

    It will be awesome my name is Clifton Marlow it will be a dream come true it will be a dream come true for me

  39. Clifton

    I would like to be a part of it would be great if I could get try my name is Clifton Marlow

  40. Clifton

    I would love to be on lsb it will be nice if I could come by and and try it out and my name is Clifton Marlow


    hi im bella and im 13 years old and i live in El Paso TX and i love to dance to my own beat and i would love to get pick so i can show everyone what i can to and i also want to inspire kids that if i can dance they can dance to so please pick me i would love to be there and dance and lyp sing and i would totally want to meet NICK CANNON and i would want to inspire kids to dance like nobodys watching u:)

  42. Mary Hildefonso

    Hi I’m Mary and i love your show I wish I could be on it you guys are the best

  43. Danika

    Hi my name is Danika. I’m 10 years old and from Decorah. You might not know where Decorah is because it is so small. I want to be like Josie Jewell when he became a college football player.
    Please let me be on the show. I have wanted to rise to be more than I am. I’ve wanted to be famous since I was 3 and singing along with Lady Gaga. Please choose me I really want to try.

  44. Isabella Lane

    Hi I am Isabella in Virginia and I love to sing, dance, and lip sync i have been dancing since i was 1years old and I still love it.

  45. Clifton

    I would like to be a shorty it will be a dream come true for me and my name is Clifton

  46. Clifton

    I would love to be on lsb it will be it will be a dream come true and my name is Clifton

  47. Clifton

    My name is Clifton I would like to be on lsb🤣🤣🤣

  48. Clifton

    It is my dream to be on lip sync Battle shorty 😄😄😄🤣🤣

  49. Clifton

    I want to be a shorty my name is Clifton and I would like to try it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Sanai

    Hi I’m Sanai born in California currently living in Macon, GA I’m a sassy fearless dancer have a technique in majorete and hip hop not a gymnast i do tricks I’m a good person to pick and I submitted my audition but I want to do a different song then my audition Please Pick Me

  51. Murphy Mitchell

    Hi, I am Murphy Mitchell and I am 9 years old . I love to sing , dance, flip[tumble] ,and live life and have fun.If I could describe myself in words they would be, creative , fun , smart , confident , outgoing , spunky , love the stage, talkative , daring, .I have been dancing since I was 2 and won a pageant when I was 6. Please consider me.I love JoJo Siwa . Please chose me it would a dream come true!
    Thank you,
    Murphy Mitchell 🙂 Fl

  52. Justice Irving

    Hey my name is justice I am a good dance I love be on trampolines and I can do some flips I am super creative so I am ready hope you pick me bye.

  53. Morgan mccoy

    I am a dancer I feel I could really hype a crowd. I want to show off my moves. I love Nickelodeon so I feel this would be a very fun thing to do.

  54. Hayley

    My name is Hayley. I am 10 years old. I LOVE to sing and dance! Hopefully I can ask my mom if I can audition I hope so!!!!! I LOVE Jojo Siwa!!!!!

  55. Gabriel Rodarte

    hiiiiiiii i’m cedric and i’m 11 years old i what to have and give my all and i really hope you chosie me byeeeeeeeeee

  56. Lauren Bradshaw

    Hi I am 14 and I love to dance and sing and really want to share my passion with everybody

  57. Reniya

    Hi my name is reniyhahilton im a dancer i have been dancing ever since I can walk i hope i have I am super over dramatic with my lip singing I know I got what it takes and im 12

  58. Scarlet chaney

    Hi I’m scarlet Chaney and i will to be put on the show I love dancing to my favorite songs

  59. Scarlet

    Hi I’m scarlet Chaney I’m almost 10 with 4 brothers i have a packed house to drain the noise out I’m lip sync to my favorite songs and i get carried away

  60. Brianna

    Hi I’m Brianna I’m 9 but I’m not a regular 9 year old I’ve been wanting to be on this show for 4 years please accept me.

  61. Hannah Boss

    Hi my name is Hannah Boss, I’m 13 and I love lip syncing. I am from Narragansett, Rhode Island. I would love to be on LSB shorties because its my last year I’m available to do it because I turn 14 in November. Thank You and I really Hope I can Be on LSB shorties, it would be a dream come true.

  62. Courtney rosenfeld

    Hi I’m courtney in 12 I am not your avarge 12 year old im a huge bsb fan and i really want to be on the show my address is 120 sugar leaf court ark

  63. Kira

    Hi I’m Kira and I’m 12 years old and I always have a dream of do lip sync battle shorties I love to sing and dance to all kinds of songs I really want to be like JoJo siwa.

  64. lucy

    hi my name is Lucy I’m 12 and I love to ing and dance this would be the time of my life if I could do this plz think about me

  65. lucy

    hi Lucy loves to dance and sing plz let her come

  66. Brooklyn


  67. James wilson

    Please pick me ice been wanting to be a address all these years please

  68. Ainsley williams

    Hi I LOVE nickelodeon and I live in nebo 182 Dixie Dr and I’m a really talented singer and dancer and if you want someone who is confident and positive and awesome pick me and I’m 12 years old and I love Jojo siwa i just want to be famous one day 😉😃

    • Da'Naja

      you should do this and follow your dream.

  69. Ainsley williams

    Hi I really LOVE nickelodeon so much I’m a really talented singer and dancer I would love to be on nickelodeon and now’s my chance so if you want someone really talented than pick me 😉

  70. Makhi kemp

    Hi my name is makhi kemp and i’m Eight years old. I love dancing. I started dancing when I was 3 and I want to surprise you with my dancing. I also live in Washington DC .

  71. Nasir Lewis

    Hi my name is Nasir and I’m all about hip hop dancing I can shoot backpack kid whip and so much more and I’m a born and raised Washingtonian and am very excited to dance on LSB Shorties

  72. Rhyea

    Hey my name is Rhyea Banner I never dance in front of public so I am so excited

  73. Marissa Shoup

    Hi Marissa and i just turn 13 i live in Missouri but i will move to Minnesota shortly i love sing and dancing and having fun with friends i do talent shows or lip sing battles at parties i just want to this one thing before i am 14 and i don’t get to do

  74. Bella Trask

    Hi! I am Bella Trask. I am 11 years old, I love dancing and playing basketball. I love this show and would love it even more to be on it

  75. Triniti

    Hi my name is Triniti I would love to be On lip sync battle shorties, I would love to show my skills on stage.

    Thank you