Let’s Ask America – TV Game Show

When was the last time you won $25,000 dollars while sitting on your couch? What’s that, “never” you say? Well all that is about to change with the exciting new TV game show Let’s Ask America. Casting calls and auditions for this one of a kind competition will be held soon and the producers and casting directors are accepting submissions now. This is you chance to be a part of a groundbreaking game show and win thousands of dollars in cold hard cash – and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Let’s Ask America is a daily half hour game show that will literally bring the excitement right to you. Each episode will feature contestants answering polling questions from literally anywhere they have a computer by using Skype. The questions asked will cover a wide and entertaining range of topics and will have millions of fans tuning in everyday to find out what the show will ask America next. Imagine spending the afternoon at home on the computer answering a bunch of fun questions, sounds cool right? Now imagine doing that and winning $25,000 dollars doing it. There has never been a more fantastic opportunity in game show history so don’t delay apply today. Auditions and casting calls will be held soon and you can submit yourself to be a contestant today. If you are interested in applying or for more information on the show you can head here letsaskamerica.tv or send an email here letsaskamaerica@gmail.com. More information will be on the way so leave a comment on this fabulous new TV game show phenomenon below and stay tuned for all of the casting updates for Let’s Ask America.

TV’s most amazing game show is bringing the excitement right to you! Apply today to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes form the comfort of your own home on Let’s Ask America.

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150 Casting Responses

  1. octavia holmes

    Single mother of 2. Ages 17 & 6. I am a recent nursing school graduate and currently working as a LPN. My daughter is going to be leaving for college soon & we are looking for a fun way to earn some school money for her. I don’t have much experience on this kind of circuit but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I am full of energy and most people say I’m really funny. I excel in puzzles and think out side the box activities

  2. Rosemarie Pesci

    My name is Rose and I am a retired Deputy Sheriff, when people look at me they find it hard to believe that I was once a Cop.

    I am single mom of a beautiful talented daughter named Christina. I was born and raised in Staten Island New York and although I have lived in beautiful sunny California for 22 years I still have my New York accent that makes me unique. I am an energetic outgoing person and love to make people laugh.

    I love trivia and I am I am the contestant you are looking for and ready to win some easy cash. So let’s Ask America.

  3. Melinda Ryan

    Would love the opportunity to show my stuff I watch the show all the time and almost always have the right answers, Coukd use the cah like everyone else have had a bad year government shut down, health issues would help pay up some bills and help out some friends who have been here for me.

  4. Willie farries

    I’m 28, married with one kid and I just lost my job as a postal service driver with Matheson Inc. I could really use the money. I’m willing to try and do anything for some money, rite now my wife is keeping us afloat being a E05 in the United States Air Force. Help!!!!!

  5. gary collins

    I could use the extra money.

  6. Irene Herndon

    I ‘m convinced that this show is one that rewards you for
    being a “PEOPLE PERSON,” That would be me.
    My adult life consisted of: Twenty years as a Hairstylist,
    Ten years as a USPS Letter Carrier, Seven years as a
    Sales cashier and if that wasn’t enough, I got my
    Associates Degree in Criminal Justice at age 66. Still,
    my friends laugh when I say, “I’m smarter than the average bear.”
    I bet they won’t say LOL when I win 50k on Let’s Ask America.

  7. Sarah Allan

    I am an almost 39 yr old mother of two wonderful daughters. I work for a resale shop, and hoping to finish my college degree before I turn 50. I am married to a great hard working husband. I am kind, compassionate and love my family and friends with all that I am. My family has had our fair share of struggles but I have come to terms that, that is how life is. I am grateful for all that I have and who is in my life. I like to be goofy and make people laugh, I love to shop when I able to. My daughters both play soccer and love it just like their dad does. I want a shitzu puppy since I am too old to have another baby, I would love more kids but financially we are unable to too, plus I am getting up there

  8. mr. j

    hi…lets see….63 years old, married 34 years 2 kids ,3 grandkids..i’ve been self employed for 36 years , restoring furniture and antiques. i’m lucky with experiences. met Mohammad Ali, got pushed into Bobby Kennedys limo in 1968, removed by the secret service, got drunk with jimmy conners, caught a baseball at Tiger stadium, a puck at joe louis, and a football at the BIG HOUSE! found $800 in a dresser,(returned it to the owner) swam naked in 3 oceans, and got a hole in one..my teachers told me i couldn’t get by on good looks and wit forever, but i did.. i love people, and for some reason ,i’m a freak magnet! love the show, makes me laugh..when it comes to life…………i’m all in!

  9. jay densmore

    hi! well lets see, i’m 63 years old, been self employed for 35 years as an antique restoration specialist…i will be retiring in jan. 2014!!! the extra cash will jump start my next phase nicely !!! i’ve dealt with the public all my life, i love people , quick wit and am generally a charming fellow! i can guarantee i will use any money as a “windfall ” profit and take as many people as it will allow to create the memory……….man, do you remember when jay won that money on that game show!!!!!!!!!! can’t believe he did that!!!! glad i was there!

  10. Terri Stefanka

    I’m a 56 yr old woman (but I don’t look that old) lol. School Bus Driver, who also sings in a Classic Rock Band on the Weekends!! I’m very outgoing & I love your show! I play along at home & usually (most of the time) get the answers right when I play along at home.. I would love to play the game on TV. I have a nice smile too!! OK.. Let’s just keep this short & sweet like me!! Please call me, I’d love to be on the show!! OK.. ;:)


    Hi I am an executive chef from the D also known as Detroit Michigan. I am trivia buff who is handsome. so I’m told.Funny and smart.I think I would be a great contestant on the show!

  12. robert jones

    I think it would be fun and i would like a chance to test my brain contact me by phone please (810)765-4835

  13. Denise Jackson

    Regis called me about ten years ago and now he’s gone. Please call me while the show is fresh! That and that it’s a lot of fun.

  14. Jacque Ring

    My husband & I are completely hooked on your show, we look forward to it every night & play along, which by the way I am very good at. We are not actors, but everyday, mid western people, which to me is what the show is really all about. We would love for you to take a chance on us.

  15. terrie

    I am funny on disability and really can use the money ,but my friends say that I can make you laugh at anytime and any day no matter what .My friends laugh because I sing to my coffee and to anything i am doing i am fun and loving life as hard as it is being on disability loving every day and everyone

  16. Susan Bivighouse

    I have always wanted to be apart of a game show and this is the perfect opportunity! I would love to be apart of this great new game show!!

  17. lynnette jones

    I am 39 years old a mother of 2 daughters ages 14 n 19. I want themto know that them to know u can do anything thats posdiblse witth a positve attitude. I when i win im winng for my daughters

  18. cedric hunter

    hi im cedric im 11 and my mom is 45 we need money to pay are bills so can we be on


    I am 35 and live in Phoenix, AZ. I am a single mom of two girs who are almost 10 and 5 and would love this oppurtunity to show my kids you can do what you put your mind to. Other than that I am not sure what one could write to be picked out of all these people. SO PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  20. Marylou Muir

    I would love the chance to be on a game show, just like everyone else, there’s not a whole lot of something special about me. I’m 55, have 13 grandkids 11 girls and 2 boys, I love 2 travel and have lots of stories. I live in Des Moines, IA, and every one everywhere loves to make money without laboring much for it. I would love to be apart of this show. Thank – You

  21. Edline Derival


  22. Lanetta Allen Freeman

    My name is Lanetta and I watch the show almost everyday. The first couple of questions are sorta of easy but when you get to the BIG MONEY, a “HUMMM MOMENT” comes into play.

    I work for a major insurance company and really like what I do. If I were to win money from the games show, I would pay off my car, loans and have a nice vacation.Oh, yea, I want you to know that I am married and my husband also works for a major insurance company. So, you see, he and I would really benefit from it.

    I have a spunky personality, very light hearted and I just love watching the show. I could just imagine myself skyping and answering those questions.

    Well, this is a little about myself and hope you pick me for the show.



    Sounds interesting. In the fast paced environment today, the game is perfect.

  24. Israel Velasquez


    My name is Israel Velasquez (Most of my friends call me Izzy, but sure I have been called other things while I am not listening ha ha) I am a 33 year young male and I would love the opportunity to be on your game show. I just moved to Dallas Texas about a year and a half ago after a job loss. Came up here with my mustang, some of my clothes and a prayer. So far I have been doing great on getting on my feet up here (I even got the motivation to shed some lbs here) but like everybody is going through right now my financial status can use some “help”. I am all for earning my money and my father once told me if you don’t ask you don’t get so I am come to you and ask to be put on this show to have an opportunity at earning some money. Plus I am DAMN AWESOME and would be a GREAT person to have on… ill try not to take to much of the spot light from the host though HA HA. So I hope you consider me and i hope to hear from you soon.

    Here is a puppy face to help you consider me .
    U(*(x) *)U .
    (come on you cant say no to puppies ha ha)

  25. Glorieta Ayers

    Who does not love money. Show me the money and I will show you how much I love America. Your show allows a person to win and meet new friends all in one day.

  26. Marketta Crum

    I would be a great contestant for your show. I love my couch!



  28. Claudia Parra

    I would love to be on this show and have the opportunity to win some money! I have 3 growing boys and a husband who just started back to work after being on disability from his bone marrow transplant! Things have been tough but looking better now! I am vibrant and energetic and was always the office clown! Pick me pick me! Thank you!

  29. Jerimic Clayborn III

    My name is Jerimic Clayborn III and I am only 22 years old, but I am running for the Lansing City Council at large, in Lansing, MI as a write- in candidate. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.



    Jerimic Clayborn III
    Lansing, MI

  30. Bill

    I am a first time author, with my first novel currently in production and due out in the next 2 months. It is a fictionalized story of an actual event that will keep readers intrigued from the very first page to the thrilling conclusion. Prior to writing the book I have had a very interesting and diversified life. At 21 I was the youngest member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, I once owned a restaurant for 7 years, have been a both a volunteer firefighter as well as a volunteer member of my home towns First Aid Squad where I responded to emergencies ranging from house fires, to child birth, to auto accidents and much more. I have also had the pleasure of once having lunch with a sitting President. I believe based on my diverse background I would make an interesting and compelling contestant.

  31. Rebekah Faust

    Hey I’m only ten but I like to win the money and give it to my mom and dad and make them proud

  32. William Pfirrman

    It has always been a dream of mine to appear on a game show. Recently diagnosed with inoperable coronary artery disease this opportunity would be one more thing to check off my bucket list. I have a vast knowledge of current events and believe I represent the mainstream of America, thus making me a wonderful contestant for your show. Thank you for your consideration.

  33. William Pfirrman

    I have been on disability since I was diagnosed with inoperable coronary artery disease. I don’t get out a lot and spend much of my time on the computer and in front of the TV. I have recently written a book since I have so much spare time and I feel I am up to date with current events and how the country feels about many of the things going on in our world today. It has always been a dream to participate on a game show and since I can’t do things like Wipeout this seems to be the best way to mark off another item from my bucket list. Thank you for considering me.

  34. Tammy Benson

    Hi there. My name is Tammy.I am 48 years old from a family of 12 kids. I have never won nothing and i’ve always wanted to be on a game show but have no way to afford to do it. So being able to be on this show,win money, and be at home would be great. And i would turn over all my winnings to my brother that has cancer and is going to cancer center of america but can’t really afford it . This would mean the world to me to be able to make his life a little easier.Thanks for your time.

  35. Anthony Flora

    I would like participate in this new and exciting new game show on skype!

  36. Diane

    I would love to be on this game show. It looks like so much fun, and who doesn’t need fun now a days !!!

  37. amanda

    Hi I live in vermont I am a mother I have 2 children. I work nights as a security gaurd. I am a fun lovein and hard working american. I am very outgoing and will try and help anyone in need. You should pck me I would love to win the money and beable to take my family on a vacation.

  38. jennifer carrano

    Hello my name is Jennifer. I’m. Working in a factory in a small city making bearings. I’m 31 years old and would like a new experience in my life. I’m also a mother of two little boys which one is my step son

  39. Jeana Davis

    Hi! I’m a 50 y/o single mom and college professor/event planner from Jacksonville, Florida. I absolutely love trivia games and would be thrilled to be a participant on your show. I adopted my daughter from Russia in 2006 shortly after completing my MBA. I currently work at Florida State College at Jacksonville and also run a non-profit agency established to help the families of children diagnosed with FASD.

  40. Fred Keena


    My name is Fred Keena and I am currently a HR Specialist (love people!) and a former college football player and captain. There is nothing I love more than trivia and challenging others to a game of wits. Every Thursday, I play trivia at a bar with my buddies and every night, the wife and I play along with Jeopardy.

    I am a 25 year old male, with a passion for people and trivia. I can’t to hear from you!

  41. mary gaherty-menis

    i am attractive,outgoing,smart,funny and would love to play your game. i think i would be a great contestant and viewers would enjoy watching me play your game. i do have a brand new computer so there are no negatives only positives just like me. regards

  42. mary j

    Pick me….i welcome the challenge 🙂

  43. Paula Blankenship

    Wow, those people above sound soooo interesting, me, maybe not so much,bahahaha! Kidding, all my friends think I’m the bomb, my kids, not so much. They would DIE if I got on a game show. I am 45 and live in West ( by God) Virginia. I don’t consider myself a hick and hopefully neither will you. I try to stay up to date and have some pretty strong views on a variety of issues. Would love to see if the rest of the country shares any of them. I would love the chance to show not all West Virginians are backward illiterate. Just hope if chosen I don’t prove to be just that! Thanks for the consideration.

  44. Lucy Pirro

    Hi: Thank you for this opportunity to win $$$$.
    I have worked all my life since the age of 9. I retired from my sales career at the age of 65 and now soon to be turning 75 continued to work as an online seller.
    I have two items on my bucket list.
    1. To finally have my mortgage paid off.
    2. To win some money on a game show.

    This sounds like I can accomplish both of these items. Please consider me.
    I’m a happy grandmother of 5 grandboys ages 19-6. It will be nice to be able to leave them a paid off house.

    Take care!

  45. Dimitry Kuzmin

    I would be very happy to take a part in this wonderful show

  46. marcus eckstrom

    I’ve been watching game shows since I was a kid. My kids have always said that I should be on a game show. Being on a game show is on my “bucket list”. I would be a great contestant as I’m energetic, smart, and personable. Thank you for your consideration.

  47. Ron Davis

    I am Ron, and am very talented! I am 64 years of age. I am a drywall surgeon and a boss. I know everything that would be on there, I have a lot of common sense! I hope you pick me.

  48. Kim Davis

    Hello my name is Kim and I am 44. I teach Special Ed. And I would love to be on your game show! I want to try something new and have some fun and am ready to take a challenge!

  49. dianna bartelson

    pick me

  50. Ali j

    I love this concept! Not to mention, I never leave the house anyway so it would be nice to win some money while doing what I love(which is being lazy and staying home). I’m one of those people who knows tons of useless trivia. This would be perfect for me!!!

  51. Beverly Wesko

    I need some excitement and money in my life right now! I am a white,53 year old female, and live in Middle River, MD.
    Why I need the opportunity to win some money….my husband lost his job in June and the budget is tight.
    The last 3 years of my life have been very stressful due to family situations and deaths in our immediate family. I need something out of the ordinary to lift me up! Winning the game would be wonderful, but just having the opportunity to be on the show would do it for me!
    You would never know to look at me that I have been through such a rough time these past 3 years.
    Please consider me as a contestant and put some pep in my step!
    Thank you,
    Beverly Wesko

  52. Brianna Morgan

    Lol, this sounds like my kind of game. I am up for it. Pick me, and I wont let you down. I am funny, outgoing, and smart. I’m ready to show you what I can bring to the table. It would be amazing to win $25,000. I could pay for my college, and maybe buy my mom a car. I really want to be involved in this. Please pick me. I am available to Skype too.
    I’m 16 and I live in Port Huron Michigan, and I love a good challenge.

  53. Nego "Nigel" Fede

    I’ve never been on a game show before and would be very enthusiastic about the opportunity. I also need to make up the money I spent on christmas gifts and whatnot so I can pay these cards off. I’d probably be more excited than snoop dog in colorado. 🙂

  54. Chuck shelnutt

    I believe I’ve seen your show before. I’m really I interested.
    Looks like a lot of fun. I’m thrilled to be able to have a chance
    to be on this show. This show is AWESOME!!!

  55. Tasha

    I am up for the challenge! I WANT AND NEED THIS MONEY! Recently started my own business and I have student loans SHOW ME THE MONEY! PICK HER, SHE, ME<——– !!!!!!!

  56. Michelle M.

    Hello I’m Michelle, I’m not sure if you have to have much education for this game show but I’m pretty smart in some areas. If its a lot of question regarding politics, science and anything dealing with history, chances are I will not know. Lol. I love to have fun and enjoy myself at anything I do even if it’s trying to win large amounts of money

  57. Rita S.

    This game show sounds awesome!! I spend hours upon hours on a computer, online and offline, for free so it would be nice to earn cash while doing it. I’m the person that will say what everyone else was thinking. My views and ideas are fresh and honest. I’m a witty fast thinker. I have 1 child and 3 step children; I’m married and a college graduate. I love Vence Vaughn movies….The Break Up, Dodge Ball, Couples Retreat, Wedding Crashers…lol the list just goes on and on. I am an African American female, 5’10”, light brown eyes, brown hair(@ least for today…lol), straight white teeth (I take great pride in oral hygiene). I could go on and on about my likes and dislikes, what I’ve done or would like to do, describing my life but honestly that becomes boring. I might as well include a PowerPoint presentation and bullet points if I’m gonna do that.

    Needless to say the only true way to get to know a person is by having a real conversation with them through direct communication. Hopefully you find this brief description of me to be interesting enough to contact me so you can see that I am a perfect match for the show with plenty to offer especially when it comes to knowing how to operate a computer and having valuable input for surveys.

    Rita S.

  58. ingridmichel


  59. Ann Bates

    I am a new Stay At Home Mom because I had a miracle child at 38 and I don’t want anyone else raising her so we are on the couch a lot reading or just hanging out. We are living on a teacher’s income so we could definitely use the extra cash to buy diapers, wipes, food, clothes every few weeks, toys, diapers and wipes, kleenex, bibs, wash clothes, diapers and wipes…do I need to continue??? I am funny, silly, goofy or whatever adjective you would like to insert. We have to coolest dog in the world along with the most laid back baby ever. She would love to stare at the screen. She has decided she loves phones, remotes and screens at 7 months old. I tried to find a monkey to help around the house since I just like hanging with my baby but no one had one I could borrow until I get my child trained right. We would love a shot at this and I think you would love us too!! BTW – I raced motorcycles as a kid so that makes me pretty cool and I even got run over in a race then got back up an won so I have lots of stories for you.

  60. Demetrius Ransom

    I am very interested in bein on this show. I believe I could win the $25,000.

  61. Jessica D

    I think you should pick me because I am a stay at home mom looking for a chance to make some real money real quick. My husband and I are planning on moving to the great state of Florida and this money would help us get going.
    I enjoy watching talk shows so I feel Iam up to date about what’s going on in America.
    Please give me the opportunity to get our lives where they need to be – in Florida!

  62. Brittany b

    I should be on this show because I am America and I have all the answers to the questions!!!

  63. latesha

    Hi, im latesha and i am fun,outgoing and would love to be part of this groung breaking game show and win thousands doing it! Im so excited!!! PICK ME PICK ME

  64. jordan endsley

    I’m always on the couch anyways and doing it and winning money would be awesome! And it would definitely help out and my mom wouldn’t have to work so hard since she is a single parent and I hardly ever get to see her due to her working and me being at school so please consider me for this amazing opportunity! For further information contact me by email thank you!



  66. Katelyn Wiggins

    Hi, my name is Katelyn. I would absolutely love the chance to win this money and be a part of this show because today my car took a poop and I am a struggling, hard-working, broke college student. I always ways tell myself one of these days I’ve gotta win at something big like this. This would be an amazing opportunity and a true once-in-a-lifetime moment and not to mention I would be bettering myself with the potential winning dollars. Pick me! Pick me!

  67. Michelle

    Fun, outgoing and ready to collect that cash!! I would love the opportunity to be apart of the show

  68. Michelle

    I’m fun, love to adventure!! Ready to make some cash:-)!! Let’s ask America!!

  69. Kamaria Jones

    Hello, my name is Kamaria and I have always wanted to be on TV and win money. I love watching television and I have gotten my cat on TV a couple of times. My dreams are to rid myself of bills and go back to school, take care of my family and buy a new car. I am a very bubbly person who enjoys playing piano, kickboxing, dance and yoga. I was also placed in the Who’s Who Among American Highschool Students Book back in 1998.

  70. Marcella Rembert

    Hi My name is Marcella I would love to do the role seems like it would be fun also something I know I can do my god install me with enough faith to know I can be a perfect candidate if given a chance thank you

  71. Michael Elkady

    Hello, my name is Michael Elkady. I am 24 years of age and born in Bayonne New Jersey. I currently reside in South West Florida. I have a full time job with a very flexible work schedule. I am willing to travel for any opportunity, even if it’s none paid. I have some past experience as being an extra and I enjoyed every bit of it. If the opportunity ever knocks for advancement within the film industry, I will open up and say “Hello”. If chosen for an opportunity with your up coming film project, feel free to contact me and ill provide all other information needed upon your request. Thank you for your time in advance, I look forward to learning, growing and advancing. Please review attached image for my complete description by simply copying the provided link and pasting it within your top address bar and press enter.

    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Age: 24

  72. Jennifer

    I really want to try something different..I love to have fun, very out going, and ready to make some cold hard cash…So Lets ask America!!!

  73. Colleen Kaplan

    I am a very well rounded individual. I have taught Elementary and Middle School and I am an assistant principal at a high school. I have a bachelors degree from the University of MD in Elementary Education, where I was in the Marching Band and I also drove 30 and 40 foot buses as a student employee on campus. It required me to get my Commercial Drivers License. While driving the bus I also worked in the maintenance bays where I learned to work on diesel engines and perform preventative maintenance on the entire fleet of buses.

    I have a masters degree from Towson University in Human Resources with an Education Leadership track. I taught Middle school science for 9 years and 1 year teaching social studies. Next I became a teacher mentor and worked with 1st and 2nd year teachers at a local high school. I also teach remedial English at a local community college as an adjunct instructor and this semester I will be teaching Intro. to education.

    I am currently an Assistant Principal at the high school level. This is my 5th year in this position.

    I have run 6 half marathons and would like to run 4 more after I get in shape again. That would make for a total of 10. Hopefully before I turn 50.

    I have 2 children a boy who is 9 and a girl who is 7. I coach my daughters rec. soccer team and I am the assistant coach of her travel soccer team.

    My family has 2 dogs, two cats and an albino corn snake. I feel that I am a very well rounded person with a ton of different interests. I enjoy Broadway theater as well as going to hear the Baltimore Symphony orchestra. I have performed in local theatrical productions and enjoy making people laugh. I hope this gives you a decent picture of me…Colleen Kaplan, I will be 39 years old on Sept. 8, and often feel much younger due to my many activities.

  74. Jasmine Lassiter

    Ready to make some money for i can start moving toward my dreams…;)

  75. Jasmine Lassiter

    🙂 Hello my name is Jasmine I am 19 years old and only 3’9 I can pass for the age 7 to 25. I have dark brown eyes and dark Brown and black hair. I am African American with a little French and Indian. I speak more than five languages I’m a quick learner. I’ve done pageants competed in National Beauty pageant’s. I think I will be great for this because my uniqueness. I stand out, that’s just how I was born so I learned to accept the fact I’m a little person, something that helped me with that was acting. I recently just finished a major film for Disney, coming soon March 2013 OZ. It was one of the most Amazing experience ever. After I finished that project I fell in love with Disney and Acting and said I must continue and further my acting. I’m. a very determined, hardworking and positive fun person to be around . I am a actress , comedian,model and entertainer. You will absolutely fall in love with me guaranteed .