Are you a huge fan of Lego’s Ninjago? Do you want to be in an upcoming commercial? A 2018 kids and teenagers casting call is looking for you! Producers are on the search for boys and girls ages 10 through 18 years old. The team is seeking real Lego Ninjago fans to take part in a new project. Specifically they want kids who are fans of the television series and of building with the Legos Video auditions are now being accepted. Real kids and teens as well as models and actors nationwide are welcome to apply. This is an incredible opportunity for kids and teens who are looking to begin or further their acting career. The pay for talent chosen for main roles is $500.00 plus $2500.00 for the buyout! Filming will be in New York City between September 16th and September 26th. View the 2018 kids audition information below.

About LEGO Ninjago

It centers on the fictional world of Ninjago, telling the story of a group of young Ninja and their battles against the forces of evil.

What They Are Looking For


Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 10-18
Looking for the most passionate Ninjago- fans out there, both fans of the TV-show and of building. travel paid. The videos will be small slices of life stories, following the most passionate Ninjago-fans during a typical day: going to school playing with friends and building LEGO Ninjago

LEGO Ninjago
Shoots between Sept 16 – 26
Main talent $500 + $2500 buyout
Extra talent – parents, siblings friends in video – $200 each.

How to Apply

Casting by self taped videos, send pic and phone and video with instructions below

( Should be short ~2 min)
parents please send a short video where kid/s are telling the camera their first names, what they like to do during the day (hobbies and so on), and why they are the most passionate Ninjago-fan. If there’s anything super interesting about the family, definitely show us that. The video can be done with parents, siblings or child alone.

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11 Casting Responses

  1. Garrett Fedor

    Garrett from Pittsburgh I’m 17 I’m 5’8 I sing act and do theatre is love to help in any way I can

  2. Esther

    I love your show and I hope you choose me to be in it I love acting with passion please please

  3. Hazmon

    My Name is Hazmon Kinga and I am a huge fan of Lego nijago , masters of spinstizu was my best episode I am 14 yrs old and I would like to perform for the commercial

  4. Daniel

    how do I send d clip

  5. Thabiso Maluleke

    My name is Thabiso Maluleke (Drew Hammer)I’m 13 years old and my hobbies are reading,maths,gaming, skating and kick boxing I think you should pick me because I’m very energetic and sentimental I’ve been playing with Lego toy’s and watching Lego movie’s for as long as I can remember so plz pick me

  6. Santiago Andreas Vega

    Hi, my name is Santiago Vega, I live in Michigan and I want to grow up to be an actor. I am 12 and I used to watch Ninjago all the time. I always did and still love playing with Lego’s with my 6 year old sister. I see these commercials all the time on TV and they look like a lot of fun. Warning, I do have a little bit of stage fright but I am working through it. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother who live with me so I am really used to being around a rowdy, fun and exciting group. Sorry if my comment is too long I am just so excited that I actually found an audition that might just be the one. I have been told that I am very funny and people usually like to hang out with me. I am a bulldog at Otsego and I hope u think about my comment. Thank you, have a nice day.

  7. Amaar

    Hi my name is amaar alarcon i am 11 years old and i love ninjago i watched the movie tv show in netflix and play with there toys when i was 9 and i watched the tv show i think like 2 times and i would love to be a actor because i dont wanna be 20 and jsut starting to be a actor i wanna start young so im going to send a email and hope i get in

  8. Hayle mack

    Hello my granddaughter is ready to show directors what she has to offer 30 Saturday’s of acting and modeling classes she believes that she is ready T’Avia Is not shy

  9. Maichina

    Hi I’m Maichina i’m 12 year old and I always wanted to be an actress and since I was younger me and my sister would play with Legos and I would love to be apart of your commercial.

  10. Lucy

    PICK ME, BIG LEGO FAN. I’m on thmy school council so I feel like I’d be an asset to your advert. Email me on my proffessional email account

  11. Connie Bilotti

    I have an almost eight year old that is an avid NINJAGO kid. He has mastered the legos for years! He is an amazingly handsome young boy that I thought belonged on TV Commercials