Legacies Season 1 – The CW

TV Show Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

Do you want to be on a CW television series? The network is bringing a brand new show to us and you could be in it! “Legacies” will be premiering on October 25th, 2018. A 2018 extras casting call is looking for models and actors. Casting directors are on the search for people to portray students and teachers. These roles are open to males and females ages 18 and older. This is a paid acting job. Selected extras will be paid $75.00 for 8 hours of filming. There are three available dates. The team is hiring actors to work on Tuesday, August, 28th, Wednesday, August 29th and Friday, August 31st. This is an exciting opportunity to work on a major television series. Being an extra on a TV show is a fantastic way to get started in the acting industry. View the TV show casting call audition information below!

About CW “Legacies”

Legacies tells the story of the next generation of supernatural beings at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, where 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) and others come of age in the most unconventional way possible, nurtured to be their best selves — in spite of their worst impulses — all under the watchful eye of headmaster Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis). [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Tuesday, August 28th
Location: Covington, GA.
Outdoor Morning Scene.
Rate: $75/8
Mystic Falls Students and Teachers.
Ages 18 and up.
Mystic Falls Repeats welcome!
(No Salvatore Students in this scene.)

Wednesday, August 29th
Location: Stockingbridge, GA.
Outdoor Day Scenes.
Rate: $75/8
Mystic Falls Students and Teachers.
Ages 18 and up.
Mystic Falls Repeats welcome!
(No Salvatore Students in this scene.)

Friday, August 31st
Location: Conyers, GA.
Indoor Scenes.
Time: Pending
Rate: $75/8
Salvatore Students and Teachers.
Ages 18 and up.
Salvatore Repeats welcome!
(No Mystic Falls students in this scene.)

How to Apply

To submit the form follow this link

If you are NEW to Casting All Talent or have UPDATED your look.
Please also email a submission
Subject: New-For those who are new to Casting All Talent.
Subject: Update-For those who need to update their profile and/or pictures.
Include in your e-mail…
Age (Optional if over 18)
Email address
Phone number
City, State
Clothing Sizes
Attach 3 recent photos.
– Including headshot style and full length. Non-professional cellphone pictures work great.
Stand In Experience
Optional: Special Skills – Please type keywords in submission that make you stand out.
Example: Piano, Guitar, Ballet, Juggler, Mime, Professional Model, Stand-in Experience, Military, Nurse, Bartender, etc… (You may also attach a resume, but please type out your special skills, this makes it easier to find you.)

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13 Casting Responses

  1. Chasity

    Hi my name is chasity Jones. I’m 15 years old and I know you have to be 18 or older but I been wanting to be a actor ever since I was 5 and this would be a great job. I am responsible and respectful and I would do anything to be on this show.

  2. Amir triggs

    I am amir triggs im 17 years old i have always wanted to act or be on tv and when the vampires came out in 2009 i like watching it so much and i alredy knew about supernatural creatures from watching supernatural i seen the original ahen it first came out and now legacies to i really want to be on the show. I have had acting experience in plays some short skits that has been shown in my school since i have attended.

  3. Gabriella Duke

    My name is Gabby and ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to become an actor. I’m currently 17 going on 18 in November. I am really inspired my actors and It has motivated me to become one, I am willing to put the time, the money and effort in to be an actor. I’m really outgoing and spunky teenager. I would love it if I were given a shot to have a roll in this tv series.

  4. Phillis Randolph

    I’m Phillis Randolph. I’m 14 and I’ve been acting since I was in 1st grade. In plays and other acting things. I grew up watching The Vampire Diares and the Originals with my older brother. I also roleplay and do cosplay. I can act any species witch, vampire, werewolf ect. Honestly I hope someone sees this.

  5. Shayla Bergeman

    My name is Shayla but everyone calls me Shay. I am a twenty-two year old looking for more adventure and excitement in my life. I have experience in acting as I have been on the set of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals working as an extra and get a taste of the life. I worked fairly close to the actors and wanted more every since. I also took Drama in high school. My long term goal is to be an Actress/Singer and it grows stronger everyday that I want it more then life. I am five foot two and weight one-hundred and twenty pounds, very subtle brunette blonde Balayage hair a nose ring and lip ring (optional). I will be sending my application to you guys soon with photos and more info.

    Thank You,
    Shayla Bergeman

  6. Tiffany C.

    I would really like an opportunity to be an extra. I was an extra once, actually unexpected. It was a walk on role and only because a lot of people didn’t show up for casting. I have a lot of experience in different roles of life, but not acting. I am however naturally fast at learning. I am tired of not having a career or steady work. I just want to better myself. Thankyou for your time.

  7. barbara allen

    I just saw this. I am hoping you may have possibly not found all of the cast. I am a great candidate for this. playing a teacher or witch. Since I already know a lot about both!! please email me and let me know I also have pictures I can send You!

  8. Iva Nicole Malović

    My name is Iva. I am from Croatia. I am 14years old and my dream is to be an actor. When I was younger me and my friends were filming shows and movies. I am 169ccm. I am waiting for you to response.

  9. Denise M Willingham

    I am interested in becoming an extra for a television show.

  10. Kavahsiae

    I am really ambitious and outgoing looking for any type of work in the industry available. I will go get coffee for free if i have to.

  11. Christopher Bowe

    Hello, my name is Chris bowe, love a chance to better my life,

  12. Sofia Short

    Hi I am Sofia short I’m 10 years old and I would love to be in the new tv series Legacies it would be a pleasure if you consider me a roll thank you. I would hope I will get a alert saying a got a roll. Remember take a time to think thank you.

  13. Sofia Short

    Hi I am Sofia short I’m 10 years old and I would love to be in the new tv series Legacies it would be a pleasure if you consider me a roll thank you.