Lebron James NBC Game Show “The Wall”

NBC Auditions for The Wall

Do you want to team up with Lebron James for a new NBC TV show? From NBC and executive producer Lebron James comes the new game show “The Wall”. The show will give away life-changing money, millions of dollars in every single game. Dynamic teams of two are now being sought to play The Wall. The competition series will be ten episodes and gives the teams an opportunity to win life changing amounts of money if they can answer trivia questions right, while they are also bouncing a ball into the correct slot that is marked with monetary values. According to Variety, the teams that answer the question correctly and get the ball into the correct slot turning it green will win cash, if the answer is incorrect the ball turns red and the teams lose the cash. If you and someone you know are great at trivia and can handle a ball, this is an incredible opportunity to fill up your bank account and have a ton of fun!

About “The Wall”

Packed with drama and action, this is a game that the entire family can root for together! Executive Producer LeBron James presents a challenge infused with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, where regular people can achieve their dreams with one bounce of the ball. Hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick and set in a large, glossy arena centering on the colossal 40-foot wall, the gameplay involves quick thinking, shrewd strategy and a little luck. Played by contestant pairs, this is an unpredictable journey with giant swings of fortune and millions of dollars passing through the contestants’ hands throughout the hour. [NBC] The series is being executive produced and hosted by Chris Hardwick.

What They Are Looking For

The casting directors are looking for TWO-PERSON TEAMS that are ENERGETIC, ROOTABLE & MEMORABLE.
“Rootable”, meaning America will root for you because you’re both great people.
“Energetic”, meaning you’re both optimistic, smiling, laughing and having fun.
“Memorable”, your team has a FUN FACT that stands out. (More information on FUN FACTS below)

Family relationships are greatly encouraged. Sisters, In-Laws, Spouses, Brothers, Mother-Daughter, Father-Son, Father-Daughter, Aunt-Niece, Sister-Brother, Cousins, Engaged Couple, Etc. Feel free to bring an EXTREMELY CLOSE FRIEND or BUSINESS PARTNER too. We recommend bringing several different teammates. And encourage your teammates to bring several potential teammates of their own too.

How to Apply

Open call auditions are being held in Atlanta, Chicago and Memphis. This is your chance to meet the casting directors in person. If you would like to attend an open call, please go online and fill out an application. If you cannot attend an open call, please fill out an application as all applicants will be reviewed.


Saturday September 10th 11am to 6pm
Taste of Soul Atlanta
10 Northside and MLK Drive
Atlanta, GA

Sunday, September 11th 1pm to 5pm
House of Hope- The Cathedral
4650 Flat Shoals Parkway
Decatur, GA 330034


Friday, September 16th 3pm to 7pm
New Direction Christian Church
6120 Winchester Road
Memphis, TN 38115

Saturday, September 17th 9am to 7pm
Cooper-Young Festival
Parking: Christian Brothers University
Memphis, TN


Wednesday, September 21st 2pm to 6:30pm
Salem Baptist Church
House of Hope Worship Center
752 E 114th Street
Chicago, IL 60628

Friday, September 23rd 12pm to 7pm
Saturday, September 24th 9am to 5pm
Soldier Field – United Club- Vendor Tent
1410 Museum Campus Drive
Chicago, Il 60605

Sunday, September 25th 5am to 1pm
Chicago Half Marathon- Race Day
Finishing Festival
Jackson Park- Vendor Tent
For Parking please go to www.chicagohalfmarathon.com

For more information and to fill out an online application go to http://glassmanmedia.com/the-wall-nbc-casting/ Don’t miss out on your shot to win millions of dollars and apply or attend an open call today!

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66 Casting Responses

  1. Suzanne Coppinger

    Hi, I filled out the application for the show! I didn’t want to tell you about my situation. This would definitely help us in so many ways! And I believe in passing out blessings forward. The week after I sent in my application my husband had lost his part time job which he protected everyone in the building and did his job well! They had renovationed to a family atmosphere instead of a night club. I just don’t know how to get to the page I submitted to edit or give you an update on our status!

  2. Suzanne Coppinger

    My husband and I applied for a chance to be a contestant! It would change our lives and be a blessing 😇 and Lord knows we can do good things for ourselves and others. I’ve never been on a game show, let us shine in the spot light 😁👏


    Hi I’m Alex Horton I’m looking for a chance to appear on The Wall. My mom has Stage 4 cancer. I work daily. I just had a daughter. I’m looking for a chance to help us all. Please help.

  4. Robert Morris

    Would love to be picked to appear on “The Wall” I have been with my wife for 15 years Have two sons one of which has autism. Would not change my life for anything but would like to set my boys for life. That way I know my family is always took care of. I live in Tennessee and do construction work for a living. Would love this opportunity to do something great for my family.

  5. Donald Hobbs

    hi Folks; Meg and I have sent an audition video into the Wall! Please consider us for this amazing
    game which we LOVE! Thanks, Donald

  6. Kevin Kaufman

    Id like to try out for your show im good at trivia

  7. Bea Faulkner

    Waiting on your call..you will NOT be unhappy guaranteed happy excited audience….

  8. Bea Faulkner

    I am a 70 year old triple by pass survivor ….I am also “ President “ of the beautiful complex I live in helping with the “Quality of Life “ for the residents… My daughter Mary works rwo full time jobs to support and help her children one of which is handicapped…..When we win the money ( not if ) we will pay off her car and donate some to Autism Now and share some with her ex husband. And pay for her daughters wedding next year..You will not find a more outgoing friendly couple then my daughter and I….

  9. Jeremy K Cable

    Me and my spouse would make rating go threw the roof you should see a home video omg good hilarious

  10. Cathy Daniels

    My daughter whom was born my 18 birthday whom has beat cancer sheis 48 I am 67 .my husband of 42 years passed Feb 15 2016 .it has been a true struggle since his passing because he was bedfast 8 yrs and my kids couldn’t work for around the clock care .he was a Vietnam veteran didn’t trust no one but us to care for him .he died at home cardiac arrest .but got a heartbeat vback at hospital so we continued hope but was braindead we unplug him Valentine’s day as I said I can’t say I love you anymore then today to let you go to our heavenly father .so we watched him die again .our family been though so much so it’s time to bring life to the wall and win and have great fun with the staff and audiences .we can do it my daughter and I let’s have some fun we are ready

  11. Sandra Pastore

    We would love to be on this show. Where do we find application.

  12. Lois mineau

    I would love to be on the Wall with my best friend. She just had to retire due to having to have a total reverse shoulder replacement. I started a nonprofit called Grandmother Circles we stand with Grandmothers in Homa Bay Kenya who are raising orphans because of Aids. Currently the grandmothers ask us to sponsor girls in boarding school. Currently we sponsor 20 girls in boarding school. We are all volunteers with Grandmother Circles.org.
    Lois Mineau and Christine Osman

  13. Lorianne HarrisonReyes

    I would love to participate with my husband or my mother-in-law or my sister-in-law on the wall. Please come to Los Angeles or Long Beach for casting calls. I am in educations and unable to leave with school starting right now. I am dedicated to our students. I run a chronic illness support group and would love to begin an emergency fund for students who need funding (especially my homeless population and veterans). My in-laws are amazing. I recently lost both my parents. My mom to pancreatic cancer. My husband’s family has been amazing and supportive. I would truly appreciate this opportunity to help with all the expenses that follow. My husband and I take them on for the family. My husband is a huge fan of Labron James. He loves the show. This would be a blessing for our family. Most importantly it would be FUN, memorable, and great laughs!!!

  14. Terry Ogden

    My girlfriend/partner is in stage 6 of a rare Kidney disease. You’d never know from looking at Sara she is in the worst and final stage. We both have been through hell and back. She has been suffering now for 12 years and 7 years in DIALYSIS. We have lost everything and have refused DISABILITY 7 times. We want to help other patients in the same situation. A non-profit organization. We celebrate each day as Christmas. A gift of life everyday we wake up, GOD has BLESSED us. Playing the Wall would be a gift not only for us, but for other’s with Kidney failure, and denied help from our government. We are transplants in Naples, Fl, but born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Winning would change many lives. Giving hope is a good thing. GOD BLESS

  15. gary and anna brown

    my wife and I would love to be on your game show. we are simple fun loving people from texas. I am a retired vet and have not always had it easy, but always found a way to make. if we could be on your show
    and just the chance of winning that amount of money would be outstanding for us to retire with. please
    come to texas for auditions.

  16. Rasheed Al" Ard & Narketta Myles

    No one free from ill ness : Its A design by the creator . to bring close to him . From POLIO AGE OF 2YRS. TO CANCER age 74yrs. young . Rasheed Bless by the BEST .

  17. Rasheed Al" Ard & Narketta Myles

    CORRECTION ; I was in the wrong location ;for application follow up or check up . far as comment ; First & most all GOD peace and blessings upon LEBRON JAMES , his family , his companies and his casting members . I ‘ am a big fan of Mr. James , way before The Wall or Suvivors Remorse comedy TV show . that is is funny stuff, that is what is really happening around us open your beautiful gift god gave us ( EYES ) to see what is entertainment . The WALL Keep me on edge of my chair , heart warming contestant, humans, mankind ,caring people . The WALL Excellent show , I’ ve watching game shows 65 yrs. hope watch another 10 yrs .

  18. Rasheed Al" Ard & Narketta Myles

    I would like to check my application status ; fill out few months ago . if not qualify or excepted and why?

  19. Nancy Romano

    My husband and I would LOVE to try out for the wall we are game show watchers …we are in dire straits with our home and this is a chance to help us get back on our feet …

  20. Janelle McAden

    My husband and I want to be on the Wall game show. We Are always up for a challenge. We’ve won the “Brain Bowl” in our town 11 out of 12 times!! We’re very, very competitive…just ask our kids & grand kids.
    Our whole family is fun loving and love games. Every time the Wall comes on I look at my husband and say “We need to go on that show”!!! He always says I’m the gambler in our family. Well give us a chance to play and you won’t be sorry!

  21. John

    I want to be on the show


    Do you want someone from Italy? It’s me! I leave in WV and married to a WY guy for 20 years. I’m a special education teacher very energetic. Beware of my accent LOL.

  23. Sigrett

    I like to be on the show with my son. I retired from my job last year wasn’t ready but I have bad knees. Hard working woman raised my son by myself and he had his first child at 16 married the girl and they had a daughter. Got a divorce and raise the son ,girl went with mother. Hard working man ,son graduated from college now daughter going in August he can sure use the money.

  24. Mark Dart

    I have a x sister in law that has been threw a lot that has always did her best a daughter Amber Dart with cerebral palsy 36 and a son that committed suicide 30 that needs awareness she and her mother has been there whole life helping the deserve a break Nikey Shick Webb City Mo.

  25. Cheryl WARD

    Please come to Texas, My husband and me, very hard working Couple, 31 years, no sad stories, do ok, live simple life, Just would Love to finish our Home in front in Front Yard, been working on it ourselves, about 23 years. I spent my retirement money, to get this far. Dont need anything else.

  26. Karen Goodman

    I would love to be apart of the show have list two niece’s and three brothers and sister in law to cancer since 2006 and lost my mother. I would be an awesome contestant. Been employed same company for 27 years would love to make my retirement early with your help 💖✌💖👋 watch the wall love love the show.💖💖💖💖

  27. Ladydi

    My niece and her friend started a soup kitchen in our town about 3 years ago and are so committed to feeding the homeless as well as making sure that they have warm clothing and transportation to the dr. I hope that someone reads this and recognizes the love and sacrifice that they give to everyone in Ashtabula.

  28. pamela higginbotham

    i would love to go and try to win.lost my husband 4 months …ago its been super hard

  29. Andrea Deachman

    Did you guys forget little New Hampshire for auditions, we have great mountains, a bit of Atlantic Ocean beaches, maple syrup, , baseball, hockey, skiing, and beautiful autumn leaves. The people have big hearts and work hard. We are big enough to have two interstate highways… although they both end up in Vermont(our twin state) they are rather nice highways… my dad actually help design them.. just a piece of trivia! Another piece of trivia is that our highest mountain has recorded the highest wind speed in the United States. I hope you will look me up or give me an on-line audition for The Wall. I believe I have what it takes and I have pretty smart children that would do the show justice….My life has been a busy one, almost 20 years with a not for profit company, community service with everything from Boy Scouts to Town Trustee and even Managing a Babe Ruth Baseball team, volunteering is a must, things have just taken a nasty turn and it has been tough for the last year and a half…but no matter what my life is such a joy even when there are ups and downs.. I would so enjoy being part of you show… thanks for reading..

  30. David

    Long term couple looking for a chance to win…MILLIONS.. Very excited and ready

  31. Laveta Pettus

    Forgot to add that helping my church would be the greatest blessing. And we are expecting a grand baby in June.

  32. Laveta Pettus

    LaVeta Pettus

    I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to compete on The Wall! My husband, a retired firefighter, would be a fantastic contestant and partner. My cousin, a school teacher and my best friend would also be a greT partner. We are referred to as “Lucy and Ethel”. I am the redhead so I often hear… Lucy, you got some splaining to do! There are several community members I would love to help. I have a daughter, 19. And my cousin Kathy has a son who is 23 with Muscular Dystrophy. He is in a wheel chair and requires constant care. I would love to be able to ease the hardship for them by helping to pay off their home. I too would love to buy a home for me and my husband. Rex my husband is retired but the Dallas Fire Department Pension is about to go bankrupt. It has been such a tough year for all of the Firemen. These are men who give their all, sometimes their lives only to be told that there will be no money left. Rex has given 38 years of dedication to firefighting. We currently live in our fifth wheel as we were planning to build a new home but now this dream may not be realized. We are not rich but we are happy. To have the opportunity to be on the show would be a dream come true. Please consider us!

  33. Goldie Every

    I would love to be a contestant on the wall with my fiance we would love to get married I am almost 70 years old and I would love this to be one of my bucket list to get on a gameshow we are very very good people we are at this time taking care of his elderly parent and would love to get married but the money is not right right now. I know we can do it we both are energetic and dont look our age, we’re good people and we both have a good heart

  34. Natalie

    We have been watching THE WALL and would love to try our skills at winning it big. My son and I would love to partner up and win it big. We are both energetic and come from small towns even though we work in larger cities (Columbus & Cleveland, OH) I have several other family members that are available if one can’t make it. So I can’t wait to hear from you soon.

  35. Antoinette Johnsen

    Hi! My name is Toni Johnsen. Well here I am ready to have fun and make some money to change my fiancé and my life. I am a retired Kindergarten teacher ( 58) and my husband to be is a retired H.S. History teacher. We have been together for 10 years and are getting Married August 2017. We live in Albrightsville, Pa. in the Poconos. Tom is a volunteer for the Valor House ( veterans live there) and helps out each week helping veterans moving furniture to people in need. He also belongs to The Knights of Columbus helping people in need especially at X-Mas. I help a lot with that! I am an advocate for rescue puppies. Getting my own this Sunday 2-26-17. Can’wait to get my little boy!! We have 4 grown children who we are very proud of. Especially Tom’s daughter Julia who is in the Navy. She just now is finishing up her duty in Djibouti, Africa. Has been there for 8 months. Julia has a little girl Jordan who is the apple of our eye. It was very difficult being away from her that long!!! Tom and I are full of love and fun. And would love to be contestants on The Wall. We have watched every show from the beginning and just love it. Hope we can be part of this absolute great show. Oh, and I am a big Cavs fan. Lived in Norton, Oh for 20 years. Just love that LeBron James!!! Already wrote down the casting location and dates. Will be flying into Chicago. Would love to visit Soldier Field. Hope to meet Chris. He is an awesome host!! Thanks and hope to see you soon. Thanks again, Tom and Toni (Johnsen) Glosek. ??????!!!

  36. Rick Maiani

    My wife and I are a lot of fun ..she is also a ICU/BCSN/CCRN Nuse…we write songs for movies..Smile..IMDb…for Black Beauty..IMDb..Silver Machine..IMDb….Time Rush..IMDb..we play them Live on T.V/Stage..we just did a show with..Kenny Loggins..and Michael Mcdonald…

  37. Amanda Wagnon

    Come to Texas!!!

  38. Amanda

    My fiance and I would love to be on this game show. We watch it all the time! We both are very outgoing people! We just got engaged in July and are getting married in September! We are trying to plan the perfect wedding, but financially its a struggle at times. Also we ironically met on a weird way I never thought possible.. if you want to know how we met invite us to be on the game show… you wont regret it!

  39. Janice Hamilton

    Hi, my name is Janice Hamilton, I’m a sexy 68 year old, who belives you don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing. My husband of 50 years and I both dance in a senior citizen line dance group. We were also crowned King and Queen of our senior citizen center. My husband is a retired Vietnam vet and during his service, he was a ceremonial guard in the Navy. We have three boys that I would love to be on the show with, guess they will have to draw straws. My friends and family have always said we are the craziest family they know. Hope to get on your show so we can shine and have fun. Thank you

  40. Rashida Sears

    HI!!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BE ON THE WALL!!!! I really have a need to win some money and also use the platform to help raise money for MS (which my mom has who lives in Kansas) and also for my grandsin who was born a preemie at 1 lb 6ozs and had just turned 1 yr old on the 10th of Feb. Even though they both have had challenges this past year, Gid has blessed then to be string and pull through. Im praying someone reads my letter and chooses my son and I to come and have a chance at being blessed with the chance to win millions to provide my grandson and mother with a better life. Thanks for listening!!!!

  41. Christine Llewellyn

    My husband and I are married for 15 years , we have a 13 year old daughter…my husband is an ex captain of a volunteer fire department here on Long Island….he was tragically injured in a diving accident in August of 2010 he was only 44 years old…my daughter just 6….our lives were forever changed…he is also a retired corrections officer…he is paralyzed in a wheelchair but has the most amazing spirit…he never let this injury stop him…we would love to be on …certainly could use the money to help us ….but also to help others who have gone through similar life changing accidents! If you are ever in New York we would love to be considered to be on the show!

  42. Rachel Thibodeaux

    Hello my name is Rachel Thibodeaux and my BFF of 35 yrs is Robin Bodin. We will both be 50 yrs old this year (2017) and let me tell you WE WOULD LOVE THE CHANCE TO BE ON THE WALL!!!! We are a riot when together!! We have done it all. Growing up together in a small town we always were getting in lots of trouble but always managed to make it out just fine. Call it luck or call it SMART. Or maybe a little bit of both. I am a woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998…… BUT IT HAS NEVER HANDLED ME , I HANDLE MY MS. I am the energetic, outgoing crazy one with the non-stop talking and Robin is more reserved but I P…..U…..L……L. It out of her. Which is why when we got in trouble it was always TOGETHER! We had a fun and awesome childhood, school days, summers spent at the camp hydro sliding, skiing and going out partying till 6:00am in the morning and then trying to sneak in her house which had a creaking cracking staircase !! Lmao we got caught every time!!!! It would be our dream to be together on THE WALL. We have done everything else together so why not this. We are from Louisiana… yes yes Cajun Country we are from and damn proud of it! We would bring that SPICE you guys need to the show !? Please please please consider calling us. We won’t disappoint you ! We will be waiting and we may just go to Atlanta to meet you guys at the casting call / audition. !!!! We are waiting for the call or email or bus or plane …. however you choose to contact us we are ready to roll .

    Thanks ,
    Rachel Thibodeaux & Robin Bodin

  43. Richard Humphreys

    I’m age 68 and wife is age 52 from the Philippines. No sweeter person ever lived. Why she got stuck with me I will NEVER know but will FOREVER be thankful. I have never won anything except a model airplane on the Howdy Doody Show way back when. I would love the opportunity to change her life for the better like she changed mine. Never was a sweeter smile or a more lovable person and I’m just a cantankerous old curmudgeon but we love each other and it really shows. Pick us. You will not be sorry.

  44. Kevin

    Love the show, better than plinko more exciting

  45. sharron erexson

    Me and my husband would be great for this he is 47 and I am 55 been together for 26 years married 23 this year. he so competive and I am stable minded it would be great.to see me worry about what to do.

  46. Jennifer Fishley

    Hello LeBron & Chris! I love, love your show. I’d love for my son & daughter in law, to be contestants on the wall. They would be the perfect fit! There so good, helpful & loved by all. They’ve been married for almost 2 yrs, and have tons owed in student loans & about to become parents for the first time. So please help these two 23yr Olds pay off some bills. Love you LeBron & I am a very big fan!

  47. Jennifer Williams

    Really interested in trying the wall out and my husband’s nerves. Please consider us! Our family has recently went through some medical issues that have set our finances back. So just to get a break in life to be able to breathe again would mean everything.

  48. Felicia Ford


  49. Darnell Mcleod

    I would love to join the The Wall my daughter and I would make a amazing team!! We are awesome together full of laughter and can bring the crowd to cheer us on!! I live in small town of Perry Florida l am retired and recently gone a divorce and would love win some extra money to help out myself and my family and my. special little grandson who is autistic and give back to Autism foundation to continue to help find ways to help other children with special needs to conquer the fight!! I hope you will give us consideration and give us a chance to do this to help my grandson and others like him and enjoy my retirement with no worries and know my family will be taken care of!! Thank you and hope to hear the casting call from Atlanta or the nearest port of call!!

  50. Freda Holloway

    Is this for 2017. ..

  51. Mary Durham

    I would love to try out for something. I love the Wall show. I love game shows. I live in Conroe, Texas. The problem is I need money. The right wsy. I am a Christian.,disabled 59 my husband is 75. Can y’all help.Please.

  52. ronnie miller

    I am from west virginia. ya’ll need me and my wife on the show. call me.

  53. Jillette Dayton


    I’d love to be part of the 2017 “The Wall” game show! I have an amazing support system and the hardest part would be deciding WHO should join me. My husband is amazing and we would do really well together. However, my brother in law would be very funny, entertaining AND competitive. Still my sister in law is my best friend and best side kick. I think our whole family would come!! NOT kidding! Anyway, we live in a small town called Cokeville Wyoming. (How many people are from Wyoming?) Our small town was one of the first elementary schools in America to be taken hostage by a man with a bomb. Fortunately, things ended well for all involved, except the perpetrators. I work at the school and would love to use some of the money (If we won) to build a small memorial for all those who survieved that day of miracles. I hope we get to join you on “The Wall” 2017. Thank you.

  54. Wayne Bailey

    Well, I have come to the conclusion, that I don’t stand a chance at getting on the show. I do have a caring heart and the desire to help others, but not the finances to do so. So far, every set of contestants, are fortunate enough to, have the funds, to have already helped others. It seems that, they are not in need of the money, as some of us less fortunate. The past contestants, get an answer about the Golden Gate Bridge, his response, we just took a vacation to SF, she will know this. Vacation to SF is a pretty expensive trip, another shows how he owns his own construction company and helps others, has plenty of resources already, yet another gets answer about the Virgin Islands, partners response, well she travels a lot, takes money to travel , so once again, does not need the money. Guess us good hearted poor smucks that sit here and watch your show are idiots, for even thinking that we have a chance.

  55. Melissa Stone

    Looking for the 2017 audition schedule

  56. Sheryl morrow

    I am 44 years old and me and my husband have been married for 26 years we love new experiences and I myself would like to have a new Chevy Tahoe ???. We are hard workers and have 1 son 21 and 1 daughter 16 and she just got her drivers license today lord help us ?.
    I would love a chance to be on your game show. I have never applied for any kind of casting call but thought what the heck. So please pick us ? Thanks for taking time to read my little life bio.

  57. Shelby Morgan

    If yall come to the heartland Oklahoma I wanna try out 🙂

  58. Dominic

    Buffalo Ny

  59. Jarisa Clark

    My name is Jarisa Clark of North Carolina I think me and my cousin would be great for the show. Single mother of 2 with a chance I could try to make there life happier than it is

  60. Kimberly Hardin

    My daughter and I would be perfect for the show. I am a mother of three, grandmother of 4. My daughter is 21 just graduated college and looking for her dream job. Email me please!!

  61. Tammy lane

    My husband and I have been married 3 years but have been together 6. We have 8 grand babies and 7 children between the two. We are happy go lucky people. Basically my husband is always cracking jokes. We could use the extra money if we win to really spoil them g babies.

  62. Danielle Mazzone

    Can you please let us know when your auditions will be held in the Boston MA area in 2017??

  63. Laurie & David Seda

    My husband and I belong on the game show the wall, we are out going couple coming up on 15 Yrs together Grandparents of 7 and we ride motorcycles and belong to a Awesome church in Las Vegas nv! ! ! The Wall makes me Cry out for these people OMG WE BELONG ON THIS SHOW ,my nickname is Poptart and my husband is Toefoo Taz contact me ! ! ! if you contacted anyone of our friends from South Africa to Costa, rica Belgium ,New York to California they’d say we are Perfect for this Show !!!!

  64. Miguel Vargas

    Great game!!!

  65. JOhn McDougal

    I am retired but only 51 and I am looking for something I can have fun at.I am a big fun loving sweetest man in the whole wide world. help me out here.