Lead Role for Kids Comedy TV Show  - Teen

Teen Actor Auditions for Lead Role

A kid’s acting casting call for a lead role in a new TV show is here for you to apply to! Teen actor auditions are being held for a new kids adventure/ comedy show. If you are ready to be a star, this is the casting notice of a lifetime! This is going to be an eight episode half hour series. Producers are looking for a teen male who is ages 14 to 17 years old to portray a 14 year old. Casting directors are accepting self-taped submissions from actors in the United States and Canada. Apply today for your teen’s chance to star in the new television series. Filming is estimated to be in July and August of 2017. The shoot location is still being determined.

About the Show

The TV show’s name has not yet been released. It is for a leading international and Canadian kids and family company. The series will be a ½ hour series that will run for eight episodes.

What They Are Looking For

Now being cast is a teen boy who can portray 14 years old for the role of Jamie. They are accepting submissions from teens age 14 to 17.

JAMIE – FIRST NATIONS, Male, 14 years old (Age range – 14-17 must look 14)

Jamie grew up in one of those towns that’s so small everyone knows your business, and folks rarely leave. But Jamie longs to see the world. Especially big cities, where he feels people will finally appreciate his cool, artistic personality. Jamie has a good sense of humour, is creative, and laid-back. He’s OBSESSED with his music, in which he combines modern electronic music and traditional Cree songs to create his own unique sound. It might seem like Jamie’s rebelling against his roots, but really he appreciates his culture, his family and the natural world, having learned everything about wilderness survival from his deceased granddad. He just longs for a chance to be himself.

Lead **Talent From Across Canada and The States May Send In A Self Tape**

Shooting Dates: Estimated Shooting July/August 2017

Rate: Industry standard pay rate

Shooting Location: TBD

How to Apply

Want to audition? Send in a video! Visit www.larissamaircasting.com to find all the audition materials and all the instructions for your video submission. Be sure to read instructions carefully!

Full character descriptions and audition materials can be found on our website: www.larissamaircasting.com
SELF TAPES CAN BE SENT TO: Jamiecasting2017@gmail.com
PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WEBSITE CAREFULLY BEFORE EMAILING. You do not need to email for permission to submit- just send in your video!
Absolutely no phone calls please

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16 Casting Responses

  1. Maalik McKenzie

    Hi I’m Maalik McKenzie and I usually take over the room with my great personality hope to see you soon

  2. Tia

    Everyone has dreams and desires and so do I . I wanna be an actress and it’s something I Atleast feel confident about And there’s a lot of people I wanna prove wrong . I’m more than ready for a position because it’s something I’ve been waiting for Since I was small and I know there’s a lot people out there with a lot of talent but I’m hoping to be appreciated for what I have and I’ll do my best! I will 16 on October 14 2018 & My name is Tia

  3. Tia

    Hey I’m Tia , I will be 16 on Oct 14 2018 . Since I Was little I had a passion and that is to be a superstar I always picture myself out there and it just raise my confidence everyday .its something I want to do and I feel more than ready!.

  4. Kerri

    Hello, I’m Kerri Roy currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am turning 15 in April 2018. Im 5’6 and 135 lbs. I have light to medium brown hair, green eyes and a fair-medium complexion. I am looking to join your team as an actor. At first im shy but open up quickly. Im a very fast learner.

  5. Stephon Tate

    I want to be an actor for Disney XD, for the show gamers guide to preety much everything.

  6. Kayla Griffin

    Hello my name is Kayla Griffin I am 16 years old and my upcoming birthday on April 17th I weigh about 115 lbs and would love to be on a movie or show or anything I definitely have what it takes.

  7. Taylor

    Hey I’m Taylor Nicole I’m 17 and from Indiana I’d love to try out for one of the roles ❤️ If I can I’m in plays at school it’s pretty cool I’m 5’8 tall around maybe 145 pounds or a little over have reddish blonde hair text me or whatever if you want to get a hold of me or call my mom at if your interested thank you ❤️

  8. Naomi Lopez

    Hi My name is Naomi I am currently 14, I am 5’6 and I really would like to be an actress, and be part of your show. I would be perfect for it, been in school plays or in a musical and always as a lead role. And would really love to actually be apart of your show!!!

  9. Gaabe wewe shan

    Skin-Golden brown
    Hair-long dark brown

    Hi im a first nations from sagamok i know my culture, language and im a traditional drummer with the red hawk singers and ive done interveiws on camera so i think id be a great acter

  10. Montana

    Hi my name is Montana. I have been doing one act play for three years now and I love acting. I am 14 years old. I’m pretty sure you have a lot of amazing actresses and actors on here all the time and I can’t promise that i’m the best but I can promise that no one would work as hard as I would.

  11. samuel hoy

    hello my name is samuel and I am 13 years old but will be 14 by the time of the shoot 5’1 way about 115 pounds i would like to think i am a good actor and would love to be on your show it sounds like an amazing show

  12. Karla J Delacruz

    Hi ! My name is Karla Delacruz. I’m 18 years old but, look like a fifteen year old maybe younger. Seriously I get told that all the time. I don’t know what exact roles your looking for but, I’m definitely interested in participating in this show! Please feel free to email me for any questions or concerns. Thank you.

  13. Andrew Rohr

    Hello, my name is Andrew Rohr. I am currently 14 years old, and my upcoming birthday is on April 17th. I am 5’3 and I weigh approximately 110lbs. I would like to thank you for your time.

  14. Shiloh Hughes

    Hi my name is Shiloh Hughes. I am 14 years old and 5 feet 2 inches. I have a little bit darker skin but not too dark. I might not be dark enough but my acting skills are on point. Oh, yeah and I can sing.

  15. Shivanthi Sirimanne

    Hey guys my name is Nishela Sirmanne…. i would love to act for you.
    Age:- 13
    Height:- 4 feet tall
    Hair:- black
    Skin:- dark
    I live in Sri Lanka… and it is my dream to become actress, to show people that i am special too, I am sure i would do well in my audition because even my great grand father (Ben Sirimanne) was an actor.

    So P.S. leave me a message….. <3 you 😀

  16. Gregorio