Law and Order: SVU – NBC

Law and Order: SVU - NBC

Law and Order: SVU – NBC

There are few shows in television history with more tension, drama, pathos or longevity than NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Now clocking in with over 350 episodes, this dynamic crime procedural is still enthralling millions of fans around the world each week and soon you could be chosen to be a part of the phenomenon. Casting calls for the new season of Law and Order: SVU are being held now and performers of all ages and types can submit themselves for consideration for several roles in upcoming episodes today.

Law and Order: SVU follows a special unit within the 16th Precinct of the NYPD that investigates the most brutal sexually oriented crimes that happen in the city. Each week another ripped from the headlines case is highlighted as the audience follows the story from the discovery of the incident all the way through the prosecution of the devious criminals.

This incredible series has been home to some of the most talented cast members and guest stars working today. Throughout the long run of this award winning drama there have been two stalwarts that still remain – the outstanding Emmy and Golden globe winner Mariska Hargitay (The Single Guy, ER, Perfume) who stars as the heart and soul of the series, Oliva Benson and Ice-T (Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, New Jack City, 30 Rock) in the unforgettable part of Odafin Tutuola. Joining them is a supporting team that includes Kelli Giddish (The Good Wife, The Burg, Breathless), Danny Pino (Cold Case, Men, Women & Dogs, The Burning Plain), Raúl Esparza (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, Find Me Guilty), Peter Scanavino (Frances Ha, Happythankyoumoreplease, The Leftovers) and Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Robert John Burke (Rescue Me, Ned Rifle, Good Night, and Good Luck.). Special Victims Unit was created by one of the all-time great producers in television history, Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire, Miami Vice) who has won 2 Emmy Awards for his prolific creative efforts.

Casting calls for all new episodes of the television institution Law and Order: SVU are happening now and will continue throughout the season’s production schedule. Actors interested in submitting themselves for any of the available roles in this hit NBC series can do so today by heading here for more audition and production information. Stay tuned right here for all relevant updates and leave a comment in the space provided below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to take a shot at upcoming casting calls for Law and Order: SVU.

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  1. Mackenzie Miner

    Mackenzie Miner
    21 years old
    130 lbs
    Long, thick, brown hair
    Hazel brown/green eyes
    Athletic body build

    I could sit here and spend hours thinking about what I need to write in order for this comment to stand out. But, that would only burn time I do not have. I have been acting in a few short films this Fall as well as writing some myself. I have an Associates Degree in Theatre from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. I have Broadcasting experience as an anchor. I would be honored to help bring this vision to life if you’d be so kind in giving me that chance. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Sonya

    I have always loved this show and I love the actors in it. My mom always said, “now if you were acting in this show…” and the rest is self explanatory, I knew what she meant.. . To be an actor on Law_and_Order is to be in the cream of the crops.

  3. Cindy

    Hi I’m Cindy and I would like to be in an episode of Law & Order SVU I love Law and Order it’s one of my favorite shows of all time including my favorite series I have no experience but I am ready to work hard to achieve my goal becoming a famous actor or anything else that might help how is wanted to donate a lot of money that I have earned too many organizations including many that involves children being abused. I’m 12 years old I am going to be 13 in a couple of weeks I’m Hispanic 5.6 and I would love to be in a episode of I enjoy watching the show. Thank You!

  4. Toni Jackson

    My name is Toni Jackson I’m 50 years old. I have watched the first episode aired and i continue to watch show even reruns. My daughter when she was born loved the music at the beginning and would cry so she could hear it and go to sleep. My bucket list of things to do is to be an actress and I would love to be on law and order. I know its a stretch at my age. But ill keep trying. (laughing) I will still watch my favorite program.

  5. Dontae Parrish

    Hello my name is Dontae Parrish and i just want to be a perp on law and order because i think it would be cool to play the role of a bad guy.

  6. Ciera Robertson

    I have gift in acting and stage presence. Email for more information and openings

  7. Larissa Rascon

    I have the passion and potential to become part of the team.

  8. Shania Evans

    Im 16 btw

  9. Shania Evans

    I thrive on law and order svu and to get a chance to be on it would be remarkable.

  10. Justin Carter

    I have prior acting experience I would make a great fit on the acting crew. Please give my manager a call

  11. Ivan Brown

    I am not asking a major role or speaking role… I actually wanted my wife and I to be extras on an episode of law and order. We are both African-American in our early 40s. We would do crowd appearances, court appearances and even business patron appearances. Please let us know and we will travel.

  12. Tara Croce

    My family has always told me I have what it takes to become a detective but I’ve always had my heart set on acting. To me, being on this show would be a perfect combination of the two. I’ve fallen in love with the show since I started started watching it. I’ve been in classes for modeling and acting and I wasn’t sure where I was going to go from there. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! This would be an opportunity of a lifetime for me!

  13. Hannah Steele

    I have watched the entire series and Im a avid fan of the show. Mariska Hargitay is my model and I would ve so honored to have a part in an SVU epidose, even if its just one. Its one dream I have before I die. Im 25. Thank you for your consideration.

  14. Deisy

    Hi I’m Deisy,

    I am 24 years old, a forensic psychologist graduate, with a passion to act. Give me chance and you will never look back on it.

    Thank you,

    Deisy vasquez

  15. Jahadah

    I’ve always loved Law and Order. Watching it brings back so many childhood memories. I am a 19 year old female and acting has been my dream since I was a little girl and I would be honored if I could act on Law and Order. The show is just so amazing. It touches on so many topics that we as human are too uncomfortable to talk about.

  16. Opal Deakin

    Love to do it for the experience an the travelling I’m from Great Britain my name opal deakin

  17. Brenndan

    I am so interested

  18. Neka Alston

    Hi! My name is Neka Alston. I’m 22 years young and live in Long Island NY . I’ve always been a fan of law and order and I’m talking about everything single one not just law and order but I thought it’d be really cool to be in the show! I used to model back then but now I just want to do something I can look forward to and not dread. Something that keeps me going and excited and that would be working with the whole cast . I used to do plays all throughout school so I know how to memorize lines as well . I pick things up quickly and am not shy at all. Hopefully this gets noticed . Don’t hesitate to contact me !

  19. Maria silva

    I’m Maria da silva I would love to play an extra in law and order SUV

  20. Anthony

    I would love to get chance to be on this great show I would love to have chance I know I would be great

  21. Charlotte Wolkotte

    I am 15 years old and i grew up watching this show with my grandma. I have always dreamed of becoming an actress. I haven’t had an experience in acting on any t.v. shows or movies and i really fell like this can make my dreams come true. this is my all time favorite show and it would be a dream come true if i got to play in the show.

  22. Brandon J Smith

    I am interested in casting for Law and Order SVU. I am 27 years old from Tappahannock Virginia. I know I have what it takes to play good roles in Law and Order.