Law and Order: SVU - NBC

Law and Order: SVU – NBC

There are few shows in television history with more tension, drama, pathos or longevity than NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Now clocking in with over 350 episodes, this dynamic crime procedural is still enthralling millions of fans around the world each week and soon you could be chosen to be a part of the phenomenon. Casting calls for the new season of Law and Order: SVU are being held now and performers of all ages and types can submit themselves for consideration for several roles in upcoming episodes today.

Law and Order: SVU follows a special unit within the 16th Precinct of the NYPD that investigates the most brutal sexually oriented crimes that happen in the city. Each week another ripped from the headlines case is highlighted as the audience follows the story from the discovery of the incident all the way through the prosecution of the devious criminals.

This incredible series has been home to some of the most talented cast members and guest stars working today. Throughout the long run of this award winning drama there have been two stalwarts that still remain – the outstanding Emmy and Golden globe winner Mariska Hargitay (The Single Guy, ER, Perfume) who stars as the heart and soul of the series, Oliva Benson and Ice-T (Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn, New Jack City, 30 Rock) in the unforgettable part of Odafin Tutuola. Joining them is a supporting team that includes Kelli Giddish (The Good Wife, The Burg, Breathless), Danny Pino (Cold Case, Men, Women & Dogs, The Burning Plain), Raúl Esparza (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, Find Me Guilty), Peter Scanavino (Frances Ha, Happythankyoumoreplease, The Leftovers) and Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Robert John Burke (Rescue Me, Ned Rifle, Good Night, and Good Luck.). Special Victims Unit was created by one of the all-time great producers in television history, Dick Wolf (Law & Order, Chicago Fire, Miami Vice) who has won 2 Emmy Awards for his prolific creative efforts.

Casting calls for all new episodes of the television institution Law and Order: SVU are happening now and will continue throughout the season’s production schedule. Actors interested in submitting themselves for any of the available roles in this hit NBC series can do so today by heading here for more audition and production information. Stay tuned right here for all relevant updates and leave a comment in the space provided below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to take a shot at upcoming casting calls for Law and Order: SVU.

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  1. Jules Handke

    I’m 39 and know I could be an asset to your acting team. I have 8 years of experience as a RN at Sterling Correctional Facility in Colorado. I also have many story lines I could contribute from my experience there. I’ve had to testify against sex offenders and an attempted murder who tried to kill our Medical CO and the nurses jumped on the offender and tazed him until the sea of blue cane and cuffed him up and took him to see. I’m smart, attractive, versatile and have modeled in the past.

  2. bob Racanelli

    My wife has an addition to your show. She could also easily be one of those crazy criminals on your show- for sure. She has the perfect personality. Can travel to be a part of your show.

  3. Donald Mannarino

    I’m able to portray a wide range of intensities from soft and compassionate to angry and narcissistic. I possess swarthy charm and looks and an excellent command of the English language. I’m available to come to New York at your convenience for an audition.



    WOULD LIKE TO audition for Marrisa Hagerty’s PART ON LAW AND ORDER.

  5. Marcus A Thornton

    S.V.U. is amazing, the mind set of the writers even more amazing. I would be greatful to get a role to get started too do what i knw i can do. By nature im silly a lil rough because of my surroundings but hard working at things i love. Life’s just hard knx. Follow me. Hood kid gets caught up turns informant. The team gets him in school cause he has a natural eye to be Svu. From da hood, to the police academy, to an officer, on to the Svu written exams… I want more than a role i wanna be family… Urs Truly….Shun Gable

  6. Raina

    I love binge watching Law and Order: SVU, and would love the opportunity to even appear in the background of an episode. While I’m sure this is likely filmed in Hollywood, NYC is my home. Mariska Hargitay and the entire cast are amazing actors, with great on screen personalities!

  7. Shawnikwa Thompson

    I watch SVU all the time, I even binge watch it on Netflix. I have seen probably every episode that there is. I know too many episodes word from word. I would love to have the opportunity to work with such a great cast, for such a great show. This would be a dream and a showcase for my skill. I’ve studied everything about SVU.

  8. Debra

    I would like to audtion for law and order.

    Thank You
    Debra Weeks

  9. Marcus Thornton

    Shun Gable a devious Lawyer wit mob ties. Business man by day Ghost by night. I love the show n i like to dream. It would be an honor to work with the SUV cast. Rookie wit potential? How many licks does it take to reach the center of a lilpop? Urs truly Marcus A. Thornton

  10. Kaitlyn

    I have watched law and order svu for a long time now and I’ve always want to be an actress in this show. I may not have been in any films but I love to act and have done it in my free time since I was real young. I would love for my first acting audition with the law and order svu casting producers and directors.

  11. Lynn Baughman

    My name is Lynn and I love Law and order SVU. I would like to have a part in the show.

  12. George H Morin

    My name is George Morin and I would like an audition for Law and Order SVU.
    I am a talented actor and love the show.

  13. George H Morin

    My name is George Morin and I am a huge fan of the show. Olivia is terrific,the whole cast is wonderful.
    I would love the opportunity to be used as an extra or play a degenerate in the show.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    George Morin
    headshot/resume available

  14. George H Morin

    I would like to be cast as an extra on SVU, which is my favorite TV show. If permitted I could also play a degenerate getting arrested.I could send my headshot and resume if needed.
    Thank you for your time and consideration

  15. Maggie Thomas

    Hi my name is maggie and i love acting, I have been performing in my school and i love SVU i have been watching for years, I would love to be on the show.

  16. Tracy Robinson

    Hi my name is Tracy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be apart of one of the best shows on TV!! No exaggeration.. I remember binge watching one Sunday and the dept. was short-staffed. I felt inclined to go to my real job and put in my notice for a transfer 😂😂. Anyway, it has always been my dream to act. So I’m just looking for a chance. I think I’d blend in well. Hopefully you will too!

  17. Rhonda Garman

    I have watched this show for the whole almost 20 years that it has been airing. I would just love to watch a videoing of the showing. I, of course would love to be a background person if possible… My daughter and I both had an opportunity to do this when she was 14 and modeling, but I was a single mom and working a lot. I couldn’t take the time off.

  18. justice donovan

    I make a mean dead body

  19. Bailey Rough

    Hi! My name is Bailey Rough and I’ve dreamed about being an actress for forever! I’ve done all sides of the entertainment business such as working on wardrobes, being a stage hand, and also acting. All I’m looking for is a break! I’m a quick learner and I promise I’ll be the best. You won’t regret hiring me! Thank you for your consideration!

  20. Micayla

    Would love the opportunity to be casted on this wonderful show

  21. Violeta

    Hello! My name is Violeta Mendoza and I am 21 years old. I did acting and modeling when I was a pre-teen and would love to have the opportunity to be on Law & Order SVU! I am 5’6” and weigh 135 lbs. I have a slim/curvy figure. I am Latina and speak fluent Spanish. I am located in the Bay Area. Please keep me in mind for any roles 🙂 Thank you for your time!

  22. Kay

    Hey my name is Kay and I LOVE law and order SVU and I would love being on the show as one of the actors I live in south Carolina and I think I would be great on the show thanks😛

  23. Samantha S Harper

    I would like to know, how do I submit my headshot and resume to get a call back for a speaking role or background? Standing by for response.

  24. Donna Crook

    Hi! I am Donna Crook and being a background actor on Law & Order: SVU is a bucket list item for me!! I would be thrilled to be cast as as an extra on SVU! I am a big fan of the Law & Order enterprise Thanks!!!

  25. Christine Forbes

    Very interested in working as a extra on Law and Order.

  26. Antonio herring

    I have a pretty good resume But I have never been on Law & Order my cousin did A show with y’all but I don’t want to name drop just be pretty nice work with yAll thanks stay bless one tony.t

  27. Antonio herring

    I would love to auditions

  28. Yashika Lawrence

    Hello, my name is Yashika Lawrence (Candy is my nickname) I watch Law and Order Special Victims Unit all of the time I absolutely love the show and would love to be apart of the crew. I have always had a passion for acting and would love the opportunity to have the chance.

  29. karimah smith

    let me just say that I am a law&order addict and when I came across this I knew i wanted to be a part of this excellent show I just had to speak on it even If no one calls or contact me im happy to have come across this and my name is karimah smith!!!

  30. Ashley Ferraro

    I’ve watched nearly every episode & I’ve rewatched each episode from seasons 14-18 at least two times. Law and Order: SVU is the reason I have a huge interest in criminal justice & have even written my research paper on rape. I’d be more than honored to play a role on the show or even be an extra!!

  31. Michelle N Clark

    My name is Michelle Clark. To me Law and Order is not just a show, and although the episodes are not based on true stories, these cruel and hate crimes happen everyday. I love watching Law and Order, I can recite every episode and for the new episodes i can predict how it will end in the first 10 minutes. It would be a dream come true to be in a episode side by side with people i grew up watching. The only thing that saddens me is Elliot

  32. Regina

    This show has always been close to home for me ! I’ve related to so many outstanding episodes and have felt the warmth of Olivia benson on screen !

  33. Rebecca chew

    My name is Rebecca Chew. I’m from San Antonio Texas. Brown wavy hair and a mixed cultural background
    I have bright shining green eyes and a smile that would melt to our heart.

    I want to be a detective on the show.
    A fresh detective, young and relatable.

    Or I could just die as an extra!

    I can bring in the younger viewers
    Giving them hope in the real world too save lives l like in the show.

    This show is my outlet.