Lab Rats Season 4 Casting

Lab Rats Season 4 Casting

Lab Rats, Disney XD’s hilarious, action packed superpower sitcom is back for another incredible season and all new casting calls are coming as well. Shooting of the all new of this hit series is currently underway and producers are searching far and wide for new talent to fill a number of amazing roles.

Lab Rats tells the story of Leo Dooley, a high school teen who discovers that his scientist step dad has invented three “siblings” for him. These are no ordinary siblings to be sure, they are in fact super human teens who are about to change his life forever.  Each of his new siblings have their own special strengths, Adam is the strong one, Chase is the smart one and Bree is the fast one – to be certain they all will be hilarious. Leo, his three siblings, his mother and his step dad all settle under one roof , a high-tech smart house that his stepfather created equipped with it’s own house computer Eddy. The series follows the gang as they all try to get along as a new family and as Leo and the kids convince their parents to let the super human siblings to go to the local high school!  This show is jam-packed with great laughs and amazing adventures and plenty of parts for talents like you! All new details on upcoming auditions and casting calls will be coming shortly so leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the excitement.

Lab Rats is the latest in a line of legendary sitcoms for Disney and now this is your chance to be it’s next big star! Take the plunge and you could be seen by millions of viewers every week as you become one of the hilarious Lab Rats.

An all new season of the super-powered comedy series Lab Rats is coming and so are awesome casting opportunities for several up and coming performers!

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  1. Aarushi Ganguli

    Hi my name is Aarushi Ganguli
    I am 15 and I live in Calgary, Canada
    It’s always been my dream to act and this is the perfect opportunity

  2. Aarushi Ganguli

    Hi my name is Aarushi Ganguli and it’s been my dream to star in a Disney show ever since I was little.
    I am 15 and I live in Calgary in Canada

  3. Aaron Spallone

    Hi my name is Aaron Spallone. I am 10 years old and have watched this series with my brother about 7 times. It would be awesome to be a part of the next season. I live in a Medway, MA.

  4. Dylan white

    I’m dylan white. I’m aged 17 and Disney XD is what my life has been lived on and I loved every show on it. I have spoke many speeches and have a good speaking abilities. I live in Chester,VA.

  5. Christian

    I’m Christian Jay Fortuno
    Live in the Philippines , Sorsogon City
    I have good speaking abilities yet any role , I can deal with it. I have also watched this show and my favorite character is Spin,

  6. Sophia Festini

    I am 13 years old. I live in Connecticut. I have been acting for my whole life. My dream is to be on this show, It is my favorite show, I whatched all 4 seasons in 2 weeks. I would love any part is the show especially a bionic student

  7. Travis Arman Woodard

    My name is Travis Woodard I am 13 I can sing ,and act I live in las vegas and I have watched every single episode of lab rats and I would love to be on such a great show such aa lab rats

  8. Elizabeth

    Hi I am Elizabeth I am 13 year old I love acting I am a Nigerian but I live in south Africa I will like any role in labrat I am very good at acting I have been a searching for labrat Audition please consider me u can call me

  9. Ibrahime

    I want to audience
    Gender Male
    Character I’m think of
    Older from Leo

  10. Addason

    I’m Addy and I would be perfect for any roll, and I’ve been watching the show since season 1