Knock Knock Live - Reality TV

Knock Knock Live – Reality TV

Do you ever fantasize about having your dreams right at your fingertips? How about right at your front door? Well that dream will soon become a reality for lucky people around the country thanks to the reality series Knock Knock Live. Submissions from potential contestants everywhere are being accepted today for what promises to be the next great reality TV production and a once in a lifetime experience for a group of handpicked participants.

The creators of the groundbreaking reality hits American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance is ready to change the way game shows are played forever – because now their bringing the show to you! Each week host Ryan Seacrest will oversee a group of intrepid co-hosts as they travel the country surprising contestants with a “Knock Knock” live right at the door of their home, work, school or church. You won’t know where they will head next or who they’ll be bringing with them.

Every episode will see a new batch of entrants from across the land being surprised by hosts with exciting games with big cash prizes, huge surprises or proposals from someone you know or even a visit from some of the biggest celebrities in the world. You may not know what when or where Knock Knock Live will happen but you can guarantee it will be amazing! Applications are being accepted now for the show that will have millions of people young and old on the edge of their seats.

Knock Knock Live is accepting applications today for new episodes. Men and women, boys and girls ages 14 and up can submit themselves today at the official show website here (those under 18 will need permission from a parent or legal guardian). To apply, head to the site and fill out an application either for yourself or someone you know. One photo will be needed to be attached to the form as well as a video submission which you can either upload or record live via the site. Be sure to fill out the entire application with no blank spaces. Those chosen to move forward in the casting process will be contacted. Check back for more audition details and feel free to leave a message in the space below and tell us what you think of the show, what you would like to like to compete for and why you are ready to hear the amazing Knock Knock Live at your door.

Part game show, part surprise show, part wish show and all incredible. The next great television experience is here. Apply today for a spot on Knock Knock Live.

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226 Casting Responses

  1. Shannon

    Hi my name is Shannon I have been having surgeries on my spinal cord just had a baby boy 7 months ago I have been burdened with getting a home staying in a motel due to for closure after my father had a tragic accidental death on the mbta in Mass I’m a mother and have been trying to do something to bring me and my family out of panic seems to get deeper and deeper and a chance at this show can rebuild my relationship with my son’s as there mother and give them hope get a home and start living life again I can’t give them there home back and wish more to give them hope am a mother to 4 children 18 16 8 and 7 months now all scattered over this can do wonders for me also give me hope back as well to take them anywhere there hearts desire good luck everyone

  2. Curt Jamke

    Hi Ryan,
    Before I met my wife Ying Zheng from China I was just getting by day by day and just existing. When she came into my life that all changed. She is my soulmate and my everything. My family loves her as well and tells me many times how lucky I am to have her. She’s given me two of the most beautiful girls who’s ages are 4 and 3 . I would much love having you knock on our door and make the day about her and my daughters. I have everything I could ever want or need and it would be nice to see her given all the attention and pampering they deserve.

  3. Michele Hordyszynski

    It’s been a rough year and half but I know it could be worse. I lost my job after 18 years as a school social worker due what they called a “Reduction in Force.” Finding myself at age 49, I thought it would be easy to get a job. Apparently, turning 50 put me in another category. I spent years helping children and their families, especially special education families. After a year and a half, I still have not been able to find permanent employment. I have been working since the age of 12. I have never been unemployed. It affected no only my life, but the life of my children, husband and the children I have worked with. My son had gone though a spinal fusion shortly after I lost my job and we are still having my younger son tested for CMT. Everyday, I wonder if I will have money to pay my bills. I ended up having to take out what money I had in my pension because I was not 55 and did not have 25 years in, I no longer qualified for a pension, causing me to have to start over at age 50. I have always prided myself on not depending on anyone. My son had just started college and we did not qualify for any financial aide. I would love to be able to put my son through college for his Aviation Degree and my younger son for Biology. These are really good kids. I was planning on making monthly payments to cover the cost. I am not so concerned for myself as I am for my children. I miss working with the children that not only did I help but they helped me to appreciate what I had. My husband is a First Responder for 9/11 and has several medical problems as a result of that, losing some ability to breath, and work related injuries. We need to move to a warmer climate as a result.

  4. Joshua deloir

    Hi my name is joshua deloir im a 33 year old father of 2 and a foster parent to one me and my fiance are trying to get married but for the last two years im been trying to give my fiance a dream wedding but our financial status is not good three kids is alot to deal with almost every day my fiance say how she wants her dream wedding and i feel bad i cant give to her with this chance at this show i will plan my future wife dream wedding

  5. Frances Chastain

    Hi my name is Frances I am 31 years old and I have 2 kids age 15 and 2.On June 29,2007 me and my brother and his wife who was my best friend since 3rd grade were attempted to be car jacked at gun point at which my brothers wife was murdered I was shot in the back of my head and neck and by grace of God and a miracle I’m still brother was shot in arm and stomache. since then we have had a lot of grief mentally and physically due to the incident it has been a burden on me financially because of the trauma and I’m ready to heal and help others who have gone through similar situations but need help financially and guidance of how to get there but by supporting my kids too to show them not to give up.

  6. Joanne

    We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary next June. We have never been able to go on a cruise due to different circumstances. Child care grandchildren, working 7 days a week caregiver to an elderly aunt, etc. We would love for our two sons, their families and us to celebrate our anniversary by Taking a cruise to St Martin.

  7. Patty Barrett

    Hi! As long as you knock on my door and tell me I get to dance with Maks from DWTS I will run
    around and scream like a wild Indian! Even if we just dance in the driveway! LOL

  8. Ronnie Lucas

    My husband would be perfect! He is a retired teacher with an exuberant personality. The students , staff and parents never knew what to expect when he was directing traffic in the mornings as he would often dress in costumes like cat in the hat for reading week. Energy and humor abound with him!

  9. Matthew Umbenhower

    I would love to have someone come to my door and knock. It has been a very rough year for myself and my family. My mom died 8 weeks ago. My wife who is a teacher had pneumonia then had mono then had a severe car accident no fault of her own so she was out of work for 3 months no pay. So it has been a difficult year and would like just something nice and good happen for us

  10. Trinidad Pellerano

    Army vet + felon. Been to each aspect of life and now just wanting more not for self but community. Like a technical college or YMCA or knock knock a resort (since we tech got votted a resort town we need a resort now right ? -jobs- or a plash pad park or aquarium maybe .idk just want to surprise all and say we are not forgotten and to small to notice.

  11. anna harris

    Hi I hohope to be a lucky lady.

  12. Luann Johnson

    Hi Ryan,
    My name is Luann and I live in Copiague, Long Island with three rescue dogs. One of my dogs has special needs and I would love to put a pool for him in my backyard. Balto is a 5-year-old, 129 pound Alaskan Malamute that has stenosis and I use to take him to Physical therapy, laser therapy, and water therapy until I couldn’t afford it any longer. He needs exercise and in the hot summer, he doesn’t get enough. I also have a Siberian Husky and a Chihuahua and they all have very unique personalities.
    I also have spinal stenosis so a pool would help me also. and I am the crazy dog lady on my block. 🙂

  13. Mary Armstead

    Hi, I have a huge personality, I want to be an actress! I am recently divorced, I have bills bills and more bills. 10-20,000 would bless me and my child’s life and I could breathe again. Also, I have auditioned and been called back a million times but they always require money. Can you introduce me to some agencies? I would love to meet Steve Harvey and shadow him!!!!! Thanks and God Bless!

  14. Mary Armstead

    My name is Mary, my mom just retired. I would love to help her fix the building up, throw her a retirement party out of this world and take her on vacation. We lost my aunt to cancer 4 years ago, her best friend and then she lost her fiance’ to cancer in March. She has not been the same and I pray for her but my mom needs help and I would be delighted, overjoyed and just blessed if we could help her smile again, I mean a real authentic smile not a fake, I’m putting this on today smile so people will stop asking how I am. Please and thanks in advance, good luck to everyone!

  15. Taonga Chiwoni

    Sounds great, can’t wait to apply

  16. Katherine OConnell

    I would love to renovate my 100 year old house. The house was built by my great grandfather and has been in the family all this time and is in desperate need of an update… Property brothers style

  17. Ronald wheeler

    I’m a military veteran tht served 8 years in the army . My dream is to be an actor and getting on the show would be amazing . I have done like extra work and stand in work but never got my big opportunity . I work as a dealer at a local casino and I believe tht I am entertaining people everyday .I work hard everyday and want to achieve great success. My gold is to have enough money to help my mom and bless someone thts less for fortunate .

  18. Lorraine Barletta

    I would like to compete for a new home. I am renting with 2 teenage daughters and lost my husband to a car accident 8 years ago. I am living paycheck to paycheck and many time struggle to pay the bills. I would like a house of my own and my 2 daughters. My husband was a builder and after the accident I lost my house.

  19. Bryshawnda Mohn

    Hi Ryan, I am a nursing student and live with a friend’s parent while I’m in school.I would love to get the knock knock on the door to help with my college, or a place of my own to live.I would also even just love helping and returning the gratitude to the parents of my friend who believe in my dreams.

  20. Beverly Childs

    I would love a backyard make over. I am a homeowner living in Chicago,IL. My back yard is kind of hard to maintain. I could really use some help.

  21. Jessica Wells

    Hi Ryan! I am a mother of 4 young sons. My 2nd oldest is Autistic and keeps us united. He was abused in a special needs classroom and that prompted me to help pass HB 614 Cameras in special needs classrooms in Georgia. Our goal is to get a secure and safe home for our sons one day. My husband and I dedicate our lives to advocate for children’s education.

  22. Tanya Jefferson

    Hi Ryan. My name is Tanya Jefferson, I’m a 45 year old mother of 2 amazing kids (25 and 19) and a wife of a very supportive husband. I work in Oncology and Hematology in the billing office. I would love to be picked to embark on a new adventure. I have been trying to get my handmade beaded bracelets into stores and boutiques and this may be my opportunity. I started making bracelets to find an outlet for my fibromyalgia. I sell them to friends, coworkers, family and the hospital gift shop currently. I have struggled for so long with medical conditions and my husband becoming disabled after we moved to Indiana. It would be nice to breathe for a short time. LOL. I’m a wife, mother and all around go to person. It would be nice to catch a break. Hope to hear from you soon. Ta ta for now!

  23. Sera

    OKURRRRRRR! Hi Ryan. I’m Sera and uber drivers always have to do a double take at me after hearing how I sound from the back seat of the uber. Why? My infectious personality & charm. GORGEOUS gal and total victoria secret body. I think you are born with charm (sucks if you don’t have it). Ever since I was 6, my bosses, professors, exes, siblings have told me that I’m greatness. I’m truly go getter gal (education + work experience to back it up) and yet I’m only 23. I can tell you already like me. I have #receipts. I don’t ever, play myself.

    What do think?


    • Sera

      Ryan, I totally forget to tell you: I want to be considered as a character on the show. I can discuss more details on what I do. I’ve done marketing with big banks.

  24. Elyse Blakemore

    My name is Elyse and I am a full time nurse married to the most awesome man on earth! We love to travel and are doing are best to live the American dream. We can’t get enough of playing and watching any and all game shows and it would mean the world to us to be a part of such an incredible production!

  25. Tiffany Rosado

    My name is Tiffany Rosado I am a stay at home mother and wife i have two kids a 6 year old and a 2 years my husband works 12 hour shift just to make endsmeat I barley get to see him. My husband dose so much to support his famliy and one to his biggest breams is to start a little farm and I would love to help him make that dream come true.

  26. Jessica E Simas

    My Boyfriend and I would Love to be on!

  27. Faye McManus

    My name is Faye, I’m a 61 year old single woman. (my ex left when I was 54 and sent me a text message) My friends all asked if i was surprised? I asked if they meant that he left or that he could text? I have two, crazy 25 year old sons, who live near me. One is biological and one I had guardianship of. I was just laid off and need to re-invent myself. I could probably do a reality show about how my hilarious my dating or non/dating life is. I never met a man I couldn’t support, until I lost my job!
    I just bought a life alert, so when I get a life I will be notified right away!

  28. Bethann Lawall

    Hello! My name is Beth and I’m a divorced, single mom to an 11-year-old son, Ian. He has special needs which makes it tough to work full-time. Currently, I have two part time jobs, but we do have our own basement apartment in my parent’s house in Ashburn, VA. They have done pretty well for themselves, but the last few years we have been hurt by my son’s illness, and it would be nice to let my parents live their golden years on their own, and for my son and me to have our own place. A dream vacation would be cool as well or financial help with doctor and therapy bills. Thanks Ryan 🙂

  29. Troy McGuffey

    My name is Troy McGuffey. I am a 30 year old married father of four. Our youngest son is autistic and we would love to have a life changing experience that’s positive. It would mean so much to be able to buy a house for us all.

  30. Tammera Scoty

    Hey its tammera I’m cute smart reliable eager to learn outgoing please consider me for your game show c u soon lol

  31. Kari

    Looking for more details to apply? I have tried several links to fill out an application and have been led to a dead end. When I originally saw this opportunity I wanted to apply/audition for myself to meet my all time favorite actor! Then I got to thinking that I would be more important to apply for my little sister #best friend. I wish I had the words to stand out most but I don’t. Just an incredible love for my huge hearted sweetest little sister. She has a type of autism that she is now 26 years old but in testing she is told she has the mentality of an eleven year old. She is so smart in so many ways but she will always live with my parents. She will Most likely never Marry, never drive, etc. The things we all so often take for granted. She holds such a special place in my heart and anything I can do to help possibly make her absolute dream come true I will do! She has a dream to meet the band Imagine Dragons. She even has a game on her phone of them. She knows all their names, every word to their songs and funny quirky things they do by watching videos they upload. I know there are so many wonderful people out there hoping to be chosen and the choice would be so difficult to choose from.. I do so hope though that you and I can surprise my little sister. She would just die and literally make her life! I will never hear the end of it in a good way! Please help me make her dream come true!! Thank you! – Kari

  32. Susan Mohrlang

    What a intriguing concept.Sounds like a total once in a lifetime blast. Would absolutely love!!!

  33. Tiffany Alexander

    It seems this is a long shot but, I have a few minuets to waste. I Finally brought my first home after many years of struggles, bumps, bankruptcy, homelessness, all while raising my two beautiful children. It’s a beautiful home, not a mansion but feels like home. The 2nd month here after I got my washing machine out of storage hooked it up only to have it flood the basement pretty bad because it was a clog in the pipes. Oh not even a full month after purchasing I was fired from my job for not answering my work phone when I had the flu. So paying a plumber $250.00 to snake the pipe was not cool. Last week when we had heavy winds and lots of rain because we had tornadoes near by the basement flooded again. Of course I have homeowners insurance but still not having a job I’m scared of the paying deductible. All my dreams of having a game room, full bath, and a few bedrooms downstairs are pushed waayyyy back. I’m not even motivated to fix up this beautiful backyard because I secretly worry about being unemployed. In my children’s eyes I try to seem joyous and optimistic but really I’m super stressed. I’m usually a positive person who loves laughing and singing and helping people but now it seems like my biggest dream that I thought I’d never accomplish has turned into a nightmare. Is this show really real? Do you make dreams come true?

  34. Zechariah Martin

    I’m just another human trying to make it in this world. gluck everybody

  35. Rachel O'Brien

    …I love prizes…I wouldn’t mind a knock (the doorbell is non-existent). Bring Brian Dunkleman! Just kidding, please just prizes.

  36. Suzanne Michelle Poplaski

    30 minutes of reading replies…… WOW! I don’t have kids and I am in pretty good health. I am however, a starving student earning my second Masters Degree. Modeling (the gigs here in Arizona don’t even compare to LA) sooooooo, you are my last hope to get my cute little mug on national television. I wanted to try out for Bad Girls but by the time I found out, the auditions happened 6 months ago! Boooooo (and the crowd goes wild!)….. Anyways, I am ready, willing 😉 and able to become your next victim! Oooh la la! And how! Like I have three classes left and the repayment on my student loans begins. Can a girl get a break, eh? I promise not to disappoint! So.. Bring it baby!!
    Oh and have a great day!
    Your biggest fan in Arizona,
    Suzanne Michelle

  37. Mary Armstead

    CHOOSE ME! I’m funny, caring, have a great personality. Can conversate with anyone! I’m funny a comedienne a heart! Have auditioned for Shark Tank, written a book and am a Navy Veteran, HOOYAH! Along with the many great things, there has been love, lost and hurt in this life. I would love for STEVE HARVEY to let me co-host family feud with him! Meet Laurie from Shark Tank to tell her of my many ideas or meet TD JAKES. Chris Powell to help me lose weight or Ryan Seacrest, can I travel with you on this knock knock tour….fun, memorable and never a dull moment! I look forward to hearing from you….I’d love to interview Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro, or George Lucas and wife….few ideas! I’m ready! I’m inspirational!

  38. kelley d williams bolar

    Hello, everyone knows I am informative and hilarious. I have style and grace. I am not sure why I have not been discovered yet, Hey, I am not shy. If you are looking for people to listen in and watch someone bright and loving, yet I can split up a room. Not know it but just naturally seductive and sweet, along with a shyness kind of smile. Now lets get without all the adjectives. but I mean I can keep going but I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated, I am a mother with two beautiful daughter’s

    , I have been on national t.v and many syndicated radio programs. wall street Journal, Hello, everyone knows I am informative and hilarious. I have style and grace. I am not sure why I have not been discovered yet, Hey, I am not shy. If you are looking for people to listen in and watch someone bright and loving, yet I can split up a room. Not know it butjust naturally seductive and sweet, along with a shyness kind of smile. Now lets get without all the adjectives. but I mean I can keep going but I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated, I am a mother with two beautiful daughter’s. I have had write up in New York times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post etc. Please understand I am not trying to sell myself but hey whatever works. Anyways, I believe in equality of education for all students and I have been an advocate for most of my life. My life came to a halt in 2011 when the Governor of Ohio John Kasich had to come and save my life. I will never forget. It was a week right after Thanksgiving. I was on the holiday break. by the way I work at a local school with students that have behavior issues. So, we were off during this time of complete mayhem. I received a post card in the mail. It stated that I had been indicted and here it reads… State of Ohio vs Kelley Wiliams Bolar. Holy grail I was spinning in my shoes. I had know clue what an indictment was let alone why the State of Ohio was sending me a post card. To make a long story short I received a felony for sending or rather signing my two daughter’s to my parents school district. I wanted them to have a great education and I paid for it dearly. Plus my poor father had to pay for this as well. He went to prison and by the way he had never been to prison in his life yet, he was charged and went to prison where he never came home. He died a broken man. Today October 2016 I continue to fight for equality of education across this country and If I can help more students persevere to accomplish their dream know matter what comes their way.

  39. Bambi Stanger

    Hi my name is Bambi and we live in mountain home Idaho. My husband and I are struggling real hard and would like a chance to buy a home or pay off some debt to get us closer to the home buying process. We have 2 babies 7 month old little baby boy Noah and 19 month baby girl Sophia and my husband’s 6 year old little girl Lilly. We would like the opportunity to show our kids a life with less struggles. I don’t want them to be homeless and if we can’t get caught up we will be there real soon.

  40. Erica Santos

    Hello my name is Erica Santos. I live in rochester,New York. I have 2 Beautiful boy’s Steven and Julian ages 9 and 11 . I met their father Steven Carpenter when I was 15 and right off the back knew we would be together forever . It was love at first sight. I am 28 now We been together for 13 years . Steven is a fedex driver and I’m currently a stay at home mother temporarily do to health issues. Steven and I took on adult responsibilities at a young age, we been threw so much together, the struggles of raising children while learning ourselves to be adults. Even now i wouldn’t have changed anything. Our relationship is stronger than ever. We respect eachother and the love is stronger than ever before. 13 years later and he still looks at me as if we first met.
    One of my biggest dreams since I was a little girl was/is to have a fairytale wedding fit for a princess. Do to bills,and raising to boy’s we have never been able to save money for a wedding. I would love for my family to be complete knowing that Steve and I are married and my boy’s are of age to witness our beautiful day. I fear this will never happen. All we have is eachother . Steven’s father as never been in his life and his mother karen passed away in 2008 when when he was only 21 raising a 1 and 3 year together with me . 3 years later my father David passed away in 2011…3 day’s before my birthday. I know my father will never be able to walk me down the aisle. Nor will karen ever be able to see her son get married (the only real grandma my boy’s had) for the short years of their life they were able to see her 🙁 I know that when we do get married both of our angels will be staring down upon us sending their blessings from heaven. Okay I’m gonna cut it short lol getting teared up on my end.

  41. Mabel Montesino

    Hi my name is Mabel Montesino and I would like to be on your show. I have fistulizing crohns disease which has left me disabled. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I live with my loving mother who supports me and my kids and I would love to be able to help her thru these hard times. I was put on chemotherapy treatment last year and had horrible side effects and will be put on a different medication again this year. Hoping to put my crohns in remission. Would love something good to come into our lives after all these hard times we have fell into.

  42. Bobi jo Weger

    This is a hard toss up. I don’t know if I would want a million dollars to pay student loans I can’t afford. Plus I could buy a small house just big enough for me and my boys that would also be handicap efficient for my mom who lives with us and for myself. I have A dieses called sarcoidosis that only 200,000. Peoe in the world have. I work but it is getting bad. I have to have some rest to see if it is my brain. The left side of my heart don’t work right and I am only 40. But I have had a great life thanks to God. I became a single at 16 and have dedicated my life to my kids, family, and voluteering. I would not change that for anything. BUT I ALSO HAVE DREAM of meeting KLOE Kardashine. We always joke she is long lost sister we are so much a like. Lol. Thank for a chance. Its all part of Gods story just listen and go with it he will always guide you.

  43. Tammie Sigg

    Hello My name is Tammie Sigg I live in Sanford North Carolina. My husband and I have both been married before and have a lot of debts from our previous marriages. We would love to have our credit completely cleared giving us a chance to start over with and build a beautiful life together. Please this would be a new start for us so that we can go into our golden years stress and debt free.

  44. Cheryl Villarreal

    Hi my name is Cheryl and I live in Houston,Texas. This has been the roughest year of my life. First, I lost my dad to Cancer in June and because he lived in Michigan I had to go there twice which cost a lot of money. I was suppose to close on my first home at age 54, but due to the cost of going back and forth to Michigan I didn’t have the money for closing costs (after saving 3 years). In August my mom was admitted to ICU for pneumonia and was there 11 days. I went to hospital twice every day and had to miss a lot of work. I prayed I wasn’t going to lose her like I did my dad. On top of it all my daughter one year away from graduating college couldn’t get the financial aid needed for this semester so I had to use the balance of my savings for her to at least get through this semester. Since my mom got out of hospital I work all day and then go take care of her until she goes to sleep each night. I am starting to feel sorry for myself and that isn’t me, I guess I am just totally exhausted. Thank you for taking time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you. (fingers crossed).

  45. Clorae Prince

    I would love to be considered for the show. I been to “blank” and back. I never had an opportunity for a life changing opportunity. My life has been like so many others a uphill of struggles. My blessings are my kids, I would love to be able to give back to them and so many others. I don’t want to give a pity party because I’m sure there might be people maybe more in need than I, but I can only speak about me. I need a knock on my door! Well whoever you choose is worth a knock. I hope you consider me as a candidate.

  46. Fernando

    I was a foster parent who adopted two childrens. They are growing fast and have medical needs that we did not expect. We would like the opportunity to compete to provide a better life and have access to better resources.

  47. Chretien

    Hey my name is Chretien and I would love to honor my mother with this show, she endured a lot of hardship through he life time and she has been sick this whole year and I feel this would be a great pick me up for her , please consider her.

  48. Linda Abdelmagead

    Hello, my name is Linda and I would love to be a part of something new and exciting. At 54yrs old, I’ve spent my life working 2-3 jobs at a time to support myself and taking classes that I’d hope one day would give me some financial security. Time is running out. As a CNA/Med Tech I love helping our seniors and handicapped and if my task could include giving as well as receiving I would rally total strangers to achieve the goal ( lol I just moved here and don’t know many people yet) Rest assured we would ALL have fun in the process!!

  49. Sarah Quill

    Sounds like this could be a lot of fun! Would love to learn more if you are still looking for people/families to participate. Thanks!?

  50. Mary Foley

    I would like to enter the show. I am a writer , pin up model, ex run way model & ghost hunter. I am writing a book and would like to interview Marilyn Manson. But first I would put my Mom happiness first. She works so hard to care for her family. She has Parkinson’s and is 76 years old. My dad passed away when I was 22 years old. She always is my biggest fan. She wishes her house was paid off as she struggles everyday . I wish she could retire at her age and see what life is about. She has had a very hard life . I do not want to mention on here. She is my best friend and I want to thank her and all mothers. She dreams about going to Italy but she doesnt know how many years she has left to function. The parkinson’s is making her sake more and more. I want her to enjoy her life and want to see her smile. I would put my dreams on hold for her in a second. 🙂

  51. Jearall bircher

    I really want tiki be in this tv show plz pick me

  52. Tina McGlue

    I would love to surprise my husband. Three months after we were married my husband felled off a ladder. Several surgeries later my husband had to lose his leg. We have had a hard road but we are determine to make it. Two years later my lupus has taken a turn for the worse and my husband still is waiting for a leg.

  53. Kaybee

    I am self employed, single and born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I still reside here. It is now extremely hard to live where I once thrived but it is so expensive now with the over development and re-gentrification. I just received an eviction notice and am hustling hard and diligently to continue to live in the NEW extremely expensive Brooklyn New York. I am in the Entertainment field where some months or days are awesome, and others not so much but that too is the exciting part of my Career. I just need to have consistency so I can ease my mind to create, which is the Gift God gave me. I like the premise of the show. I love the idea of giving back to those not so fortunate or having a bad moment in life. I love the fun that will ensue with the spontaneity and surprise from the Show/Host. I would like to compete for a chance to steadily keep on my feet, to live a life of less worry and to be able to help those in need. So, what ever that entails, I am most gr8tful!!! I’m ready for a Knock-Knock because I loooove things that are non traditional off the beaten path with exponentially positive results. Plus I love to laugh..and this would CRACK me up…just thinking about the possibility has me chuckling as I type. Peace

  54. Pamela Wheeler

    I’m 24 and my husband and I have three kids. We are going through a hardship right now, living in a tiny bedroom making ends meet . We would love to be apart of this show. My wish is just to have a nice home for my three children. My third child was born premature at 3lbs and has a lot of health issues so I cannot work. But my husband works hard and we still cannot afford much. This would be a great opportunity!

  55. Eddye Dixon

    My name is Eddye and I would love to be a contestant on the show. I myself and my siblings have had some trials as we all have. The reason I would like to be on the show is to share whatever I win with my sisters, and family we are a small bunch with a lot of love for each other and I would just love to see them surprise, happy, and thankful. Well I must say that this would be a dream come true for me, because I know that I am a giver some are takers, and takers never give or some of them I should say; nevertheless I am on a fixed income now unable to work and really working on getting or staying healthy. So now you know I have a big heart to give oh yeah I will get something for myself too lol.

  56. Tonya White

    I think the show has an interesting twist .. Plus it would be totally awesome to be able to meet a long time celebrity Ive been a fan of for a long time now ” Amy Lee ” I would die if i ever met her I am sure of it … dont have anything else I would want maybe another car or a new home but cash for a cruise is also way amazing , I have a pretty good life and dont have a lot to complain about ” at least publicly anyway” but I am happy in a relationship with an amazing man and have 2 beautiful little ladies I am proud to be mommy to we have all went through our hardships over the last few years and it still hurts but I consider myself a happy go lucky person so what can I say I am looking for another great adventure and truly hope to be consider for this it would be life altering since I dont have much but would be happy with anything really = )

  57. Ingrid

    I just want to have a blast and/or help someone have a blast!! Life is all about finding the FUN experiences in life.. I work enough every day and love my job and being there, but would really like to experience something totally unexpected and out of “the box” 🙂 YAY!! My roommate and I live together for 13 years now- she reminds me (and others too) of Whoopy G. Her name is Charlotte and she is always so funny, the funniest person I have ever met and everywhere we go she gets along with people and they crack up (not that she tries to- she is just naturally funny) I seem more reserved to people, but I am the prankster and love to create trouble… (well, all in good fun that is) Let me know if there is something that would be suitable for us.. I am having fun just thinking about it!!!

  58. Kelsey

    Hi, my name is Kelsey. Over the past couple of years I have been through some challenges. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in middle school changing my whole world. The disease, along with depression and major insecurities, caused me to develop an unknown yet very common eating disorder among diabetics called Diabulimia. It has been a bumpy road but I have used it to my advantage in my love for communications. I love telling my story and helping others in recovery along with myself. Since I was little I was very creative and an extream extrovert. I fell in love with fashion and communications the past 2 years on my journey in truly finding the path in continuing forward. I currently have 3 internships in both fashion and communications and do whatever I can to help me get to the top of these fields. It takes up most of my life but its a major outlet in continuing through recovery and finding myself. I have found what makes me shine and my true identity. Not my diabetes or my eating disorder, but my love for detail and the spoken word. I dream of being famous in those particular areas and fulfilling my dream that I know I am destined for. I would love for this opportunity to show that life really can be worth living and you really can follow your dreams no matter what stands in your way.

  59. Ash Jones

    My name is Ash. I would like to be considered for this show. My reason for entering is this would be a great way for me to honor my wife with something special. She is a special lady in that after enduring tremendous hardship as a child she has overcome the odds by becoming a great ER nurse, mother of three, and a college instructor. If that was not enough she is back in school herself to become a Physician’s Assistant. She is always giving to others and sacrificing of herself for our family. I would love the opportunity to do something for the person special to me.

  60. Beth Rossi

    Hi my name is Beth i live in Pennsylvania I had cancer 4 times now I am a cancer survivor. I fought hafe of my life. And now today I would love to be on your show. I love it. I can pay some medicine and go on a day trip. But I know I wouldn’t get pick so I tryed. I can even help some family who is fighting cancer I have help many families I don’t let them give up

  61. Dawn Monaco

    My name is Dawn.I’m in Alabama. My health is declining at a rapid rate and before I get much worse I would love to be part of the show

  62. Connie Hicks

    I would really love to have someone come to my house and surprise me with some good news, since the last seven years have been nothing but heartache for me! I lost my son seven years ago, he was murdered at the age of 28 and then I lost my husband three years after that and two brother last year! I would love to be happy again in this life! I wrote a book but could never have a book signing because i did not have the money to buy the books! So I would like to be surprised with a book signing for my book. I am 55 years old and now I take care of my bedridden mother. I want to live again!

  63. Sandi

    I feel that this is a great idea! I would love to learn more about it and to be a part of it! I would compete for a new kitchen do over. I raised my daughter as a single mother and am so proud of her! She is 22 years old and finishing her first year of her master’s degree in earth science. I have gladly sacrificed much, and have always done my own work on my house (building, framing, etc.). I am so tired of my kitchen! For me, I started working on my bucket list, I just hiked about 300 miles on the Appalachian Trail (2016) for PTSD in civilians and plan on filling more of it this year! I would like to compete for a new kitchen or something else on my list.

  64. Dawn weaver

    I am writing this for my mom, Dawn Weaver. My mom had been trying to buy a house for me and my brother who is currently in the military. She is such an amazing mom. My mother says she has made many mistakes, but I see her go to work and help everyone whenever she can. She does everything selflessly for people and she never wants anything in return. My mom has been going through some health issues and I want her to be able to have her own house for the first time.
    My mom is an amazing mom, an amazing person! She stood in a parking lot once and gave a woman the shirt she was wearing literally. Sometimes she gets treated unfairly, but she never gives up. I have heard her crying sometimes but she always says it’s because good things are coming.
    My mom works so hard and does everything all on her own.
    Please pick my mom, you would be lucky to meet her.
    My name is Matthew .

  65. Alan Loewen

    Would love to apply, but the site is down. 🙁

  66. Marcus agee

    I don’t even know if this is where you submit but I think I’d probably cry if I could be on anything. I want to live up to my dad being on tv.

  67. Reggie L. Wells

    I would love to be casted to be apart of this show to help me take my businesses to the next level. I created a anti-bullying human rights campaign called The Freedom Shot Campaign. I custom designed apparel, which is created on from my design company DesignByTheWells, LLC.

    My campaign shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, and hoodies display power slogans like.. Freedom To: Overcome, Be You, Speak, Equality, and ect… So far I have be self funding everything from photo shoots, websites, block parties, peer mediation groups for colleges and schools.

    I would love to have more celebrities and influential people get involved with this campaign. My goal is to create a major campaign with fashion! And empowering everyone that they have The Freedom To:


  68. Alyssa Jones

    I went to the website to apply and it said it’s coming soon but right it’s a domain site. Is there another way i can apply?

  69. sandy howard

    I am a proud loving mommy to 5 children, 2 of my boys are disabled, they suffer from autism and intellectual disabilities. There dad died when i was 24. I was 8 months pregnant with my 3rd son was born on 9/11/01 the day of the terrorist attacks. I got remarried had 2 more daughters and struggled to get a good education. I finally became a surgical tech. But was injured on the job with major neck and back injuries requiring a vertabrectomy . I been fired from my job. I have no way to support my children. I applied for ssi but keep getting denied. I need a break. This would be wonderful way to help lift our spirits. My son was on the news this year for getting bullied and beat cause he was special needs. I have not lost faith. I believe there is good out there. I will keep searching, supporting, and being the best me i can be. This would be a great oppertunity.

  70. Lydia Perry

    I’m a mom and Grandmother. I went through some hard times the past 20 years, because raising my children and grandchildren as a single parent is not easy. I always placed my family. I lost my car by letting my daughter use it to go back and forth to College. When she graduated the car was dead. I retired before this happened and found that nothing adds up quite right anymore. Raising a granddaiughter from the age of 3 weeks, I had many people telling me not to do it; I wouldn’t have a life of my own.They were partially right .She’s 14 now and we’ve gone through hard times, but she is my life. . I have been longing to live and travel in an RV. The years goes by fast when you’re hoping for a miracle to happen. Yet, I never give up hope…..maybe in my next life. If I don’t receive a knock-knock then good luck to the people who gets the knock-knock. That would be your blessing.

  71. nikia Hall

    hello my name is nIkia and I am a mom of 3 .. 2 boys Xavier and Brandon and my daughter Ashlyn and of course I love them to pieces. Brandon’s dad and I are together and are raising Xavier and Brandon jr and Ashlyn lives with her dad in Queens Ny. I am from NYC but I live in Denver Co .. Yup a big difference .. But being here and being a stay at home mom has helped me link to my creative side. I am currently planning my sister’s baby shower from denver (it will be in the bx this summer) and I can wait. I am hoping that you guys can come and surprise me cause I am soooo trying to take my clothing line idea to the next level. I currently have a t-shirt printing machine and I just dont have the materials to get things started and I would like to get a food truck. My cooking is amazing and I am always cooking for my family.. Once Xavier’s friends come over and love my cooking I knew i was a great cook .. I would love to be on this show!

  72. Jarvis

    My name is Jarvis I live in Philadelphia, PA. I want to be an extra and on the show.

  73. Lydia Jefferson

    I have never been on tv before, but would love to one day appear on a reality tv show and especially in one that’s full of surprises.. Even if I’m not called for an audition, I will still support the show

  74. joann

    This would help my family

  75. joann

    Gosh this would so help my family