Kill The Messenger Starring Jeremy Renner

Kill The Messenger Starring Jeremy Renner

Two time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner, fresh off of starring in one of the biggest films of all time, is ready to change gears a bit before stepping back in to his ‘Avengers’ suit in an all new drama Kill The Messenger. Shooting on this highly anticipated, ripped from the headlines story is set to begin soon and casting calls are going on now for a number of fantastic roles. This could be the chance for several up and coming performers to work alongside one of Hollywood’s true talents and a host of incredible supporting players in what could prove to be the most critically lauded films of the new year.

Kill The Messenger will be based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb (played by Mr. Renner star of recent hits The Town, The Hurt Locker and The Bourne Legacy), who bravely exposed the CIA’s nefarious role in importing cocaine to California and arming contract rebels in Nicaragua and then was subsequently targeted in a smear campaign that drove him to the brink of destruction. This powerful story will be directed Michael Cuesta (L.I.E., Dexter, Homeland) and will feature an amazing cast led by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Live Free or Die Hard, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Golden Globe nominee Oliver Platt (X-Men: First Class, The Impostors, A Time to Kill), Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Rachel Getting Married) and Academy Award nominee Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part III, Ocean’s Thirteen, Just the Ticket).

Kill The Messenger promises to be one the most powerful films of the year and could prove to be one of the most fantastic audition opportunities of the year as well. Interested performers of all ages can submit themselves today by sending emails here We will keep you updated on all casting call news so stay tuned right here and leave a message below and tell us why you want to be cast in the new feature drama starring Jeremy Renner, Kill The Messenger.

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  1. Megan Woodlief

    My 3 year old daughter name is Megan and we live in Louisiana. Curly brown hair. Dark brown eyes. African American. She is well mannered, feisty, super energetic, extremely smart, takes the initiative, and enjoy smiling, laughing, singing and dancing. She has participated in pageant & fashion show. We are willing to travel to give Megan the opportunity to act and be a part of this new project. I hope to hear from you soon via email.

  2. Whitney Pierce

    I’m 14 years old and even though some see me as a child I’m not I’m a great person I’m a fast learner I can work great with others I’ve always got a great Additued about everything I’m kind caring responsible and I do as I’m told I can get any job done

  3. Annette K

    I’m Russian – Armenian from sunny California . I speak 3 languages Russian Armenian and English . I don’t have acting background besides school play but I’m a fast learner . I love Jeremy Renner huge fun of his and would of been amazing if I could be a small part of this movie . I’m 5/6-5/7 hight , 127 pounds and have green hazel eyes . I will hope and pray that my dream wish will come true thank you for reading

  4. Juliana Rios

    Name: Juliana Marie Rios Medina
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’4
    Hair: brunet with soft curls
    Eyes: hazel
    (Puerto rican full bilingual)
    Living in Puerto Rico but I can travel if I need to.
    My old teacher of acting says that if you know how to fake crying then you’re a great actor. I was one of here favorites. I’ve done school plays of Gods like Hera and Aphrodite.

  5. Daisha chambers

    hi my name is daisha I am 14 yrs. old im 4’9 I weigh 106 lbs. African American love Jeremy Renner he is an amazing actor and to be in the spotlight beside him would be great my dream I was born in orange county California but live in Douglasville Georgia

  6. Tom Bogner

    59 y/o male. Confident, professional, take direction well and never late. Would love to be a part of this project. I like drama.

  7. Khashari Nguyen

    I’am from Stockton California. I have been doing drama/acting/theater for the past four years. Preforming and acting are some of my many talents and passions. I’m 17 years old getting ready to start my new life. I wrestle, run track, choreography, and freestyle. I’am a fresh face Disney is looking for. I look foward to be working with the Disney family. This is my next step for my future. My contact info: Cell: 985-335-8827 if their is troubling contacting me call my mothers cell 985-335-8827

    Ethnicity: African-American, Vietnamese, Filipino
    Height: 5’10
    Ee color: brown
    Hair: Black


    I have the talent and the drive and I am seen as a BEAST for action films,the new face of a “Van or Rock” relocating to Florida, in 3 weeks, I live in Chicago currently and have lived in Cali where I started my acting and modeling. I have years of experiences in different aspects of the industry,from comedy to Syfy ,was on a Tv. show-(veronica mars) have done great commercials, voice overs and even have a video game as the main villain.I have a movie currently coming out “House of the Witch Doctor” in August, I am 31yrs solid, super fit body and have bright blue eyes with a shaved head,no tattoos or piercings I have stood in and done stunt double for a football pro from the Chicago Bears. I am READY to be part of this project and the THRILL that I will bring!!
    CIAO-I can send you photos and all of my info upon request

  9. Jorge Rivera

    Hi my name is Jorge Rivera Perez I’m 18 years old a very good and charismatic person always active I like to do interesting things like sport use to play soccer, also like video games and most important for me watch movies. Since little I’ve watch a lot of movies and well I started to think what would be to act and be on the big screen. Since that thought I always wanted to be an actor and get to have a real hollywood acting experience. I’ve had experience acting on plays with this I mean that I’m a adaptable and be able to develop my skills with the appropiate tools I know how to do different voices and act very good for any role with this said I would be very greatful if you consider me to be part of your extrordinary project.
    Note: Many people have said to me that i have the skills to act this people are also directors of the plays I’ve participated on, so I hope you make the best of decision.
    Thank you for any help you can bring
    Personal Info:
    Height: 5’7in
    Weight: 190
    Age: 18
    Hair: black
    D.O.B: 12/21/95
    Eyes: dark brown

    Jorge Rivera Perez

  10. ElizabethZ

    Hi, I’m 16 years old i would love to be cast in this new movie because i would like for my dreams to come a step forward and it would bring me more confidence in becoming an actress. I have been in school and church plays and have got advice from my teacher/coaches but now i want to work with professionals and maybe one day become one myself. Thanks .

  11. Daniel Fordham

    Hello All! My name is Daniel Fordham and I am absolutely excited to have this opportunity! I am currently active duty military as a means of providing for my family but my heart and desires are with the entertainment industry. I have been an extra before and loved the experience. If I am chosen to be a part of this film I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

  12. angelle pagan

    I’m not going to bs you or sell myself to you on why I want to act. I just want to, It’s something I’m passionate about and would love the opportunity to see if I have what it takes or not. I’ll do anything or go anywhere to get my chance to try to do what I love.
    I’ve already filled out an application by the same name and email so I’m not going to put anything about how I look. I don’t really have an experience besides the school plays I’ve been in and all the lies I tell people. If you guys have anything available, please let me know. I don’t care what role it is, I’ll do it. I know you have hundreds of these same applications and its a hard industry to get it, but like i said before, i just want a shot to see if i have what it takes or not. Thank you for you time you can always contact me at

  13. Rachael Kigbu

    I believe I should be considered to be part of this because I am a 27 year old Nigerian (African) with a gift / desire for acting. I was born of an eggon ethnic tribe royal family, raised by a military Dad & a politician as a mother. I have a B.A in Linguistics and Communications. I speak English ( Fluent), French ( Fluent), Arabic (Non-fluent), Pidgin (Fluent), Hausa ( African Dialect – Fluent) & Yoruba ( African Dialect- Fluent). I was a billboard model back in college in Nigeria & can sing too.
    Height- 5″4
    Weight- 160
    Hair color- Brown [naturally curly but now straightened]
    Eyes- Brown
    Thank you

  14. Kyle Brown

    Hi! My name is Kyle Brown, 18 years old, based out of sunny Southern California.

    The reason why you should consider me for this film is because I’m very passionate about what I do, I am very very creative, fast fast learner and I am extremely hard working.

    Ever since I was young I have always wanted to be apart of a film and now I am in the place that I can start pursing one of my dreams! It would be an honor if you guys considered me!

  15. Hawa Kosiaha

    Hello Dear
    My name is Hawa kosia I’m 21years old Am passionate about acting and experienced too, I have studied acting for 4 years now in my acting classes. This is an opportunity for me to share my talent to the world and face hard challenges on the way. Am a hard working person energetic, confident and also I love working with people in a positive environment. Thank you for your time and I hope I get considered. And God Bless

  16. Amanda R

    Hi my name is Amanda and I have lived in GA pretty much my whole life. The recent influx in movie making is just about the most exciting thing to happen here in my opinion! I would love a chance to be a part of It.
    Thanks so much for your consideration!

  17. Rushi Patel


    Name: Rushi Patel (yes im indian 🙂

    Gender: Male

    Age: 13 (turning 14)

    I am a professional actor who currently live in Canada, Alberta Edmonton (BUT SOON MOVING TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA). I have been doing Drama my entire life in school and acting in theatre schools. I am really confident that i could get into this movie for any role you want to give me, but I do not want to be an extra or anything. If there is no roles available for me… then I am really sorry for wasting your guys time! 🙂 BUT I REALLY WANT TO BE IN THIS 🙂

  18. Casey Power

    Hello, I am Casey Power, a 14 year girl, who is a six sport athlete (basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.), who is ready to work hard and give everything I have! I have a free schedule and can work around almost everything! I am on the honor roll at school and I know what I am doing, hopefully. I would love to just be considered for this movie!
    Thank you for reading,
    Casey Power

  19. Elanda Thomas

    Hi My Name is Elanda Thomas. I am a actress/model. I was looking for roles to audition for and saw auditions for this movie. I am very interested in being considered for any role that would apply to me for this feature Kill The Messenger. It sounds like a project that will be very suspenseful and will keep the viewers on the edge of theirs seat. I believe this work of art will truly stretch me as an actress, and I am always up for the challenge. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

  20. Ashley

    Aged 15 (have been mistaken for 18)
    5′ 8″
    Long brown hair
    Glasses but have contact lenses
    Born and raised in London
    Can do American Accent and I speak French and some Russian
    I regularly horse ride and I attend archery, also a part of my cross country team so I am in shape and slim.
    Keen about acting and the film industry, I think this would be a great opportunity.
    Parents are happy for me to do this so they can sign any papers needed.

  21. Tony Parker

    Greetings, my name is Tony Parker. I’m an aspiring actor with some minor acting experience from high school and college theatre. I am very excited to start my career in such an amazing industry and I feel I’d be a great addition to this production. Whether it be as an extra, background, or whatever small role available, I’m more than happy to fill them. I am versatile in my abilities and I have a range of acting potential as well as additional skills. For further information, please check out my Backstage profile:

    Name: Tony Parker
    Age: 22 (Range: 18-30)
    Race: African American
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic (Muscular)

  22. Melissa Van Valkenburg

    I would love to be apart of this series. My name is Melissa Van Valkenburg and i am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I would love to show you what Canadians are made of. Just to put yourself in that characters shoes and to learn where they com from is just so fascinating to me.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 160lbs
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Ethnicity: Greek/Dutch
    Race: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Body Type: Athletic

  23. Amanda Haddad

    My name is Amanda Haddad. I am a 21 years American/Syrian female and fluent in arabic. I am very outgoing and love to try different things in life. I do not have any acting experience however, I have been told that acting is in my blood. Experiencing new cultures and life styles are very exciting to me so I believe that is a great advantage in the acting industry. I am very courageous and believe everyone is put on this earth for a reason. I would really like to pursue my passion for acting and hopefully getting the opportunity to at least audition.

  24. Adi dadon

    I will do anything for this opportunity and I mean it I wont let you down!!!!!


    Height: 5’5
    Age: 13 and a half ( but i can play a 16 year old and 14 and 15 year old )
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Eye Color: brown
    Skin: white
    Gender: female
    Talents: ACTING!!!!, some singing,
    Experience: I never did anything on television but I have done a few school plays and they said I was one of the best!!! ( cant go wrong with that)
    Personality: amazing sense of humor ( funny), Intelligent,nice and lots more!!!
    It would mean to world to me if you guys considered me I’ve always wanted to be an actress especially at a young age and not at like 30 if you think about it if I start at a young age by the time I’m 30 I’ll be a better actress than when i start my career at age 30 (I hope ) anyways I think I would be really good for this movie if you want to contact me I prefer Email!!!!!!!
    thank you for your time ( if you even read this)


  25. Jordan Betti

    Jordan Betti
    Age : 23
    Height : 5 foot 9/athletic, thin.
    Weight : 155
    Eye Color : Green
    Hair Color and Style : Dark brown and slicked back undercut
    Florida resident
    I am self taught at acting and writing. I have studied acting, movies, screenwriting and storytelling since I was 9 years old. I have a natural instinct for all of the above. I study hard and get very deep within storytelling, acting and writing. I am a natural and given the right opportunity I am positive and confident I could go far.

  26. sepideh

    Hey my name is sepideh i very very very love jeremy renner im 14 yeas old i have brown eyes and black hear i go to school and class basket boll i love ice cream and caffe i have email please email me please bye

  27. Avonelle Walters

    I am 28 years of age, african american…can pass for indian or spanish …I have been in the arts industry for somrtime….would love the opp to work wit a major production….

  28. Mack Millender

    Hello, my name is Mack Millender and I am a 5’8, 23 year old African-American male from Las Vegas, NV. Acting caught my eye when I was helping out some friends on my high school football team. Acting out our own coaches were one thing, but when I was said to have been the best actor, I then decided to try and pursue acting auditions. Without much success, I joined the Army National Guard to further my education. After coming back from training, I went to school and was invited to a theatrical play that the school thought I was a good fit for. Later on, I started working at Wal-Mart where I found a female who was very interested in modeling, but didn’t kno if she wanted to pursue it. I remember telling her that she has no limit to what she could do and at that moment, I realized that telling her that is exactly what I needed to hear, so here I am, back stronger and mentally prepared for any and everything that comes my way.

  29. vega sherman

    im 13 and a girl i love to act i go to school for it in fl. i have brownish blond hair

  30. Kenneth Skidmore

    The chance to work with Jeremy Renner would be life changing. I saw American Hustle at the theater and it was one of the best movies I have ever scene. Jeremy Renner’s paly off of Christian Bale was fantastic!!!! I hope they will work together in the future. Great chemistry. This movie sounds amazing and will have people talking. Given our current political climate this is sure to garner many award nominations. I would love to be part of this project. My name is Kenny and I am a 36 year old single man.

  31. Noemi

    Hello, my name is Noe I’m 17 years old, 5’1, dark brown hair, brown eyes and very thin. I was born and raised in Miami Florida. I’m very out going, energetic, known for being funny and also called a drama queen. I’m always very friendly and get along with everyone very quickly. I just recently graduated high school. Ever since I could remember I’ve had a passion for acting, I love to act. I’ve done several plays as the lead role. I haven’t had proper training because my family hasn’t been able to afford it. My biggest dream and goal is to become an actress. I’m willing to play any role even as just an extra, I just want a chance to prove and show people what I can do. I believe I’m myself and know if I follow my heart and work hard to make my dreams come true I will achieve it. I’m not looking to be famous, but I do want to be successful. I will work harder than anyone, and will respect and follow all the rules. I’m ready to fight to make my dreams come true. Thank you for your time.

  32. Jason Whitecotton

    I am a very active person I love to workout and health conscious. I have played athetics all my life and through collegeI have more of a bodybuilder appearance. Im an ex-teacher turned police officer. I love to joke around and I am considered very witty. I can be very serious when need be. I would love for a chance in any movie I have always been encouraged to do this but didnt really know how to pursue it . I hope to hear back.

  33. Tamara Manukyan

    I believe acting is one of the greatest gifts. The idea of being able to portray a character for a period of time and act,think, characterize yourself to fit the description of the character is just mind bottling. My name is Tamara Manukyan I’m 18 years old and I love in LA. To have an opportunity to prove my passion to the world would truly be a dream come true. I have the time, dedication and most importantly the drive.
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes

  34. Rose Ruminski

    Hello,I’m Rose and I would love to be considered to play as background,stand in,extra roles.
    I’m 5’3,120lbs,41 yrs old(I look 20).
    Thank you!

  35. Deoctavius Evans

    i am 17 my parent do not have much money but i will love to be in this movie i do make average grades and everything i do i do it from my heart but i put god first before anything and i have a twin

  36. Dr. J.L. Alvarez

    Dentist, mature, good looking and fit. can play any role.
    Drop me a line, you got my e mail.

  37. Neecia Watt

    Height: 5’6
    Ethnicity: African American

    Hello! my name is Neecia Watt and i know for a fact i am the best candidate to be apart of your cast for this film. I have a background in film which gives me the knowledge and experience to achieve the producers dream. I will go above and beyond to ensure that the beauty of the film is expressed. Please select me and i promise you, it will be the best choice.

  38. Madeleine Phillips

    Hello, my name is Madeleine Phillips i am 23, I live in cali. I am a counrty girl who is not scared to get dirty or bumps and bures. I have done drama,sing, and dance all thro high school. I have been extras on movies before. The Ringer with Johnny K. I am 5`4 Red hair green eyes and i have always wanted more out of just sitting behind my desk. I want to be in the spot light. I know i have to work my way up and take any and everything in. I know I am not the skinniest girl in the world but i do wear my weight great. I have been in beauty pageants I know beauty is not everything, you have to be able to take in what people tell you and apply it. I am signed up with so many acting websites but noone would give me a chance. I would love to start off in this movies causegrowing up i have always done the 60`s -70`s look and even the victorian look. If you would like to know more about me please feel free to contact me

  39. Alexis Jerrells

    Hello, I’m Alexis. I’m a 16 year old Floridian that has always dreamt of being famous. I’m a quick learner, I will take advice with no hard feelings, I will bend over backwards to do this job. I don’t have much experience in acting except practicing monologues at night and one day in musical theatre when I did improve. I would love to do this movie, not only because I’m eager to act, but because of the magnificent Jeremy Renner. This movie has an excellent cast and I know I will improve it if I were to join. This is all I’ve ever wanted, to make it big, this seems like my chance. I’m not the prettiest or skinniest, but I WILL change that, if anyone were to want me to. If you want me to stay how I am, I can do that, too. Like I said, I will bend over backward for this. I will do whatever it takes to fit the role, I will learn my lines quickly and put emotion in them. Please email me, I want this so bad it hurts. This will give me the chance to leave my town, show the people that doubted me what I can do, and make my family’s life easier. Not only for my family, but also me, and whoever I am bound to work with. I love the thought of acting, ever since I was a little girl, I remember wanting to act. I’ve never wanted something so much. I work well with people, very agreeable, I’m not defiant or hard headed. Please give me a chance, that’s all I can ask. This would be a blessing. Thank you so much for reading, please email me.

  40. John Leoni

    I could say I’m special and unique, but I’m sure you have heard that from a lot of people already. Im here to say that by having me in your movie it would not only make it a better show, but also satisfy all of the acting needs that you may be looking for.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

  41. Nathalie Delin

    Hello my name is Nathalie Delin I am a 21 years old girl from Denmark Copenhagen. 🙂 I am not sure if u are only looking for people within the United States.
    I would just love to be a part of kill the messenger, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I took the chance to write to you anyway. 🙂
    I really love acting, and have attended two acting classes, in Copenhagen.
    And one of my goals, is to save enough money, to attend a film acting class in Los Angeles too.
    I have been an ekstra in some few movies and commercial, and done some modeling jobs too. 🙂
    I am a very nice, caring and easy going person, and also very nice to work with, always happy and with a smile on my lips.
    I am a very active person, and like to work hard, I Loves to test own limits, and learn every day
    I do not speak English fluently, I speak English basically, but understand and write very well.
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 55kg
    Hair Color: Dyed Golden
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Danish
    Thank u for taking your time to read this 🙂
    Have a nice day
    Take care
    The bestest regards Nathalie Delin

  42. Michaela Bowser

    Hey my name is Michaela I am 24 year old female and I think I could be apart of this because I know I can play any role. I have done local plays in my town and I truly enjoy it. I have a great personality and I am a very hard worker. I am willing to go above and beyond to make my dreams come true. I’m just a small town girl looking for a shot to show what I am capable of. I can make anyone laugh, that’s what I love to do. I just need that one opportunity to shine and I promise you wont be disappointed. I am 5″5, 140 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. Thank you.

  43. Vanessa

    Hello Team,

    I am a performer and have been since I was 16. I love to act, sing and dance as well. I have a burning PASSION to be what I was called to be and that being said, I’m committed to do what needs to be done, say what needs to be said, perfect what needs to be perfected & most importantly, give it all I got !

    Thank you,

  44. Michael Carreo

    Dear Director & Team,

    Hello! I have done some acting at 36yo. Live in Los Angeles. I would be interested in a movie. I am 6ft in height and have a medium built.

    It is best to contact me at my mobile if there are auditions.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Carreo

  45. sirine

    Hello everyone, my name is Sirine, I’m 19 and I live in Paris (France).
    I would like to be apart of this project because I think I can play any kind of character and it would be my chance to show what I am capable of doing.
    And as a French person, I’d love to start a career in America (I speak fluent English).
    In the hope of a positive return on your part

  46. Austin Reed

    My name is Austin Reed. I am a 19 year old African American male attending college in Miami, Florida. Through out my entire life, I have only dreamt of taking on a role in a film but have always had confidence in my acting abilities. I can guarantee that any role that would be given to me, I would nail. I am charismatic, comedic, well spoken, and athletic. Even being an extra in a film would be a great deal to me and my career. Though I have not had any actual film experience, being in this film would make my dreams come alive. I promise that if I were chosen for this film, you would not at all regret it.

    Height: 6’2”

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair: Black

    Weight: 220

    Body type: Athletic

    Thank you!

  47. Justin Turner

    Hello my name Justin Turner from Chicago, IL. I am 19 years old and I want to thank you for giving me the chance to express why I should be apart of a great film. I have always wanted to be apart of a action movie because it is so much going on. There are stunts, explosions and intense fighting. Action movies always keep you at the end of your seat. I am not just a fan of movies like this but I can actually act and I would love to show that I can do whatever is needed to make a great film. If I were given just a response on my email it would probably make up for any bad day. Thank you

  48. Taurus Vaughn

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11”
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Short dread locks, dark brown

    Hello. First off I would like to say this would be an awesome opportunity and honor to be involved in this film. I personally have a tremendous amount of passion for the art of acting. I am currently a theatre major (performance track) at Armstrong Atlantic State University, located in Savannah, Ga. I have been acting since I was in middle school and I have loved it ever since. Being an actor is one thing, but to be a part of an ensemble is another. I like working and interacting with people to make a production a great as possible. I would really like to be a part of this production and I thank you for the opportunity to respond.

    Phone: 912-362-2760

  49. Cynthia

    Hello, my name is Cynthia Prada. Growing up, I was always fascinated with the different government aspects like the CIA, FBI, and the military. To be in any aspect of this movie would be an absolutely amazing start to my career. I do not have much experience in acting but I will be taking an acting course. I never really knew how to go about being an actor before because my parents were the type that wanted me to have a stable career and discouraged me to do this. I feel that I am able to play any type of role, including being a villain. I am currently at a university with a high GPA but am figuring out that I want to do something more; something different. Being in school has taught be to be productive, self- disciplined, organized, team oriented, and to adapt to any situation.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Brown, medium length
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, but look white
    Am able to speak Spanish (semi- fluent)

    For more information, please contact me.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  50. Jamie Mortimer

    Hello my name is Jamie .
    I’m originally from England , I moved to America about 7 years ago . I graduated high school last year here in Florida and I have always had the dream to become an actress .
    I am 19 and I turn 20 this year ,
    red hair , blue eyes ,
    5’1 , approximately 117 lbs .
    I’m white .
    I enjoy making a fool of myself , I am me and nobody else . I get along with all kinds of people , I don’t judge and I’m very lovable !
    I would appreciate it so much if I could have this opportunity to star in a movie with such an amazing , talented and handsome actor . I could not describe what this would mean to me , coming from somebody who hasn’t had much in life to having this opportunity . The words really cannot be described ! Please Please ((: Ask me anything and I’m your girl !!

  51. Johnice Garvin

    Hello my name is Johnice Garvin and acting has been a big passion of mine for a very long time.

    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5′ 7
    Weight: 135
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I am a outgoing person, I can act a variety of personalities. I have acted in some high school plays and musicals. I have taken drama and acting classes. Although I don’t have much experience, all I need is an opportunity to prove myself.
    Thanks for your time

  52. Chace Allen

    My name is Chace Allen and I am an aspiring performer. All my life I have always wanted to pursue an acting career. I wanted to be the person behind the camera and in action. Performing in a production like this would be a dream come true for me! I have participated in many productions throughout high school including major roles. I am easy and flexible to work with goal oriented, and love working in unity. I love portraying any type of role and love getting in the mood and in character. I would be extremely honored to be able to participate in this production with any role.

    My info:
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Age: 19

    Again, I would be extremely honored for any available roles. Thank you for your consideration.

    Chace Allen

  53. Madison Hallman

    My name is Madison. I’m 23, 120 lbs, 5 ft. 3 in. My hair color changes a lot, but I’m currently a red head. I would love to be considered for a part in this film because it seems like an amazing film and Jeremy Renner is a killer actor.” And would thoroughly enjoy working with him.

  54. Emily Massengale Cox

    My name is Emily Cox, I am 20 years old and I would really like to be considered for a part in this movie.

    I’m from Athens, Georgia and started dipping my feet into acting with a
    local theater group in elementary school with small roles in *Seussica*l
    and *Oliver!*. In high school I played a “lovely lady” and a
    townsperson in *Les
    Miserables*, townspeople in *Fiddler on the Roof *and *Cottonpatch Gospel* with my school’s drama company. I have also been costume mistress and backstage
    help for other plays, so while I’ve never had a major role I do have a lot
    of experience with stage acting, as well as a tiny bit with film.

    As for my life outside of theater, I’m currently taking a semester off from
    Utah State University where I was a sophomore pursuing a major in
    journalism and communications. I have a job at home and I am going to make
    this time worth it so that I don’t make the same mistakes that I have made
    in the past few semesters.

    Of course, appearance is a big part of casting, so I have some unfiltered pictures that I can send you if you would like. I’m a 5’9″ Caucasian girl, around 130 lbs with longish (a bit past my shoulders and I’m growing it out) brown hair and green eyes.

    I would love to be given a chance to get myself out there and I truly think I deserve this.


  55. Shane Mohan

    Shane Mohan 36, I have the ability to blend in or stand out i have the appearance of Paul Newman and have featured in 3 Australian films in the last 8 weeks and highly recommended from all directors that I have worked with over the years. I also have a up to date passport and have ability to travel within 48hr notice. i have a very strong work ethic work very well with people I work hard to fulfil what is required of me also very reliable and punctual.

  56. Jessica

    My name is Jessica Gorseth. My phone number is 678-602-7737, and my email is I am 20 years old.

    My height is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. I am broader and more muscular than other girls, not a stick figure. I weigh roughly 175. My waist is 36.5, inseam is 30.5 inches. For my jacket size, my chest circumference is 42.5 inches and my arms are 32.5 inches from neck to the base of my thumb for my sleeve length. My neck size is 15 inches. My dress size is roughly a 14 from a bust size of 42.5, waist of 36.5, and hip of 42.5. I comfortably wear a 40C size bra. My shoe size is a 10, and my hat size is a 7.

    I’m going to school now for a Criminal Justice and Psychology degree; I have much experience with animals, and I have and ride my motorcycle.

    I have very little formal acting experience. In high school I was in one play, which I honestly say wouldn’t count for much. However, during my second semester in college, several of us college students participated in a Disaster Scenario event to help train paramedics and first responders, using plenty of fake blood, limbs, and other items. We enacted a bombing scene in a conference center; we played in twice for two training teams. We were told after the scenario that it was realistic enough that some of the first responders were shaking as they “helped” us actors and afterwards.
    I used to waitress; I ended up quitting because the sports bar environment became too chaotic and potentially hazardous for a woman my age, but I have to admit that I was able to practice plenty of acting while waiting on customers.

  57. Maddie Lyons

    Hello I am Madison Lyons, an upcoming star. Acting has been in me since birth. I’m talented, hard working, and have much experience in the field of acting. I would be a fantastic candidate due to my bubbly personality and ability to fit about any part given. My destiny is to become an Actress and/ or Model and I will strive to complete my goal. With my shiny blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, I’m the whole package. If chosen, I will NOT disappoint.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 113
    Thank you so much for your time,
    Future idol to many…
    Maddie Lyons.

  58. Ashley

    My name is Ashley,
    I’m not someone with with any fancy or formal training.
    I may not even be someone you are looking for
    But I can say I have real genuine love for acting
    And trying new challenges. I am from a very small dead end town, single mom of a amazing son who i strive to make proud and show him anything can really can happen if you follow your heart and never give up.

  59. Trevor Abrahamian

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Brown:
    Eyes: Blue
    Race: White
    Body Type: Slim

    My name is Trevor Abrahamian, and although I don’t have much experience in acting, I do have family in the business as my uncle is an acting coach in Hollywood and has worked with many A-listers. My best physical quality would have to be my blue eyes. I am constantly told how beautiful they are. I really do love to act and have been told that I have a knack for bringing characters to life.. I have a great sense of humor and can really brighten up a room with my positive attitude. I am also a very outgoing person and have no trouble socializing and making new friends. I would greatly appreciate it if I would be considered for this film.

    Jeremy Renner is one of my favorite actors, and I would be honored to work with him.

  60. Ashley Everett

    I live in the UK and have attended many stage schools including the famous BRIT school.
    As a child I was in several theatre performances singing, acting and dancing.
    I’m 14 and was born in London and I still live there, I was born January 21st 1999.
    I have always wanted to be an actor and love the Marvel Universe.
    I am very athletic: Cross Country, Horse Riding, Archery, Swimming, Boxing many more.
    I am a slim built teen I weigh 8 stone 5.
    I am quite tall for my age and have been mistaken for an adult several times, I am around 5 foot 9.
    Even though I do love in the United Kingdom and I understand this film is filmed in the United States, I do have funds to travel.
    I hope to hear from you at some point.
    Please contact me I you have any questions or enquiries.
    Many thanks,
    Ashley Everett

  61. Deonna Miller

    Hello! My name is Deonna, and I would absolutely love to be a part of this film!
    I’m fourteen years old, and of mixed race (African-american and Caucasian). I have auburn colored hair, and brown eyes, and am around the 5’8 – 5’9 range.
    I should be considered for this film because while I might not have the most experience, I have a passion for movies and have had one since I was small. I do believe that I could showcase the talent needed for films, and require only a chance to do so. While I am not very practiced in the art of acting, I write often and enjoy reading + practicing previously published scripts on my own. Being a part of movies, especially one of this scale and genre, would be a new experience for me, and would be an excellent way for me (a proclaimed introvert) to develop skills I dont already have.
    Thank you for your time!

  62. Kirsten Davis

    My name is Kirsten Davis im 13 years old, dark brown haired, 5-2 feet tall For I have never been in a movie I have been watching and learning since I was 4 my dad told me himself I love movies and a real movie director told me that if I called and had something else I would take classes to become a actor but I dont have the other thing that I dont want to explain online. People dont know that its hard to become or be a actor they want it for fam but I want it because its what I love to do and its my passion the movie director told me that she likes how cofinent I am in front of people I will surprise you

  63. Sueshly Rodriguez

    My name is Sueshly. Im 15 years old. I could be young but could have good skills. If you give me a chance, you wont be disappointed. I will probably impress you. Just give me a chance. I love action movie and i would love to be in a action movie and begin my journey from there. Thank you.

  64. john-robert marks

    im a 23 tall big aussie acting student
    what better way learing about the industry than being in a top hollywood film
    please cosder me for any kind of role in your film doesnt matter how big or small it is
    me starring along side the hawk would be a spectacle
    plus im new to the acting scene so if chosen my ability to comunicate between characters would be raw and original