Kids & Teens for New Nickelodeon TV Show

Nickelodeon TV Show Audition

Nickelodeon is filming a new TV show and child, teen and adult actors are needed! The Nickelodeon casting call is searching for kids and adults for permanent roles on the show! Boys and girls ages 7 and up as well as males and females ages 18 to 26 are being considered for the Nickelodeon audition. This is a brand new series. Filming will be around Miami, Florida from April 17th through the summer. Actors are models are being cast to portray high school students. Selected talent will be shooting 3 times a week! The paid acting job will compensate between $65.00 and $200.00 per day. Details surrounding the show have not yet been released but we can tell you this is a different series than “I Am Frankie”. If you are an actor or model who would love the opportunity to appear on Nickelodeon, apply to the casting call for this incredible chance!

About Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon now known as just Nick, is the go to cable network for kids and teens. For years the network has been entertaining kids, teens and adults with exciting and fun series. With popular shows like Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Make It Pop, Bella and the Bulldogs, Henry Danger and The Thundermans, Nick has quickly become the top teen show network.

What They Are Looking For

We Are Booking Kids And Teens And Young Adults That Can Pass As High School Students who are mainly available to shoot 3 times a week on permanent roles.

Males and Females

All Ethnicities.

Ages 7 To 26 or So

This Is Not I Am Frankie, It’s A New One

We Start To Shoot April 17, All Through The Summer.

No Travel Is Covered, Must Be Local Florida Talent, This Will Shoot In Areas Of Dade And Broward.

Rates Are $65 To 200Kids, teens and adults who are ages 7 to about 26 are welcome to apply.

How to Apply

To sign up for the Nickelodeon casting call email Include your name, parent name if submitting for a minor, phone number, email address, resume if you have one and photos. Children who need a school letter will have one provided.

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319 Casting Responses

  1. Jeff Fanty

    My name is Jeff Fanty a brilliant-minded 14 year old with common sense abilities since I was in Elementary School. I am Haitian. I was born in Florida. I comprise of knowledge about life its self and I would love to be apart of the cast. I can do anything! I can be any character in the cast. 🙏 thank you

  2. Von allen

    I would like to audition for the show but are Africans allowed to audition

  3. keletso matara

    Hi my name is keletso Matara I am from Botswana I am 15 years old girl I love singing I am doing my form 2 ( grade 9) I am a great actress and I have always wanted to be part of nickelodeon. I would be very grateful for this opportunity

  4. Steve evah

    Hi I’m Steve evah and im 12 years old.
    I’m a Nigerian who loves to act and will love to be a nickelodeon actor please give me an opportunity

  5. Steve evah

    Hi I’m Steve evah and ill like to be part of nickelodeon

  6. amari holmes

    I am 10 and would like to be on he show please pick me thankyou and I am onroll student 4 times in a row

  7. Jenna

    My childs name is Tierra Janis she is 12 years old and we live in las vegas nevada. My name is jenna rosen and you can call me at

  8. Chika Charles Akonye

    I am Charles Akonye and I will like to be part of Nickelodeon

  9. Ariyo david

    My name is David Ariyo I am a Nigerian and I am 14 years old I am in my last year in high school I can sing, dance and love acting it is my dream to act in Nickelodeon thanks for the opportunity Nickelodeon.

  10. Ariyo david

    My name is David I am from Nigeria and I am 14 years old I am ready to act fully I am in my last year in high school thanks for the opportunity Nickelodeon

  11. James Ahearn

    Hello, my name is James and I live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I am 12 years old and I have recently started to get into theater. I work well with others, and I’m a great leader. I am able to get to Miami easily and would love to be apart of the show. Have a good day!

  12. peace kirui

    hi my name is peace i will like to act in nickelodeon am 6 years old i really love nickelodeon

  13. sam

    hi my name SAM i am 10 years old i am from KENYA i would like to be a nickelodeon actor i hope you will choose me thank you

  14. Idris Mubarak

    I would love to but I’m in Nigeria and I can’t make it to Miami Florida because my family is not rich so good luck to you all I pray you are all admitted for the job

  15. Brittney Dodd

    hi my name is Brittney I am 18 years old. I live in Winter Haven Florida and just graduated from high school. I would love to start being in commercials and movies and make a career out of it. I have always been in theatre since the day I could walk and talk. I believe that this could be a great lifestyle for me.