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Disney Auditions for Kids

Disney kid auditions are being held for a new project! Disney is looking for boys and girls who are between the ages of 6 and 13 for an upcoming casting call. Chosen children will be profiled on Disney so this is an incredible opportunity. Casting directors are accepting video submission and in-person auditions will be held if selected. Filming will be in the Baltimore, Maryland area and the surrounding cities. The team is searching for kids who are local to the area. Pay for those who are selected will be $100.00. If you are a child model or actor who has always wanted to be on Disney, here is your chance! Sign up for the Disney casting call today.

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for a diverse group Ages 6-13, both M and F, with a unique or interesting story. It would be ideal to have kids that are in various parts of Baltimore or surrounding cities / East Coast States, the more different and unique stories the better. (ex. The shore, Farm town, etc)

Boys & Girls

Ages 6-13

Local to Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas

Asap Casting – Disney Kids Short Profile

Details: Project For Disney Where The Chosen Kids Would Be Profiled On Disney

Pay Rate: $100.00 – Production Will Come to Kids For Interview If Selected

How to Apply

To submit your child for this project, please email the following:

Submission/Audition Deadline Is This Friday, May 12, 2017

*We Will Send Video Audition Information to Those Selected & Turnaround For Video Is This Friday, May 12, 2017

1. Parent(s) Name and Child Name

2. Location (City and State)

3. Contact Info (Phone and Best Email)

4. A Recent Photo(s) – Professional and clear candids) of the kid(s) you are submitting for the project

5. A Brief Paragraph describing why your kid would be good for this project, and what makes him or her different

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73 Casting Responses

  1. micah

    Hi! im micah im 14 but fit all other criteria. I jave lived in Baltimore Maryland up until i was eight which i then moved to Middle River Maryland as i have been living here since. my journey and story perfectly fit what youre looking for .

  2. Nicolas Roma

    My name is Nicolas you may not ever get me back but I love to act and I hope you make my dream come true. my parents are willing to take risk for me I hope you get me back.

  3. Abby Hommen

    Hi my name is Abby. I would LOVE to be an actress! Unfortunately, I do not live close to Maryland. I live in Montana. My parents would have to agree to. I have been in plays though, and I would LOVE to join the Disney crew! So please consider me!

  4. Mia Girado

    I’m a girl. My nameis Mia Girado and I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I’m 11 and yeah. Also I want to prove myself that I don’t have stage frights.

  5. Gibby Caicedo

    Hi I am Gibby and the whole reason I want to be able to do this is because I need to do this. It would let me show everyone what I can really do and be discovered so please consider me and thank you.

  6. danielle

    I live so close i always wanted to do this i’m so excited

  7. Jason Matthew Morton Jr

    My name is Jason, I really want to be an actor. At a certain time in my life I used to want to dance, sing, and act and now I just found the perfect opportunity and I want to take it so please contact me back.
    By the way I’m 14 turning 15 in August. I know that Disney is looking for 13 years or less of age but i can make it up to you guys, again please and thank you.

  8. Dorisschumake

    Hey im Doris i alwas wont to become an actor in movies plays and i do books to im 24 live in Detroit Michigan 48213 and i hope ill get a roles in movies cal me



  10. Samita Singh Gurjar

    Iam Aditya from Indore mp please give me one chance .iam belong poor family.please call me on this number

  11. Blue Delta

    Hi im Blue Delta and ths is my dream since 6 years old. I feel like since i’ve been through so many struggles. This will help me prove that I am somebody and I can be something. I dont know many mother or father and Im in foster care. I really want this. It is my life long dream and I wont give up until it happens.

  12. Abigail

    I’ve always wanted to be an actor but however I can’t complete the steps or something can you plz move it to the Bay Area for me j am full of hope and dreams

  13. Anigail

    I’ve always wanted to be an actor but however I can’t complete the steps or something can you plz move it to the Bay Area for me j am full of hope and dreams

  14. Aaliyah Harold

    Hi i am 12 and i would love to be an actress.

  15. Anastasia

    Please help me start my dream and I’m 11 years old

  16. Anastasia

    Hi I’m Anastasia I would love to be an actress a lot of people I told said”you can’t be an actress” and I want to prove them wrong and it’s my dream I’m also a great singer I live in Jacksonville Florida.

  17. Maison

    Hi ive bean dying to be an actor so can u plzz help me

  18. DeAngelo Smith

    Hi!! My name is DeAngelo Smith. I am smart, charming,and I hear that I am handsome too. Most of all, I am a BIG fan of Disney. I would love to be in a movie that will be shown on The Disney channel. Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. theresa holland

    hi i am almost 13, but acting has always been my dream since i was 5 years old
    so i really need this to make my family proud of me and i am a smaRt girl..

  20. Hannah

    Hi I’m Hannah I am 13 years old I have a twin sister with Down syndrome I live in Michigan I love to sing and it my dream to act

  21. mireille

    I really want to act, disney or not, i would just like to do what i love to on whatever base, ive grown up being told i was amazing at acting, i think that might be an overstatment but i really do love acting it has been a part of my life that i enjoyed at all the ages. ive been looking at disney mostly because its actors always have a brighter future and an amazing outcome but i only find acting offers fit for myself once its too late, if anyone can help that would be great

  22. Agbaire Nicole

    Hello I am Nicole I am dark in complexion and I hope I get picked to act

  23. Faith

    Ok so I’m faith and I was sing and dance and when I saw Disney I said mommy can I be o. TV and she said yes so can I please be on Disney please

  24. sophie

    Hey, my name is Sophie dormer and i am a big fan of all of Disney’s work, and i have been for years. Speaking of years, i am 13 and love to act, dance and sing. I have portrayed multiple roles in the past in theatres including the queen of hearts and Cinderella. However i am from London, which might be a problem as Disney is mostly in the United states but i am willing to film video auditions if accepted or fly over to america. Please read this it would mean the world to me!

  25. Abby

    Hi my name is abeni and I I’m 11 years old i enjoy acting ,singing ,I can play the violin and any sport I’ve bin watching Disney channel ever since I was little and it would be the best opportunity ever if you would pick me to act in the next Disney show coming out soon . I’ve bin In a acting camp when I was seven and now I do plays every week I have 9 years of experience in the acting world I am currently in a acting school thank you

  26. Toluwani Fadumiye

    Hello…am Debbie Fad…Disney channel has been my fav….I will be so so excited if u pick me for one of your shows…thanks😊😄

  27. Briana

    My name is Briana lamppa i am13yearoldmy

  28. Aminata Traoré

    Hii,i’m very fun,and I’m a good actor. So i’ll be happy if i can work to Disney. I’m always ready.❤

  29. Luckeesha

    Hello my daughter would love to be on Disney Channel so much that is all she ever talks about please guys she is an amazing actor she made me cry just by her acting it is like her passion

  30. Blanche

    I really wanted to be on disney channel since I was little and and it was my dream I love acting ,dancing and singing bye.

  31. Melisaa Rangel

    Hi I would like to be in a Disney show I am 11 years old i been in a YouTube video and gotten over 1 million views and I was a baby and was in a try not to laugh and I love Disney show and movies since I was 4 I would like to be in one

  32. kassy bella

    hi my name is kassy bella and disney channel has be my hole life i watch it ever day i will be so happy if you will pick me for one of you new shows coming out soon

  33. Henry

    Hy im Henry Gryer and I would really like to be a actor

  34. Omowonuola jinadu

    Hi my name is omowonuola jinadu and I am from Africa (Nigeria) I want to be a star so people can know my name. My skin is black

  35. Marleek

    Hi my child will love to be a Disney star he love your descendents 2 movie and your shows like andi mack please give a job

  36. janae blanche

    Hi my name is janae blanche and im from Philadelphia Pennsylvania im 9 years old and i like to draw sing and act i had a twin but he died i dont need the money i just want to do what i love and thats acting my phone number

  37. Sharon Erickson

    Hi my Daughter is Skyler Erickson
    10 yes old looking for A opportunity
    To be a Actress on one of your shows
    A Sincerely Thank you
    Sharon Erickson

  38. Giselle Zayas

    Hello, My name is Giselle Zayas but I like to be call Izelle. I live in CA in United States of America. Anyways I have been inspire to become an actor, singer, or model because its my dream also thanks to one of my friend who told me never give up on singing and smile . I have been taking singing and acting class in an year and I would love to be on Disney or any kind.

  39. Dalynne

    Hello there! My name is dalynne and I always loved Disney channel. I watched it sense I was 3 and 11, and every time I watched it… The Disney channel has been my dream to be on it! I sing, act and I have been dancing sense I was 4 and I just started singing when I was In the 4th grade talent show at school and 5th grade I also please let me get involved! Thanks

  40. josephina

    please give this role

  41. Dj Won

    Hi I’m Dj I’m 10 I love Disney i would love to star plz I’m a good person too

  42. Sabrina Dalili🖤

    i think anyone’s dram could come true if only they believe, try and never give up.

  43. Sabrina Dalili🖤

    hello, i’m 12 and my favourite actor is Emma Watson. i think she is absolutely amazing, i wanted to become an actor ever since i was 6 and i has been my dream, but now i want my dream to come true:)

  44. Eve

    My name is Eve.and im 11 years old. Ioved disney ever since i was like 4 years old i love acting i can act,dance,sing,Im also learning the art of fashion designing and i can even play baseball i also started a youtube channel because i wanted to test my abilities also disney stars inspire me everyday and i would love to get this role it would mean the world to me i also spent the whole day searching for this audition. I would like of you would tell me where the auditions are held. I have so many things that make me unique one of the most special things is that i believe in myself no matter what anybody else says and i have girl power and i hope you choose me.

  45. Jonni King

    Hi my name is Jonni I am 11 I love Disney Channle I watch everyday so I hope this could be me chance😁

  46. londyn

    hi my name is londyn i will like to be a star in your oner thake you

  47. londyn

    hi my name is londyn i will love to be aport of you bussnies thanke bye

  48. Mercedes Kim

    Hi, I’m Mercedes. I’m twelve years old, and I’ve always dreamed of being an actress. The first time I was in a play (a production of Annie) I knew I loved acting. Rehearsals were very long, but I loved every minute of it! I would love to be on Disney Channel, because I want to be an actress really bad!!!

  49. Unique

    And im 13 and a girl

  50. Unique

    Hello my name is unique and i wanted to be a star my whole good at acting,little bit of dancing and singing.but i want my own show and i want it to be like jessie but different. Bye

  51. Cay

    Hi, I am Cailynn but I also go by Cay, and I was always inspired to be a Disney Channel actor. I want to do this because I was inspired and my mother Heaven Hale works to hard so I wanted to try to make a bit of money for the family as well. This is a dream of mine and I hope and pray my dreaming will come true one day.

  52. Summer

    My name is Summer Freitag and she is 12 years old. We live in Naples Florida but could drive to other places. My moms Number I Would be useful because i am Good At Creating Drama NAturally And Be Good As THe Lead Role My Mothers NAme Is Susan MacBlain

  53. Aury

    Hi my name is Aury/auryanna and I love acting it’s always been my dream to act on Disney channel. I love Disney channel and I have been searching for Disney channel castings all day.

  54. Alexa Munoz

    Alexa will be good because she has been in movies but for school she hadoesn’t to learn scripts in less thenergy 2 weeks. She was also in her school new broadcast.

  55. estera

    hi am estera i really want to be a star because i allways Wach disney channel and the movie what i allways wach is the lodge and i really love it and i would wish to be an actor thats the only thing what i wish if i had a wish it would be me to be an actor in the disney channel

  56. Chase Rabaja

    Hi I’m Chase Rabaja and I’m am 11 years old and I want to make a career!

  57. lisa

    hello =it lisa would love my younger who 7 ywaer old she briallnts acting please get touche with me

  58. kaylah

    im very talented an a great actress
    Kayla posekana from south Africa
    im a beautiful girl who dreams of being a star …all my life I was looking up online tryna find roles whether it disney or nick plx concider my request as I need it with all my heart im 16 years old
    thank you

  59. Selena jackson

    I am master at art and I do TV series and performing i have been waiting for my whole life for this and I love to go on the red carpet and I want to be with peyton list and skai jackson and cameron and the rest because I had patients and I know I’m ready my mom knows my dad know ♡♡

  60. Amssetou Maiga

    Hey, my name is Amssetou Maiga and I’ve been watching disney channel since i was 3 and I’ve been a big supporter ever since; Now im 14 turning 15 in july, i wanted to audition because I can sing, dance, act, model; and my height is 5’3, and weight is 120lbs. Thank you.

  61. Atiel

    Hi my name is Atiel I am 13 but I don’t really look my age because of my height and I have always wanted to contribute in acting but I can’t because I live in Adelaide and sometimes it sucks here but enough about me I just want to be an actor or model my whole entire life

  62. Rose

    Every night i dream of being a Disney star. And i want it to come true but my parents are always busy and i cant talk to them. I really hope i can talk to my mom about this. Im nine my name is Rose and im a girl. I live Oregon City oregon

  63. Brianna

    Hi I’m Brianna and I’m 13 years old I always wanted to be on Disney Channel I want other kids to look up to me and stop the bullying I was bullied once and I told a teacher and they stop it know I’m middle school and you see a lot of bullying there I would want to be a voice for women and men to speak up I would love to be in Disney Channel and help people’s dreams come true I love to act and dance I think one day stop would stop bullying

  64. Madison

    Hi I’m Madison but I like to be called Maddie. Disney has been inspiring and a part of me when I was a shining star. It would be the world if I got the part I’ve been up for 3 hours always looking for this amazing role I’ll keep praying that I get this fantastic role sorry but I don’t know we’re aditions are can you send me something for we’re this is I sing act dance play baseball even though I’m a girl I mostly love acting go DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!

  65. Elizabeth Bevins

    Hi my name is Elizabeth I am 9 I want to be a star

  66. Elizabeth Bevins

    Hi my name is Elizabeth I am 8 I want to be a star

  67. Elizabeth Bevins

    I am 8 I want to be a star

  68. Leanny Morales

    I am 13 I have a passion for acting I’m Hispanic I’m a singer I’m a musician I go to a arts school !

  69. Rachel Guarnaccia

    Hey, I am 13. My name is Rachel Guarnaccia. I have been acting for 6 years now. I finally want a change. I would absolutely be honored to be any part of Disney or an acting career.

  70. kiara

    hi my name is shakyla and ive been looking everywhere on gogolto get my daughter in Disney she just been askin and asking if you can help please please help me if you could just help her get on her feet and help a little that will be good to her name is Kiara she dance act she loves to act she have been in a couple acts at schools

  71. Jeremiah Alexander

    I am 13 years old and I would love to be on Disney channel e-mail me with information about where,when,and what time I can audition.

  72. muthoni Ndehi

    hey my name is Muthoni , i love acting, singing and dancing. I have been a disney fan since i was two years of age now am turning fourteen. Am from Africa in kenya. i will be very thankful if you consider letting me know if there are any online auditions and i will be sure not to disappoint you. thank you again.

  73. April

    Hi my name is April I am 18 and I am trying to get a chance on Disney channel my mom would not mind me being on Disney channel she told me and I her name is Renee Lyons and my mom does not have a email but I do and I can give you mine and my mom’s number and I will try to send you a picture of me