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Disney Auditions for Commercial

Are you looking for a 2017 Disney casting call? There is a new opportunity for you to star in a Disney commercial! Disney auditions are being held for kids and adults! The commercial is searching for real families. There are several spots that will be filming. Shooting will take place in Orlando, Florida. Casting directors are looking for adult, teen and child models and actors who are part of a family. There are available roles for children ages 4 through 11, teens ages 12 through 16 and adults in their 20’s through 70’s! Pay is $800.00 per person per day!

Some families will shoot for multiple days so this is a marvelous opportunity to not only be on a Disney commercial but to make a lot of money. The auditions are being held on Tuesday, July 25th and Wednesday, July 26th. Commercial filming dates are scheduled for August 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21th and 21st! If you have been waiting for a Disney audition for kids and teens, this is the perfect opportunity to work with your family. Sign up for the casting notice for the opportunity of a lifetime!

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

Disney Is Seeking Real Families for a Paid Commercial (Orlando, Fl)

$800 per person per day (family of 4 can make $3200/day, or more if they’re chosen to work multiple days)

**REAL people! Not too perfect & polished. Freckles/braces okay!**


Teenage Boys age 12-16 – ethnicity less a factor than getting great teens (friends, siblings, cousins a plus)
Man and Woman – Age 20’s, ethnicity less a factor than getting great couples (real couple, friends a plus)
Hispanic Family Consisting of –
Grandma and Grandpa age 60-70’s (real couple or friends a plus)
Mom and Dad – Age 30’s (real couple, parents, friends a plus)
Two or more children – boys & girls aged 6-10 (real siblings, cousins, friends a plus)


Two Children age 4-6 – boys or girls. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great kids (real siblings, friends, cousins a plus)
Two Children age 7-8 – boys or girls. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great kids (real siblings, friends, cousins a plus)
Mom and Dad – Age 30’s, ethnicity less a factor than getting great Mom/Dad (real couple, parents, friends a plus)


Man and Woman – Childless couple aged 30’s. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great couple (real couple or friends a plus)
Two Teenage Girls age 12-16 – ethnicity less a factor than getting great teens (real siblings, cousins or friends a plus)
Two couples – 2 men and 2 women aged 30-40’s. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great couples (real couples, friends a plus)

Nuclear Family

Mom and Dad – Age 30’s. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great mom/dad (real couple, parents, friends a plus)
Two Children – boys and girls aged 8-11. Ethnicity less a factor than getting great kids.

How to Apply

Any submissions without the following will be deleted:
State which role(s) you are submitting for along with 3-5 clear/quality images to
TALENT MUST BE AVAILABLE: Tuesday July 25th and Wednesday July 26th for casting AND the following dates for shooting: 8/13, 8/14, 8/17, 8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21

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54 Casting Responses

  1. akshita joshi

    My name is akshita joshi and my age is 15 . I am from India and its my hardest wish to become a part of Disney international .

  2. charvi joshi

    My name is charvi joshi and my age is 12. I m from india and i wanna be one of the actresses working in disney international.

  3. niyati joshi

    my name is niyati joshi and my age is 14 .I m from india and i really wanna give audition as a teenage actress.

  4. Nhan Le

    Name: Nhan Le
    Living in Orlando, FL
    Bella Notte: I would like to audition for one of the teenage girls.
    Ethnicity: Asian American

    I am available for all the days listed above. Also, for the 3-5 clear/quality images, email me for them.

  5. chris martin

    I will love to work with DISENY I been trying to join the DISENY for 10 years I wiil love to be on bunk the new season or the new desendent movie

  6. Emily George

    I am a 17 year old girl from London who used to watch Disney from a very young age and belong to a Drama School which I do many shows within the academy.

  7. Shelby Hawkins

    HI! My name is Shelby and I am open to try out for Bella Note and Nuclear Family for the 11-12 year old girl category. I love Disney and this would be and amazing thing to try out for.

  8. Ousmane

    Hi my name is Ousmane and I sing dance and act I have been in plays in Vancouver bc it been my dream to be able to work for you guys I am 12 years old

  9. Sienna

    My name is Sienna. I’m 14, Afircan American and I am 5′ 8″. I will like to audition for one of the teenaged girls in Bella Notte. I was in a play called Highschool Musical towards the end of fifth grade and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in sixth grade, which I played the . with both plays i had to audition with a 16 bar broadway song. Well, I hope you pick me, but if you don’t I understand.

  10. Izabela

    Hi im izabela and i live singinging dancing and acting all at the same time i was watching Disney channel from she i was 3 years old and know im 12 and i still watch it. It will be a good idea for me to take part in disney channel

  11. Izabela

    Im izabela im 12 years old i really want to do this its my life and i live music singing and dancing and i want to show my family somthing

  12. sage johnson

    i am 12 year old female!

  13. Rohannah McDonald

    Hello I would like to audition for the Bella Notte. It has always been my dream to work for Disney Channel. It would mean the world if I got the part.

  14. Ziad Al Moussa

    Hello I’am Ziad and iam 14 years old. I would like to be on the disney channel show, I loved acting since i was a kid and i would like to take Acting as a career for life and have to contuine and make my acting skills better, I’ve done some short films in the past and I’ve posted them on youtube this could be a big oppurtiney for me and the future ahead of me.

  15. Zahra Mutia

    I’m Zahra and i’m 14 years old. I would like to take a part in disney show to finish my promise to my mom. Thank You

  16. Matipa Makore

    Hi applying for Bella note casting two teenage girl I’m 15. I am a energetic person when it comes to performing arts. I dance, act, Model and sing I started when I was 8 but now as I’m a triple threat I would like to purse in it

    Thank you

  17. E BLAIR

    Casting for Canadian Family
    Mom – 50 (always mistaken for 25)
    Dad – 46
    Daughter – 12 (talented and aspiring actor)
    Son – 6

  18. Carliscia Thomas

    Im 11 I have been acting since i was 10 im good but not that good if your looking for someone who knows what it is like and loves what they do also i have been singing for a while but im not that good i guess i am one of the girls you don’t wanna know i love reading so people say im werid i do have to say my aalll time fav movie of diseny is ZOMBIES which just came out,for the oldies it would have to be cinderalla shes just wow how she got the prince and for everyone to like her!! My moms running out of money well my grandma my grandpa died and my dads in jail my moms gone i guesss i just need the acting which i love its not the money but that would help us out.

  19. Sarah Lee

    My name is Sarah Lee, I am 12 years old, and I simply love acting! Ever since I was small I’ve loved performing and I really cannot see myself being doing anything else in the future. It would relayed truly would be a dream come true to audition for ‘Bella Notte’.
    Thank you for taking time out of your day for reading this,and good luck to everybody else auditioning!

  20. Stella Min

    Hello Disney or any casting crews. My name is Stella Min. I am a 14 year old Asian girl. I love to act and dance and sing! At school, I am in Musical Theater. Currently I am Willy Wonka for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The past productions: I was Helen Keller for the Miracle Worker, Louisa Von Trapp for Sound of Music, Belle for Beauty and the Beast. For dance, my strongest criterias are Ballet, Lyrical, and Jazz. I have been Clara in the Nutcracker five times and Odette in Swan Lake three times. I am also in level eight for gymnastics, which i have been doing for one year. I also love sports! Golf, tennis and running and soccer are my best. I love animals and acting! I am interested in the role for the two teenage girls in Bella Notte. Please consider choosing me! I am diligent and hardworking. And I really want this opportunity. Thank you!

  21. Jackson oboyle

    Hi I am Jackson and I love Disney I started watching it when I was 7 years old and I still watch it and now I’m 12 I love to Act sing and dance. I’ve preformed in musicals before and loved it. And I think it would be an honor to be on Disney channel

  22. Raeleigh King

    Hello I’m Raeleigh King im 10 years old my dream is to act I’ve acted before and i loved it i would love to play on bunkd it world to me if so call

  23. lakisha

    Hello my name is Lakisha Stanley I love Disney channel I am turning 13 soon I would love to take part in a Disney show please I really want to I would love to do this Thank you

  24. Dominique Hamilton

    Hello, My name is Dominique and I am a 17 year old female. I am an aspiring actress and acting for film has always been my passion. I cannot see myself doing anything else with my life. I would like to bring a new dynamic to the world of creativity and television and I believe this can be accomplished with Disney. I have a very experienced background in theater including a professional play, but I would like to transition to working with cameras and film. I believe through an audition, I can express my vast potential as an actress.
    Thank you!

  25. Oriana Bryant

    hello I’m 13 and a half and i want to cast for Disney so that i can help my mom with money and still be able to get the education and motivation i need

  26. chloe stockham

    Hi my name is Chloe I’m 17 , I am a big fan of Disney channel and would love to take part

  27. Ally Shell

    Hi my name is Ally Shell, I’m 14 years old. I’m interested in the “Bella Notte” If you could email me some more details that would be great!

  28. Aimee Coello

    Hello! My name is Aimee Coello. I am currently 15 years old, and I am an American. I love visual and performing arts. I am currently studying in becoming a Disney animator. I also enjoy acting as a side field, and I play various musical instruments. I currently go to Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.

    I would like to have a role in the following, “Bella Notte.” Thank you.

  29. Adrian Alexander

    Im from Trinidad and Tobago and i always wanted to become an actor on Disney Chanel. i wanna audition for a role……

  30. Ashley Dandrade

    Hi my name is Ashley and acting is my DREAM . I’ve been trying to succeed this dream since I was a young girl please help me make my DREAM come true .

  31. Shanee Harris

    I am Shanee and I am from Jamaica. I can fake a British accent and I guess another one if I really tried. I have always dreamed of being a Disney star. My idol is Selena Gomez she’s my favorite Disney star and I wanna be just like her someday. Email me.

  32. rosalie deng

    hi, my name is Rosalie Deng and i would love to be apart of Disney, and i know that there is thousand of kids in the world who would love to be apart of a disney but i think i can also have a chance in the world to be apart of this amazing show that kids watch everyday i am 11 years old and ill love to b a actor and i also love to dance❤ thank you

  33. Jayden Reeves

    do you have any casting rolls for bunked? or back stage helpers?

  34. mia franzese

    hey! my name is Mia, a little info on me: I’m 15 years old (female). i have brown hair, and brown eyes. i am 5 foot, and i weigh 100 pounds. i am a sophomore in high school. i love acting and its always been a dream of mine to act. i would be so honored to be casted 🙂 i really hope you can get back to me asap. thank you so much!

  35. samya

    hi, my name is samya and I want to audition for a role on Disney channel this may be a once and a lifetime opportunity I am an 11 year old female African American /el Salvadorian tween please give me a chance I’m a very good actress I hope you take this in mind thank you for listening please contact me at

  36. arionna

    hi, my name is arionna james and I want to try and act even though this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me i am 15 years old African American i would play any role even a background cast but if you need a funny African American that’s me right her but just to warn you I’m a little on the chubby side but other than that i hope you think about giving me a chance

    • Jackson oboyle

      I think you would be a great actor

  37. Elizabeth

    Hi, my names Elizabeth and I wanna try something new for once in my life, and I wanna try to act even though I am so shy and stage fright, but it doesn’t hurt to give acting a try😊

  38. Natasha

    hi my name is Natasha Davis I am 12 years old turning 13 soon.I have always dreamed of being an actress and hopefully one day i will.

  39. ryan yakam

    hi am caLL RYan i want to be a star of disney this is my since i was small please i have 13 years old

  40. Kelvin

    Hello My name Is Kelvin Santos and I’ve always dreamed on being a part of Disney. I’m 13 soon turning 14 its been a huge dream to be part of the Disney community. Please help me reach this goal to act. Love you all

  41. Josefine

    My name is Josefine, and my dream is to be a actor and a singer! I’m 12 years old, and can acting everything! Sad, angry, surprised, happy and more!!

    Can I be a actor?!❤️

  42. Anfal Adams

    do you have casting calls in England, UK??

  43. Edirah

    I am willing to be on the show Belle Notte it seems to catch my eye and I know I would be a good girl for this role.✨✨

  44. Edirah

    Hello my name is edirah George I am 14 yrs old and I am from Philadelphia Pa I currently live in Delaware I am a grate singer I have been singing my church choir since I was 9 yrs old and I have a desire to sing I can can also dance and act I am recently trying to get in too an performing arts school to become even better at what I do if there are any auditions in my area or close by please let me know thank you.

  45. Zowie

    Hi RAHAF what is the show that u have willing to have a roll for

  46. Zowie

    Hi my name is Zowie I’m ten years old and iv always had the dream to act on Disney channel can u guys make that dream come true!!!

  47. Julius and Shyla Johnson

    Hello my sister and I will like to become an actor and a actress on Disney channel my sister name is shyla and she is 13 years old and my name is Julius and I’m 14 years old if we can become a actor and actress please call 6166177774 but the best number

  48. Roniyah griffin

    My name is roniyah and me and my family would love this opportunity

  49. Rahaf

    Hello we are willing tof have a roll on a show

  50. Patricia

    My name is Patricia Nuokus ,Iam from Micronesia and Hawii. I really want to become a actor for Disney. I just turned thirteen. This is my big dream,please help me get my dream please.Iam not really rich. I have been watching Disney channel since I was little.
    Thank you so much
    Please help me to be in a movie
    Please please please please please 😂😀😇😘🤔😝😍🙃😆😃😆😆😆😆😆😌👍

  51. Amanda

    Do you have casting calls in Fayetteville, Arkansas?

  52. Nicole Flener

    Hello my daughter is 11 and is wondering how to get on that show. Any casting calls in or around Illinois, please let me know. thank you for your time..

  53. Ngoc

    My dream is to be famous 💖