Kids & Teens for ABC and Disney Channel AuditionAre you looking for a child or teen modeling or acting job? Do you have what it takes to appear on ABC and Disney Channel? A commercial casting call audition is being held for a new PSA! Kids, teens and adults are being sought for a new PSA. Casting directors are looking for people who were in foster care sometime in their life. They want people who would like to be a positive force in advocating a good outlook on foster care. The commercial will be airing on all ABC and Disney platforms so this is a wonderful opportunity! Filming will be in southern California on Thursday, March 16th. Pay for those selected will be $300.00 for 8 hours of shooting.

About Disney Channel

For over 90 years, Walt Disney Studios have been bringing us entertaining and inspiring movies, television shows and music and stage plays throughout the world. With shows like Girl Meets World, Jessie, Austin & Ally, Evermoor, Dog with a Blog and That’s So Raven, the Disney Channel has been entertaining kids, teens and adults.

What They Are Looking For

So Cal CASTING SEARCH for people who were in foster care at some point in their lives, and are interested in being advocates for a positive outlook on foster care.


8 adults, all ethnicities, all ages (preferably a wide range) with strong, character-filled faces. People who spent a period of their childhood in foster care, are now successful adults, and are interested in being advocates for a positive outlook on foster care.

4 kids, 9-18 years old, all ethnicities, with great faces. Current or former foster kids who have had a positive experience in foster care.

Shoot date: Thursday, 3/16/17

Compensation: $300/8 hours, non-union.

Usage: Total buyout for all media in perpetuity. PSA to air on all ABC/Disney platforms.

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered or if you know anyone that fits the following, please email information and photos to right away. Be sure to include your full name and your current contact information.

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57 Casting Responses

  1. Rayne Lee

    Entering my 18 month old daughter Rayne Lee. We’re from Edinburg Texas. Rayne has a special character. She talks alot and very very outgoing! She’s the silliest and i know she’ll have EVERYONE gushing over her!

  2. Carmen

    My name is Carmen I’m from Guatemala but was put up for adoption and got adopted and now I live in Michigan I am twelve years old and I love Disney and I’ve always wanted to be on a tv show and make my family proud. I am strong, independent, loyal,and love being around people.

  3. Sienna Sayle

    Hello, my name is Sienna and I would really appreciate any offers and love to take up any role that you need. I’m 14 years old and very enthusiastic and prepared to do anything needed. Thank you for your time.

  4. Elle Mccurdy

    Hey! my name is elle! I live in Utah, but I’m willing to travel. I absolutely adore singing/acting. I’ve been singing ever since I was 2 years old, and I’ve been acting since I was 3 years old. I’m currently 14, and still pursuing both of the two! I love having an audience, and I’ve had many experiences singing and acting in front of large crowds. I know that I would do good on Disney channel, because for one, I’m bold and have lots of confidence in myself. I’m able to project my voice, and have no issues being shy when it comes to performing in front of an audience. I can memorize a five page script in a day in a half. I’ve taken acting and drama classes before, and I’ve exceeded in them.
    If I was to be picked for a Disney Channel show, I would look most forward to making new friends on set. I’ve always loved how close the actors of Disney Channel are behind the scenes, and I’d love to make good, strong friendships with the other actors on set.
    Thank you!

  5. Heizel

    I want to audition Disney stars but I can’t go in Disney because I live in Davao City Philippines

  6. Zainab Muhammad

    I wouldn’t love to be considered for one of the roles my name is zainab muhammad and I am 14 years old

  7. Gracie rajput


  8. Jerome Benedict Batino

    Hi.I’m Jerome Benedict Batino
    11 year old. From Philippines .l love disney movie. My favorite Disney movie aladin and the magic lamp. Hope one day i can made my parent proud of me ..being one of the disney kids is my greatest dream

  9. Laura Papenfuss

    Hi, I’m Laura (17) from La Crosse, Wisconsin. I love Disney and hope that one day I will be on it. I hope to make my family pround one day and to follow my dreams, I am a funny, out-going person who loves to make people laugh and smile.

  10. Skilyn

    My name is Skilyn, im 12 years old and Ive have always wanted to appear on Disney Channel, it is my dream! I would love if you responded to me because I have always enjoyed Disney Show!

  11. Kadence

    I hope I’ll make this audition I really love Disney channel and hope one day I’ll be on it and meet Sophia Carson and Dove Camren. I’ll be up for any good disney shows just give me an email I’m 11and a girl

  12. Annelisa Msezane

    I’m Annelisa Msezane(19) from South Africa. I am a lady with ambition, fierceness and respect. I want to be more than I am. Make my family proud and make myself extremely happy, and this is in line that goal of mine

  13. Amaya

    I am 13
    I have no acting experience dose playing around count?😂
    I want to be in an disney commercial so bad …can I get help @disney😂
    I am also shy and goofy..😎

  14. Natalie

    Hi, I’m Natalie. I took group acting and singing classes for 4 years. I’m 12, I look older for my age and I’m 5,3. I have never been and foster care but I would still love to audition! Please contact me. I have dirty blonde, curly, medium length hair. I have brown eyes too. So again, please contact me!

  15. londyn

    i love disney

  16. Steven Roy Barone

    Hi my name is Steven Roy Barone special Olympic athlete I have a learning disability Asperger’s I was born April 11th 1988 and I’m 29 years old I would like to be put on the Disney Channel and on the ABC I would need reasonable accommodations looking for a paid trips. My e-mail is I used to live in Los Angeles with my adopted parents. I live in Eugene Oregon. Do you guys take people with disabilities to be put on Disney Channel or on ABC?

  17. josias

    Hi I’m Josias and if I can get any roles for ravens home yaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😇

  18. josias

    Hi I’m Josias and I would like to audition for Henry danger or bunk ,ravens homeI’m 10 and I do boxing and jujitsu and I do good team work and I’m very cool 😎 guy email me back Disney channel

  19. jaquelin fontenot

    Oh yeah i can play a bit of trumpet i have a guitar. And a keyboard but I’m in the learning process still lol

  20. jaquelin fontenot

    I’m Jaquelin people call me Jackie though,I was born in a bathroom in a apartment I want to say, in Vallejo,Ca. when my 14 (at the time) year old sister had to help my mom give birth to me,of course lol you don’t hear that everyday well not to brag but that’s when I took flight and my 1st time swimming,,let’s just say I slipped out of my sister’s. Hands and went straight into the bathtub. ANYWAYS… I am 14 and upcoming freshman now i have been in foster care -when i was younger due to my mother not being able to take care of me (later on ) and my father was a bit abusive (story is long and interesting,i could tell you more about ) i went into foster care when i was at least 1 i was in there til i was 5 years old . i have been through 4 different homes ,”you had it rough ,hun” i hear all the time but challenges are thrown your way to help you grow , but i kept positive through it all , so most part was good expeirances my 4th home became my permanent home Which is in Vacaville ,CA 95687 ,which was real fortunate .Okay, I have never really acted before besides school projects like skits or mini plays , but i learn pretty well ,memorizing stuff isn’t that hard ,i believe i can do something great if I put my mind to it ,I like to challenge myself a bit , my dad (the one that adopted me ) likes to say I’m like a sour patch kid because of my attitude. I’m sour then sweet haha so I guess changing the vibes won’t be that difficult, ANYWAYS😀 I THA KYOU ALOT FOR READING THIS OR EVEN TAKIMG THE TIME TO ,IF YOU DO .

  21. disneyisfam

    i am related to Walt Disney and is looking for ANY roles in my family buisness, and when i was little i used of watch reruns of Hannah Montana. I am 11 years old and PLZ disney come to illinois!!!!

  22. Ayushi srivastava

    Hi I am Ayushi Srivastava I am 11 years old and I live in Adipur gandhidham kutch Gujarat . I want to act in disney channel I have done many shows in my school . I am a skilled actoress and I only want to act on disney channel plz it is my dream plz give me one chance to prove.

  23. Ayushi srivastava

    Hi I am Ayushi Srivastava I am 11 years old and I live in Adipur gandhidham kutch Gujarat. I love acting and I have been in acting shows in my school.I want to act in Best of luck nikki plz. I only want to act in disney channel . I have a nice acting skill. I request you disney channel plz…..It is my dream 😊😊

  24. Ayushi srivastava

    I want to become an actor only on disney channel . Pls help me.

  25. Leanny Morales

    I’m also curly headed
    Caramel skin color

  26. Leanny Morales

    I am 13 years old I love acting it’s my passion I’m a singer I won 4 first places singing I play flute and sax and piccolo .

  27. jakeedra harris

    Hi my name is Jakeedra harris and I always wanted to be an actress since I was 13 going on 14. i’m a good actress but I know I can become a great one with a little help. I’ve been in a doulogue before. I have two awards that I receive from acting. If you please give me a chance to become an actress that would be the best day of my new life. O and I never been a foster child but I think that if I ask someone I know that is a foster child then I can gain some experiences with it. THANK YOU if I receive a audition for this.

  28. Erica Sanchez

    Name: Erica Sanchez
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Agent: My loving Mother
    Location: Ga, Griffin
    Race: mixed; hispanic, african american, and alot more.
    Please consider me, I am in 9th grade. I took college course acting classes in 9th grade. I would really consider you seeing contact me for further jnfo.

  29. Virginia

    Mi hija siempre a sido su sueño estar ahi, tiene 12 años y mucho carisma

  30. Alicia Bond

    i would like to apply for a job

  31. Manasvi Jadcharla

    I am 11 years old and I always had a passion for acting since I was little. I am 4ft 11 and I am Indian-American. I have brown eyes and medium black wavy hair. I have never experienced being under foster care but I can imagine how that is like. I hope you let me join! I have always wanted to be an actress.

  32. SupermanCapes56

    “I’m fifth-teen years old, and I’ve always wanted to be a actor. The realisation of this opportunity hit me when I was young, the first movie that I can remember that I had viewed was a Disney movie called ‘Lion King’. That movie had great impacts for my passion (acting). If I’m able to have an opportunity, I will make the best of it and I’ll give it my all. Also I really need this!”

  33. Lisa saintil

    Hi my name is Lisa saintil. I have amazing acting skills. And my dream is to act on Disney shows.
    Location : The Bahamas ,Abaco, Murphy town
    Number: Bahamas
    Please call thus number
    Thank you

  34. Elijah Taylor

    I have some talent i could sing and dance , i would love to be on disney channel and show others my talent also
    Elijah taylor

  35. Priyanka Gurjar

    I live in Udaipur ,Rajasthan(India). Thank You.

  36. Priyanka Gurjar

    My eye color: dark brown
    My hair color: dark brown
    My height: 5.3inches
    Sex: female
    Body color: wheatish yellow
    Please give me at least one chance to prove who I am.

  37. Priyanka Gurjar

    Hey ! I’m a student of grade 9 and I want a chance to apply for disney channel ’cause I’m a good Indian classical dancer and good in other forms also.I can sing well and I’m good in acting. My family can’t afford to give any international audition. So I’m requesting from disney channel to please introduce video auditions .

  38. RubyConroy

    Hi! I’m Ruby Conroy. I live in Ireland and have three siblings. I have brown hair and brown eyes too. I am ten years old and I love acting. I loved drama all my life and I would love if you made my dream come true by picking me!!

    Ruby Conroy

  39. Immaculate

    This is very helpful.

  40. Lilly Valladares Macias

    I am trying really hard to get in. I’m 11 and having dreamed to act since I was seven. I was in some school plays before and had a supporting role.

  41. Sid

    Me and my twin brother want to make a twin TV show in Disney channel USA.

  42. Emiko Tanuvasa

    love to join

  43. Alicia Bond

    I am 12 I always have wanted to act ad I have always loved drama

  44. CIONNA

    AGE: 12
    I would love to be apart of this film but one thing I was not a foster child but I would be honored to act as one.

  45. Actressisin

    Ps. That’s my first time applying for an audition

  46. Actressisin

    My names Peyton and I would love this role! This seems nice to play. But I’m sorry I have no foster care in my life but I know one person I can learn form. Please reply to this message if I may get the job. I’m 9 years old too I’m 66 lbs and 4 feet exact. Thank you

  47. Tacara

    Please send me more information.

  48. Abbey Loyd

    Hi my name is Abbey Loyd and I have always wanted to be an actor and also I have brown hair and hazel eyes ( sometimes brown, depending on my mood.) And is foster care experience required and I am 11 years old.

  49. Wilbert

    I’m 11 and I always wanted to act but I’m not sure if this will work because I sent an email on March 7th and maybe it’s full already.

  50. Mekinzee Hall

    i’ve always wanted to be an actor i’m 13

  51. Jessica moss


  52. Lizbeth

    Is it mandatory to have an experience in foster care.

  53. Elias Valdes

    My name is Elias Valdes “3lias” an up and coming rapper. I would like to star in “Let it Shine 2”. If you have any questions about availability please email me

  54. Colton West

    my name is Colton West. I am 16 years old, and I am a very passionate about acting. I am currently a high school student and have been in the theatre program at my school for over 3 years and counting. My dream is to be an actor on a TV show or movies. Also, I can do almost any cartoon character impresssion, with a few voices unique only to me alone. I am a very creative person and like to write stories in my free time. I am average bodies with blue eyes and black hair. If you would like to contact me Thank you for your time.

  55. Morgan Smith

    Hi my name is Morgan smith I love acting, I’ve been in many school plays and concerts. I’m turning 11 soon and want to be an actress before I turn 16. I’m about 5 feet, and I’m not to skinny not to big. Please consider me in any role you’ve got.

  56. Morgan Smith

    Hi my name is Morgan smith I love cringing, I’ve been in many school plays and concerts. I’m turning 11 soon and want to be an actress before I turn 16. I’m about 5 feet, and I’m not to skinny not to big. Please consider me in any role you’ve got.

  57. Emily

    My name is Emily, and i really wanted to be a actor for many years i’m turning 12 on November 17, i have dirty blonde hair with brown eyes. I’m skinny and i am about five foot two. Contact me if i can have a part, thank you. ( This is my first time writing for a audition please don’t judge)