Kids, Teens & Adult Actors for GEICO Commercial

TV Commercial Casting Call – Richmond, VA

Have you been looking for an acting audition for kids and teens? Are you an adult who is in their thirties through seventies? We have a new commercial casting call available for all ages! GEICO is gearing up to shoot their next television spot. A casting call is being held in Richmond, Virginia. There are several scenes that will be filming so there are a ton of roles! The production team is looking for men and women in their 30’s through 50’s, retirement aged individuals as well as kids and teens! Child actors and models who are around 8 or 9 years old are being hired. In addition, kids and teenagers who are 9 through 19 years old are needed. Filming will take place on Tuesday, February 6th and/or on Wednesday, February 7th. In-person auditions are not being held so the team will be selected talent based off photos. This paid modeling and acting job will compensate $400.00 to $500.00 for anyone who is chosen. Check out the casting information for the 2018 commercial shoot below!


GEICO has been trusted since 1936 to provide affordable car and motorcycle insurance.

What They Are Looking For

Client: GEICO
Pay Type: SAG Pre-Negotiated Commercial Rate
Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia
Submission Deadline: Friday, February 2nd at 5pm
Shoot Dates: Tuesday, February 6th and/or Wednesday, February 7th
Pay: $400-$500/day
Usage: 1 yr use and unlimited lifts
Note: There will be no in-person auditions for these roles.*

Available Roles

Salad Bar – :15
Mom or Dad – Late 30s to early 40s. Working class, clean, loving. A good, busy parent that needs a night off from cooking at home.
Child – Male or female. 8 or 9-ish: A kid that’s just discovered that “being cool” is a thing. Somewhat tough. Freckles, big cheeks a plus.

Tea – :15
Karen – Female, retirement age, 55-70 – any ethnicity
Becky – Female, retirement age, 55-70 – any ethnicity
^Karen and Becky are old friends that have afternoon tea together every week. They might have a southern belle quality to them. Friendly, gossipy, unique faces.^

State Fair – :15
Todd/Tina – 9-16 years old, male or female, any ethnicity
Greg/Meghan – 9-16 years old, male or female, any ethnicity
^Looking for unique faces and preteens/teens with expressive smiles. Tomboy types and/or 90s-style bowl cut haircuts a plus.^
Clothes – 15:
Sam: 25-35, female, any ethnicity
Tori: 25-35, female, any ethnicity
^Sam and Tori shop with each other all the time. Witty, fashionable, deadpan, trendy.^

Harvest – 15:
Belinda: 40-50, any ethnicity
Rosemary: 40-50, any ethnicity
^Belinda and Rosemary are lifetime gardeners. Feminists with green thumbs. Both slightly unkempt. Long, grey hair a plus^

Vending Machine – :15
Ron: 30-45, male, any ethnicity
Susan: 30-45, female, any ethnicity
Ron and Susan are hip young professionals. Ron probably has a beard, Susan wears glasses, maybe has tattoos. Two successful intellectuals that work in a creative corporate environment.

How to Apply

To apply email your headshot and a resume to In your email, please specify your name and the role (or roles) you meet! Only apply if you meet the specifications and are available to film.

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24 Casting Responses

  1. Lateisha Harvey

    I have twins boy/girl they are 2 years old if you’re interested let us know @kashtwinns

  2. Gabe Antor

    i have amazing hair, kind of like Justin Bieber in his younger days but much better. I am also extremely humble.

  3. Gabe Antor

    i have good hair. i’m a good actor.

  4. Erin Webber

    Hi! My name is Erin Webber and I am 15 years old but I can look older or younger if need be. I would love to be cast in any of these commercials but I believe I fit the description of Tina or Meghan the best. I have been in several theatrical productions and I do not have stage fright at all. I have been wanting to get into show business for a long time now and I think this could be my shot at it! Please consider me when casting these commercials.

  5. Jack Brown

    Looking to play Greg or Todd, love watching Geico commercials, they are always really funny. I am a male, 13 years old, 5’4-5’5 ish. I have an interesting personality but am easy to work with. I have green eyes, and brown hair. I am caucasian with freckles. I also have a unique smile for Greg.

  6. Liz sakala

    Hi my name is liz sakala ,Am 13 years old am from zambia,ndola.I want to play the role as tea.

  7. Virginia

    I match tina and meghan i am twelve years old my height is 5’5 i have long blonde hair and blue eyes and i would love be to cast in this commercial you can email me if you pick me i promise i won’t let you down! Thanks!

  8. Kiki

    I’m 15 years old, energetic and outgoing, I’m very tomboy/lazy if you please. I have a cute grin and adorable dimples. I think I could pull off being Meghan or Tina!

  9. joey oser

    joey forgot to say I have 6 different costumes that incorporate different ways with my beautiful parrot GG thank you joey oser where’s GG. …………..

  10. joey oser

    hi my name is Joey I have a red blue and green greenwinged macaw parot that is my emotional support animal , I raised her with an eye dropper now she is 28 years old an goes where I go on top of the car going down the road ,talks to people at red lights ,also rides on my harly GGhas a facebook page where’s GG she is in 6 other countrys I love takeig GG out meeting everyone.she has a blast an has many very funny events an real things that happen ect. thanks joey where’ GG. ………….




  12. Phool dhillon

    Hy h r u i want to become a model an actor wating for an opportunity eagerly…

  13. Raven Thornton

    I am the absolute description of Tina or Meghan!! Would love to build up my resume of acting and preforming.

  14. Christopher Payne

    I am interested in being cast.

  15. Margaret

    Ive been in background of small movies in macon,ga. Im positive, friendly, and alittle bouncy. Im trying to build my resume more so i can do this for a living.

  16. samah

    I’m funny, active, and very determined

  17. samah furrha

    I’m funny, active, and very determined

  18. Randy Clibon

    I am working on building my resume, I was in a short film last Summer called Milk and Oranges. I would like to be in a couple short film and work at get cast in a featured film. I have a resume and head and full body photo shoots

  19. Tony Greenwell

    I fit that description of Ron

  20. Chara James

    I am the mother of Actress Chara James and she is 11yo. Cgara had done 2 films and 7 commericals. I will do some commericals too.

  21. Jacob Russell

    Ron: I’m available all day
    My name is Jacob Russell and I’m currently a popular YouTuber my channel is Legend TV. I live stream on Periscope every day. I’m a voice actor and can do many different accents. I have stared in many plays both in community theatre and school drama class. I am also familiar with backstage / set prop works, lighting & sound. I am willing to change my appearance to suit a role. I’m used to working 18 hour days in uncomfortable & unusual situations. I don’t get excited about seeing famous actors, as I am a professional and do the work that is needed. Height: 6″3 Weight: 270lbs (willing to change) Hair: Black (willing to change) Eyes: Dark Brown Beard

  22. apostolos neophitou

    been tv extra

  23. apostolos neophitou

    no experience

  24. Ron

    Casting team
    Looking to apply for the ad
    Age is 45