James Pattersons' Middle School Series

James Pattersons’ Middle School Series

CBS Films is sign on to bring James Pattersons’ bestselling Middle School book series to the big screen. The upcoming family comedy, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, is written by Chris Bowman, Kara Holden, Hubbel Plamer and James Patterson and will be directed by Steve Carr. Carr is best known for directing films like Movie 43, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Are We Done Yet? Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life will be produced by CBS Films, Michael Flynn and James Patterson.

James Pattersons’ Middle School book series centers on the life of Rafe Khatchadorian’s, his imaginary best friend Leo and his very tumultuous days as a student at Hills Village Middle School where he must use all of his wits to battle bullies, hormones and an insane principal.

The popular New York Best seller focuses on Rafe, a young boy who is entering middle school. Rafe has not had the best life at home, but now he has to deal with a whole new set of issues as he enters middle school. He decides to concoct a plan that is sure to guarantee him the best school year yet, he enlists the help of his imaginary best pal, Silent Leo. Rafe Lives with his mom, his sister Georgia and his mom’s abusive deadbeat boyfriend, Carl “Bear.” Rafe isn’t looking forward to the new school year but his best friend Leo seems to have a plan that will at least make the year very tolerable. Leo convinces Rafe that he must leave his mark at Hills Village Middle School by literally breaking every rule in the book. Rafe of course takes him up on that offer.

Griffin Gluck has been cast for the lead role of Rafe. Gluck is best known for his work on the film Just Go With It where he potrayed Jennifer Anniston’s young son, Michael. Gluck is also known for his appearance on the TV shows Private Practice and Red Band Society.

Production on Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life has begun in the Atlanta area. The casting team with Rose Locke Casting has begun seeking Middle School Kids to portray background actors in several upcoming scenes for the film. The team is seeking children who are in Middle School between the ages of 11-14 who are in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. If you are interested in being considered for a role on Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life please send an email with your Name, Parents Name, Age & Grade, Parents Contact Information, Height/Weight/Sizes, and 3 photos (Head Shot, Full Body and Profile) to kids@RoseLockeCasting.com.  Be sure to check back with us for casting updates and more information on Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the Middle School book series and why you would be a perfect fit for this hilarious feature film.

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73 Casting Responses

  1. Tia marra

    Hi ?
    My name is Tia Marra I am 12 years old turning 13 October first. I live in Canada but my parents are willing to drive/fly to where ever this movie is taking place. There is not a lot of auditions in Canada So I have no experience but I have felt most emotions therefore I know how to act when the emotions pops up.I have dark brown hair with a blonde ombré that I’m planning to cut off or re dye it. (:

  2. Faith

    I would love to be in a movie when I grow up I want to be an actor starting from now and at least be notice to people and this is the perfect idea to do a comedy for my self

  3. Angel

    Hi my names Angel,
    I really enjoyed reading this book.Tons of my class mates read it too. I sometime amagine its my life. And this movie would be awesome to work in. THANK YOU it would be an anour to work with you.

  4. skye jacobsen

    hello my name is skye I have experience with acting here is a little bit about me

    I am 9 years old
    brown and blue hair
    blue eyes
    forth grade

  5. Amarissa Parker

    Wish I could be in this even though I never read any of the books.Im Canadian live in Nova Scotia grade 7 ,12 years old girl with brown hair and eyes. Even if I got a part I have no way to get any where unless it is in Novia Scotia :'( It is my fantacy to get an acting job of any kind I would even do a pet food commercial! Wishing I was able to try to get a part

  6. Sophie

    Hi….. I really want to become an actress, but where I live (China) there are very little opportunities. My school doesn’t offer any theater or acting courses. I do join World Scholar’s Cup and I am a pretty good debater. My friends say I am good at acting and I always act (fool) my friends and classmates into believing everything I say (I am good at impressions and that stuff). I can fake cry and I can easily be upset (fake upset) and any emotion that I need for the role. I can remember text easily and I am pretty good in English. You may not choose me to apply for this movie because of where I live and because I have absolutely no experience. I can go to the U.S to shoot the movie (if I get the role). I am a female and I am soon in 7th grade. I am 12 years old, but I can look like a 14 year old girl. I am Caucasian (half German, half Russian, and some French DNA from my dad). I can speak German, Russian, English, Chinese and I am learning Spanish and Korean (I know way more Spanish than Korean. I started Korean a few weeks ago. I can learn new languages easily). I have blondish (a few curls, but mainly straight) hair. I am kinda chubby, but I am losing weight now. I am approximately 155 cm tall. I am pretty good at Badminton. I can lose weight fast so if I get the role and I need to lose weight, I can do it pretty fast. I have blueish eyes. I am smart and I got the highest GPA in my class. I DON’T wear glasses. So thank you VERY VERY much for your time. I know this is a very long “paragraph”, but I want you to know more about me. I really hope that you can make my dream turn into a reality. I can give you more information if you are interested in me. Please contact me if you are interested. I hope I can get the role and not disappoint you. Thank you very much for reading!

  7. Elliot Bridson

    I would love to be in this. I haven’t read the books but I have been through a lot in my school years and I think it would be relatable to me. I think it s sounds like a lot of fun and would love to be a part of it. Im 12 years old, year 8, me: Elliot Bridson, Mum: Amanda Bridson height: 5’1 , 6 stone 4

  8. Faith Meto

    Hy I am Faith meto from Kenya
    I just turned twelve.
    I really love acting and would love get a role
    I have dark brown hair (short)
    I speak fluent kiswahili and english without any acents
    Thankyou for your time.

  9. Stevie Pendleton

    Hello, My name is Stevie Pendleton! I am most definitely intrigued and interested in this production, and would love to be a part of it. I am an actor, and have modeled on occasion for hair salons and such. I have prior experience with acting and would love the chance to get more experience. Here is a little bit about me.
    13 Years of Age
    8th Grade
    Trans Male
    Short red and brown hair

  10. Nia Muniz

    Hello, My name is Nia Muniz . I am interested in being a part of this film, It looks absolutely amazing. I am a model/ actor. I have prior experience with acting and would love the chance to get more experience. Here is a little bit about me.
    12 Years Old
    6th Grade
    brown hair (short)
    brown Eyes
    Thank you, If you want more information or pictures please contact me

  11. Krystalle Reid

    Name:Krystalle Reid
    Age:11 turning 12 next month
    Birthday:May 24

  12. Holly Wiggins

    I have a lot of talents such as, singing very good, a good dancer,athlete, i’m on various sports teams, the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt actress, gymnast,instrumental player, gamer,fashionista, cook, and whatever and whoever comes my way, to contact me

  13. Holly Wiggins


  14. Holly Wiggins

    My name is Holly Wiggins, I have the craving of acting, I am not some person you think will be the same as anyone else you’ve seen before, I have the craving and intensity of acting, I have been in several school plays, I enjoy reading books, magazines, you name it. I will soon get this job as an extra in Zac Efron’s movie called ” The Rock”, but i am still available, i have high talents, i have a talent that is one of a kind. I am a humorous, weird, beautiful girl. Besides all my friends call me a character. I hope you pick me, because if you do, you definitely won’t REGRET it. I can also adjust to any character anyone gives me. So i have a lot of experience with acting. Once again my name is Holly Wiggins

    P.S. Don’t leave me hang’in

  15. Siena

    Hey, my name’s Siena. I absolutely loved the Middle School: Worst Years of My Life series (my favorite character is a tie between Jules and Junior!). I’m not a particularly good singer or dancer, but I have been told time and time again that I crack people up. I’m a bit introverted, but I love to put on a show and make people laugh. I’m 14 years old and live in Northern Virginia. I’m Caucasian and have thick blond hair and blue-green eyes. I’m about 5’7″ and weigh around 110 pounds. I would honestly love a chance to prove myself. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  16. Joe Rhodes

    My name is Joe. I am 13 and i love to act and act goofy. My mom says I am a character. I am small for my age which can be a great advantage. I am also a black belt in tae-Kwon-do. I have been in a few plays in our homeschool group co-op. I would love to do more professional rolls. I am also in middle school.

  17. Ayah Collins

    My name is Ayah Collins I am IN LOVE with James Patterson and even if I don’t get the part I am so excited that this movie is coming out I can not wait my grandma is even more obsessed than me she has read all of his books.
    Name: Ayah
    grade: 6th
    I want this part VERY BADLY whatever I can do to get it I will do
    eye color: brown
    hair color: dark brown
    even if an extra because it would be so amazing to just be a part of such an amazing book <3
    if you need more pics go to Paulhenrystudios on facebook I JUST WANT THIS SO BAD I am very good at comedy and drama type but I can adapt to any role so PLEAS CONSIDER ME thank you so much

  18. Cami Danchanko

    I love to act. It would be awesome to receive the role in this movie. Acting is one of my lifetime dreams. I have many talents when it comes to acting. I am very athletic so I could play a sports role. If I got this part I would be sooooooooo happy.

  19. Melissa Hobson

    Age:12 will be 13 on April 29th
    Grade:7th will be 8th in August
    Eye Color:Electric Blue
    Hair Color:Blonde
    I am really exited about this. I have played in a few musicals, can play the flute, I am a level 6 gymnast,I am an exceptional singer, I can dance really well, and I always give 120% effort then plus energy excitement and good sportsmanship. So thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and I would be so very happy if you considered me for a role in your movie. Thank you so much.

  20. Hannah egger

    I would love to be in this show because I have never acted in a tv show or movie before and I am really good at staying in character.i always love to make plays or skits with my friends.i am 12 years old this year and I way 58kg.i love middle school books and my absolute favourite book is bullies,broccoli and snake hill.please choose me but I am sure whoever you choose will be a good choice.
    P’s I can read

  21. Mercedez Rosario

    Hi ?
    I am 12 years old girl. I have never acted on a show or movie before but, my friends have always said that I would be a good actor because I act vary funny and weird all the time and I can cry vary easily if I try hard. So I am really hoping you can contact me for this show thank you for taking your time to read this have a great rest of your day.

  22. Zyneria Johnson

    Name: Zyneria Johnson
    Grade:6(soon )
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 165 ( about )
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dark brown and/or black
    I love acting I think it’s fun get to really express yourself. Find it relaxing I love working with people I’m not really in 6th grade but in August of this year I will be I’m in the 5th grade.

  23. JW

    I won’t put my name down but if this role is still available I will be sending in my head shot and full body all of that to the email thank you ?

  24. gabrielle benzaken

    name- gabrielle
    age- 13
    height 5’3
    grade: 7th
    weight- 145(about)
    hair- brown, long, curly!
    eyes- brown
    i’ve been acting since i was younger, i’ve gotten noticed more on the social media side with a total followers of 30,000 . i think one of these roles would be perfect for me considering im in middle school & its horrible, mainly why, bullies, grades, stress & more! ugh i swear middle school was made cause the world thought life isnt hard enough lol. acting is such a passion thag i have & im always positivw about it. just think, being able to be someone new even if its for a split second, you have one life why not make the most of it & be different images. anyways, hope we’ll be in-touch soon:)

  25. Shikhar

    I love acting and it’s something I want to become. This is an amazing opportunity and it would be greatly appreciated if you gave me an audition.im Shikhar Jain 5 feet white skin color. I wanted to be an actor since I was two. I take acting classes.

  26. Shikhar Jain

    Hi my name is Shikhar jai it would be an amazing opportunity if you would select me. The reason why I want to have this acting role is because I go to acting classes and my teacher told me I should try to get a part and I found this. I’ve read the book and It would be gladly appreciated if you would select me to play a role
    I’m 5 feet. Thank you for your time

  27. Jaheim Burrell

    Name: Jaheim Burrell
    Height: 5’2
    I believe this flim is absolutely perfect for me because I am in middle school too and I know how that feel when you have to compete with others students to see who going to survive at the end of year. For an example like The Hunger Game Everybody is just trying to survive out alive.

  28. Jaheim Burrell

    Name: Jaheim Burrell
    Height: 5’2

  29. Jaheim Burrell

    I Believe that this Flim is absolutely Perfect for me because this flim star with a teen who starting Middle school, abd trying to survive the whole year with insane Bullies,students and principal too. I’m also in middle school so I know how you to feel like the hunger Game, Everybody is just trying to survive.

  30. Ogunniran TEMILOLUWA

    My name is ogunniran TEMILOLUWA , I know people dont really like Nigerians in their movies but i know i can make a difference. I’ve sent my personal details. You wont regret picking me

  31. miyanna simpson

    my name is miyanna simpson
    Age: 13
    height : 5’2
    weight : 142
    I would be perfect for a part in this movie because acting and being different people is what I do , I can do all of different scenes and stuff I thought my self how to act like somone else and acting is just what I do all the time after school and I want to one day share my talent with the world so this would give me a chance for my dreams to begin

  32. Mj lugo

    Hello my name is mj lugo
    Age: 14
    Hight :5/8
    I would be honored to be apart of this experience of this great book and would love to start off my acting career with this amazing story and I am a fast learner and have lots of potential and a hard worker so please if you give me a chance I will not disappoint you

  33. Sama Hisham

    Heyy. I am pretty unique. I am from Egypt, and I live in Bahrain. I am 15 years of age, and I am a junior in high school. I speak English perfectly and it’s always been my dream to be an actress, and I assure you that I will be perfect for this role. Also, since I am very short 4’9 to be exact, I look like a middle schooler 🙂

  34. Asmahan

    Hello my name is asmahan I am 11 years old born on 13/04/04 I have hair up to my shoulder and brown eyes I am a light brown skin tone and I am from Asia and Africa so if you need anything you could ask me I have a bit of acting experience and I have done a few plays in school I am in 6th grade which in England we call yr7 we do drama classes and we are doing a play called midnight summer dream Shakespeare thank you for listening goodbye.

  35. Laquinna scott

    I’m Laquinna Scott im 14 years young my height is 5’3 I leave in Leonville Louisiana (70570) I think I would be good at acting because Iam good at making faces and and sounding Serious My friends tell me I can be a good actress because I love netting new people and I’m outgoing Ps. I would love to be in this movie if possible. Thank you for your time ?

  36. Aidan Cullen

    I am Aidan. I am 14 and I’m 5’3 and 105 lbs. I would love to be the lead in your movie and I know I would be great because I’m funny but I can be serious. Thanks for your time.

  37. Tapiwa

    And l love acting

  38. Tapiwa

    I would be prefect for your movie because do not like middle school so l would act amazing please can l be in your movie

  39. Connor Skov

    Hello, my name is Connor Skov. I am 14 years old and live in Aurora, CO. I am 5′ 10″ tall and 170lbs with medium length light blonde hair and green eyes. I love acting and am in a higher level acting class at my highschool. I enjoy and am the best at comedy, but I can also do serious roles as well as a mix between the two. I express my character the best through actions, vocal characteristics, and relationships with other characters. I have read and enjoyed this book and I would love to be granted a part in this movie, lead or not. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

  40. Frannie Swanson

    Hi, my name is Frannie Swanson I love to act and can do almost any part. I am 10 years old and live in Minnesota, but I can drive to anywhere. I would love to have a part.

  41. Lydia Sluss

    Hello I am 13 years of age and am currently in 8th grade. I have read the book series and have no bias toward the characters. I would accept ANY role in this film. I have played in an Alice in the wonderland play after auditioning. Until further regards ~Lydia

  42. Elin Cornelis

    Hi my name is Elin and I would love to play the role of Georgia, this is my further information:
    Full name: Elin Cornelis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (could go for 12-15)
    Nationality: Dutch/Belgian (I speak fluent English without accents)
    Hair color: Brown (medium length)
    Eye color: Mainly green
    Height: 5’1
    Experience: Several plays and a national commercial, 2,5 years of acting classes
    Extra: I sometimes have to wear glasses but I’m fine without them, I have braces and a few (bigger) scars.

  43. Emily Emmendorfer

    My name is Emily a girl I’m 5″3 blonde hair blue eyes I’m not shy I’m in 7th grade

  44. Makayla

    I’m 13, turning 14 soon! I’ve been acting since I was about 10 and have read this book before and loved it! I’m 5’2, blue eyes and brown hair. And grew up in Florida then moved to a small town in upstate New York. I would love to be apart of the cast hope I can have a chance to experience this.

  45. Adam

    I really love acting I’m a singer and an actor I’m 11 years old I have been in singing competitions
    I was in the acting program called this destination imagination and my team made it all the way to state I am in football and I hope you contact me

  46. Sah

    I would love to be a part of this movie! I love acting and I’m willing to put all my time and effort into impressing the audience! I am 14 yrs old girl! I’ve been dying for just an oppurtunity!

  47. lissy

    I have read the first book and loved it! I am a singer. I have gone to a studio where I was recorded. I would also like to act I would like to be cast as Georgia. I have experience being both an older sister and a younger sister so I think I would be good as Georgia. I don’t know if I am to late to audition but I would really like the chance to.

  48. Izzywilson

    i would like to get a part in it please

  49. Maricruz arteaga

    I love acting And I am taking acting classes know. However I live in nashville tn . I would like to be part of this film. I hope I can get this opportunity .

  50. aniya Pickett

    I love acting I would love to be acter

  51. Ariyana

    I have a lot of determination and I love acting

  52. lisa

    I would love to be apart of this flim

  53. Ivan Mamoutkine

    Hello my name is Ivan. .I would really want to play the starring role in your new awesome movie.A little bit about me is that I take theater classes 3 times a week,I speak 2 languages with no accent{ English and Russian] and that I have a good sense of humor .Also if I get to be the starring role in this movie I promise you I will work really hard. Thank you for spending your time reading this letter.

  54. Olivia Gillard

    Hi I am very insterested in auditioning for a part, I did send an e-mail, please contact me whenever you can. I do love that series, too because it’s so funny and I love that type of books.

  55. Olivia Gillard

    Hi, my name is Olivia. I love that book series. I would love to be casted as Jeanne who is one of my favorite character. I think that a would be prefect for the job since I love to act and Jeanne my favorite. Although she has blond hair and I have brown, there are so many other similarities. I am very nice and also love to help people whenever I can, too.
    I can also be casted as any other female role. I have done acting before and stopped when I moved but I want to restart and continue this path and passion. I am a fun, passionate, enthusiastic, and hard-working. I am French so I do speak French but also English and Spanish. Although I speak many languages, I do not have an accent or a big one anyways. I love to act and I do believe that I am pretty good, I also love funny movies and comedies. I love and enjoy making people laugh, onstage or just with my family and friends. I would love to be able to play a part in this movie. It would be a dream come true if I get to play a part and it might also help me land more auditions.
    I would really love it and I am also a focused person who will not let you down. I am passionate about learning lines and becoming another person in another world.
    Please consider it and contact me whenever you can, thank you so much for this opportunity.

  56. Cherish-Ann

    I’m Cherish-Ann , I love the book so much and my friend told me about this . I really want to be a part of this because I’m an actress and I love this book more than anything else in the world ! Here is a bit about me
    I’m 5’7
    I am in drama class and got the lead as ” Katrina” in ” The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”
    I sing little
    I’m almost always happy but I can act sad , mad ,ect.
    I like everyone it just talks a bit for me to no be shy

  57. Cerys Nolte

    my name is Cerys Nolte I am a girl. I love acting soooooo much, I have had experience in front of a Camera for a TV program. I take part in an advanced drama club every week, I have been given major roles in lot of the productions. I have also done school plays in my school. I love animals, sport and creativity all my friends say I am very quirky and I am never shy not I front of people or cameras. I have good grades in all my subjects.
    I have,
    Olive skin
    Dark brown hair(I am willing to dye it or wear a wig)
    Dark brown eyes

  58. Mikayla johnson

    Hi, my name is Mikayla and I liked this book a lot. I liked the concept of Rafe trying to break the rules and him ending up realizing what the consequences were going to be. I think I would be an awesome fit because I can kind of relate to this book and I’ve been through 6th and 7th grade. I love acting. I’m in Thespians at school.

  59. Alex Wiggins

    Hello, my name is Alex. Im not familiar with james or the book but if I ever get the part I will take time out of the day to do research. Im 5’4, and a black male. I think im perfect for a role in the movie is because im an artsy type of person. By that I mean I like to draw,cook,sing/hum(lyrics take a lot of time)and miserably fail at dancing. I think im pretty good at improv if im given a setting and props. Hopefully il be picked for a role im going to send the email sooner or later. Thank you

  60. Ra'kelle

    I’m in the 6th grade and I’v been in chorus , offered to be in talented theater , offered to meet the president , and do great in school . I would love to be on your set.

  61. Jillian

    I am very interested in auditioning for a part. Please comtact me whenever you have the time. Thank you (:

  62. Rileigh Nowroski

    Name: Rileigh
    Age: 12 (I turn 13 on Nov. 18)
    Grade: 7th
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 128 lbs (on the skinny side)
    I have pale green eyes, naturally pale skin, and currently curly, pink, shoulder length hair with purple undertones (am willing to dye it)
    I love this series and believe I could be a fantastic Georgia. I have gotten straight a’s my whole life, know the pain of annoying brothers, and I play guitar. I also have a sassy attitude and can be very childish at times, but I’m mature for my age. I also know what it’s like to be picked on by the “popular” kids at school as I can be very shy. I will send an e-mail later this week after I talk it over with my mom,hope you consider me for an audition.

  63. cyncere jones

    I’v have only done small parts in school plays at my school Alta Vista elementary that’s where I first read this book please consider me . Thank you

  64. Brady Rider

    Hey my name is Brady Rider and I love to act. I think I would be perfect for this part considering I am in middle school.
    Age – 13
    Height – 5′ 9″
    Weight – 127 lbs
    Brown hair
    Green eyes

    I really hope you consider me, and thank you

  65. Tyler Tinsley

    I loved the book! I loved how he tried to brake all of the rules then things started catching up to rafe and he had to make a decision! I would like to be Leo his best friend! I think I would be good for this part because My friend has had a simuliar life and Ive always been there for him. I love to act and I am good at memorizing lines! Im almost good with working with other people! Acting is my passion. Im 14 but can pass for younger. Please Consider me for the part of Leo! Thank you for reading this!
    Name-Tyler Tinsley
    Location- Missouri USA
    Hair-Dark brown but It can be died if has to
    Eyes- Brown/hazel

  66. Lexie roberston

    I love acting and this sounds like a great way to get deeper into acting

  67. Lexie roberston

    Love to be in this sounds fun

  68. Alyzza Raya

    I love acting and sing I live in California I’m in the ages between 11-14

  69. Charesia Whittaker

    I have first hand experience ?

  70. Isabell Frazier

    To be honest, I’ve never read this book but I do love James Patterson. If there is a lead female role, I do believe I’d be an amazing contender. I am thirteen years old, in the 8th grade, and my name is Isabell Frazier. I think I’d be amazing because I have had some experience on stage, and the last role I was, was the Grandma in my middle schools musical-Flower Power. I had about fifty lines in all, I was a sub lead. My dad will be sending an email later this week. Thank you for your time!

  71. Jermaine edwards

    Middle school i thought it was true. Some of it was. I seen it.

  72. Jermaine edwards

    Jermaine edwards 11 years old 6th grade 9548994068
    5’1 115 pound its a great book and i like how the writer did the book. Before i started

  73. Jermaine edwards

    I would really like acting so i really want this part