Kid Rock Music Video

Music Video Casting Call

If you have always wanted to be in a music video, there is a fabulous opportunity for you! Kid Rock is gearing up to shoot the video for a new song and he needs you to help bring it to life! The music video casting call in 2017 is searching for several models and actors. There are a ton of available roles. Men and women ages 20 through 50’s are being considered. Casting directors need people to portray casting agents, actors, Hollywood stars, girlfriends, shop owners , bar tenders, drinking buddies, a father and more. Filming will be in the country capital of Nashville, Tennessee. It will shoot on Tuesday, September 27th and Wednesday, September 28th. Talent may work one or more days. This paid acting job will compensate those chosen $100.00. Those selected will film for about 4 hours. These are all featured roles. If you are ready to rock with one of Detroit’s finest, sign up today!

About Kid Rock

Kid Rock is a multi-platinum award-winning American rock ‘n roll icon whose musical style ranges from hip hop and rock to heavy metal and country and has sold over 26 million albums around the world. []

What They Are Looking For

NASHVILLE, TN Casting Notice – Kid Rock MUSIC VIDEO for WORK on TUESDAY 9/27/17 and WEDNESDAY 9/28/17. **May work one or both of these dates but MUST be available on BOTH dates to be considered!
Pay rate: $100.00 for approx. 4 hours. (could be less, might be more).
Location is in the NASHVILLE, TN area.
Casting LOCAL HIRES only! Must be within a reasonable driving distance to Nashville and willing to self-travel to be considered! We will not consider talent from distant states.

Casting Agent: Man, Mid 30s – Early 40s, Caucasian.
Think Of A Used Car Salesman Who Can’t Sell A Car. Tired And Beaten Down. Thin Body Type, 5 O Clock Shadow, Ordinary Looking.

Actor: Man, Mid 20s – Early 30s, Any Ethnicity
Hollywood Hopeful Waiting In Lobby To See Casting Director. Confident And Attractive With A Great Physique.

Hollywood Actress: Woman, Mid 20s – Early 30s, Any Ethnicity. A Hollywood Actress At A Coffee Shop. Gets By In Life By Being Attractive. Dresses Very Conspicuously So Everybody Knows She Is Important. A Total B Word.

Hollywood Agent: Man, 30s, Caucasian
Think Ari Gold From Entourage. Fast Talking And Slick. Fit Body Type. Doesn’t Acknowledge Those Lesser Than Himself.

Girlfriend: Woman, Mid 20s, Any Ethnicity
Pretty And Down To Earth. Fit Body Type. Looking For A Girl With A Confident Poise. Breaking Up With Boyfriend In Her Scene.

Yoga Instructor: Man, Mid 20s, Any Ethnicity
Attractive And Fit Body. An Overtly Spiritual Person. Would Love To Find Somebody With Unique Hair Like Dreadlocks. Helpful If You Actually Do Yoga!

Chicken Shop Owner: Woman, Late 40s – Early 50s
African American, Any Body Type. Happy And Welcoming Hostess Of Her Own Chicken Shop. A No-Nonsense Person With A Big Inviting Smile And Laugh.

Bartender: Man, 30s, Any Ethnicity
Cocky, Confident Bartender Type. The Sort Of Guy That Got The Job To Meet Girls And Never Left.

Bar Girls: Women, Mid 20s, Any Ethnicity
Attractive Southern Girl Types. Out On A Saturday Night To Meet Guys. Down For A Good Time.

Hunting Buddy: Man, Early 30s, Any Ethnicity
A Total Woodsman. Comfortable Outside. Level Headed And Responsible. A Beard Is More Than Welcome.

Fishing Buddy: Man, Mid 40s, Any Ethnicity
A Good Old Boy Type. A Little Pudgy From Sitting By The Lake His Entire Adult Life Drinking Beers. Should Have A Great Smile And Laugh, Honed From Years Of Sharing Fishing Stories.

Barbecue Pitmaster: Man, Late 40s – Early 50s
Any Ethnicity. A Seasoned Barbecue Master. A Larger Guy. Should Have Tons Of Character And Interesting Features Are A Plus.

Drinking Buddy: Man, Mid 30s – Mid 40s, Caucasian
A Hard Drinking, Hard Living Person. Should Be Rough And Hardened Looking. Think Of A Farm Hand Type. Big And Burly – A Mountain Of A Person.

Busty Girl: Woman, Mid – Late 20s, Caucasian
Attractive, Farmer’s Daughter Type. Busty. Must Be Willing To Expose Chest.

Father: Man, Mid 50s, Caucasian. Busty Girls’ Father. A Farmer Type Who Is Always Chasing Men Away From His Daughter. A Hot Temper.

How to Apply

To submit email with subject line KID ROCK VIDEO (and SPECIFY the Role you are submitting for in the subject line!).

You MUST include first & last name, height, weight, a valid contact number, city/state you live in and include (2) RECENT photos. (NO SUNGLASSES PLEASE! – we still have to be able to see your face). NO blurry or pixelated photos! Nobody else in your photo except you!

Please do yourself a favor and help yourself get this job by sending in a good picture! –This will be Picture Picked by the Director!!

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