Kickin’ It - Disney XD

Kickin’ It – Disney XD

An all new season of Disney XD’s high flying comedy sensation Kickin’ It has been announced and soon millions of fans around the world will be treated to a whole new collection of wild and wacky adventures. With new episodes of this hit series will come new opportunities for aspiring actors to be a part of the show that has everyone Kickin’. Interested performers can submit themselves today for a number of outstanding roles on one of the most popular Disney shows on the air today.

Kickin’ It tells the story of the Wasabi Warriors, a ragtag group of karate students at a downtrodden strip mall location of an under performing karate school franchise called The Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. When new kid Jack moves to town the dojo’s sensei and the Bobby Wasabi kids see something in him and work to convince him to join the Academy. With Jack on the team, the group quickly comes together to be not only better at karate but better in life. This gut-busting and inspirational project is another fantastic series by juggernaut creative force that is It’s A Laugh Productions the company behind such past and present Disney classics as Austin & Ally, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Lab Rats and I Didn’t Do It and features a tremendous collection of rising stars that includes Leo Howard (Shake It Up!, Conan the Barbarian, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), Mateo Arias (Hannah Montana, Yours, Mine and Ours, Brothers In Arms), Jason Earles (Hannah Montana: The Movie, Super Buddies, Malcolm in the Middle) and Dylan Riley Snyder (Modern Family, Life During Wartime, Valley of the Moon). Kickin’ It continues to get better with every season and now a lucky group of performers could soon be a part of the magic.

Casting calls for new episodes of Kickin’ It will be starting up soon and interested actors of all ages can submit themselves today and find out more production information here and here We will be posting more casting call updates as they are released so check back for updates and leave a message below and tell us why you love the show and why you want to audition for Disney XD’s Kickin’ It.

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  1. Kalen

    I am a white belt I teach karate since I was 5 I think it was good

  2. Kalen

    I am a white belt

  3. Moriah Ceaser

    Hi my name is Moriah ceaser I am 10 years old and kickin it is my favorite show I cant get enough of it I whould be so lucky to be picked for this amazing opportunity. I love everything about it especially the comedy My Information; height;6.4 I love ;acting,makeup,and much more.have an amazing day thank u

  4. Moriah Ceaser

    HI my name is Moriah Ceaser and Kickin it is one of my favorite shows I love everything about it the comedy,the kickin it family so to be so lucky to be picked will be a dream come true

  5. Jubileigh Garces

    Name: Jubileigh Garces
    Age: 11
    Height: 4ft 10in.
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Natural Dark Brown
    Personality: Funny, smart, kind

    I have always wanted to act on Kickin It or act at all and now that i might have a chance because of an E-Mail is CRAZY unless you’re done asking people to audition, but i just wanted to say
    i’m trying to create an acting career because i like/love acting i just never had a chance to act on a cool, funny, awesome, amazing, show/series like Kickin It.
    So i hope I get the/a part in the show.

    * GARCES *

  6. Nicholas Chuck

    Hello My name is Nicholas and I’m 18,I’m African American and I was born in San Antonio,I’m trilingual I speak French Spanish and English thus I traveled many places in the world.i love Kickin it because of the comedy and the livelihood that goes throughout the episodes . I love working out , meeting new people and learning about their culture.

  7. Aiden

    Hi my name is Aiden O, I am Korean but I was born in America and speak fluent English , I am 13 almost 14 year old male. I love the show kickin it because before social media took over, this was my favorite show and looking back to it id love to be a part of it. I’ve had martial arts lessons when I was 8 and I know the basics and I’d like to think that I’m funny. I want to audition for Kickin it because I think I can fit in with a comedy and martial arts role. I am a confident speaker and would love to become an actor for Disney XD. I’m respectful and I’d love it if you’d give me a shot, thanks :). I live in Washington State, I am 5’7

  8. Tristan

    Age:almost 10
    I have always wanted to act and i have love music and acting and i would love to be in this show (witch is my favorite show)and i love karate

    One last thing is that i am the best student in my class

    And i live in south carolina

  9. Tristan

    Age:almost 10
    I have always wanted to act and i have love music and acting and i would love to be in this show (witch is my favorite show)and i love karate

    One last thing is that i am the best student in my class

  10. Tristan

    Age:almost 10
    I have always wanted to act and i have love music and acting and i would love to be in this show (witch is my favorite show)and i love karate

    One last thing is that i am the best student in my class


  11. Zachariah

    I want in
    I am 11 years old and a white and yellow stripe belt.

  12. Yani Grant

    Hello, my name is Yani Grant. I am a female and I am 5’2.I have been doing TaeKwonDo ever since I was 10 years old. I have been competing at tournaments ever since I was 10 and I usually win 1st, 2nd place. the tournaments I go to are olympic style. I will be going to the junior olympics. I have been dreaming to become a actor ever since I was 8 years old, and I would love to be on a show where I can show my TaeKwonDo talent. I would love to have an opportunity to be on kickin’ it.

  13. Joey

    My name is Joey from Ohio. I am 13 years old and 5’ tall and 105 pounds. I have been studying and successfully competing in martial arts for the past several years winning 1st place in most competitions. I hold a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and a green belt in Judo. Music is also one of my hobbies and I play both the Violia and the keryboard. I would love an opportunity to appear on Kickin it where I may showcase my talent.
    Thank you

  14. Torri Walker

    Hello, my name is Torri. I’m a 12 year old girl from Southern California. I have a brown belt in Kung Fu. I have played guitar and sung since I was 5 years old. I also have training in acting, ballet and lyrical dance. “Kickin’ It” is my favorite show. I can see myself performing a lot of the stunts they do on the show. I also feel very comfortable acting in front of the camera. Disney XD is my favorite TV Channel and I would consider it an honor to be a part of the Disney family.

    Height: 5′
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Mediterranean
    Weight: 80 lbs
    DOB: 02/15/2004
    City: Oceanside, CA

    Hobbies: In addition to the above mentioned, I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, flag football, soccer, bicycling and swimming.

    Thank you for this opportunity to submit my information. I thank you in advance for any time you may spend looking over my application.

  15. Amarionkeys

    I want to be on kicking it

  16. Valerie Lewis

    Agency: Model and Talent Inc.
    Agency Phone: 954-900-5977
    Height: 4’ “3” Age: 9 ½ yrs. Shoe Size: 1 Shirt: 7-8 Pants: 7-8 Dress 8-10
    Model’s Cell Phone: 469-478-7760 Email:
    Modeling Experience:
    Mall Fashion Show……Model Contract Winner
    John Casablanca……Training
    Acting Experience:
    Mall Talent Contest…New Face Winner
    Church Productions: “The First Noel” … “The Game is Coming”
    Special Skills:
    Photogenic, Spunky, Dramatic (Ability to Cry Weep on Queue), Cheerleading- Flyer, Dance,
    Performing Arts, Honor Choir, Creative Writing & Drawing

  17. Maria Krein

    Hello my name is Maria Kreim. I have been doing Taekwondo martial arts for several years and im a first degree black belt. Im in 8th grade i have medium curly hair. Also, i am about4 foot 9 inches. I would love to be chosen for a role on kickn it, and I will try my best every day if you pick me. I will be so happy.

  18. Oswelt Louis

    Hi! I’m an 19 year old guy looking for a role, however small or large, in “Kickin’ it”! I have always wanted to have a role in television, and since I’m starting to really grow up, I would love the feeling of being a kid again by having a role in this show. My nephew loves this show and would never stop telling his friends about how his uncle was on “Kickin’ it”! So, if possible, I would love the opportunity to act in the show, even if it’s just a line or two. Here’s some information about myself:

    Full Name: Oswelt Louis
    Gender: Male
    City: Tampa Florida
    Hair: Black
    eyes: Black
    Skin tone: African American
    Height: 5’6
    Weight:170 lbs
    Words to describe myself: funny, outgoing, friendly, emotional, passionate

    Thank you for your time and please consider me!

  19. Emma Womack

    Name: Emma Womack
    Age: 14
    Height: 5ft 3in.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: Natural Blonde
    Personality: Funny, optimistic, smart, kind
    Weight: 93

    A little about myself:
    I have been wanting an acting position for a while now and I thought, Disney is a great place to start! While I am all for having an acting career, I have plans to go places with my violin and possibly singing. Things I do in spare time include painting, playing violin, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. I hope you might consider me as an attribute to this film or any other film you have plans of making. Thank you so much for your time!


    Emma Womack

  20. Taylor

    Name: Taylor Hodges
    Age: 11
    Gender: female

    Why I should be cast: hi I’m Taylor I love this show I’ve been watching it ever since it aired. I would love to be apart of it, it would be my dream come true. I am a actress looking to start off my career it would be amazing to get to work on this film even as an extra I would love to do this. I hope you can consider me to be cast or alert audition thank you very much! It would be an honour and amazing.

  21. Idalashay white

    Hi, my name is Idalashay I’m 13 years old I love Kick in it . I would love to be on this show it would me the woeld to me . I think , no I know I should be on this show because Im a hard worker, I dont give up never ever and I would love to prove myself to you and also not afraid of a challege. I always try new things,

    My information:
    Date of birth:12/01/01
    State &town of birth: Bridgeport,Connecticut
    Color of hair: black
    Eye color:black
    Hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Track, also I love acting,singing,dancing, and gymnastics.

    If you need more information please contact my email I would love to hear from you guys to know what you think .

  22. Daisy Soe

    I’m Daisy. I love the show Kickin’ It and I always wanted to audition for any part of the show they have. I have watched this show since the first episode was aired and now i rewatch each episode on netflix and memorising some parts. Being an actor was always my dream since i was 5 years old. I also had the experience of martial arts before since I was in a school REC activity. I would love to be part of this project. I also want to start my career young.

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 106 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark brown with caramel highlights
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Date of Birth: February 19, 2003
    Race: Asian
    City: Timonium, MD
    Talent: Acting/Singing

    You wont regret picking me, I work very hard and also keep my grades up. I hope you contact me soon.

  23. Angelica Favela

    Hi I am Angelica Favela a 10 yr old girl and my only wish would be acting with big time celebrities and to be performing in front of a camera.I have been in one school play Peter pan Jr and got to be on good morning Cleto on Texas news.
    Weight:9 stone and 7 pounds
    Sink color: tanned white ish
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: light brown in the sun
    Birthday: February 25,2005
    Nationality: American
    I live in: San Antonio Texas
    Talents: singing acting pulling pranks on people
    Contact me at:210 914 5478 or 210 769 1535 or also on Facebook at Angelica Favela with a convers wallpaper.

  24. Azaria

    Hey! My name is Azaria and I am 8 years old. I have a very big personality and feel that I can fit right in with Disney channel. I started rapping when I was only 2 years old! From then on I gain a passion for music. I also started singing and now want to branch off into acting. My voice is really big and clear. I am a girl who likes to ask questions to have an understanding of things. I am slim, tall for my age, brown skin with curly hair. Hope I hear back from you! You’ll love my personality !

  25. Darian hardy

    Sex: Male
    I love the show, I’m really good at acting. I would play any role in the show. My dream is to be a actor. I always watch this show. It would not only help me it would help my whole family. I would give to the local church’s, school district, give money to the local hospital for any use Bc Ik it needs help Bc my brother is always in the hospital. I would go to my home town and do the same bild new houses apartments and give to the schools. I’m not doing this job just for me even tho it’s my dream it would help my family in ever way. This is my dream job. Expachaly being on kickin ‘it. I love the actors and actresses. This would be a Mericle if I get this job as a actor. Thank u.
    Even if I don’t get it I just wanted everyone to know on the set that this is the best Disney sho by far.

  26. Forbes Lau


    My name is Forbes Lau and I am a Junior at Emerson College. I think it is an amazing that Disney is creating a martial arts tv series.I have been practicing martial arts for 6 1/2 years. My main styles are Krav Maga and Muay Thai with vast knowledge in a variety of other styles . Through my training and dedication, I have performed and choreographed a series of martial arts demonstrations around colleges around Boston, Massachusetts. It is through these demos that I wish to take my abilities and skills into the world of film. Along with my background in martial arts, I have starred in a couple movies on my campus. From being a lead actor to an extra, all the way to being a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer, I know the demands of film and I am more than capable of adapting to whatever role that you see fit. Through my passion and dedication, I believe that this tv series is more than capable of taking my abilities to the next level.

    My Work :

    Cell: 7815352939
    Email: (best)

    Thank you for the opportunity,
    Forbes Lau

  27. Juan Lopez

    I’m 15 years old I want to be apart of kickin it because i like karate i dream of acting i think this can change my life a lot i seen y’all since i was little please i would like to be apart of your cast.i love the show because it’s funny and it action packed

  28. Victoria Bray

    Hi my name is Victoria Bray, im 17 years old and I live in England. I am very tall, 5ft 11 and i’m sure not my weight is but i’m around 13 stone but am currently losing weight.
    I haven’t had much acting experience, but when i was round the ages of 8-13 I was in a little drama group , which was called Man in the moon a.k.a MIM. With this organisation I did a few plays which were performed in front of a small audience. I have always been in one of my secondary school plays which was a musical.
    i am a very positive person and like to put a smile on peoples faces, which I do succeed in. I like to learn new things. I am also a outgoing and adventurous person.
    I have always wanted to be in actor ever since I was little even if that is being an extra or a main character – it has always been a dream of mine.
    Being apart of this hit TV programme would be an absolute honour. I know I haven’t had much experience but if you give me an opportunity for an audition im sure ill make you proud
    Kind Regards,
    Victoria Bray

  29. Rashad Bailey

    Howdy! I’m Rashad. I’m 24 from Texas! ( If you can’t tell lol). I am very unique,diverse, and versatile. I am of mixed descent (African American with a mix of other ethnicities).I already have a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and am currently working on my Masters of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. It is no walk in the park but I have a “never give up” attitude that sets me apart from others. I have always wanted to be an actor and have been a disney kid since birth and still to this day watch disney channel, and I’m proud to admit it!I took martial arts lessons as a child and am musically inclined along with a host of other talents from horseback riding to sports to being multi-linguistic. Did I mention I have a great sense of humor and have been told I am very charismatic and the “life of the party”! =)

  30. kunal mehta

    Hii i am kunal mehta I love this show my full family us seeing this show and if I got chance to go in why I will this chance this is the better oporatunit for me I will be sooooo happy if will get role in this

  31. Esmeralda Torres

    Hi , I am 14 almost 15, I’m about 5’0 ,I had experiences before in school plays, I have a great sense of humor, kickin it is the best I seen so far.

    thank you for your time !

  32. Eric Brinkley

    Hello, I am Eric I have been acting for years I and 14 and would love to be apart of this season thanks.

  33. Annika

    Hi I am Annika and I would love to be a part of kickin it because one I love this show (especially the first episode) when jack takes out the black dragons
    I have been there from the beginning
    Almost 11
    Blue eyes
    Blonde hair

  34. Amaya Baumberger

    Hi my name is amaya I love sports school and hanging with friends and family I would love to sign up for this show my friends and I would love to sign up for this show I live in Dover ohio I have also love singing dancing and writing acting my eyes are brown my hair is very dark brown that looks like black I’m nine yrs old love love this show sorry I only weigh 65 pounds my favorite sport is soccer cross country and gymnastics so I’m very bend a bull

  35. Caitlyn Patterson

    Hey I
    Am 13
    Hazel eyes
    Have experience
    Was in a play
    I got excepted in to ACT magnet high school (Arts at the capital theater)
    I am a strong leader
    I have a loud voice
    Willing to change anything
    Able to cry on spot

  36. Gabriella Johnson

    Hello, my name is Gabriella and i would love to be hired for this amazing job! If you would like my info just email me at and i would be more than happy to send you my resume. Thank you.

  37. Julian

    Hi my name is Julian Simental I am down to earth funny and have a good personality. I would like to be in Kickin’ it, I watch the show and think it’s hilarious.

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’2
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  38. Misael Guzman

    Hello, my name is Misael Guzman I’m currently 13 years old. I’m from Mexico and I speak fluent Spanish and English. Im 5’4 and I have green eye. too all my family and friends I am considered very funny. I have not to long but curly hair and I’m a male

  39. Abigail

    Hello my name is Abby! I have a black belt in karate and love making chow-mein. I am short and have purple hair. I am willing to dye it any color except purple. I also love pooping in the evening and I play the obo while on the toilet. Thx for time I hope you really consider me for a part. I want to do great things in my life, besides pooping

  40. isaiah

    My name is isaiah virgil im 13 years old I’m 5 foot 6 inches brown eyes and have been watching movies ever since I was little and have always had a passion for acting.
    I have always been know to Be good at comedy, drama, etc. I’m in 7th grade and have A’s and B’s and am in most advanced classes above my piers level. Contact me please I would be honored to be on this set. I have participated in school plays and have done role play and acting at schooLet
    Call 6197648272 or 6196346626

  41. Bleona Krasniqi

    Hello my name is Bleona Krasniqi
    I am 12 years old
    my hobbie is karate and i love acting.
    I love the show because My favourite Character Jack reminds me of me because i am a black belt in karate.
    I am consistently watching the show all the time, what i love about acting is the fact that your aloud to be a different person and you meet lots of great people.
    i wish to be in the episodes as one of the main character
    This would be great for me its all i ever wanted
    Thank you for listening
    means alot please make it happen 🙂

  42. Stephen

    My name stephan brown.
    Im 16
    High school athlete, I play almost every sport.
    I live in Glendale heights, illinois
    5’11, black hair, dark brown eyes, african american/white & indian.
    Reason why i wanna be one of the characters on your tv show KICKIN’ IT. Is because im inlove with martial arts, im very friendly and i just wanna try some new. Now i really dont expect you guy to just go with i say and just pick me. NO. I know theres thousands of people that’ll say their really about it but they get in front of you guys they freez. Well im not that thousand im just one person that’s trying to make it, trying to be someone not saying there’s not others our here trying to do the same. But only got knows how many people that’s actually trying. Me personal. Im just trying help my family because i have members that’s really struggling and can’t get no help.Im not only doing it for the money im in it to show othe teens like me anything is possible. YOU CAN REACH ME AT #6305208985

  43. Andrew Turner

    Hi My name is Andrew Turner. I live in Atlanta,Georgia. I could always make someone laugh. My favorite comedians are Redd Foxx , Eddie Murphy, and Martin Lawrence. I am 5’5 in height and my weight is 112 pounds. I’m 13 years old. I have brown eyes. I can speak spanish and english. I’m Panamainan/American. One of my favorite Disney XD shows are Kickin’ it. I could be just like Eddie who was on the show.

  44. celina calligan

    I know that many girls my age want to be an actor or dancer or even a singer but they don’t try to complete their goal. There is most likely no chance I get this character ,I am aware of that but I still am trying. That is why I should get this character ,because I know that I may not get it but I still try.Any way this is my info:
    Hair color : dark and light brown mixed ( its my natural hair color)
    Eye color: really light brown
    Age:12 almost 13
    Birth date:March 9 2002
    Talent(s) : I have my own dance group and I sing at community events I also have been in one willi wanka musical

  45. Carla Burgs


    It’s Carla Burgs and I would really like to audition for season 4 of Kickin’ It. I love this TV-series and it’s storyline. I am quick when it comes to learning new things and I am an open-minded person who gets along well with others.

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Eye colour: Deep green
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Skin colour: Tanned white
    Nationality: South African
    Home: Gauteng, South Africa (willing to relocated temporary)
    Talents: Acting, Doing accents, Singing, Playing guitar, Playing piano, enc.


  46. Linda Huang

    Hey my name is Linda
    Age: 12
    Im Asian I have Black Hair Dark Brown Eyes
    I live in Wisconsin and I grew up watching shows on Disney
    I love Austin and Aly, Jessie, Kickin it, Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie, Dog with a Blog.
    My hobbies are making Youtube videos, Playing Guitar, Drawing, Hanging out with my friends, and gymnastics, and I also Love crafting and Im athletic. My friends Discribe My personality as Weird, Fun and Energetic
    Im very familiar with being on Camera and dealing with Hate and Working Heard because I do have a Youtube Channel and I have 543 Subscribers.
    It would be such a awesome experience to be able to be on Disney because I grew up watching Disney. I am very Friendly great with Animals very engergenic, hard working, I can play many parts, and although i don’t like school very much school is also important to me You can contact me on or (920) 222 5773

  47. Brian Stokes

    I’m Brian ,I re enjoy watching Kickin it and everytime I watch it I wanna be apart of the show and I always wanted to be an actor so why not try out for my favorite show and I’m 20 ,5’9 240lb and Martial Arts is Awesome

  48. Yuka

    Hi, I am Yuka, and I would love to be in Kickin it. I am 13 and I am Japanese. I live in WI, and can speak Japanese and English. I can’t do any Martial Arts but it will be a great honor to be in this show.

  49. Amba mcmanus

    Im 11. I live in Australia WA mandurah. I love all things disney i just auditioned for jessie. I can kick 160cm . I have brown hair , bluey-green eyes and I’m really tall. Im fine with any part. Im also kinda shy with REALLY big parts.

  50. Abigail Olsen

    I am 5’4
    I have brown eyes
    Long brown hair
    My name is Abigail Olsen,I have been to a Disney audition,only one
    But they claimed I had a unique look and talent.they want to use me,(these
    People worked with huge stars like Taylor lautnor,and they were in to me)I am
    Looking for more auditions until then,and if I find one,I’ll stay with it.
    I am very determined.
    I would appreciate if you got back to me,thanks

  51. Jesse Munka

    My name is Jesse and I’m 12 years old. I live near Los Angeles in California and I should get this role because I have had experience in acting and I love making people happy. I believe I have a talent because I make short shows at home. My friends also say that I’m a really great actor. I also watch Kickin It and I really love the show. Getting this part will be like a dream come true for me.

  52. Mark ustenko

    Hello I know everything in kickin it my name is Mark I like to audition for any part in the show I will do anything for you.

  53. lacey beaty

    My name is Lacey I am 11 year old girl. I am a green belt in tae kwon do. I live in Fairfield township OH. I was in tae kwon do for about 2 years. Between school and homework I had to quit . I love Disney channel. I would work really hard if I got a part.
    i have strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, freckles

  54. Cameron colley

    I love the show I also love acting and to be on television is one of my dreams and to be on a show that has Jason earles / Rudy/Jackson would be awesome the show is really organized and I would love to be a part of the kickin it family

  55. Jakayla Thompson

    Hi my name is jakayla and i am 16 years old and I would love the opertunity to be apart of this project I am an upcoming actress and dancer who is outgoing. I am fun to work with and i will bring my all to the audition

    Weight 125
    Height 5’3
    African american /light skin
    Eye color brown
    Contact me

  56. Kayla

    My name is Kayla and I am 11 years old. I live in North Carolina and I would like to audition for this show because I love it’s so funny and makes me laugh. I want to audition because I want to feel the rush of acting since I never been on TV before. Another thing is that I can dance and sing a little. I hope to hear from you!

  57. Bailey Stimpson

    Hello my name is Bailey and I would love to be a part of this project.
    Age- 14
    Gender- Male
    Height- 5 ft 3 inches
    Weight- 115 lbs
    Previous Movies- Zombie World, Our Final Days
    I would love to be in this and I am a great actor for my age. Thank you!

  58. Eryk Piasecki

    Hey I’m Eryk and I am 16. I have an European accent. I have blue/green eyes and I think I could be a perfect actor. You can contact with me by

  59. Logan Butler

    I am 13 years old, and I love acting. I have been into martial arts, and am a great actor. I hope you consider me.
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    13 years old
    German/Native American/ English-American

  60. melanie pilzer

    I’m a girl. I’m 15. I have a green eyes and brown hair. I play karate for 6 year. I dace hip hop and play clarinets. I would enter in disney channel because I’m good actress

  61. Samantha Meng

    hi! I’m Samantha. I’m really into martial arts. I can get along with almost anyone. I hope you’ll consider me!

    Black hair
    Brown Eyes
    12 years old

  62. Patrick Exantus

    My name is Patrick and I’m 11. I would like to audition for Kickin’ It season 4. I have brown eyes and black hair. I weight 120- 150 pounds. My height is around 5’3. I would like to play because I have been dreaming how it feels to be an actor and how it feels to work with them. I also speak a little French ,because I lived in France. I’m Haitian American.Thank you.

  63. Tahirah Naidu

    Hey! My name is Tahirah. I’m a 14 year old girl from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m fun loving, a basketball player, and I play the violin and the guitar. I would love to be a part of Disney Channel for any movies or tv. I’m currently a freshman at Heritage Hall and will turn 15 in February. If I do get a role, I will work very hard and will not disappoint anyone! In my free time, I write songs, sing, walk my two dogs, and hang out with friends.

    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 108 lb
    Hair Color: dark brown, but looks black
    Eyes: brown
    City: Oklahoma City, OK
    Date of Birth: February 18, 2000
    Talent/hobbies: singing, acting, instrumentalist, basketball, and writing

    I really hope to hear back from y’all! I would love to send any information y’all would need. 🙂