Jurassic World - Movie

Jurassic World – Movie

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was released in theaters in 1993 and changed movies and audiences ideas of what they could become forever and now another visit to the incredible world of dinosaurs has been scheduled. Jurassic World is scheduled to begin shooting very soon and several aspiring actors will be needed to fill roles in this blockbuster movie event. Mr. Spielberg (Lincoln, E.T., Raiders Of The Lost Ark) will be producing the epic adventure this time around and has lined up and exciting new filmmaker to direct the tent pole project along with a fabulous cast to once again lead us through this magical series. Casting calls for a number of supporting roles of all sizes are being organized now and interested performers can apply today for their shot at landing a part in this historic film event.

Jurassic World will feature rising talent Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) in the directors chair overseeing a top secret script written by Trevorrow and his creative partner Derek Connolly, an Independent Spirit Award winner for his Safety Not Guaranteed screenplay. The early cast announcements include a treasure trove of talent that will feature Chris Pratt (The Lego Movie, Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy), Judy Greer (Archer, The Descendants, Arrested Development), Golden Globe nominee Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Spider-Man 3), Jake Johnson (New Girl, 21 Jump Street, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), BD Wong (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Salton Sea, Mulan) and Emmy nominee Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Break-Up). Auditions for more roles are happening soon and performers of all ages can apply today for their shot at a part in what is sure to be one of the biggest films of the decade.

Casting calls for Jurassic World will be held shortly and actors can submit themselves today by sending emails to louisiana@centralcasting.com. We will be posting more casting details as they become available so check back for more updates and leave a message in the space below and tell us what you think of the Jurassic franchise and why you want a chance at a role in the all new installment Jurassic World.

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  1. Ruby Louise Marguerite Neighman

    My name is Ruby and I would love to be apart of this movie. I’ve wanted to act and be on the screen since I was 5 years old. Jurassic World has always been one of my favorite movies and to be apart of it would be a huge honor. I’m 5’3, long brown hair, blue eyes, Caucasian, and 110 lbs. I have done many theatre plays including Cinderella kids, High School Musical, and much, much more. It is my biggest dream to be apart of this movie and I would be happy with any role, from a bystander that is eaten by a dinosaur to a main role. To be apart of this movie would be a huge privilege and would be a great achievement for me. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Eddie

    My name is Eddie and I’m extremely interested in having a part in Jurassic World 3. I have been a lifelong fan of the franchise, Jurassic Park being my number one all time favorite movie and I absolutely adored Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom. I’m Caucasian, 6’2, 250 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, average looking and am even willing to play a henchman or a bystander who gets gobbled up by a dinosaur. I would consider it a life achievement and personal dream to be a part of this film. I was absolutely intrigued with Fallen Kingdom’s ending and can’t wait to see where the third film will go and I’d love to be a part of that. To learn more how much the franchise means to me, please refer to the letter I wrote to Speilberg about a year ago explaining and addressing why I would love to be a part of this. My all time favorite Jurassic character is Nedry and if I could have a chance to play a role like him or any other nefarious human character in the movie, I’d consider it a tremendous honor and privilege.

    Thank you for your consideration

  3. Samantha MacGowan

    I am Samantha Macgowan, a 15 (shortly 16) year old girl living in New Jersey. I love the Jurassic Park/World movies and interested in any role, whether background or more. I am a white, chubby, blonde haired blue eyes girl. My DOB is December 11th, 2002. I am 5’2 1/2. I weight close to two hundred pounds, but am able to lose weight for a role. I have acted before and have a strong passion for it, and I love everything to do with dinosaurs.
    I am skilled with animals, even though no prehistoric animals are in the film (excluding actual animals) this can make the film more believable. I can provide any forms and am willing to travel.
    Being a teenager, i understand pop culture and am glad to see the more ‘nerd-ish’ movies are getting the light they deserve and want to contribute to this amazing franchise. I am into many of the newer civic organizations and have no racist and/or discriminatory background.
    I love the films and hope to recieve a part, and will enjoy working with you in every aspect.

  4. Kendal Kulikowski

    My name is Kendal Kulikowski I am a huge fan of the Jurassic world movies and I have loved acting my whole life. I’m 14 years old and about 5 foot 4 inches and I weigh 130lbs. I have curly blonde hair and brown eyes. My gender is female. I live in the state of Maryland and it would be the best thing I could have ever dreamed of to star in a movie like Jurassic world!!

  5. Kendal Kulikowski


    My name is Kendal Kulikowski I am a huge fan of the Jurassic world movies and I have loved acting my whole life. I’m 14 years old and about 5 foot 4 inches and I weigh 130lbs. I have curly blonde hair and brown eyes. I live in the state of Maryland and it would be the best thing I could have ever dreamed of to star in a movie like Jurassic world!!

  6. Enrique Martinez

    Hi my name is Enrique Martinez and I am interested in casting for any Jurassic World movie. Since I was 7, I loved to watch the Jurassic Park movies and wanted to be in a Jurassic Park movie. The dinosaurs in Jurassic park looked so real that it was cool how the Jurassic Park crew made it to look as if it were real, that it made me want to be in one of the movies. I am a male, 5’6″, and weigh 118 Ibs. Date of birth: April 2, 2005. Black hair, brown eyes. I like to design and travel. I live in California in Temecula, and I am 13 years old.

  7. Belle

    I would love to be part of the next Jurassic world

  8. Jolene Kläfiger

    Bkniu my Name is Jolene Kläfiger and i‘m really interested to have a roll in the new Movie Jurassic World 3 I love all of the Jurassic World/Park Movies Prozent und and i have all of them in DVD. I’m
    13years old I was born at March 1st but in the Movie i could play a 10-13year old. I live in Switzerland in but i think it does not matter where you come from because everyone should have a chance to play in a movie.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Steven LaRocque

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Steven LaRocque and am highly interested in a casting for the making of any of the Jurassic World movies in any role. I am a Marine in the Marine Corps reserve and am able to take direction/orders and deliver as requested and required without hesitation. I have great passion for the Jurassic movie series all that is included within them. I am a male, 6’0”, weigh 190 lbs, DOB April 02 1991, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, very willing to travel, and live in Washington state. I can provide any necessary documents upon request.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Steven LaRocque

  10. Kristen White

    To Whomever It May Concern,

    My name is Kristen Day White. I am 15 years old, live in Hawaii and I LOVE the Jurassic movies!!
    Here is what I think about the Jurassic franchise, I think it is a great fantasy adventure for kids, everyone especially teenagers like me who are so curious about the dinosaur era!! The way the artists depict the size, appearance and colors of these magnificent animals makes them more than beautiful to behold. I am in awe with the realization of the importance of these animals in our lives today. Our entire society moves because of these majestic creatures. Without them I can only guess where humans would be. I love Dinosaurs, I have ever since I was a little girl, and…..I am a good actress.

    My Uncle, Ronald Judkins, won an Oscar for sound mixing on the original Jurassic Park.

    The reason I want to be in Jurassic World 5 is because I love acting!! It is my first love!! I have been acting since I was 3. I have my resume and a recent photo to present at your request. Since you will be filming in my neighborhood I would love to be a part of the next epic Jurassic adventure. For more information please contact me through my email address listed here.

    Many Mahalos!!
    Kristen Day White

  11. Alyssa

    I weight 62 pounds
    my height is 4feet
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    hair up to back
    birth date june 11
    gender girl

  12. Alyssa

    I could play as 9-10 years old

  13. Alyssa

    oh and I literally have a lot of good emotions
    please put me in I will be good for Lucy

  14. Alyssa

    I am 10 years old

  15. Alyssa

    hi! my name is Alyssa ,I love Jurassic world I will also love to play the role for Lucy
    P.S. I am a huge fan you can trust me , and I am from Arkansas

  16. Dazia

    Jurrasic world 2 i would like to try. Out for the role Lucy i will send you a email

  17. Dazia

    Hello i’m dazia i am big fan of jurassic world and all the other jurassic park movies i am from florida i am ten years old. And i am trying out for Lucy

  18. Christian Drinnan

    hey there my name is christian drinnan. i am from England and a huge fan of the jurassic park franchise. I was a bit skeptical about how Jurassic world would turn out but it left me wanting more. I am a young actor currently studying performing arts. I am nearly 19 years old, 6ft 3 inches tall. i have dark hair and blue eyes. i would love to be a part of this movie if it is possible.

  19. abigail

    Hello I’m Abigail Barreto I have 13 years I am in second year high in the ESB No. 322 work as a waitress in a cafe and sometimes singing songs that make the truth I have no acting experience truth anything, but I would like the opportunity will speak much English , Spanish , I speak a little Italian and some Portuguese , really do not speak much English but I am learning at an accelerated pace and the truth is they would like to have this opportunity .
    I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I was born on 13/12/02
    I never left the country or have passport

    Height: approximately 1,68
    Hair: Dark brown
    Brown eyes
    Skin: not too white
    Parents: Mother

  20. Fathya / shany

    Hi! I’m fathya but you can call me shany hehe
    I’m 13 almost 14
    27 july 2002
    Weight: 55 kg
    Height: 168 cm
    Skin color:brown but not too dark and not too white
    Hair color: brown and little bit darker
    Eye color : black
    Doesn’t have any freckles
    Hobbies: singing,acting,swimming,dancing,sleeping,make people laugh/happy,
    Please choose me please,please,please,please

  21. Diva

    Hi! I’m diva, i’m from indonesia to, and this is my audition registration
    First name:diva
    Last name:fachmi
    Age: 12
    Birthday date: 16 march 2004
    Parents: mom
    Post code:15143
    Weight: 50 kg
    Height:156 cm
    Skin color: white but not too white
    Hair color:dark black
    Eye color:black
    Pick me thank you

  22. Crystal

    Hi, I’m Crystal. I am 12, well in one month 13. I started acting since I was 5 in the Sound of Music, as Gretel. I have watched all of the Jurassic World and Park movies, and have dreamed about acting in movies and disney channel since the teachers, security guards and parents of second school I have been to convinced me to audition for the Sound of Music. I love jurassic world and park. It would mean everything to me if I have a chance to pursue my dreams. I also think that it might look good on my college application one day, since I want to go to Yale, Harvard or Cambridge universities. I work hard and my grades are good. Although I don’t live in america, I am sure there is a way that I can act on jurassic world 2. I have been to all the Disneylands in the world and I think Universal Parks. My parents call me drama queen and my friends know that I can cry on command. I am from Singapore but lived in two different continents my entire life – 6 different countries. I have just moved back to my birthplace – Holland. I am not pure chinese as somewhere in my ancestors history is from europe but not so sure exactly where. I have well basically starred in all of my school productions. So, I will love to audition for a role (speaking/main role – not exactly).

  23. Leslie

    I want to be in Jurassic world because the first one was absolutely amazing. There was so much action! I loved it! I want to have a chance to live the big life. And I love to act and mess around.
    I’m a girl that’s 14 years old
    I have brown hair and brown eyes
    I’m 5’1
    I hope you give me a Chance!

  24. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    I love this it would be really exciting to be featured in it

  25. Joselyn

    Hello,mi name Is joselyn Pérez im from usa tampa florida ,im 16 years old And I will love to participate ,I speak english And spanish ,acting it my lifeI never participate before in something like this just on school projects ,I will apreciate if you give me a chance anyways here my number 813 2901092 ,thank you

  26. kimberly saracay

    Hi my name is Kimberly Saracay i always wanted to be in a movie because i’m happy and i love to be in videos being funny and having people laugh with me i’m 13 i have brown eyes and brown hair i weigh 100 pounds i will focus with everything and be on task thank you for taking your time to read everyone’s and my letter to you i hope you choose someones or mine i hope you have a blast making other movies. Thank you i hope you have a nice day

  27. Seth collier

    Hello my name is Seth I am 11 years old and I am crazy about acting I also love dinosaurs I am 140cm tall and I weigh 30kg I would love to be considered in your new movie it would mean a lot I have had lots of experience infront of the camera thank you

  28. Jhacori Anderson

    Hello my name is Jhacori Anderson. I am a17 year old light skin African American male. I am 5’8″. I love Jurassic park movies. I watch all of them over and over again. I hope you consider me in getting my career started. Thank you! Have a great day!

  29. Tamara Christen Evans

    Hi my name is Tamara Christen Evans I would LOVE to be in Jurassic World. My personalities are Brown hair Brown eyes half Asian and half American. Weight about 70-75 pounds. I am 11 years old and I am going into middle school in about 5 months I am a girl that would love to act in the movie. if your interested call my house phone at (570)346-9575 or my parents number which is (570)878-8281 or (570)878-8279. Thank you so much hope to be in the movie 🙂

  30. Amari

    My name is Amari, and I’m 11 years old. I’m an aspiring writer, and I really want to be an extra in Jurassic World because I love dinosaurs , and I think it will be fun.

    I’m good at sitting, walking, or running in the background. 🙂


  31. aoife hayes

    .hi my name is aoife, i am 13 years old but can look up to the age of 16-17.
    .im 5’8 and i am 99lbs give or take a pound.
    . i have blue eyes and my hair colour changes alot but it is currently blonde.
    .i am an athletic person but also very girly and i have alot of different sides to me thats why i would be good for a various amount of roles.
    .i think you should consider me because i have a good personality also i am a strong person so i can handle all the challenges i could be faced with and i really want to start a professional acting career as it is my dream to be an actress.
    .i live in Northern Ireland, Great Britian but i can travel to any destination if needed.

  32. Cecil Bayanes

    Hello, I am Cecil Bayanes, an Asian from the Philippines. I am 25 years old but people think I do not look like my age because I look younger. I have black hair and brown eyes, 5’2″ height and 100lbs weight. I can act, sing and dance. I am a humble person with determination and discipline. I am hardworking and always works on time. I will do my best to meet your standards. Working with this movie would be a dream come true, when I was a kid I have watched Jurassic many times, I am a fan. I always wanted to be a character in this kind of movie. People say that I am very good in acting, in school they always choose me for acting activities and I always stand out. I like being challenge, it makes me stronger and better. I believe this movie will be a success. Dinosaurs in this movie was so real for me and the effects were so good from the last Jurassic so maybe this it would look more real.

  33. Tony B

    NAME: Tony B
    HEIGHT: 5’9

  34. Shasha Brown

    Hey My Name Is Shasha

    Height: 5’11
    Weight: Too Big
    Age: 19
    Build: Average
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Chocolate

    Im A Big Girl Comedian From Tampa Florida And I Would Love To Be Apart Of The Film Not Only Just Because The Fame Because I Want Have A Growing Experience In Acting. #NetworkWithMe By The Way I Have A Instagram @Savageshasha ChecK Me Out

  35. Tyler plummer

    Hi,my name is Tyler and I’m 13 and aI’ve always dreamed of seeing Dinosaurs and I hope you will give me that chance

  36. Eliza Klingler

    My name’s Eliza and I’m 15 years old. I have a little acting experience, seeing as I’ve been in several short films and school productions. I would love to be in this movie.

  37. Andrea James

    I am a 29 year old female.
    Red hair and Green eyes.
    5’5″ and 180lbs.
    I have a few tattoos and a Monroe piercing.
    I have been in love with Jurassic Park since I was tiny. I even had the poster of the T-Rex on my wall growing up! I have never been a movie extra but would absolutely love to do so!
    I am finishing my degree in Graphic Design currently and trying to save money to get my children and I a nicer car and home!
    This would be helpful and a dream come true!
    Thank you!
    Andrea James

  38. Cedric Mitchell Sr

    Contact me!! I’m ready to run for my life!

  39. lily

    hello thee my name is Lily M. I am about 5’5 feet tall. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I haven’t been in any movies, but I am very talented about acting. I can do any acting job. I am just a natural!

  40. darius

    Hi my name is darius and i am 12 good looking umm i love jaurrasic park it is one of my familys favorites but my family wants me to get this beacuse we have money issues but my mom is single with 5 kids so plz

  41. Zyan Rael

    Hi, my name is Zyan I’m around 5″4, I have black hair and brown eyes. I have seen all of the Jurassic park movies and I’m a big fan of Chris Pratt. And would love to be in this movie, even if it was a background character. I hope that you consider me for a role, Thanks!

  42. Jasmine King

    Hi, my name is Jasmine and I just turned 22 years old. I can look anywhere between 16 and 26 years old and can also look like a number of ethnicities. I’ve been acting all my life and I’ve just been waiting on my big break. I live in Houston, TX but am ready to travel/move.

    -Caucasian & Indian w/ tan skin
    -Black eyes
    -long, wavy brown hair
    -110 lbs and fit

    Thank you!

  43. Eric Duff

    My name is Eric Duff, I am 15 years old. I would like this movie to start my acting career, I live in Southern Oregon which doesn’t give many chances, so I do plays. I’m 5’10 brown hair blue eyes. I Hope you will give me a chance , thank you.

  44. Brian Martin

    Hello my name is Brian and I believe that I should be considered because, I’m already a working actor with notable affiliations such as Livewire Films, and Lightgate Entertainment. I have a prominent role in a movie called Elite, which will be coming out fall of 2015 facebook.com/pages/ELITE/1519403411652923?pnref=story As an actor I look at film as both a profession, and an art form. Here’s a snap shot of what I have to offer: as apart of any production I bring things to the table such as emotional honesty, imagination, and empathy to the service of a creative process. My resume, bio, and headshots can be seen on my professional facebook page: facebook.com/BrianMartinRickerson
    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to a dialogue in the near future.

  45. Ben kelly

    I know this movie is going to make millions just like the very first one did, I loved that one and I would love to be apart of this one, I know if given the shot I wouldn’t drop the ball, I learn fast and make the best of every situation, I will give 100% of anything I’m asked because I know that not everyone gets chances like this and if you do,well you make it count! With that being said I’m ready for my big break and have a great story to tell everyone and what better place to begin than Jurassic world!

  46. Ceris Wiseman

    Hello , My name is Ceris . I am 13 about to be 14 in February with brown hair and hazel eyes. I live in Scotland . I am a bit shy until I get to know other people and I become more talkative and find It easier to talk to people .i am quite geeky and I love video games , I hope you consider me thank you . (P.s I am a massive fan of Jurassic park and I would freak if I got this !)

  47. Timothy Cavalieri

    Name: Timothy Cavalieri
    Age: 15 (16 in March)
    Grade: Sophomore High School
    Height: 5’9″
    Ethnicity: Caucasian; quarter Italian (Tan skin color)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hello, I am an aspiring actor. I grew up watching the Jurassic Park movies and watching Steven Spielberg’s films. I would love to be part of the Jurassic Legacy, and do it with one of my favorite directors. I am also a huge fan of Chris Pratt! I love the movies he is in and his inspiring story of becoming an actor. I am a very hard worker, and will put my heart and soul out on the stage. I have always loved movies and entertaining people. I am very funny and athletic. I also am an all A student and can memorize lines with ease. I have always dreamed of being an actor since I was little boy. I know this is my calling in life, and would love if you gave me the opportunity to share it with you!

  48. Gabriel Kainer

    Steven Spielberg is my inspiration in filmmaking, and Chris Pratt is one of my favorite actors. I am 14, and am five feet, five inches tall. Jurassic Park is one my favorite movies, and I would love to be part of the legacy.

  49. Vanessa Sturms


    25 years old
    Pensacola Fl.
    Filipino and white but look Hispanic
    130 lbs
    black hair
    wavy / curly hair

  50. Tchevey Pierre

    It dosen’t matter what movie that I got chosen to be a part of it’s cool with me

  51. victoria garcia

    I would like to be in ‘Jurassic world ‘ I am almost 13. I have brown, hair brown eyes and am 5’6 an a half. I can pass off as a 15 year old. i have a some experience acting, singing, and dancing. I have been on television for my schools plays. I have great listening skills and am in the top 50 in my ranks at school. i am a multi tasker. I am interested in acting but I won’t depend on it. i can keep my grades high and am dependable. My family originates from Mexico, and Spain. i am fine with any role but prefer a bit of monologue.

  52. Tammy

    My name is Tammy
    I am 26 years old
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 160
    Hazel/brown eyes, long,black hair, freckles

    I am new to acting, i always wanted to be an actress. I love any Jurrasic Park movies and i’m sure I would love this movie! I’d kill to be on this movie. I am a serious,silly,quick learner, funny, love to work hard and be the best at what i do. Please pick me and you wont regret it! 🙂

  53. Gregory Trax

    15 years old
    180 Lbs
    Dark brown eyes
    Dirty blonde hair

  54. Jesse Carr

    my name is Jesse. I am a 13 year old, 80lb, 5ft tall, male. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am wanting to start a career in acting. I have been in skits at school and i have made little movie clips of my own. I have excellent memorization skills, I have a good sense of humor, I am a good listener, and a quick learner. It would be an honor for me to work with you.
    Thank You!

  55. Colby Turner

    I would love to get a lead character in Jurassic World. I have seen all the movies and other movies that Steven Spielberg has done. I have takin acting classes for a hole year and have been in a play before and did some comedy acts in my school. I think I would do a grate job in this movie because I can easily change my voice and attitude. I have experience with being in front of a big audience and people in my school think I’m hilarious, when I was in grade 3 or 4 I sang I of the Tiger in front of everyone in my school witch is 800 people and I did this all alone for the first time. Since then I have continued to act but my dream has always been to be a main character in one of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster movies. I live in Mississauga in Ontario and almost 13 years old.

  56. Patrick Tenny

    Hey there,
    I believe I should be a part in this film because I have a strong range in acting from being able to be serious, goofy and dramatic when needed. I have done many skits and improv skits over the years. And would love the opportunity to be in this film if even just as an extra. Feel free to ask for a video recording of me reading something or acting a line out for your benefit. I realize making these decisions are very time consuming and you have a lot of candidates to consider, but before you make a quick decision let me show you what I can bring to the table for this film.

    Let me know if you need any other information from me. I look forward to talking more with you soon.

    height 5’11
    weight 160 lbs
    athletic build
    brown eyes
    brown hair

  57. Danny Lee Black

    I love acting. It’s not just my passion.. It’s the highest art form imaginable. I can play anything, except a woman. I’m not very good at that.

  58. Miguel A. Ortiz

    Hello my name is Miguel, I am 18 years old, 5’11 feet tall, 170 pounds and I love in El Paso, Texas. I have brown eyes and hair, I am thin with my body and I have no facial hair. I would like this opportunity because it will begin my journey to entertain the people through out acting, and by the fact that I live in a city where acting is not observe as in big cities this opportunity will be extraordinary for me. Hopefully I hear back from you guys.

  59. Matthew Ramos

    Hello, thank you for considering me for this role. My name is Matthew Ramos and I am eighteen years old. My whole life I have a passion for acting and video production. From 6th grade all the way until 10th grade I acting, edited, directed, and produced my own videos on youtube. I had a pretty decent amount of subscribers and felt this is what I need to do with my life to be happy. Sadly, I let other kids at school get to my head when some kids found my youtube videos online and started to make fun of me. I quit and till this day I have NEVER stopped thinking about how much I missed creating these videos and shouldn’t of let those kids win. I decided to start making youtube videos again once I turned 16 but in a little different route. I am a Female to Male Transgender and I made videos showing my progression into becoming a man. I have had my reconstruction surgery and have been on hormones for almost a year. I plan on creating a separate channel dedicated to making short films. I have lived so much of my life letting others get in the way of my dreams it’s time to do what I feel in my heart is best for me. I’m a hard worker with enough passion to keep me dedicated to this field. I could fill roles between the age of 18-21, I have a medium body, I’m 5’7″, black hair, brown eyes, facial hair, and Hispanic. My phone number is 904-505-7461. It would be an honor to be casted on “Jurassic World” and continue to learn as much as I can about the Film Industry. I give my word to always do my best in whatever role I am given.

  60. Warren Phillips

    Im coachable, I’m humble, and ready to work

  61. Kayla Davis

    I’m Kayla Davis. I’m 5’3 and 126 pounds. I have brown eyes and hair. I’m tall, outgoing and love to act. I’ve been in plays since 4th grade and have been in several movies already. I have dealt with several training and acting agencies. I have done acting classes and modeling classes. I love Jurassic Park I have all 3 movies. I love the effects and the suspense. I would be greatful to work with you. Traveling is no problem either. Thank you.

  62. Ryan Elmore

    Jurassic Park was one of the greatest films of all time. If you happen to need a tall, thin gangly man looking to be in his late twenties – early thirties, I would be your guy. I can play a variety of roles. My range includes shady villain, nerd, musician, pothead and doctor, but I can NOT play a jock. I would love to be an unimportant character that gets eaten in the first scene, if that’s what’s available. I’m an audio technician, too. I could certainly at least hold a boom mic or something. Anything you’ve got. Hell, I’ll mop the floor on set if you need somebody on crew that does that.

  63. Cameron Poole

    Good day to all, my name is Cameron; I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. As a kid, this was one of my favorites, as a inspired young man of Stephan Spielburg films; I would love to be a part of his theaterical history. At twenty-fives years of age, and continuing to learn the basics of films. With right direction and focus, I can create the best atomsphere coming toward any set.

  64. Jade Duke

    Hi I’m Jade. I’m 13 years old. I am very interested in acting and I have been in many main role plays at my school. I can memorize lines very quickly and can laugh or cry on command. I am very easy to work with and I am very friendly. I am 5 foot 3 and a girl. If you are interested in casting me please let me know. Thank you.

  65. Delonte Marquis Christmas

    Hi my name is Delonte Marquis Christmas I’m 17 years old but I turn 18 on December 31st and I am represented by MTM Agencies. I am attending John Casablancas Acting and Modeling school so I have a little experience. So it would be an honor working with you. Thank you very much

  66. Ricky

    Hey my name is Ricky i’m from Puerto Rico my age is 20 years old height 5’7 weight 160 lbs and Will be a honor to be part of this project and take this shot to be and actor what it is my dream.