Jupiter Ascending Starring Mila Kunis - Movie

Jupiter Ascending Starring Mila Kunis

The next mind-bending work from the brother and sister directing duo behind such outrageously successful films as The Matrix Trilogy, Speed Racer and the 2012 critical favorite Cloud Atlas starring Academy Award Winners Tom Hanks and Halle Berry is being prepped to go in front of cameras soon and casting calls for a number of incredible roles will be taking place shortly.  This is an amazing opportunity for up and coming actors of any age to land a career launching part in what will surly be one of the most talked about films of the new year. Submissions are being accepted today for this fantastic feature film casting call.

Jupiter Ascending is an the first original screenplay for Andy and Lana Wachowski since the final entry in their billion dollar franchise, The Matrix Revolutions. This epic science fiction production will tell the story of a future world where human beings labor at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. When one very special human woman is discovered to have the ability to lead the species rise to power, the Queen of the Universe makes her a target for assassination  leading to a pulse pounding adventure. The creative team behind Jupiter Ascending have lined up an extremely impressive trio to star in this big budget action spectacle that includes the fabulous Mila Kunis (Black Swan, Ted, Family Guy), man of the hour movie star Channing Tatum (The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike) and actor on the rise Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables, My Week with Marilyn, Elizabeth: The Golden Age). The Wachowski’s have certainly lined up an exciting cast thus far and now you could have the chance to be the next talent to be added to the group. Auditions for this once in a lifetime movie event will be held very soon and now you can get a jump on the process by applying for consideration today. To apply for any of the numerous supporting roles available or for more information on the project you can head here simoncasting.com/casting_calls.html. We will keep you updated right here on every casting call posting and news item so  stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided and let us know why you want to be cast in the all new original epic sci-fi project Jupiter Ascending.

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  1. Jennifer D'Andrea

    My name’s Jenny. I’m from Phoenix, AZ.
    I have experience as a actress/comedian, singer and artist.
    I’m charismatic, vivacious and dedicated.
    I’m 5’1″ with shoulder-length dark brown hair with a charming smile and a great figure.
    I have references and head shots on request.
    I’m looking forward for the chance to be in Jupiter Ascending.

  2. Julie Ortega

    Hello my name is Julie I’m 21 years old. I’m 5’2, good body, long brown hair. I’ve always been told I should put my face out in movies and casting calls. Im not experienced but I’m pretty confident about this 🙂

  3. Shala

    Hello my name is O’shala . Im 14 5″ 4 1/2 . I am al ways smileing . Anything can make me laugh but i can also be serious. My mom was layed off six years ago and and now becomeing a type of social worker/therapist. Now i think i should follow my dream to o.

  4. Donna wamhoff

    Hi there,
    My name is Donna I am from a very small town north of Los Angeles. I visit Los Angeles often, I have family there. I used to do modeling a few years ago around the area. I am a mother of 2 now, so I took a break from all that, but now they are a little older and would love the opportunity to do modeling/ acting. I would love to be in this movie. I am a huge fan of channing tatum and Mila kunis . This would be a dream come true. I am flexible and have help with my children. Please consider me . I am very friendly I get along with everyone well . Love life, looking for opportunity to enjoy it and do what I desire.
    Here is some info about myself :
    Age : 28
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 115 Lbs

  5. ANGEL

    HI, My name is Angel I currently live in a small town about an hour in a half away from Phoenix AZ, I am a Female age 21 Height 5’6 Mexican American Dark Brown eyes mid length Dark Brown hair Weigh about 170. I can sing write some what dance funny outgoing loves to have a good time and try all sorts of new things love to meet new people can work under pressure and get the job done I would love to work for you and be apart of this film hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Jasmyne

    Hi, my name is Jasmyne and I live in Arizona. I don’t have any previous history as an actress, but I would love to play a role in this movie.
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 120
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown

  7. Niaz Mohammed

    Hi, my name is Niaz Mohammed and I live in Houston, Texas. I have always wanted to become an actor and i am in the process of pursuing my dream. I have been acting ever since I was seven years old. I can memorize lines pretty quick and have no trouble. I can sort of sing and dance well but acting is mainly what I do. I also have a very good fashion sense and am currently working on my own line. I know how tough it is to get into the show biz but I am very confident in myself. I am just hooping that someone will come and select me.

    Here are some facts about me.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5 feet 9 1/2 inches
    Skin tone: Tan
    Weight: 122 pounds
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: (Change Color) Hazel ,Brown, Dark Brown
    Race: Pakistani ( I Look like I’m Mexican)
    Live: Houston, Texas
    languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi (fluent) Learning Sign Language and French
    I can speak in 2 dialects British and Indo-Pak
    I can halfway do an Irish dialect

  8. Megan Elizabeth Ghan

    Name: Megan Elizabeth Ghan
    Email: megan.ghan@gmail.com
    Phone 480-316-5016
    City/State: Mesa, Arizona
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 5″1
    Weight: 107lbs

    I’m available to travel wherever need be. I’d make an excellent addition to the cast because I am a great story teller. I have a fierce cunning look and extremely easy and FUN to work with. I am also very athletic (Certified Zumba Instructor). I deeply appreciate your consideration for any role!

  9. Erin Taylor

    Hi! My name is Erin Taylor and I am 16 years old. It has always been a dream of mine to be in any featured film!. I live in Orlando, Florida and am willing to travel anywhere and at anytime. This is my passion in life and I would love for this dream to come true! I am not afraid to put myself out there and play any role given to me. I have choreographed and starred in plays at my middle/high school and have also taken classes at the Maile school and LA acting. I am also currently a student at the Central Florida Ballet Academy.
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican/ White
    Height: 5’5
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Weight: 110 lbs
    I would absolutely love to be apart of this experience and couldn’t think of anything better than to be in this business!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  10. jenny wu

    hi my name is jenny

    Nationality: australian
    Race: asian
    Age :13
    height: 1.58m
    weight : 49 kg
    Hair: long and straight (brown)
    eyes: brown
    gender: female

    i do gymnastics, dancing, tennis, swimming and aerobics

  11. Madison Mercer

    ~Madison M.
    *Height: 5 feet
    *Eye color: Blue
    *Age: Can play anywhere from ages 10-16
    *Gender: Female
    *Hair color: Blonde, will dye hair if needed
    *Skin tone: Pale
    I have ton of acting experience, I’m really easy to work with, and can play so many different parts. I act every week, with my theater team and my job. I’m so passionate about acting! I would love to be in this, as any part. And I would feel really honored I’d you considered me! Thank you so much!

  12. Rene Rodriguez

    My name is Rene Rodriguez I believe that this is going to be an amazing movie and would be glad to be part of it. I love the film industry and find movie production fascinating I have no acting experience, but I am a quick leaner and I will never give up to reach whatever goal is in my way that my hinder my success.
    Thank You

  13. Avonelle Walters

    Very interested in this production. Would love the opportunity to do it bigger n better this year onwards

  14. Summer Dawn

    Acting has always been a hobby of mine, but now I am ready for it to become my life. I have been taking classes and lessons for acting all my life and I really love to challenge myself. I like seeing people get surprised and shocked at what I can do. It’s always been something that made me happy to do. When people tell me that I did great or give me a compliment I am so excited.w hen they give me negative response, I don’t get down. When I get negative response I just ask them what could I do better and I take that in consideration. The negative responses make me a better actress and I embrace them. Just give me one chance and I promise I will not let you down.

    Also Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum are two of my inspirations in becoming an actress.

    Name: Courtney Renee Medvec, but I go by Summer Rosabel Dawn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: Shoulder length and curly
    Special/Distinctive features: Scar on right forehead from a skin graph that I got from a fire accident when I was younger

    Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Summer Rosabel Dawn

  15. Shay C.

    I would love the opportunity to be in this film. I love acting and I want to test my acting abilities. I feel that this could be the perfect opportunity for me to start my acting career.

  16. SaJorden

    I have always been interested in being in a movie. I have always loved having my picture taken and being in front of a camera my entire life. I have many different sides and seem to fit in with anyone and everyone. Playing soccer is what I love to do, but have had 2 ACL tears one last year and one this year, so for someone who has always been very busy to doing much of nothing this would be a great outlet for me and a new chapter in my life. I have many talent and can do own stunts because I am very athletic and will do my best at everything I do. I would love the opportunity to prove myself. I have a contract with Model shop, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

  17. Alistair (Ryder) Henderson

    Hi I’m Alistair people call me Ali prefer to be called Ryder I’m 13 but look and can play up to a 16 year old character I have dark brown hair greyish / blue eyes I’m 5 11″. I can travel to California, New York anywhere in America, Europe, Australia you can contact me. I stared in a local production of The Wizard of Oz I’m starring in the production of Shrek, I’ve done some modelling for a supermarket chain called Asda which is a branch company from Walmart, I can also sing and have been commented by a large array of musical staff at my school and out side of school I live in London and Wales I can mostly be found in Wales I’am welsh but have a distinct Californian, Hollywood hills accent I can put on a lot of accents just about all of the us states I can do. I’ve had a passion for acting since I was young I’m quite confident in saying I’m a good actor. If you need pictures of me check out my twitter page official_alihenderson it would mean the world to me to have a chance at becoming an actor. (I would pay for travel.) Thanks.
    Ali (Ryder) please contact

  18. ana

    Me interesaria
    40 años
    Vivo en ibiza, españa
    Alta 1,65
    Y no mas

  19. Austin Reed


    My name is Austin Reed. I am 19 years old attending school in Florida. Being in films, especially action films, have been my dream since I was a child. I have participated in plays in school such as Jekyll and Hyde, and have much faith in my acting abilities. I am charismatic, well spoken, comedic, and would nail any role given to me. Being chosen to be in this film would mean the start of my life and dreams. I give 100% guarantee that I would not let you down.

    Ethnicity: African American

    Height: 6’2”

    Weight: 220

    Body type: Athletic

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair Color:Black

    Thank you.

  20. Tatyana Massaquoi

    Hello i’m Tatyana and I would love to be part of Jupiter Ascending. I can portray different kinds of moods really well, happy, sad, mad, excited, frustrated you name it! I’m also very hard working. I always get my stuff done. Also Channing and Mila are my two favorite actors/actresses of all time. If you give me a chance I promise I will not let you down.
    About me
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Body Type: Average
    Ethnicity: African American
    DOB: 11/18/1995
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Country: USA

  21. Rachael Lentine

    Hello my name is Rachael Lentine and I am 20 years old. I am interested in this movie because it is the kind of work I would very much be interested in doing. I am such a hard-worker and passionate about acting. I am finally pursuing my dreams and to land an audition for this movie would be such an honor. Everything about the directors and the cast just astounds me and I know I can do this. Thank you so much for your time.

  22. Lauren Neal

    Hello! My name is Lauren Neal and I am thirteen years old. This seems like an absolutely lovely film, and even though I’m not quite sure you need someone like me on set, I would always be happy to help! I appreciate this opportunity very much, given that not many natural opportunities are recieved in Colchester, Connectiut. I absolutely love acting, and could not see myself pursuing anything else in the future. For about seven years now, I have been participating in my local summer community theater camp, but I wish to move on to bigger things. 🙂 For further information:
    Age: 13
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Blue-Green
    Height: 4’9
    Skin: White, slightly tanner than average
    Ethnicity: American, with Polish backgrounds 🙂
    Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  23. Jessie Gonzalez

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Jessie Gonzalez I’m a transgender FTM.
    I’m 22 years old
    I’m 5.5 ft
    I’m 120 lbs
    I’m athletic and thin
    I have longish short hair, brown, shaggy straight hair
    I am Puerto Rican and White

    Not much a tv person nor movie person, but I do love to try something new. I’m currently a student for Irvine Valley College, local in Irvine..I’m just an average young adult, doesn’t own a car, only rides a bike. Never thought I’d be typing on here, but my intuition told me to. I think it would be a great opportunity to try this out and see what happens. I just seek adventure and see what comes along.

  24. Calana

    I am 5’3 I am a African American female and I am a lesbian. I think I would be perfect for this movie because I am black and because I am a lesbian, and that is something that American needs to see, that their stereotype is wrong or correct. I would love even a small role in this movie or any movie or show or commercial. I’ve always thought I had an unique look about me, and that I am a funny and outgoing person! Please give me a chance! I’d be perfect for this movie!

  25. Derek Talley

    Height: 6′ 3″
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin completion: light skin brown
    Weight:171-slim/ fit-ish
    Hair color: Black
    Age: 27

    My name is Derek Talley, an audition would be a great chance for me to show the talent and potential with acting. I have always been good with different language accents and can act on que. People say I have a great personality, sense of humor, originality and can mold to any situation, chameleon-like. I have always been active, rock climbing, bunjee jumpin etc. I feel I would be great for an extra or role I I greatly appreciate the opportunity.
    Thank you

  26. vincent perez

    i think this sci-fi project would be a great opportunity for me my name is vincent perez
    i would love an opportunity to star on this show because if given an opportunity i will make best of what i can even if its just a tv extra role i want to be able to show you what am capable of doing. I’m 5’11 athletic play any sport outgoing person brown hair hazel eyes i weigh 175

  27. john-robert marks

    hello bonsuire conichiwa and a ogabooga to you all
    my name is john-Robert marks
    im 23 tall big Aussie slight hunch neck so your welcome to call me quazzie as in the hunchback
    of notradam
    anyway i believe i have an upper hand on some applications for i’m a acting/film student who’s career was always and must be film
    i have a hunger to perform and its your guys job to feed me because im sick of being on a fast
    know i know what ghandi was going through
    anyway please consider me a support act along side channing and mila(two glorious actors of the practice of film) wink wink toss me a bone please i’ll channing on both of your tatums if need be

  28. Cedric

    Hey there,

    My name is Cedric Roberge and I really would appreciate the opportunity to work with my Hollywood crush. I’ve been watching Mila since the 70’s show & I love all of her work. I would also enjoy working with Channing because he is truly killin the game right now. If given the opportunity for this I will not let you down.

  29. Denise Minaya

    Hi my my name is Denise Minaya, I think i should be selected, cause m a down to earth person I am quick on my feet, and work well under pressure. I have never acted before, but hey it always fun to try something new. I am 28 yrs old, i am Petite built and slender. Thank you for time

  30. Elena Cruz

    Name: Elena Cruz

    Age: 17

    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Height: 5″6

    Hair Type: straight and sometimes wavy

    Hair color: (Dyed: Black) (Natural: Brown with Blonde highlights)

    Eye Color: Blue, Green, Grey

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Body Type: Average

    Current Occupation: Student

    Background: I am of a Cuban back ground,I`ve lived in Miami Fl my whole life. I am very white, I got into acting because I believe acting can get me places and i just LOVE to act. I am a very eager and fast learning and very easy to work with. Any task/role you give me I will commit to it 110%, I have what it takes to be on the show and would like to be a part of Jupiter Ascending not only because my two favorite actors are on this movie but because my family is going to a rough time and i would love to be the one who helps them out. So it would be a real blessing if i would be the one to help my family out with the money.
    Thank you

  31. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes. I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.
    Chunhong Young

  32. Fernando Aguirre

    Race: mexican/american

    Hello my names Fernando i have been acting for two years mostly plays but I really would like to make my way into movies. I am very comfortable in front of the camara but would be happy to an extra as long as part I’m of the project.

  33. Rafael Gonzalez

    Through the art of transformation, I am able to put Rafael Gonzalez to the side and become the character you intend to create.

  34. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brown

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Backround: I both model & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy.

  35. Jacob Becerra

    My name is Jacob Becerra.
    I’m 6’2
    Weigh 205lbs
    Waist is 33″
    I’m 20 year old
    I live in Georgia
    I’m white with brown hair and eyes
    I’ve never acted before but my time in school is coming to an end and I’d like to give it a go.

  36. Jacob Bigelow

    Ethnicity- White/Caucasian
    Gender- male
    Traits- Brown hair, Blue eyes
    Height- 5’11
    Weight- 140

    Hi my name is Jacob Bigelow. I was born and raised in California but am now currently living in Arizona. I am a junior at Willow Canyon high school. Two of my classes involve acting and film, Student film and Film making. I am the actor in my group but have only been acting for about two months. I enjoy the expierience a lot but I want to expand on the career that I have imagined. I feel that this movie would be a great start for me, because of the fact that acting is something I feel that I can do and achieve that goal in a way that no other career can do for me. This movie would also be great because I know that sci-fi is one thing that I know how to do along with comedy. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  37. Fiorella Meta

    Hey,my name is Fiorella (Ella) Meta,I´m 14 years old and I live in Norway.
    I´ve been acting since as long as I can remember,I love acting it´s something I want to spend my life doing,in front of an audience,I would love for others to see my talent and to show everyone that I can be the next big actress in America.
    I have more than just acting as a talent,i also love to sing and dance,witch I got to say I´m not bad at.
    I also love to work with people,I am very social and work with anyone from children to adults.
    English is not my first language,but I speak english very well,many adults have given me credit for my english,and I am a very fast learner,I can today as a 14 years old speak 4 completely different languages .(Italian,Albanian,English,Norwegian and I can also understand Spanish and some French) People don´t ever notice me not being American if I speak english with strangers.
    To be able to act every day and show people my talents its something i´ve dream about and wanted to accomplish my whole life.
    I am a very kind person that has been through a lot and can easily take that into my acting,I can within a second cry and act sad then the next one laugh and act like nothing has happened,I so often find a part in a movie and try to remake it myself,and I am pretty good at making it look realistic.
    Acting it´s my dream,it´s a dream I would love to come true,and I know I´ve got what you guys are looking for,I really hope someone sees this and notices me because I really could be big someday!:)

  38. Denise Ramirez

    Sex: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 115
    Hi, my name is Denise Ramirez and I’m looking to hopefully be considered for a part in this movie. I graduated from Casa Grande, Arizona in 2007 and was too shy to pursue a career in acting until now. I’ve grown mature and out of my shy shell :). I want to be considered for a part in this movie because I’m always on time, outgoing, use my knowledge to the best I can, funny, and can use my emotions to the best of me. Please consider me for a part and I can promise I will not let you down, especially since this will be an exciting and fullfilling experience!!!!

  39. Elizabeth

    Name: Emma
    Age: 1 year
    Height: 2 1/2 ft
    Weight: 18 lbs
    Hair: Brown/Wavy
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    We are in Arizona.
    My daughter is absolutely beautiful and has quite the personality. I have no doubt that she will be great at this. Please consider. Thank you.

  40. Michelle Lee

    Hello my name is Michelle Lee. I live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am twenty years old and in my third year of college. My ethnicity is Korean-American. I am 5’4″, petite, with brown eyes and dark,long hair.When I saw this new calling cast, I know it was an opportunity not to pass. I love science fiction film and it would be incredibly amazing if I could be a part of Jupiter Ascending even it was for something small. It would be amazing to work with Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, and Donna Bae, who happens to be my favorite actress in Korea. This is a once in a chance lifetime opportunity and I just had to give it a try. If I am able to be a part of the production, it would be a game-changer.

    Thank you!

  41. Lucia Carreno

    Hello! My name is Lucia, but you can call me Lucy. Honestly, I am a true performer in both music and dance. I’m athletic and brave and I can be talented for you guys and I thrive on trying new things. I’m a senior and I’m home school, I’m 17 years old, I’m from El Paso Tx. My height is 5’4 and I weight 121,My hair color is dark brown and my eye color is dark brown. I love to sing, I literly sing everywhere I go, I dance from head to toe wow dancing is one thing I always wanted to do, I’m and athletic person I been in volleyball, soccer, cross country and cycling. I’m a patient, loyal, honest, respectful. I would like to be considered for this opportunity. Thank you for your time.

  42. Kayla Humphrey

    High There! My name is Kayla, i’m 19, been out of school for a few years, acting has always been something i’m naturally good at. Though I’ve never been in any actual plays i act in real life. I have to put on different personifications and switch from my business life, to my party life, to my hippy life, to my friends life, to my family, to public life. I cant portray anything i’d like and people just eat it up. It’s a gift and I know i’d succeed in the acting world. So if i don’t make this casting, you’ll see me on the “big screen” one day! (; If you want photos, videos, anything just shoot me an email. I’ll prove to you i can be whatever you want me to be! (: Appearance wise, I am 5’3 120lbs longlong dark hair, Caucasian, Thin but curvy, been told i’m too beautiful for my own good!

  43. Irin Mili

    Hello! My name is Irin (EYE-reen),
    I am from South Asia
    I am 18
    I am a female
    I am 5’5
    Short brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Weigh 110 pounds
    Tanned skin tone
    Speak English, Hindi and Bengali fluently
    Can belly dance and song!
    I am trying to get into the film industry! I have always loved acting and wanted to be an actor/actress but I never got the oppertunity. love fashion, acting, dancing and anything else that I can be or use to show my creativity and express my passion for the entertainment industry. I simply love acting! It always came naturally to me; I am able to both, control and express my emotions at will and I am able to make many expressions. Whenever I act I turn into my character and it’s just surreal to me. This is the first time I’m persueing a career in films and it would be an honor if you guys would consider me for whatever role you have available. And if I were to get a part I am more then willing to relocate or anything that might come with the role. I am very passionate about acting and modeling and I hope I get a chance to show that.
    I can be contacted via email anytime and anywhere. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

    Irin (EYE-reen)

  44. Tyla J Talley

    Tyla J Talley September 12, 2013 at 8:05 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Full name: Tyla “Tye” Janee Talley
    DOB: 05/12/1993
    Appearance: Ambiguous, Tall, Stocky
    Why should I be considered: I see acting as an outlet to portray and bring to life characters. Depending on the person casted they can bring so much to the table depending on life experiences, and knowledge of the world. I yearn to grow and expand my talent past theatrical, and improvisational abilities to something I believe shall suit me more. Even a chance to audition for such an amazing show would be life changing and a great opportunity to better my skills and talents. I love acting, it’s a passion that I see as natural to me, I always act out scenes in my head from movies and films. It creates a feeling like no other to me when I’m acting and all I would like us a chance to show that to someone. Please, and thank you’d

    Much appreciated.

  45. Kendal

    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5ft 6in
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Ethnicity: Mixed Raced
    Skin Colour: Olive
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair Length: Medium
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Type: Straight or curly
    Body Type: Slender/Athletic

    Acting has been my passion all my life. It’s what makes me happiest throughout my day. I love the challenge of receiving new roles and having to become a character. I have experience behind camera, and I have since the age of 4. I would love an audition for a role in this film or anything that may be interested in my look.

  46. Danijela

    Name: Danijela Djordjevic
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    This has been a burning desire of mine for most of my life. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to be on TV. I’ve tried for everything that came in my way, such as; commercials, background actor/extra, modelling and so on. Problem is, I always get the response that I’m too short.

    I see this as a great opportunity for me to start the career of my dreams. Now I’m not expecting a main character or so, but I’d be more than happy to just have a 3-seconds role.

    About myself, I just finished my school. My future plans are to get a job, at the side I’ll be trying my best to get in the film industry. I dance twice a week and I love to hang out with friends and family.

    I live home with my parents and my older sister in the capital of Sweden. I was born here and lived here since birth, though my ethnicity is from Serbia.

    Why would I be right for the movie?
    I’d be filled with joy and also, you wont be having trouble assigning me to a special role as I don’t ask for a special one. This would be the start of my, hopefully, future career.

    I hope I’ll hear from you!

  47. Bethany

    Hi! My name is Bethany and I am 15 years old. I have been acting since I was 1 mo. old! I love pretending to be someone I’m not. I have always loved the thrill of getting to play someone else. I have hazel eyes, brown hair, and 5’5.5″. I would love an opportunity like this. I just want to show other people what I can do. I know if you just saw me you wouldn’t regret it. Thanks!

  48. Jocelyn Hidalgo

    My name is Jocelyn Hidalgo. I am a 17 year old Hispanic girl who was born and raised in Mission Hills, California, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona a couple years ago. Growing up and watching some of my favorite actors on television has always gave me the inspiration to act. I realized that they never gave up on their dreams, so why should I? I made myself believe that anything is possible as long as I set my heart to it. I would love the opportunity to take on a role in this movie to take my acting skills to the next level. I have never auditioned for a huge movie role like this one, but life is about taking risks so I decided to do so. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you!
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

  49. Samantha

    The truth be told that I have always wanted to be an actress. Secretly this has been a burning desire of mine for most of my life.  I have a lot of life experience in the world of the modern day citizen and young strong parents. I love to entertain others and only dream of a chance to play a role in a movie.  
    I am Samantha White and I am 25 years old. I have four beautiful children (1 boy & 3 girls). Married and a stay at home full time mother.  I want to be more than the discretion I have listed above. I am a strong person and as a plain Jane I am beautiful.  I am witty and pleasant. I have an extremely versatile personality and am very adaptable. I am a hard worker and am in a since the female energizer bunny (but sexier), I just don’t stop moving or working. I don’t complain much so that is a great addition to any job. I can play any emotion on demand. I also grew up dancing and competing in competitions for a total of 13 years. I have no stage fright and love putting on a show.  I don’t know what all you are looking for in a word description application, but I want to show you that I have what it takes to be a public entertainer. I want to make my children proud and bring smiles to the faces of America. I know that all actors are just everyday people making themselves know to the public.  PLEASE give me a second look as I know you’ll love me! Honestly I am broke most the time so I cannot pay a casting company in hopes that something may transpire.  I have after all four amazing children who I love spending time with so naturally “broke” and “spent” is all the time. I want to give them all that they desire and do what makes me happy too. I want to inspire for generations to come.
    Thank you for you time,


  50. Sydnee Coleman

    My name is Sydnee Coleman. Im 14 yers old and actin is something that im very serious and passionate about. Im nit going to lie, I have been very fourtunate to have had the oppertunities that i hvae had and know how heartbreaking it is to be told you arent good enougj, but every actress has thise moments it just means you pish through , get back up and bot quit. There are always people who are going to critique you it’s how you tale it that matters.I live here in the US. This isnt going to be some cliche’ paragraph about all of my experience becasue you’ve probably read 1000 of these by now. Ive attended many casting calls in LA and Chicago but have been overlooked. Im just looking for someone to give me a chance and to believe in me. I have known acting is what i wanted to do for about 4 years now. Ive taken acting classes through UMKC and also regular theatre course classes at school.I have participated in all of my school plays and love when i get to perform. I figured if Im to start out and why not go the whole nine yards and go big and try for a movie instead of for a t.v show. I am white and black i stand about 5’6 and im fairly thin with black hair and brown eyes.I also model acting and modeling are both things that let me express myself as me. I love being on stage or working on projects that include me playing different roles. I hope to hear back from you all. This would truly make or break my career i hope to persue. It would be a dream come true.

  51. Jennifer Prado

    Hey i’m Jennifer everyone calls me Jenny i am 14 years old going to be 15 this October i am a sophomore in high school, i would love to be apart of this movie. i promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it i’m the most dedicated person i love to change my character and act like other people i am also very athletic i am in soccer i am the fastest runner and best defense on my team. i live in Palm Springs, California i am Latin/American i have brown eyes and brown hair, promise you will not be disappointed in my acting
    height, 5’0
    106 lbs
    cell phone (760)984-6044

  52. Arti

    Wow wow,Mila Kunis and Mr Tatum in a movie together,now that’s thrilling,just a thought of it makes me shake,I want this to happen yes,may I be part of it please,I promise I’ll make the best of it,I am good with talking and making my presence felt,i love working and I find a job for myself to do before I am even told what to do,acting is a very big deal to someone like me especially for the fact that I am in South Africa.My name is Arti and I am 20years old,I am black.I was born in April.

  53. Louis Duke

    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5ft 8in
    Weight: 125lbs
    Ethnicity: Mixed Raced
    Skin Colour: Olive
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair Length: Short
    Hair type: curly

    My name is louis duke and i am from the united kingdom. I can play various roles as and actor and i can portray them roles to a high level of standard.

    I have trained in Muay Thai and parkour.

    I do have a tattoo on my forearm but it is easily covered by clothing or makeup if need be.

    I feel that i can give a great believable performance.

    For more info you can visit my page: http://www.starnow.co.uk/louisduke

  54. Daniel Genovese

    Hi my name is Daniel, I’m 18,recently graduated and serious about acting.