Johnson & Johnson Looking for Babies

Baby and Parent Auditions for Johnson & Johnson in NYC

Here is an amazing opportunity for babies! Do you have an adorable little one that could be a Johnson’s baby? Johnson and Johnson is looking for babies who are 3 and 4 months old. They will be casting a parent as well!

About the Project

Johnson & Johnson is looking for babies and one of their parents to appear in an industrial shoot for Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion. The shoot will be on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Donna Grossman Casting is looking for beautiful Johnson & Johnson Babies and either their mom or dad. All babies must have a great disposition, be happy, all smiles, giggles, etc.

Usage: Industrial Video use for 5 years on the Internet.
(Not shot under a SAG Contract)
Baby Pay Rate: Shoot: $250.00 + 20% Agency Fee
Bonus if used: $500.00 + 20% Agency Fee
Parent Pay Shoot: $500.00 + 20% Agency Fee
Bonus if used: $250.00 + 20% Agency Fee

What They Are Looking For

3 to 4 month old baby and parent

The shoot will be taking place in New York City

The industrial video shoot will show the following:
• Baby will take a bath* given by the parent
• Baby will have bay lotion applied by parent
• Baby will be swaddled by parent
*There will be no water or bathing at the casting.

All Babies must be comfortable/happy with:
• Taking a bath
• Being touched
• Having lotion applied
• Being Swaddled

BABY 1: 3 and 4 Months old, ethnically ambiguous.
With their own Dad or Mom.

How to Apply

The auditions will be taking place on Friday, May 6th, *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY*. Audition Wardrobe: All babies will be video auditioned in their diaper. All parents should come in at home casual as they would typically be in to bath their baby. If you are interested in submitting, please send a photo of the baby as well as the parent that will be attending the audition if selected to (casting director no long accepting submissions). Be sure to include the baby’s age, parent name and all contact information.

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173 Casting Responses

  1. Shweta Neman

    Hiii.. Dear sir/mam please contact me my baby is 3 month old She is so cute, hairly, chaming, and have a very lovely smile. healthy body

  2. Vijeta Agrahari

    Hello Dear Mam/Sir my son Rajveer Varun kr. Agrahari one year old only very cute and smart and he already Brand Ambassador of Toon,s
    He do shot very well.
    It will be very Grand Pleasure for me to work with you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Rajveer’s Mother
    Vijeta Varun kr. Agrahari

  3. Bhavna

    Hello baby boy very intelligent and cutie..any requirement pls contact me..this is 16 month….

  4. Bhavna

    Hello baby boy very intelligent and cutie..any requirement pls contact me

  5. Psdevi

    My baby boy was 6th month cute and active boy.If you required please call me

  6. Adya


    My baby is 15 months old and very BUTYFULL baby please conform


  7. Peter

    My baby is 5 months old,healthy,cute and charming. We also looking for advertising. If you are looking for it . Call me on

  8. nishi

    Hello .
    My girl is only 9 months old
    she is super and smile baby
    If you required please call me

  9. Nutan shinde

    My baby shreya is 2 months old.she looks very pretty and fair. We like to work with you. Thank you

  10. Meenakshi kanojia

    Hi my daughter is 14 months only she is very active n reply all the things. If u required pls mail me

  11. Ayushipandit

    My niece is very cute nd adorable she’s 6 month old if uh required please do contact me

  12. Rashmi

    My baby is 9 month old.. too cute mail me

  13. Ramen

    My sons are 16 months old.
    If you interestedpleease contact

  14. Deborah

    Hi My name is Deborah my son is 1 year old he is so cute gives all cute expressions if you are interested please contact me

  15. Yogesh joshi

    Hello sir my baby looking so cute, hairy .she is 5 month old.
    If you are required for adv please call me.

    Thank you
    Yogesh joshi

  16. Rajib Saha

    Hello my baby is only 5 month old.if you required please call me.

  17. Deepak

    Hi my son is very cute
    He is only 9 months old

  18. Shilpa

    My baby is 8 month baby .he is so cute fair face curly hair … always smiling Baby ..if any require pls

  19. Dharmishtha malasana

    Hello. My son is 6 month old he is very beautiful and smart so you can required .please u call us.

  20. Rashmi Bahl

    My baby Ridhaan is 11 months old he 8s very cute, fair, charming nd happy baby m interested plz contact

  21. Jaya Bhatia

    My baby girl is 10 months old.., she is really beautiful, lovely smile, very fair skin, healthy body and most importantly we are using Johnson’s product only for her if you required please call

  22. Deepak

    Hello .
    My boy is only 9 months old
    He is super
    If you required please call me

  23. Rehan laata

    My self Rehan latta
    Grandson of hakim latta
    Hakim latta was Bollywood old movies story writer
    My daughter anees latta she superb
    N chubby cheeks girl little princess
    Very fair skin tone healthy baby weight 10.4 pound 2months old
    I want to make my daughter career in Bollywood like my family background
    So if possible let me know plz!!! thanks you dear sir n mam have a lovely day

    Regarding for Johnson baby add

  24. Sahiba Kaur

    I want to apply for auditions in Johnson’s baby advertisement. My baby’s age is 3rd month running.
    We have a sweet n beautiful baby girl
    Her name is Upneet
    Mother- Sahiba Kaur (23)
    Father- Puneet Singh (29)

  25. Indu agarwal

    My daughter is 1year old she is so cute n attractive…she is playful

  26. Joann

    Hi my is 8 months

  27. Poonam

    Hi sir

    My baby is 2 months 15 days .she is very charming n cute .she love to bath .

  28. Lucia khoza

    Hi my pumpkin is 5 months old she is sooooooo Beutiful and has an amazing smile

  29. amrita kour

    hello my daughter is 14month old she is so cute

  30. Nosiphesande

    Hi my daughter is 3months and she is cute and lovely

  31. Vardaan

    Hello Sir my baby is 5 month old he is so cute and smart and his skin is so fair and healthy body his hair is so silky his smile is adorable if u required please contact us.

  32. Katie Schraegle

    I would love to cast my daughter. She is 3 months old with a full head of brown hair. She had light skin, blue eyes and absolutely loves the water! How do I submit a photo?

  33. Sudipta Kundu

    My Baby Son is too cute to be placed on add. Please contact me. thanks

  34. Yogini Rahane

    Hi my baby Anish is Very sweet and cute with bright and very attractive eyes…. with a very very sweet smile…
    Thank you.

  35. Shweta singh

    Hello sir and madam.i have twins baby boy.they are so adorable..they have photoganic face .so how apply for them for modeling

  36. Sophia wilborn

    My son is 5 months old, hes handsome, he has a beautiful smile and he’s a happy baby.

  37. jyoti argade

    Hello, my baby is of 10 month sparking Eyes cute n smart . If you required so please contact us.

  38. jyoti argade

    Hello sir n mam, my baby is of 10 month cute n smart . If you required so please contact us.

  39. Gourav Kalani

    He is cute charming smily baby boy

  40. Nivedita Banerjee

    My Baby Boy Agastya Banerjee born in 21May 2018

  41. Raunak agarwal

    My baby is 5months old.
    She is very charming n always hold a lovly smile on her face wthr its sleeping tym or bathing tym.

  42. Aditya

    My baby 2 year old. This is very cute handsome boy

  43. Sudha Sagar kalal

    Hello sir,
    My baby is 7mnths baby boy and he is very cute good looking.

  44. Anjali Jadia

    me ND my baby girl want to be a part of your company….its a pleasure for us plz send me a feed back whenever is auditions are

  45. Anindita Das baby is 3months old girl. Very cute, bright eyes, charming smile. I am interested please let me know where I can send my baby’s pictures & details.

  46. Anshika Agarwal

    My baby girl is 5 months old cute active I have read all ur requirements all r fulfilled by my baby so pls contact

  47. Gaurav duggal

    Dear sir My name is gaurav and my daughter is 4 months old. she is so cute,fair colour,healthy,cute smile,.if u required then please call no is

  48. Shagufta naaz

    Hello sir,
    My baby is 8 month old ,she is so cute and fair have a lovely smile,she is having a charming face if u required plz contact us.

  49. Shagufta naaz

    Hello sir,
    My baby is 8 month old ,she is so cute n fair n lovely smile n healthy body if u required plz contact us.

  50. Hyun

    Hi i want to audition my baby here how to start?and how to fill up or do u
    Have some form to fill up,advance thanx for the reply

  51. Pushpa

    My baby girl is so active n adorable

  52. Sneha

    My baby is 8 months boy…he is cite fair in colour and very active…we want him to participate in this..
    Thank u

  53. Nisha ojha

    I have a baby who is 4months old.he is very cute

  54. Ratan choudhury

    My Little baby is so cute enough. She is having charming face. I think she would be suitable for Advice. She is only 6 month.

  55. Ankita

    My baby is cute nd charming face ..her name is Aarya .. she is 7th month

  56. Ankita

    My baby is cute nd charming face ..her name is Aarya ..

  57. Yashmin

    I have 6 months old super cute baby boy ……and I am searching for commercial ads

  58. Yashmin

    I have 6 months old duper cute baby boy ……and I am searching for commercial ads

  59. Sharthak

    Hi sir /Madam
    My son is of 6 months and 11 days old. He is hairy charming and playful.
    I am little bit confused how to post his pic and contact with you.
    If you are interested please contact me.
    Thanks and regards –

  60. Dhanesh

    I have 4month old baby girl.she is so cute, she has smiling face and fair skin

  61. MADHU

    hi my baby boy is 5 months old he looking so cute and fair skin and silky hair i think he is suitable for ad

  62. Priya singh

    Hello sir my baby is 3 months old has fair complexion with chubby body and she is extremely cute and is playful in every situation.

  63. Rahul sankhla

    My baby is girl is so cute and charming.please give her the opportunity..

  64. Satish thakare

    Hi im satish Thakare myson is 2 month he is verry cute and Active he has fair sceen and smiling face

  65. Vijay pratap singh

    My baby is 7 months old
    She is so cute, hairly, chaming, and have a very lovely smile.

    • Shweta singh

      Hello sir.i have 6 months twins baby boy .they are soo
      active n so adorable.and they have photoganic face.. so how I apply for them for modeling..

  66. Arnav Phutela

    Hello sir n mam, my baby is of 14month cute n smart . If you required so please contact us.

  67. Malay majithia maulikbhai

    My son malay is 3 months old.
    He is looking Cute nd has lovely smile
    He has fair skin nd healthy body
    Adjustable in every atmosphere
    I am.interested

  68. Kate


    My nieces, Hayden and Harper, are identical twins (5 months). They are beautiful and have a smiley personality. I was wondering how to enter them into casting calls and submit photos.

    Thank you,


  69. Onkar singh

    My baby is cute enough. She is having charming face. I think she would be suitable for adv.

  70. Abhilasha bhardwaj

    My baby girl Vaishnava Bhardwaj is 4 Months old and loves to play in water. Loves to be cuddled and does not cry while being swaddled. She is a very playful baby.

    Abhilasha bhardwaj

  71. Rekha

    Hi my baby boy is very cute nd three mnths old nd he is very active and have very lovely smile give me a chance

  72. Dhaval Kanani

    I have 1.7 Year baby girl and i want to see my baby in advertising and or in tv serial or in movie

  73. Varun Sahota

    He is vry cute Naughty nd talented… he is 1year old…. we will join.. ill pay..

  74. Varun Sahota

    Intrested with my son