Jockey Brand Campaign Models

Modeling Casting Call – New York City, NY

Are you looking for a Department store modeling job? If you have always dreamed of appearing in campaign ads for companies like JC Penney’s, Kohl’s or Dillards, there is a new exciting opportunity. Jockey Brand Underwear is giving everyday women the opportunity to star in an ad campaign. The new ad is titled Show ‘Em What’s Underneath. The 2018 modeling audition is looking for inspirational women who are between the ages of 25 and 35 years old. The paid national advertisement is on the search for women who have compelling stories and because of it are making differences in the lives of others. While the shoot and auditions are taking place in New York City in July, the team is open to women from all across the United States. View the 2018 print modeling casting call below!

About the Jockey Campaign

This campaign is about everyday women willing to open up and #ShowEm their truest selves, and who are comfortable enough to be photographed wearing Jockey Brand underwear.

What They Are Looking For

Seeking inspirational WOMEN 25-35 years old to participate in the Jockey Show ‘Em What’s Underneath paid national advertising campaign.

Looking for extraordinary women who have their own compelling story and as a result, are now making a difference in the lives of others.

Do you have a story to share? In situations where others might have given up, did you persevere in the face of adversity? If you have a unique story which illustrates your magnificent courage and strength, we want to hear it.

The types of REAL women ‘with a story’ that we are looking for are:

Your story must be:
SWAT or Police Officers
Women Doctors or Surgeons
Women in Military
Mothers through adoption or mothers who have a special needs child (3 yrs or younger)
Women in Tech
Women who are extraordinary and have their own special groundbreaking story
Women who are now impacting others as a result of their story by publicly speaking, teaching, mentoring, or even creating a charity to help others in need
Strong and defining
Compelling and compatible with the Jockey brand image
Culturally relevant and resonate with consumers today

How to Apply

Interviews are by appointment only in New York City in July, 2018 or by Skype/Facetime if you are not in the NY area.

We want to hear from you; the influencer, public speaker, life coach, teacher or mentor, and hear about your journey and how you are now paying it forward.

Tell us what is underneath that others don’t often see, tell us what drives you!

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21 Casting Responses

  1. Kayla M. Austin

    Hello I am 19 and very energetic to model. I am of Cuban descent and I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression and I am battling with my loses everyday. I have done resent photo shoots and I know in my heart that I can make a charitable change one day to modeling.

  2. Breanna Newborn

    I am really interested!

  3. garrett

    i want to be a model for jockey life. i wear the boxer underwear. i have a fit body, i try to be very athletic and i am very determined.

  4. Marie-Anise

    Hello my name is Marie-Anise I from Paris France I’ve been living in the U.S for 7 years.I did somedeling as a teenager in Paris,France.I did worked extra in the movie Billions and Joaquin Phoenix the joker Batman 2018.

    I hope to hear from you soon


  5. Dr. Arielle Bailey


    I would love to be featured. I’m a 32 year old, 5’8, personal trainer and doctor of physical therapy- I grew up sharing responsibility in raising my brother, who has severe autism, helping to teach him to talk, drive a car, and develop social skills. As a child, his sensory system was so challenged that he would scream and hit me if I practiced piano, heard a baby cry, smelled cheese or saw berries, or heard a dog bark.
    He’s now able to tolerate all of those things, and is about to get his first 1-bedroom apartment- I am so proud. I’m continuing to work with special needs children as a physical therapist. As a child, I didn’t have the support to pursue my own hobbies, but now do, like modeling, hula hooping and playing guitar; and also involved in sibling of special needs advocacy. I’d love to connect and be a part of this movement honoring women! Thank you 🙂

  6. Brittany Burnett

    Hi, my name is Brittany Burnett I am a mother of one. I have recently been through a divorce and I am fighting for custody of my now 5 year old. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression and I am battling with my loses everyday. Through this journey I loss all of my hair and as a war scar I plan on keeping my locks short and making a charitable change one day.

  7. Megha B.(Meg)

    Hello I am a model from India and would love to work with you. Please let me know how we can get in touch

  8. alimatu

    very interested . African American woman with curves leading with self love.

  9. Alexis Gatling

    Self made 30 year old mother of 5.Very versatile,driven,independent.U am a selfmade model with runway and model experience .seeking growth for my dream since 5 until kids brought into my life made life take a hault.but years later i am built ready strong and driven.

  10. Alexis Gatling

    Interested. Self made model seeki g growth and exposure.

  11. LaToya

    First and foremost I am a survivor, I have went against the odds and come out on top.I encourage you to be yourself and to be a greater self. I encourage you to stay optimistic determined and know that you’re greater Then anyone can imagine and that you’re good deeds doesn’t go unnoticed I encourage you to smile and love yourself.

  12. Emma Zwahr

    I’m definitely interested in this campaign and would love to tell my story! I’d love to hear back from you about this if you are still looking for women to participate!

  13. Darlena Conner

    Im highly interested in this campaign please email asap

  14. Diamond Riddle

    I’m a 26 year old single mother of one. I recently lost 100lbs on my own by cutting back bad eating habits drinking more water and walking. It took two years and now I’m on a mission to motivate push and inspire others to do the same. It wasn’t easy but I put in a lot of hard work and dedication to get healthy and fit. I dream to start a nonprofit organization helping others the best way I can but honestly I don’t know where to start I am a open book a great easy learning and great to work with

  15. Erica moseley

    …20 years of Homeless has not been easy for me while being raised by a single father who was on drugs Homeless across America. I’m the person that can tell you how to survive and inspire others with my life experiences
    I’m a Homeless advocate! My name is Erica Moseley and I’ve been to each state in America either homeless, shelters, cars, streets, friends, or living under the bridge. The streets is not the place to be as a kid with no choice of their own. My life took a Sharp left turn when I got older and started mourning for a mother and family whom I never met still until this day. Even though we traveled my dad main goal was to remain a productive. My Father would say “Even though you’re homeless we can still be Productive Citizens”. I didn’t understand that while being Homeless but I started to understand that I have a reason to be Homeless when I started inspiring others as a child. I could remember being homeless in New York when my dad decided to film us from coast to coast and named it Skid row Journey the economy started to drop and people wanted to learn how survive & we was the key to the answer now my dad has over 13 newspapers from different states teaching people how to survive Homelessness. E.T.V in SC has a documentary called “Down out Not Out!” which now makes me an advocate for the America Homelessness. Numerous of places, shelters, colleges, non-profits etc. wanted us to inspire them with our inspirational story with speeches, newspapers and interviews, the needed to know how we survived homeless for 20 years on the streets. Now if a Man with a daughter can do it on the streets anyone can do it!! . I am now a Productive women who used all her knowledge and strength to conquer anything and with a daughter who is nine years old I can’t fail. God has a purpose for me and now I’m currently living in San Francisco California working at a Non- Profit Organization as a Case Manager giving back to the Homeless. I’m giving back by placing families into shelters and housing this is a dream come true for me because I’m actually giving back and it FEELS SO GOOD to be a part of this change in San Francisco! I’m also evolved in coding with a Company Called Code Tenderloin in San Francisco, I’m the first black Women in my Family to begin coding and I will be a software developer by 2020.I work with Hacker reactor, Twitter, GitHub, Indeed as a networking tool while I’m in boot camp. I’m a great candidate for Jockey Campaign because I’m the true definition of a Women who Overcomes all of her obstacles I’ve always dreamed to work with real companies who represent REAL PEOPLE… with my amazing personality and Inspiring story we can Change the World together !!
    I’m READY my story is Unique I would love to show the World What’s Underneath I will proudly show the World My Courage and Strength because based off my experiences only the Strong Survives!

  16. Rebecca Sharac

    Hello, I have third degree burns on my butt, my back and my legs, but it has never stoped me from doing anything.. I was self conscious for a brief period but quickly realized I had to get over it and if anyone was going to judge me bc of my scars, then they probably don’t belong in my life. Most of my life people have told me I am pretty, but I think bc I have these scars I don’t put any stock into outside appearances.. I recently had to have some photos taken for work and got a lot of positive feedback.. I’m realizing now it’s ok to be pretty and it’s ok to have others tell you that your pretty. It actually feels pretty amazing! Please let me know if you’d like to see pictures of me 😌

  17. Abbie Johnson


    Please consider me for this casting! My life has been about strength and will for the last several years. I am a female Navy veteran. I fight to overcome PTSD/TBI and show my fellow veterans that they can overcome adversity through health/exercise/adaptive sports. I’m a recent DOD Warrior Games competitor, competing in Track, Cycling, Swimming, and Rowing, and bringing home 9 medals for the Navy (4 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze). I began competing in triathlon when things got difficult in the military, I have now competed in a full IRONMAN (140.6 miles and currently training for #2!) a half IRONMAN, cycled two 400 mile Project Hero Challenges, and am attempting to run a full marathon on all 7 continents. I’ve run in Australia, Europe, Asia, and North and South America with just Africa and Antarctica to go! It is my goal to show that although life may knock you down and bring you in a different direction than expected, new and amazing things can come from trial. In my free time I volunteer with a Therapeutic Horsemanship center, being a lifelong equestrian. Please feel free to contact me by email: I have modeling experience and would be extremely honored to represent Jockey!

  18. Michele Cox

    I am interested in this casting call. I have overcame a lot and still doing so. I have a strong but giving personality and a will to make it in the entertainment industry as well as life. I have been stepped on and stepped over and I still keep going.

  19. Veronica Gojcaj

    I am very interested in modeling and acting. My name is Veronica Gojcaj and I’ve been told my whole life I should model. I can send you pictures of myself and I’m ready for an audition!

  20. katey metke

    I’m Katey. I am 25 years young. I grew up in a home with a bipolar mother. Parents divorced when I was very young. I got married young and almost got a divorce because the rippling effect of the trauma I inquired with abuse at home transferred into my marriage. I’ve gone through depression, IED, anxiety, eating disorder, and a strong hatred/distrust toward all people along with many other similar mental health related things. I’ve gone through lots of therapy and different forms of it. Body, mind and spirit right the whole shabang. I rarely experience any of the things I’ve listed above as I continue healing.
    My paying it forward is not grand and glorious whatsoever. Its quite simple because I believe it is the right thing to do. I choose to love on people. No matter who they are or where they’ve come from I choose to love them. I keep in touch with them when the opportunity seems right. I make friends with the people in my community to encourage them, uplift them and use my experiences to let them know they matter and that they can make a difference too by over coming their struggles. And that they’re not alone. Overall, I choose to be intentional about how I live every day so that one day I can look back and see that all the small efforts I made and lives I’ve touched made a magnificent difference in the world… Through the power of love.

    – Katey Metke

  21. Sable Smith

    I would like to schedule a Skype appointment.