Insurance Company Commercial - Adults & Kids

Commercial Casting Call – Chicago, IL

Do you want the chance to be featured in a commercial? A very well-known insurance company is looking for you! A 2018 acting casting call is looking for non-union talent to portray featured grocery store shoppers. There are several roles available. The commercial casting call is looking for men and women ages 48 to 72 years old. In addition, the team is looking for children and teenagers who are 6 to 13 years old. For the kids and teen portion of the casting call the team prefers a real relative of the adult. Filming will be on Tuesday, June 12th but could also be on Monday, June 11th. It will take place in Chicago, Illinois. The pay is $250.00 for the shoot day plus an additional $75.0 for the usage if you are chosen to appear in the final edit. Actors and models also have the chance to get upgraded to a speaking role! View the acting audition information below!

About the Commercial

For this Huge Insurance Company, we need just a few non-Union talent to play Grocery Store ‘featured’ shoppers on this one. These are the ‘extra roles’. All non-speaking. If given a line on the day, will upgrade.

What They Are Looking For

A few Male, Female Boomers (can submit separately)
One Boomer Couple (REAL life couple)
Age Range 48–72 for Boomers
*Range of Diversity: (African American, Hispanic, Asian)*
Grandkid (boy or girl) Age Range: 6–13 (REAL relative
of Boomer is preferred. Individuals can submit.

We do not know yet if they are shooting in Chicago or one of the suburbs.
RATE OF PAY: $250 for shoot day of TUESDAY, June 12th.
$750 BUYOUT ! for 3 years WEB ONLY if you appear in the final video.

Could even film Monday, the 11th in the evening going into Tuesday morning. Must have those 2 days/nights/mornings available. Could go long hours. Could start very early morning or start in the evening when the store is closed and shoot all night into early the next morning. Of course, MINORS will have short hours. Your child must have a Guardian 18 years or older present the entire time. Will need your child to have a ‘current’ Work Permit with us or your child’s Major Agency.

How to Apply

Submit to this email for this post. (for submissions only)
Role in Subject
*include your current color photo-with current hair, etc. We should have everything else on file. Can submit separately or together.

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15 Casting Responses

  1. Leonard Newton

    I am a 63 year old black male, background actor in the chicago area looking to do commercials for any and all age groups

  2. Nombuso

    Good day I’m looking for acting or extras job I prefer to start anytime my contract number

  3. Darryel Neal

    Hello and Hello I’m an AA man 65 years old with loads of energy. I’d live to promote your insurance production… I reside in Lawrenceville, Ga 30045. Let’s go team!!!

  4. shyauna

    I would love an commercial casting to build up my acting carrer

  5. Patricia Wirag

    Double nickles 55 yr old female 5’6 130. Blonde hair, green eyes ,left handed, cancer survivor, mother of 2 children, widow – single with a positive outgoing attitude and a recent bankruptcy looking for a bright new future financially , mentally and happily hoping for a change.

  6. April

    I am a 11 year old girl named April and i am going to be 12 in September and i would love to be on a commercial… please , also I love senior citizens they are so sweet

  7. Tenesha Chaplin

    Hi, I reside in SC. I would love to be featured in one of your commercials. I am an African American women in my 40’s.

  8. Josiane

    My daughter would be perfect for the role
    of the grandkid , she is 12 , but looks a bit older , is african american and is really good at this kind of stuff

  9. Josie

    Is this over? I am looking to be a triple threat I dance already I want to act and maybe cook or something.

  10. Paulette Grady

    Good afternoon. Can I be contacted the next time there may be a commercial shot in the DC/MD/VA area? I am an African-American female 55-70 years old.

  11. Rocky Rana


  12. Star johnson

    I have a 3 year old that will blow your mind. Can speak fluently and has a adorable voice with a super adorable face to go along with it!

  13. sydney

    hi, i’m am a 13 year old girl and would love to be part of this commercial.

  14. Kim Coleman

    I am a 53 years old black married grandma that would love to addition for the insurance company with my grandchildren

  15. Frederick Jones

    I’m a 42 year old young talented black man that would love to do your insurance commerical.