IG Friends - Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Casting Call

There is a new reality TV show casting call for you! POP Productions and a Major Cable Network are looking nationwide for an exclusive group of friends in their 20’s to star in their own series! Are you the group that everyone wants to join? Have you and your friends created your own insider “language?” Does it crack you up that strangers don’t know what you and your friends are talking about?  If this sounds like you, the opportunity to have a reality show that revolves around your life is here!  If you and your friends are ready to show off your fabulous and fun lives to the world, apply to the reality series casting call.

About IG Friends

The reality series will follow a group of real friends who make all of their Instagram followers jealous with their awesome lives. It will follow their amazing and fun adventures.

What They Are Looking For

Are your friends the hottest clique at Coachella? The group that keeps the party going past 6AM? The ones with the most memorable stories? If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for LOUD, funny characters who are up for anything and everything. We want the group that makes everyone on Instagram jealous! We want to create a new show around you and your amazing, fun, adventurous friends!

The team is open to friends from anywhere in the United States.

How to Apply

To be considered, please email casting@purveyorsofpop.com ASAP with your name, age, phone number, city/state, current photos, IG link and tell us about you and why your group of friends would make a great series! * Include in the subject line “IG Friends”

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