Identical Twins for I Was There Too – Documentary

Twin Casting Call

Are you an identical twin who is looking for an acting job? There is a 2017 twin casting call for you to apply to! (a part of First Look Media) is creating a new short video series about memory and identical twins. Casting directors are searching for real identical twins who live within a six hour drive of New York City. They are looking for brothers or sisters who are interested in sharing their story. The team is open to teen or adult twins. They will be hiring four to five groups. A variety of ages, races, classes and genders are needed for the shoot. This is for a series that will be shown on If this sounds like a project you would like to be considered for, sign up for the documentary casting call right away.

About the Video

The project will be a series of short videos, one on each set of twins. Each video will explore a fun, enticing, intense or even mundane shared experience that both twins were there for, and which they may remember differently. The film will cut between each twin in or near their home telling us their version of the story and will become a short piece that reflects their shared experience of the event.

What They Are Looking For

Looking for four to five sets of identical adult or teenaged twins. We are searching for a variety of ages, races, classes and both genders.
Shooting Location: In or around the twins’ homes. We will travel to them!
Geographic Region: Both twins should be within a half day’s driving distance of NYC (Including Philly, DC, NJ, etc.)
We are looking for identical twins who live within 6 hours by car from NYC and who would be interested in sharing a story with us.

How to Apply

If you have a fun, enticing, intense or even mundane story to tell about a shared experience that you and your twin remember very differently, please tell it to us! We will be choosing a few of these stories to become episodes in our video series.

To apply email with your story, ages, contact information and photos of you and your twin.  We are very excited to hear your stories!

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