I See You Starring Helen Hunt

Movie Stand-In & Photo Double – Cleveland, OH

It is not too often we see Academy Award winner Helen Hunt in a horror/thriller film. The one time Oscar winner has taken home an impressive 4 Golden Globes and 4 Emmy Awards. The upcoming movie “I See You” will follow strange occurrences that plague a small town detective and his family as he investigates the disappearance of a young boy. You have the chance to work with the multi-award winning actress! The film is heading to Cleveland, Ohio to shoot. A movie casting call is looking for a stand-in and photo double for Hunt! This is an incredible opportunity to work with her and the outstanding crew. While the photo double will not be needed for all of the following dates, the stand-in will. Filming will be between May 7th and May 18th and June 1st. The audition notice is looking for women who fit the actress’s sizes. If you resemble her stature, check out the 2018 movie audition details below!

About I See You

Infidelity has put great strain on the Harper household as Greg, the lead investigator in a child abduction case which has brought into the spotlight a similar case from years past, struggles to find a way to forgive his well-heeled wife, Jackie (Hunt). As her guilt slowly gnaws away at her grip on reality, a malicious presence begins manifesting itself in their home, putting their young son in mortal danger. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

We are currently seeking a Helen Hunt stand in and double for:
Project: I See You
Shooting: Cleveland OH
Shooting dates for this role are May 7- May 18 and June 1st. Double will not be needed all of these days, stand in will.

Pay: $10 per hour

These roles could be filled by one person or two. We prefer one, but are open to using two people.
If you are submitting for her double you must fit the following sizes and specs
Slim fit
Height 5’7 1/2
Shoe: 8-81/2
Dress: 4-6
Pant 4-6
Blouse xs,s,4
Hair: Blonde

How to Apply

To Submit please follow all directions below.
Email: angela@angelaboehmcasting.com
For Stand In
Subject:Helen Hunt Stand In
Body: Name, Phone, Where you reside, Height, 2-3 Pictures of just yourself no sunglasses or hats, one must be full body These photos MUST be current.
For Double
Subject: Helen Hunt Double
Body: Name, Phone, Where you reside, Include all sizes listed above, 2-3 photos of just yourself no sunglasses or hats, One must be a full body. Current photos only.
Again pictures must be what you currently look like today.
Failure to follow all directions will result in your submission to be deleted.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Carissa

    I’m 14 years old with brown eyes, brown curly/wavy hair. 5ft2in. and 114 pounds. Because I Live on a farm I am hardworking and always wanting to learn more about everything. Speaking about learning I am homeschooled so I have a bit more open schedule than many. I would love to be an extra if available . I know I can handle anything you throw at me. If you have any questions please contact me