I Saw The Light Starring Tom Hiddleston

I Saw The Light Starring Tom Hiddleston

Once every generation a musical artist comes around that is so singularly unique and talented that he influences everything that comes after him and now one of those artists is set to have his fascinating story told on the big screen. I Saw The Light, a film based on the life and career of country superstar Hank Williams is rolling in front of cameras soon and the producers and casting directors of this must see biopic have begun their search for several up and coming talents for available roles.

I Saw The Light will tell the incredible life story of country music legend Hank Williams. A top-notch cast and outstanding creative team has been assembled to portray the man responsible for such all-time hits as “Move It on Over”, “Hey, Good Lookin'” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart” from his humble upbringings to his enormous musical success and everything in between. The fabulous cast so far compiled for this new production will include BAFTA Award nominee

Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, Muppets Most Wanted, Thor: The Dark World), Independent Spirit Award nominee Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene, Oldboy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Screen Actors Guild Award nominee David Krumholtz (Numbers, This Is the End, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), Emmy Award winner Cherry Jones (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Ocean’s Twelve, 24), Wrenn Schmidt (The Americans, Boardwalk Empire, Person of Interest) and 3-time Golden Globe nominee Bradley Whitford (West Wing, Trophy Wife, Billy Madison). I Saw The Light will be written, directed and produced by Marc Abraham (Flash of Genius, Children of Men, Air Force One) based on the acclaimed biography written by Colin Escott (Let Freedom Sing: How Music Inspired the Civil Rights Movement).

Casting calls for this exciting new biopic are taking place now and will continue throughout the film’s shooting schedule. Performers and musicians of all ages and types interested in submitting themselves for all available roles can do so today by sending emails here extras@legacycasting.com. All additional audition and production updates released for this project will be posted right here so check back for more information and leave a comment in the space provided and tell us what you think of this Hank Williams film and why you want to participate in upcoming casting calls for I Saw The Light starring Tom Hiddleston.

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51 Casting Responses

  1. Phileena Jackson

    Name: Phileena
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’8ish
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Race: caucasian
    Residency: Wilmore,KY
    Other experiences: I had a role in a school production of Agatha Christy’s The Mousetrap as Mrs. Boyle and intend to audition for our other plays/musicals The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty this year and the other productions in years to follow. I thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you.

  2. Sydney Davis (JEAN CARMEN)

    AGE: 17
    HEIGHT: 5’4″
    WEIGHT: 114 LBS


    I have experience I’m musical theatre, straight acting, modeling, ballet theatre, and choir.
    I think I would be great in this film because I do have theatre background and musical background. This film sounds insanely beautiful and I would love to be a part of it.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Elysa Maxwell-Albert

    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Race: Afro-Latina
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 140
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Body type: Average

    I’d like to mention that I’m a huge fangirl for the Hiddles, and it would literally be a dream to work alongside him, or just near him lol

    I have been acting for pretty much my entire life, but mostly in school and church plays, most recently (as a student there) i had been participating in the CUNY Brooklyn College film students’ tests films at the end of each semester to gain what little experience i could from that in terms of acting for the camera. I am doing a lot of scene study and character study on my own time, trying to teach myself to become one with the story and circumstances etc. I would be so honored to have even an extra role in this movie.

    the best way to contact me would be via email.
    some of my networks include
    instagram: @nefertiddies, lots of pictures of me there
    twitter: Lysa_Noel1202

  4. Vanessa Travis

    Hi, I’m Vanessa Travis, I’m from the Chicago suburbs and I am absolutely taken with film. My major is Cinema Arts and Science, with an interest in writing and directing. I have always loved and practiced acting through school, in theater, improv comedy, and a short series. I have always had an interest in biopics specifically regarding musicians. The lives of hit singers and bands lend to understanding the road to greatness and the correlation of hardship and art. Tom Hiddleston is quite possibly my favorite actor, and to work with him is up there with my “I wish I had a million dollars!” dreams. Not to mention Elizabeth Olsen is an inspiration of mine. I love almost all genres and kinds of music, and I have experience with singing. The world of film, music, and entertainment is my passion, and I would love to be considered for this opportunity!

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Quarter Mexican
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 125
    Eye Color: Blue/Green
    Hair: Brown/Blonde (changeable)
    Body Type: Lean
    Extra: Theater, singing, student-film experience, some athletic experience

  5. Isabela barbosa

    Hi my name is Isabela barbosa I am currently 15 (look older) my nationality is Brazilian, I currently live in Richmond Virginia in the US. My height is 5’2, I weigh about 120, I’d absolutely would love to star in this movie or be any kind of extra, if traveling is needed I can pay my way 🙂

  6. Mollie Gann

    Hello, I’m Mollie Gann and Hank Williams was one of my favorites! I’ve always wanted to do acting and I believe this would be a great experience for me. I’d love to be able to work to the fullest on something I’ve been fond of since I was three. It’s a great opportunity and a great story to tell. Just being an extra would be a dream come true. I can be shy, but I can be a pretty outgoing, happy person after warming up to it.
    Age: 15.
    Height: 5′ 1.
    Hair: Brown.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Ethnicity: Half Irish and Half Cuban.
    Gender: Female.
    I’m from Texas.
    Thank you for your time! Hope everything goes well!

  7. RaeAnn Moran

    My name is RaeAnn Moran. I am a 45 year old Caucasian woman & have always been interested in acting. I have never done anything professional but would love a chance to work hard and learn. I currently live in the Phoenx, AZ area.
    I am 5’10, 195#, I have light brown hair, green eyes. You can also find me on Facebook.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Madison Jackson

    My names Madison Marie Jackson, I’m a female with experience in theatre and dance, even doing a performance at the Herberger Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, where I live, when I was 13. I love entertaining and that’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I’ve always put shows on with my cousins for my family and signed up for the school choir but my true passion is acting and to do that would be life changing.
    Age: 17 (But I can range from 14-21)
    Birthday: April 15th, 1998
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5′ Weight: 130lbs.
    Eyes: Blue/green
    Hair: Brown
    Hair length: To the middle of my back

  9. Taylor Halvorson

    Age 18
    Brown hair
    Hazel eyes
    118 pounds
    5’5 height

    I have sung and played piano for over 10 years. I also play drums and a little guitar. I am experienced in singing on stage and feel comfortable doing so in front of an audience. I also have taken inprov and was noted by my teachers as a natural improviser.

  10. Anna Soto

    Hello! My name is Anna Soto of course a female :{D and i’m 14 turning 15 in December on the 14th and i have long brown hair and light brown eyes and i am about 5 feet tall and you should have seen my face when i saw this. I am crying at the thought of this chances to do my dreams! I love Tom soooo much he’s an inspiration and i can barley type right now just imagining being able to be in a movie meet new people and maybe even make new friend, i’ve always wanted to have a movie cast family. And i love to sing, i sing all the time since i was little and i also dance and i used to watch the most coolest dancing shows ever to learn from them i dance from the heart. But this is something i am praying to be in! Please give a girl who has been bullied because she was different a chance to do her dreams and make her own path to success! Please consider giving me a chance i’ve never had…..please and thank you and lots of love to Tom Hiddleston for ever!!……my dream to meet such an amazing man! And to work with such amazing people! (Loki for life <3)


    Hello, my name is Emily and i’m 12 years old. I have crystal blue eye’s and I have a height of 5’6. I play the violin well, trying! I know how to play the first part of the Avengers song. I promise you with the proper care I will grow a STAR! I can play any role you need and I am a VERY quick learner. Some people say a little to fast. I’m saying that If you ever changed the script I would Learn it in the time period you need it done by. I am from Texas so,I have a country voice if you need it. I am very friendly and can get along with everyone! Trust me I’m worth the time and won’t waste your time. THANK YOU for reading! LOVE, YOUR FUTURE STAR EMILY!

  12. Aylin Chavez

    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Hair: long, dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown (I have glasses but I currently use contacts.)
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Asian
    Currently living in California
    (I am willing to dye my hair.)

    Hello 🙂
    My dream for as long as I can remember, has been to become an actress. It would be a dream come true if I were to get a shot at an actual acting opportunity. Thank you (:

  13. Aisha Hakam

    This movie idea is amazing and is something that a lot of people I know (including myself) would return to multiple times to watch in theaters. To pay a tribute to Hank Williams like this is one of the highest honors you can give someone. I bet that he would be very grateful that you are doing this.
    I am a 15 yr. old that is looking for a unique experience like supporting your movie. I have mostly grown up in Houston Texas, and still livin here. I have grown up enjoying country music and a country lifestyle. My daddy and I have danced to Hank Williams famous songs. I can control my country accent and easily mimic how people talk. I currently play the flute and just got my first guitar. Also people say that my greatest talent is archery. I shoot a Samick Sage 62inches-25pounds, bare bow. I have never and will never use sights (gadgets to show you where the arrow is going to go) on my bow. Our family has had horses in the past so I have been riding since a young age. Currently I am in Theater 1 at The Woodlands College Park High school. I would do better playing a more down-to-earth character than a whimsical one.
    I would benefit you with a kick of pure country mixed with a hardworking personality.
    Here’s what I look like:
    Long Hair: Auburn
    Skin: Caucasian, a little pale
    Face: Light freckles
    Eyes: Blue/ Green
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 125
    Thank you,
    Aisha Hakam

  14. Christina Ferrara

    Hello my name is Christina Ferrara and I would like to audition as a talent or actor in the film. I am A member of the National Junior Honor Society. I have a dance experience of 10 years. I play the B flat clarinet. I have acted since I was small and active in school and community theater and musicals. I love singing and most say I have a talent for it as well.

    Age: 14 April 25 2015
    Height: 5 foot 2 inch
    Race: White (have roots in every single European country. I have had an ethnicity test)
    Hair: black brown pixie cut
    Eyes: blue green and sometimes one eye blue and one eye green
    Body type: curvy
    Fox like face (i can send a picture)
    please consider me for a role in this film and email me at ferrarachristina891@gmail.com

  15. Alyce Winchester

    My name is Alyce Winchester I’m a 14 (turn 15 in May though) year old girl who could honestly look like a 7 year old if I still had bangs. A few things about me are that I can imitate most accents if given a day or two listening to it (I found it comes in handy when doing different characters). I am about 5’6 or 5’7, so pretty tall for my age. I have dirty blonde hair that will turn completely blonde in the summer and brown in the winter. While I don’t have any previous true on-screen acting experience, I have taken theater for 2 years. People describe me as a fun and out going person once you get past my shyness. I see myself as someone who, once your given trust to, will try to get to know you to the best of her ability. As well as being in theater I was also in art and photography (this might not be needed but hey you never know right?). While I’m not the skinniest im also not that big. I fit into a size 2 dress, medium shirts (simply because I don’t really like being is really tight clothing) and size 27 jeans/pants. My clothing style can range and I’m willing wear just about anything (as long as it’s not pink or a skirt… Especially not a pink skirt. That right there is a no go zone). I love in Houston, Texas and yes I do have a slight accent from here in the south, nothing that I can’t make go away for bit though. What else? Oh I’m pretty much the palest person at my school /: (I’m part Irish), I have freackles (but not to many). I can look the ages of 12-17 and if need 18/19.

    That’s just about everything about me! I hope I get chosen and I wish luck to the others trying to get the role!

  16. Amber Adams

    Hello, my name is Amber. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in July. My only acting experience has been in my middle and high school musicals and drama class. I’ve been in the musicals; The little mermaid as Sebastian, Guys&Dolls as Arvide Abernathy, and Hairspray as Little Inez. I’m inexperienced but, I will put in the work. I’m interested in starting my career. I hope you consider me.

    Gender: female
    Hair: dark brown and extremely curly
    Eye color: dark brown
    Ethnicity: biracial, Italian and Jamaican

  17. Julie Boucher

    I’m Julie, 21 from France and I would love to have even the tiniest role in this production!

  18. Nicole Guzman

    Name: nicole guzman
    age: 16
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    experience: participated in many plays mostly drama and comedy. Also attended john casablancas modeling and career center.

  19. Mikaela Sullivan

    I am extremely interested in your production. I have no professional acting or musical talent but I am confident in my abilities and I hope that I can be of ANY use to you! Please answer, I am extremely hopeful for this opportunity!

  20. Paula Rafferty

    My name is Paula, I am 51 years old, Caucasian, brunette, have brown eyes, 5’8″, 145# and I am a veteran.. I am originally from West Point, NY and have lived in Texas for 23 years where I am a park ranger and a professional mapmaker. I like animals, travel, art, and I make holograms. I would really like to add extra to my list of extracurricular activities Who doesn’t love Hank Williams?

  21. Lauren Patton

    Birthday: October 9th 2003
    Name: Lauren McCall Patton
    Location:Jacksonville Florida
    Hair: Long and dark blonde
    I really want a role in this movie because my family is not doing so well and I really would like to help out. I also want to act and I feel like this could kickstart an acting career for me. I am very good at faking and hiding emotions. I also have been in a school musical for my choir. My Grandmother said she can see me as an actress and that she thinks I should try to be one one day. Any role would be helpfull, I would like to be in other movies one day so I feel like this is where I should start.

  22. Melissa olson

    I am a singer songwriter from Northern Illinois that also plays 50s-70s traditional country. I love Hank Williams dearly and would love to be part of your production!

  23. Daniel

    Thank you for taking the time for reading my post.
    My name is Daniel Westermann, I am 17 years old and I live in Germany. I’m currently on the Heilig Geist Gymnasium in Menden and I love to act. I love to be a part of our school theatre and with the own words of my literature/theatre teacher, I am an excellent actor. Because of this, I would like to be part of the movie “I Saw The Light″ to gain more experience of being an actor.
    Thank you in advance for a positive feedback,
    Yours sincerely
    Daniel Westermann

  24. frances buckner

    i grew up listening to hank williams songs. i know some of them. my dad sang them all the time. i would love to be an extra in this movie cause it really brings back memories of when i was young.

  25. Larissa Collins

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’6
    Age: 14
    Location: New York
    My name is Larissa Collins. I am currently enrolled in an acting course with Barbizon and I think that this movie could really boost the career I hope to one day have in this industry. I would be so honored to be able to work with Tom, he is my man crush everyday like seriously. I respect him so much and I think he is so talented so to work wig him would be crazy exciting! I am hard working, persistent, I take good direction, and am reliable. I hope that you consider me for this job for it could be such an amazing opportunity for me.

  26. liberty

    Hello, My name is liberty i’m a 12 year old looking for something to do in drama and films!I have done many drama class.

    NAME:liberty hall
    HEIGHT: 4 9
    WEIGHT: 75 lb
    HAIR: brown (if you need different color i do die my hair)
    EYE: blue

  27. Jennifer Nguyen

    Hi! My name is Jen, I am 19 years old and I really would like to be a part of this movie. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of being in a movie; I’m just trying to chase this huge dream of mine now. If you have any other questions please contact me. I would love to hear back from y’all!

  28. Becca Stott

    My name is Becca and I am an aspiring actor/musician. When I heard about this biopic about Hank Williams I was immediately intrigued. Being a musician myself, I can relate to the struggles and triumphs that accompany the music industry and life. I am apart of an up-and-coming pop/rock band from Chicago called Fairview. I have made a name for myself as well as my band in the music scene through constant promotion and hard work. Acting and film have always been something I have wanted to get more into and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Memorizing and reciting scripts and monologues is something that comes very easy to me and I find it very enjoyable. My availability is completely open, as I have taken the year off from Columbia College Chicago to pursue my dreams. I would be a perfect choice for this opportunity because I can relate to Williams’ music because I have covered many of his songs before and have the determination to succeed in everything I do. I Saw The Light is a wonderful opportunity and I hope you will consider me for a part.

    A little more information:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 (11-08-1995)
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Hair: blonde, mid-long hair
    Eyes: green/blue
    Skin: fair/light
    Experience: some acting experience in plays and short films
    Musician: I play guitar, piano, violin, ukulele and I sing
    Area: Chicago, but willing to travel

    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, and I hope you will consider me for a part in I Saw The Light.


  29. Alice Ekström


    My name is Alice and I am a 21 year old woman from Sweden. I think I should be considered for a role because I have a great passion for acting and have studied acting for three years, so I know what I’m doing. I’ve studied theatre acting, but would love to act in front of the camera. I’m not your every day girl, I stand out from the crowd and am more than confident enough to do so.

    Hair: Dark brown/Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Olive
    Bodysize: L
    Country of birth: Sweden
    Talents: Singing, writing, acting, Ukulele, Guitar
    Languages: Swedish, English (US, UK, Scottish)

  30. Emily Gasho

    I am a small town girl from Arizona. My family owns and operates a cattle ranch, so I have always been exposed to country music. Raised on it actually. I have always admired Hank Williams, because his legacy has been one of honesty, genuineness, and regards for the working man and woman. I am 21 years old, and have always wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts. I would be extremely interested in being part of this project to tell the story of Hank Williams life.

  31. John Rogers

    My name is John Rogers and I am 27 years old. I am looking to start a career in film acting. I have attended SUNY Purchase college music conservatory for vocal performance/opera and have taken acting classes. I am able to memorize lines with ease and I am able to travel for work. Please email me with any questions or for more details.

    Name: John Rogers
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 160
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Vocal Range: Tenor

  32. Melody Walker

    Hi, I’m Melody.
    I’m from the Chicago area and a college student at NIU. I’ve been wanting to try out acting since middle school, but never got the chance. I’m a music ed major and a long-time fluent violinist, classically trained. I’m also seriously considering violin performance as a profession. I know a bit how to fiddle, and am always willing to learn more! I sing as well, and have gotten many compliments on my ability to both sing and play my violin. Music is my passion and my life, and I have been involved in music my entire life. I’m involved in the marching band as a colorguard member (flags) and I like to play paintball as well. I’m seriously looking to try being and extra as a possible side job to my other job this summer.

    Age: 18 (almost 19)
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Wight: 138 lb
    Hair color: Natural blonde
    Hair type: Long with long bangs (growing out the bangs)
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin color: White/ Caucasian
    Body type: Skinny, well figured

  33. Isabella Tucker

    Hi, I’m Isabella Tucker. I am 14 years old going on 15.
    I think this could be my big break for T.V acting.
    I have theater training and a little T.V training.

    Hair: brown but, I do cut and die my hair.
    age: 14
    eyes: blue/green
    skin: pale/white
    body: A bit chubby but, don’t rethink my ablates.
    gender: girl
    Hobbies: Artist, I’m an anime freak , cosplayer, i love books and the cold. I like writing as well.
    home: georgia / alanta

  34. Devon Timmerman

    I am a 20 year old male and I live about an hour north of Detroit, MI. I should be considered for this show because I have taken acting courses in University of Detroit Mercy. I have an very intellectual humor and people find me attractive. I try to stay relevant. Even though I have a big heart, people seem to always be intimidated around me. The number one thing people have said about me is that I am the most interesting person they have ever seen along with being confident in everything I do. I see the positive in everything because I believe in opportunity. People tell me I am lucky, but I saw everything coming. I try to explain I am no better then him, him, or him, I just know how to take advantage of my energy.

  35. Kamryn Owolabi

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’1
    Gender: Female
    Hobbies: Artist (Realism, manga), Singer, Songwriter, video gamer, anime fanatic
    Race: African American
    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

    Personality: Chill, laid back, mischievous, tom-boy, bubbly (at times), sarcastic,
    dark aura ( sometimes)

    Why should i be considered
    I think that i should be considered because i’m not your average teen girl. I’m very confident that i can handle the capacity of work in acting. When i lay my eyes on something I strive to do my best in that category/ subject/ matter.

    Contacting info: kamkam3636@gmail.com

  36. Spencer Felts

    Im a 17 yo male. I am 5’9″ and weigh 130lbs. I have brown hair and green eyes. I’m from Oklahoma.
    It would be an honor to have a role in your upcoming show. If you are looking for someone who is charismatic, out-going, and witty, I’m your guy. I’ve had years of experience in theatrical plays and know the dedication and determination it takes to make the show a success. I hope to hear back from you soon and appreciate your consideration!
    Look me up on Instagram @im.spencerr

  37. Alexia

    Alexia River
    Age 19
    126 lbs
    Light Brunette/Ombre Hair
    Hazel Eyes
    Ambiguous Look
    Acting Experience
    Singing Experience
    Intermediate Piano
    Rusty Intermediate Guitar

    Hey! This project looks like a lot of fun and I’d be stoked to work in it! I can play versatile roles as I find acting to be natural and fluent. Working with others who share similar interests has always been a great experience for me.I love performing arts and am majoring in music. Hopefully I get the chance to audition and you guys can see for yourselves the talents I have to offer!

  38. Deana

    I am country to the core! I was born and raised in KY and while I am now a resident of arizona I have never lost my southern draw. I absolutely love Hank and I can pretty much tell you his life story. I am 5’7, dark hair, green eyes, 47 years young and would love to audition for a part! I can send photos.

  39. Jisselle Morales

    age: 18
    height: 5’1
    weight: 110
    eyes: brown
    hair: dark brown / naturally curly
    skin: tanned complexion
    body type: hourglass / curvy

    I am very outgoing and amusing. I am quick when it comes to learning new things and becoming new people. I have been told to be very good at becoming new roles. Upon request i am able to do the following accents: Irish, English (UK), Spanish, English (New York), and Southern. I can read a script and memorize and recite almost perfectly. I am determined and willing to be what it is i need to be. Wherever i go im told to bring happiness and laughter. I am friendly and love to meet and interact with new and interesting people. I am not camera shy at all, being in the spotlight is a rush of excitement to me.

    An opportunity like this would be greatly appreciated. To pursue acting as a career is a dream of mine. I will not only bring joy to you but complete and full extraordinary talent that you will not be able to resist.

  40. Fernanda Quiroz

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 103
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Area: Phoenix
    Acting has been something that I have always wanted to do. I do not see myself anywhere else in the future but in acting. I am Hispanic, speak fluent English and Spanish, and currently learning German. I come from a extremely small town where nothing (in acting aspect), is available. Now that I have been able to move out, I would love to have the opportunity to at least come close to achieve my life goal. I love to sing and love dramatic scenes! I work easy to work with and have a very positive attitude!

  41. Cavin Sherman

    Age: 20
    I’ll do whatever. I’m from AZ.
    Hank Williams seems like a real great guy

  42. Melody Rowan

    This is definitely a movie I am going to see, regardless of if I am in it. I admire biopics, cinematography capturing one’s life story in a few hours. Hank Williams, the late and great, is a name not only in the Grand Ole Opry, but one that this generation needs to know. I am so happy that this project has been taken up.

  43. Melody Rowan

    I am a 5’6 blonde hair, blue eyed, female, who is ready to fulfill any role. I am going to commit to this project and am willing to get along with my fellow coworkers and directors. I can express variety of emotions and am respectful of authority. I hope to pursue a career and meet new people in this highly, respectable industry.

  44. chloe goldthorpe

    This film sounds wonderful as it seems like it could have an impact as it sounds like a very real story which many people could relate to.
    I have been wanting to become an actress for quite a while, I have attended a few acting classes however I am only 15 and they were all with adults so I didn’t like them very much.
    Age: 15 (a lot of people seem to think I look older, however my natural rosy cheeks and blue eyes can also make me look young)
    Gender: Female
    Hair colour: light brown/dark blonde
    Hair type: mid/long length naturally curly
    Height: 5ft 6inch
    Country: England
    Build: size 8/10 (uk)

  45. Brooklynn Reiss

    I’m a 12 almost 13 year old girl from a small town called Killdeer, ND. I’ve always been into acting and partly a singer. I have been told by my friends that I should be an actress. Apparently I’m good with drama acting. So yeah.

  46. Shay White

    I am a professional model/actress and can sing. I would love to be considered for a role in this film!

  47. Joseph

    Email me, 28, from Louisiana

  48. I wish I could be a super star.

    I want to be a super star and I’m serious about it.

  49. Danica McIntosh

    I’m a 16 year old girl from Australia who loves to perform and a very friendly person.
    I’m a person who only really excels in drama and performing arts and English. I put a lot of effort into all my work and when i set my mind to it i can produce amazing work. I would love to be considered for any role.

  50. Mikah Armstrong

    Ive never been an extra but this project looks great and really close to home! Literally and figuratively!

  51. Chelsey cooper

    This has always been a dream of mine and I’m trying to pursue it! Help!