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Nickelodeon Casting Call – Miami, FL

Do you want to sign up to be on Nickelodeon? A 2018 audition for Nickelodeon is looking for you! The Nickelodeon casting call for “I Am Frankie” is looking for an actress! Filming for season 2 is just gearing up. Casting directors are now hiring a female to be the stand-in and photo double for the lead role! Because this is a stand-in role you won’t need a Nickelodeon audition script. This is a really exciting opportunity for any experienced or aspiring actress or model. The selected talent will be the stand-in and photo double for Frankie for the entire season. The title character is played by 17 year old Alex Hook. Filming will begin in March and will go for 11 weeks. It is shooting in Miami, Florida. All applicants must be available for the entire duration of the shoot. While the actress may not be needed every day, it will be for several days. It is important to have completely open availability. All of the information to sign up to be an actor on Nickelodeon is below!

About Nickelodeon’s “I Am Frankie”

I Am Frankie” is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk. Frankie goes to school and no one but the members of her family know her secret. She adapts to the real world quite well, despite having no feelings or emotions, but all that changes when she begins to experience family life, make friends and have a boyfriend. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for our Stand-In/Photo Double for the actress who is playing Frankie:
Alex Hook!

Shooting starts in March and the actress needs to be available for 11 weeks. It may not be every day, but it will be many days.
RATES are Non-Union:
Stand-In Day Rate $125/12
Body Double – (on camera) $150/12

When the actress works as a Stand-In she will get the $125 rate. On the days that she works as the Body Double, we will bump her up to the $150 rate.

These are the Sizes that we need to match as closely as possible, as well as the look in the photo.

If you don’t know what Alex Hook looks like, Google her so you can see the type they are looking for.

Height – 5’5”
Weight – 110 lbs
Chest – 32B
Neckline – 42 CM
Waist – 61 CM
Neckline – 42 CM
Sleeve Length – 71 CM
Inseam 75 – CM
Shoe 7.5-8
Ring Size – 6
Shirt Size – XS-S
Pants/Jeans – 00-0-3
Brown Hair – Straight, with a bang swept off to the side. Hair length is below the collar bone. Brown eyes.
Caucasian skin tone.

How to Apply

Please, if you feel you or someone you know is right for this AND available for the 11-week period, please submit their photo and all contact info/phone and email, including 2 FULL LENGTH photos and a headshot and contact info to:lori@loriwymancasting.com . We will contact you for further instructions.

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110 Casting Responses

  1. Alicia Shi

    Hi I am Alicia…I’m 13 and I really love I am Frankie…It would mean soooo much to me to be in the show!!!!!!

  2. Jay Fleming

    My name is Jay Fleming I love this show is very good I want to be involved with the show ok

  3. Christiana Mehn

    Hi my name is Christiana I am 13 and a half years old I love acting and I love I am Frankie I watch it like everyday and night, and I also always dream of been on Nickelodeon, If you could do this for it will make a dream come true for me. Thanks byeeee💞💞💞💞

  4. Daniel Alali-Oruambo

    Hello i am Daniel im 43.3kg and i would love to act in i am Frankie i would love to support my family

  5. La'RIa

    i really wanted to sign up for school of rock the tv show i love freddy but i could act in this show don’t give up on school of rock tv show keep makeing more episodes but thank you so much if you let me in! and i’m 12 about to be 13

  6. La'RIa

    i really wanted to sign up for school of rock the tv show i love freddy but i could act in this show don’t give up on school of rock tv show keep makeing more episodes but thank you so much if you let me in!

  7. Leena

    Hi my name is leena and I’m 10 years old but my height is 5’5 and my weight is 58 and I’ve been acting since I was 4 in the international school of chouifhat and I would love to join I am Frankie and I’ve been watching since it came on Nickelodeon and would love to join you can you answer me for auditions in my email please this is my phone number I’m confident and non-shy and have good posture and well listening and would love to join you for auditions

  8. Floxy Mathew

    I am Floxy Mathew , i am a Nigerian . I am 10 years old. I am in 7th Grade. I love singing, acting and meeting new people. I am actually the best and I am interested in the audition.

  9. Tamilore

    I am Tamilore Mathew , i am a Nigerian . I am 9 years old. I would love to be part of your show “I AM FRANKIE”.

  10. Daniel

    Hi I’m Daniel I’m 13 years old l love acting and I would really really really like to be on I am frankie

  11. Daniel Adebesin

    Hello I’m Daniel I’m 13 years old I love acting and I really really really want be in I am frankie

  12. Nadia

    I would love to be here I love acting and not shy my name is Nadia and I’m 12 years old

  13. Gloria

    My child would like to be in the TV show i am Frankie please she has tried all auditions so please contact me if you would like to add her on the list thank you!

  14. Barbara Varela

    Hey, Im Barbara Varela, I love to acting and I have all the things you guys need, my height and all that
    hope you guys choose me.

  15. Maple Applewhite

    HI my name is Maple, I am 11 years old and i haven’t done much acting but I know i will be good.

  16. zoey

    After seeing all of the episodes in season one, I just kept thinking to myself that they have to have a season two i would to be either in a nickolodeon show or either i am frankie i think that i am the perfect age for any tv shows in nickolodeon i am 10 and i think that i will be the best i can .

  17. Inari

    Hello I m five food three i am 12 years old have strawberry blond hair (the closest to brown hair that’s not brown hair), my show size is size 8 and I have dark green eyes and my ring size is size 5 i think also my pants are size 12 and my shirt is also size 12 well in US and my weight is 90 lbs also I have long hair that goes below the collerbone

  18. Giulia

    Hi I’m giulia from Italy
    I’m 13 years old and I really love this show I love acting

  19. alyssa

    i think i am qualified

  20. Haley

    Hi my name is Haley I’m 14 I am 5,4 I weigh around 113 I have brown hair I love seeing people happy

  21. haley

    hi! i’m haley and i’m 14 years old, i’m about 5’6” in height, I’m a 8.5-9 in shoe size, in shirt size i’m a small, in pant size i’m a 5, i’m tan skin, I think It might be a deal breaker because I have short brown hair but could work if I worn a wig

  22. Kianna James

    I have what it take to be in this movie

  23. Tony Francisca

    hi my name is Francisca. I am 16 yrs old. I would love to act in nickelodeon. I have seen you guys make young teens dreams come to pass on Nickelodeon, I am just one of those young teen so please I kindly ask that you should honour my request. thanks for you time and I also await your responds . thanks again .

  24. Naomi Herbert

    Hello,this will be such an honor to be in season 2 of I Am Frankie

  25. Tangban Bernice Oscar

    I’m Bernice I love this show and I will like to act in it. I’m a very good actress pls pick me

  26. Elizabeth Mendez

    Hello my name is Elizabeth Mendez ever since I AM FRANKIE has come out I have watched every episode that is my favorite show I wish I fitted your discretion I would have been so perfect I’m skinny same shoe size same age but I’m 5:1 sorry I would have loved to be In that show and you would of not been disappointed thank you have a nice day

  27. Brightness Hugo

    Hey i am from Africa in a country called Tanzania i a huge fan of nickelodeon please pick me to fill in spot in the show i am Frankie

  28. Sonya

    Hey ! My name is sonya Holmes , I’m 15 years old . I’m 5’5 and I weigh 115 pounds .

  29. Kanife bryce

    My name is Kanife bryce I am 11 years old and acting is my dream I would love to be on I am Frankie

  30. acting , but moeling as well

    My name is Megan Galatte, I am an outgoing, athletic, and intelligent teenage girl. After seventeen years, I have had experience not only with acting, but modeling as well. I had taken and I am currently taking acting classes at my current school and I modeled with Disney when I was four. Since then I have been modeling with small business photographers. I’ve always loved acting and working with other people who have the same interests as me. I would love to get a chance in being in the show “I am Frankie”. Please contact me through my personal email if you have any other questions, thank you!

  31. Jonathan

    Please pick me to be on i am frankie.

  32. Londyn Bailey

    if I got to play on a tv show I would be so happy

  33. Ajaiah Harris

    Hey Im a girl who is 5.3 and i am 12 yrs old. I would to be in I am frankie because I am great when it comes to acting and I one day one to be an actress and I believe being on i am frankie would really help. Also from White hall Arkansas, 71602

  34. Bamigboye victor

    I am from Nigeria and I am 15 years old and I am looking forward to acting with Nickelodeon

  35. adele

    hi I am 5.8 and 58 kg and I am 12 years old I really love this show

    • Sonya

      Hi my name is sonya Holmes ! I’m 15 ,and I’m 5’5 . I weigh 115 pounds

  36. Mina

    Hi my name is Mina I am 13 yers old and I haven’t done anya acting but I know I can do it please I want to take a part in I am frankie.

  37. Mubanga

    And you would be my life savers if would put me on this show

  38. Mubanga

    I forgort to describe my self I’m a medium sized kid I love acting to is and has always been my dream to be an acter I’m into science my I like Nickelodeon shows I have been watching Nickelodeon since before I could walk or talk some people tell me I would be a really good person to be put in this series so please I would like to hear a response from you soon

  39. Mubanga

    Hi my name I’d Mubanga I am 12 years old I am a really good actor and I think I would be great for this show

  40. Maia Picard

    Hi my name is Maia i am 10 years of age and 60 pounds i would like to act for I Am Frankie please

  41. Maia Picard

    hi I’m 10 years old I’m in love with I Am Frankie and I would like to audition I think I would be good to pick my teachers, friend and my family think I’m really good it would be a dream come true if I got in because I don’t have a lot and would like to be a person in a show

  42. Roberto

    My name is Roberto ever sence i was 5 years old i wanted to act

  43. arissa shimmons

    Hello, I’m 13 years old, but I look a lot older, I am 5’9 and I am 145 pounds, I really love acting and I think I would be really good.

  44. Caley Booysen


    • Caley Booysen

      Hi my name is Caley Booysen I am 13 Years old and been acting for a while and love the show I am

  45. amoy burke

    i don’t weight 110lb but i can get there.i don’t have that colour and type of hair but it can flatiorn and i don’t have Caucasian skin i am dark brown

  46. Ianthé Combrink

    Hi I’m Ianthé Combrink I live in South Africa Rustenburg I’m 13 years old I have never acted on TV before but I did in school plays I love singing kids and being with my family and I believe that with God by our sides nothing is impossible love 1 of your biggest fans

  47. Samara Phillips

    I am really interested

  48. Antonisha Leland

    Hi I’m Antonisha and I’m a hard worker in school and everywhere i ‘m a very good actress and I’m black and proud

  49. Adetunji Ayomide

    hi my is Adetunji Ayomide. I will be so happy of I get to participate in this TV show. I really appreciate this because it has been my dream and I want to fulfill it. thanks

  50. Chelsea Okpalaeke

    Hi. I’m Chelsea Laeke. I’m a proud black girl and I’m the boss of me. I actually want to get this to make a change for once in my life.

  51. Trent Strickland

    My name is Trent Strickland, I have been acting for a while, I have been in 6 shows at my community theatre. I can sing, dance, model, and act. I am from Sebring, Florida and i’m 16 years old turning 17 in two months. i am enthusiastic, creative, joyful, and I put the “A” game when it comes to acting. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

  52. odane jones

    Hello my name is odane jones and I love the show I am frankie it is so interesting and has so many layers and is very funny. You would all be doing me a huge favour and making one of my number one dream come true. The show is awesome and I hope you consider me as a person to be on the show . I am 13 years old and have a deep desire for acting . Please consider me bye

  53. isabel

    hey i realy love i am frankie,if you give me a chance to audition you will be very pleased.

  54. parinita gautam

    Hello my name is parinita gautam i am 17+ year old and i am from India and i love dancing ,singing ,and acting i am always want part of nickelodeon show and now i have chance to show my talent i need only one chance to show my talent i will do wark hard and keep it do my best i am always wathing nickelodeon show and i feel i am part of it and for ”I Am Frankie ” season 2 is the best one fore me to show my talent and i am interested this role please i need a chance please contact me and email me and please tell your answer

  55. Ayimansor kponu

    Hi Alex hook you know we have met before, your great at acting and dancing I love it. Oh Alex maybe you can help me play a in I am frankie well if you want like me to play is ok so what I’m always available now can you help your brother out thanks goodbye you can email me and tell your answer

    • Ayimansor kponu

      I forgot to describe myself and here it goes:
      I am 12 i am dark in completion I am so handsome I am body fit and I’m always myself I’m helpful to people
      my talents are:
      I’m into science I can sing very well and I can dance and I can ask anything you can think and I can dance and I can act that will make it real so I’m waiting for your response you only have just 15 minutes well you would like me to play a role in I am frankie season 2 its ok I’ve been called all over the world just to play a role in every movie but I like your movie so I decided to play a role in your movie I don’t just play a role in any movie I study the movie well it’s great so I say now you still have 15 minutes so let’s see what happens thanks alex bye

  56. Ian

    Hi hope am selected am from kenya home of best actors

  57. Dorcas paul

    Hello, my name is dorcas paul, i am 16 years of age, i am from nigeria, an i’m interested in this role ” I AM FRANKIE “

  58. Shaykaraha Davis

    Im black and I want to try and get a roll in I am Frankie I’ve watched it for the longest because I have it recorded.

  59. Lilli

    I would like to play in I a.m. Frankie. I think i‘m Not perfect I want to try.

    • Ayimansor kponu

      Lilli you’re always perfect so don’t say you’re not and just keep trying my name is Ayimansor do you think that I should play a role in I am frankie season 2 because if I get in and you don’t i’ll make sure you get in so what do you say Lilli should we partner

  60. Bianca Paduraru

    Hello, my name is Bianca. I am from Romania and I am 14 years old. I like playing in movies, I’m a quick learner and I’m trying to learn English. You can contact me and I can hold an audition. Thank you so much.

  61. E.M.I. (nickname)

    Hi I am Emily Salazar I am 5’2 I look like I’m 14 but I’m actually 11 bout to turn 12 I’m Hispanic American because my parents are Cuban I know how to speak English n Spanish

  62. Cerys

    I am very interested and very similar to alex but i live in the uk. Would that be a problem?

  63. Lori

    Hello, my name is Lori. My 15 year old daughter has been in the acting business for 10 years and would love to audition for this role! I have emailed you head shots.

  64. Ngozichukwu Eberechukwu

    Hi, Greetings to you. My name is Ngozichukwu Eberechukwu, I just entered Eighteen (18) recently. I’m a lovely person. I love singing, acting, dancing and modelling. Acting, especially acting in Nickelodeon has been my dream ever since I was a child and I will never give up on that dream. I will be so happy if Nickelodeon will make my dream a reality by choosing me to be their actor. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to write to you.

  65. Elijah

    Don’t leave me out for any auditions, am a rapper,singer,actor and dancer.I can work for Nickelodeon for free as long as you get me out of africa.please

  66. DeVon

    My son is a very energetic and imaginative young man. He would love to audition for I am Frankie and we’d like more info on how to get that done

  67. Lyra Nigella Roberts

    I would like to be on this show

  68. Deborah

    I have what it takes to be an actress

  69. Sarah

    Hey, my name is Sarah. I am 14 years old and I love acting.
    I want to be in the cast or at least the chance to audition. I am going to send you my faces photos and I am willing to travel I would die for any role in this.

  70. Shannon Hedges

    I would love to audition for this show and I also have acting experience. I am 5’2 brown hair,brown eyes short hair , size 6 and 36b chest. only problem is that I live in the UK but I am waiting for a break out role as i have so far only done theatre performances and my future job is to be an actress on TV. I have been acting since I was 10 and I am currently 15 coming up 16 in May. Thank you for your time.

  71. Aubrey McKnight

    Please can I feature in I am Frankie.

  72. wuraola

    hi I am wuraola from Nigeria. I am 15 turning 16 this year and I am interested in this role

  73. isabel munalula

    hi my name is isabel munalula.I am zambian,i am 15 turning 16. i lov acting my school gave me awards for my outstanding peformance.i am confident that if you give me an oportunity to audition for my favorite serie(i am frankie)you would be amazed.

  74. Ez

    I’m interested.

  75. Isaiah Brown

    I am looking to be cast or at least the chance to audition, I am going to send you my faces photos and I am willing to travel I would die for any role in this.

    • Sanaa Owens

      Do you live in Georgia? And are in the fifth grade at Frank Long Elementary.