How To Be Single - Movie

How To Be Single – Movie

There are few types of movies that elicit raw emotions like the romantic comedy and now the next great film in the genre is set to head into production. How To Be Single promises to be packed with laughs, joy and star power and casting calls are gearing up to start soon. Submissions are being accepted now for roles in what is sure to be one of the most popular movies (and auditions opportunities) of the year.

Featuring a huge and hugely exceptional ensemble cast that includes Lily Collins (The Blind Side, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Mirror Mirror), Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men, The Lego Movie), Dakota Johnson (Ben and Kate, Fifty Shades of Grey, 21 Jump Street), Leslie Mann (The Other Woman, Funny People, The Change-Up), Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb), Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Fifth Estate), Damon Wayans Jr. (Happy Endings, Let’s Be Cops, Big Hero 6) and Jason Mantzoukas (Kroll Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, The League), How To Be Single will follow a young, single female writer who finds herself caught up in a hilarious and life-changing relationship as she researches singles around the globe for her latest work.

How To Be Single will be directed by Christian Ditter (Love, Rosie, French for Beginners, Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods) from a screenplay co-written by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn (The Vow, Valentine’s Day, Never Been Kissed) based on the novel by Liz Tuccillo (He’s Just Not That Into You). The project is being produced by the high profile and highly successful duo of Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen (Charlie’s Angels, Fever Pitch, Donnie Darko).

Casting calls for the all new rom-com production How To Be Single are being organized now and aspiring actors looking to make their mark in the world of film have a tremendous shot today. Submissions are being accepted now for a New York shoot. To apply for upcoming auditions for open roles performers cans end emails here Future casting call updates for this project will be posted here so be sure to check back for more new and information and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this film and why you would like to be considered for available parts in How To Be Single starring a sterling ensemble cast lead by Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson.

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120 Casting Responses

  1. Matera Pegues

    Hi I’m matera

    I’m African American
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair

  2. America Vanessa Prado

    I currently live in Germany and serve in the US Army. I’m a huge fan of comedy films, love that I’m the clown in my group of friends, and upon my contract completion, I’d like to try something new. I have always wanted to try acting but never got the opportunity for financial and military reasons. Though I have no prior acting experience, I am used to speaking in front of crowds and do not get nervous. I would enjoy being a part of the cast and try this out. I am 5’3, 125 pounds, athletic build, 24 year old Latina from West Hollywood, CA. I have pictures if required. Will travel if need be.

  3. Devina

    Name: Devina Calbert
    Age: 18
    Race: white/latina
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown
    Body type: thick/curvy
    Skills: singer 6 years of lessons, 8 years of singing
    2 years of acting class
    I feel as though I would be a great addition to this film. I am interested in the story line and the script.

  4. Sexeng Xiong

    My name is Sexeng Xiong. I am 16 years old I am Asian. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have potential and I will do my absolute best to night disappoint you guys. I am a hard worker and will memorize my lines. Although I haven’t been in professional movie makings. I have been in some school production and community giving me some experience. Thanks for your time.

  5. Kala Palacios

    I would love a part in this film. Acting has always been my dream and passion. I am willing to take any role as well. I am versatile and my appearance can be changed as well as my voice. I am fine goofing off or being serious, and I came each a full range of emotions on a whim. I have always been very good in acting roles in local shows and singing in my home town. I am, in my opinion, very beautiful and willing to lose or gain wait for a role as well as willing to change my hair. To be honest I have no professional experience, so I’m not 100% sure what to list about myself.
    I am a Caucasian female of German decent
    5’6 164 lbs
    26 years old
    Brown hair with a soft completion
    Almond shaped hazel eyes with a nice nose and smile.
    And I have a very nice hourglass figure. I run and lift weights and have a very strong yet feminine build.
    I wear a size 7 1/2 to 8 in shoes and I can even sprint in high heels.
    And I can sing.

    This would very much be a dream come true for me. I cannot even begin to stress how elated I would be being given even the smallest role.

  6. marshal

    Hi! I’m Marshal! This cast is so great I love all the actors and actresses in it! I’m a male, 13 years old, I love to act in plays, but now I would like to be acting in films! It’s been my dream to become an actor not for the money but because I love to act! I honestly don’t care if I get paid, acting is just something I love to do! I have brown hair and eyes in case you were wondering. I’d really love to be part of this movie, and to be with such wonderful cast would be a dream come true! Hope to hear from you soon!!

  7. Natalie

    Name: Natalie Mourad
    Height: 158cm
    Weight: 54kg
    Age: 20
    From: Sydney, Australia
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Green

    Very interested in this upcoming film and would love to have the opportunity to audition for a major/minor role. I relate to the storyline quite well and am very intrigued to see it all come together – and help make that happen. I am willing to travel and/or send in an audition tape for any available positions. Please do not hesitate to contact me at:

    Kind Regards,

  8. rachael christian

    hello! my name is Rachael I’m a talented model and future actress, and i am interested in being a part of this filming. I’ve done some stage acting, I’m good at taking direction, I can take on any roll I’m given, and I’m always up for a new challenge. I work well with others, and under pressure.
    Personality: Charming, Delightful, Mysterious, outgoing witty , optimistic.
    Height: 5’6″
    Eyes: varies
    Hair: brown
    Build/Body:athletic but small waist
    I’m tan complected.

  9. Jade

    Hello my name is jade hudson.
    I am 21 years old.
    I’m from Perth Australia but willing to move
    I’m 156cm and 92kg
    I have blue eyes and white skin
    I’ve always wanted to be an actress since I would remember I don’t have much experience but I’m a faster learn

  10. Fiona

    Hi I’m Fiona and I am 11 years old, I have blue eyes and long red hair and I live in Australia. I’d love to be in this movie because it’s been my life long dream to become an actress like Rebel Wilson because she’s so funny. I sometimes pretend I’m practicing to act with Johnny Depp,Rebel Wilson or Nicholas Cage when I’m actually doing it by myself because

  11. Kayla Shanks

    I am a 14 year old Italian/Portuguese/African girl, going on 15 come July 18th, from Massachusetts (U.S.). I have been in 3 plays within the past 4 years and am very invested in performing arts.

    eye color: deep brown
    hair color: brown with caramel highlights
    hair type: curly thick 3c, about 20 inches when straightened
    skin color: honey glow tan
    body type: 5’2, 112 lbs, average

    I am passionate when taking on roles and am great with directions; very openminded and also, because I have stage managerial experience, conceiving and expressing ideas.

  12. Ariana

    Hi I just wanted to let you know I’m interested in being an extra.

  13. Estariah

    Estariah Slatten
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 135
    Hair: Brown (I do have dreads)
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: African American
    DOB: April 9, 1997
    Talent: Dancer, Play The Piano, Writes Poetry,
    I would be great for this role because I have a great personality, I am a quick learner, I never acted before but I have confidentice that I can do it, I know I can get into character, I’m funny, & I’m willing to show you all what I am capable of. Thank you

  14. Amy Louise Davies

    Name: Amy Louise Davies.
    Age: 17.
    Date of birth: 15/51998.
    Email address:
    Eye colour: blue.
    Hair colour: light brown.
    hight: 5″7/5″8

    I would love an opportunity to audition for this. Acting is my passion, and am not someone to give up on anything, I also live in the UK.

  15. Brian Cronauer

    Was searching through auditions when I came across this one. Since I’m 25, single, and have never dated it just seems like a perfect fit to me. Looking to get into acting.

  16. robin brown

    Name Robin Brown
    Age: 32
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair and eye color Brown
    Birthday February 16
    State New York

    My name is robin brown I have been known as the funny, outspoken girl at my job. I love to make people laugh, and I am quite good at it. I never had any real acting gigs but I am very confident in my ability to knock you off your socks! I am very energetic and enthusiastic about life. I am a people’s person, very hard working. I am also a single women living in the big Apple.

  17. Hannah Robertson

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: Around 140; pretty thin and strong
    Hometown: Colorado
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    What an amazing cast! I am currently in theater touring for the International Thespian Festival so I have plenty of experience with acting. It would be such an amazing opportunity.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  18. Liz torres

    Im from a small town in texas everyone here has a dream mine is acting i remember as a little girl i would Watch tv all the time everyday i saw that each actor/actress has a unique way of acting for me i feel like i got talent of feeling and playing anything i want to be im very detemine im very outgoing very funny but my family is everything i would love to work in this movie not only because i love funny movies but because i love acting and its something that majes me feel like myself and be happy

  19. Ayana

    My name is Ayana Garcia. I am 15 years old and would love the opportunity to be in this film with these amazing actors and actresses. Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be an actor. If you would give me the chance of a lifetime I promise you that you won’t regret it.

  20. Michael DaCampo

    Hi, I am a 19 year old buy and I would love to a part of this. Please send me any details on casting calls.

  21. StephanieE.

    I think this movie sounds cute. The key to success is to pick the pieces that best fit together. I am hilarious in my own right, professional and know how to be a team player. All the rest is in my email. Looking forward to working with you!

  22. Christine Michael

    My Name is Christine Michael and I’m 19 years old. I live in Toronto Canada. I’m half Greek. It would be an honor to be apart of this Movie. I was in my School Plays and taken Grade 10 Drama. Currently taking Grade 11 Drama. I love to Act because you get to be a different Character. I’m really good at Memorizing Lines. I really hope to be apart of the movie so I can get a chance to show my talent. Hope to hear from you.
    Height: 5’5”
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Weight 125 pounds
    Skin Color: White

  23. Thalia Valentina

    The names Thalia but everyone calls me by my middle name Valentina. From the Smallest state, Rhode Island, and been single for years now! I am such a funny and outgoing person. I KNOW I am the perfect person, ask anyone that knows me. Not because I’m single but the way I enjoy my life and how much of a positive, energetic person I am. I’ve been looking for an exciting career in the world and to just be able to bring joy and light to others. PLUS I LOVE REBEL WILSON, she is so freaking hilarious, can’t wait for Pitch Perfect 2!!


  24. Brandon

    My name is Brandon Wygal and I have no acting experience but i am a fast learner. i would be perfect for this movie and i think it will be a hilarious hit.

    Name: Brandon Wygal
    Hight: 5’10″
    Age: 19 years old
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Shirt size: 4xl-5xl
    Shoe size: 11
    Sex: Transgendered

  25. Abe

    Name – Abe
    Gender – Male
    Age – 14 (15 in August)
    Height – 5’5
    Weight – 123 lbs.
    Hair – Blonde/Brunette
    Eyes – Green/Blue
    Ethnicity – Mixed Race – UK and Carribean
    Special Talents : GCSE Drama, Singing Lessons, GCSE Music, School Plays (6). Dance Classes.
    Email me back 🙂

  26. Xenia

    Hey. My name’s Xenia. I’m Russian. 18 year old. Think its going to be great and fun.

  27. Shannon Richards

    Birthday: August 5th
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    Race: White
    Nationality: British
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair Length: approx. 1 inch below the shoulder
    Size: Uk 8

    I have had minor acting experiences before, for example, school plays. I used to attend Dance Warehouse in Kent, where I was a dance student for 5 years. I am experienced in street dance, contemporary dance and creative dance. I have been interested in acting since I first started watching Disney Channel. I am a commited person and I never give up on anything. It would be absolutely amazing to even be considered for a production like this. I have quite a lot of confidence and I am highly able to start a conversation with anyone. I know that I have just as much of a chance as anybody else. Thank you, and good luck with your production.

  28. Cindy Espinoza

    I’m 27yrs old. Love to make people laugh. I have always wanted to work for the film industry but my mother always discourage me. Will definitely love to audition for a role if possible. I belief dreams can become true just gotta chase them.☺️

  29. Natalie Taylor

    Hi! I’m Natalie, I’m from Oklahoma and I love to act. A lot of people think that I’m funny, and since this is a funny movie, why not at least try? I’m 19 years old (kinda young, I know) and I have never been in a relationship, even though I crave one so badly. I think I would be a great addition to this cast because I definitely understand how to be single.

  30. Meilani

    Hello my name is Meilani Decker, I am 14 years old. I weigh 200lbs, my height is 5.9 in. Acting is very enjoyable and this movie that you are making, I see that you’d like a person who is funny and knows how to act. I have been acting for 5 years and I hope this amount of years is around your number range in years. I would be happy to answer any questions that you would like to ask me. You could Text me or email me, My number is (406)546-2716 and my email is

    Sincerely yours,

    Meilani Decker

  31. Sharon J. Martinez

    Hello my name Sharon J. Martinez I’m fairly new to acting. I’ve been acting for a year and a half now. I have a IMBd Credit for my voice over in a independent short called BlacButterfli: The Saigon Ruse Story. One of the main reasons why I would love to be in this movie is because I love to make people laugh. I also know I have what it takes to do this. All I need is a chance. Thank You for your time in reading this.

  32. Nanette Sahagian

    Hi my name is Nanette.. I am a 46 year old happily divorced mom of two teenagers… I have always wanted to try my hand at acting prior or professional training , but i just have that in me as well as a musician i play keyboard , piano, sing ..again no im going to go for everything my life is just beginning!!

  33. Melissa


    Hi my name is melissa I’m from Houston tx, I’m new at acting but it’s my passion. People always tell me I have the look and persona so why not try it out. I’d love to be apart of ur cast .

  34. Michelina Giusto

    Hi! My name is Michelina I am 20 years old! I am a huge go getter, always thinking of new ways I can better my life. That ofcourse includes goals, I set small goals for myself and reach them! Now I came up with this amazing idea… I want to be in movies, On Television, be in a commercial! I just keep thinking it over and over in my head! I get so excited each time! I keep saying to myself “HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE!?” So I am now setting a bit larger goal for myself… I want to be filmed on T.V., in movie, in a commercial. First goal, start off as an extra, then keep moving up from there with huge amounts of success!!! I am totally outgoing, friendly, hardworking, and I would love any amazing opportunity! Please get back to me!!

  35. Dana Lantier

    Hello my name is Dana. I’m 25 years old and I’m signed to the talent agency John Casablanca in Columbus Ohio. I’m very interested in being a part of this movie if you could email me back, thank you!

  36. Sara obaidat

    Hi I’m Sara I’m 15 years old and I would love to addition for your movie please contact me back on the email given thank you

  37. Steve Tovar

    I am a young Mexican male who’s 15yrs.old and I’ge been throught many things and being single is one of them I know what it feels like to be single and I would like to have a chance in playing a part in this movie because if I do get a part in your movie it’ll help me and my family to move up in our world and probably show that other single people are not alone.
    Thank you,
    Steve Tovar

  38. Rocco Vaglica

    Hi I am a 22 year old ambitious comedian from Long Island, NY looking for a chance to audition and enter into the film and television industry. I will do anything for a laugh and my comedy act will show how outgoing and comfortable I am in front of large amounts of people. I’d love for a chance to audition and show you why I am an excellent fit for the project at hand. My cell number is (516) 884-6568 and my email is Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Rocco Vaglica
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22 Years Old
    Height: 6’ 1
    Weight: 235 ibs
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  39. johnny

    my name is johnny Morales i would love to be in this movie i like hanging out with my freinds going to school and love acting i think i would be good in this movie because i love to act

    thank you
    johnny Morales

  40. Fatima

    My name is Fatima Razo, I am 21 years old. I live in Bloomington CA. I have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I believe I would be PERFECT for this movie! I have the personality and the charisma to stand my own alongside Ms. Dakota and Ms. Wilson. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Fatima Razo

  41. starlight edwards

    hello there, my name is Starlight Edwards. i am very bubbly and kind and very funny. im nice to everyone and though when i need to be. i am very independent.
    here are some things about me.
    age- 16 years
    hair- brownish red
    eye color- brown but also changes color
    weight- 205 lbs
    height- 5.6 in

  42. Alexandra Restrepo

    This is Alexandra’s Mother/Manager and we are interested in being a part of this movie. Please contact me in the email given. Thank you.

  43. Jasenia Allen

    I am 17 years old and I would love to be a part of this. I love movies like this and would love even more to be a part of one. I have long brown hair, I am 5 feet tall. I would really love to have the opportunity to be in this movie. Thank you!

  44. Shawn O'Connor

    Hi my name is Shawn and I am 17 years old male and on the verge of graduation, acting and modeling is what i have always been passionate for. I’m commonly known for my great attitude and being able to work with others in an astounding fashion, I am very modest to say the least. I feel as though I am perfect for a role for this movie considering i’ve had to put my love life on hold and have never been in a real relationship, also considering the fact i’m gay could also have something to do with it. I am very comedic and in love with Rebel Wilson, i am a part time model and work in a restaurant. I have short black hair and light hazel eyes, I feel as though love and comedy do belong together in a film because it coincides perfectly with real life, you never know whats real love and whats just a joke. I feel as though this film would have tons of single perspectives within it which is why it would be perfect for me. I am also 5’8″ and 130lbs. This sounds like an amazing movie I hope i can be part of it.

    Thank you for taking the time
    ~Shawn O’Connor

  45. Isabella Swoboda

    Hi my name is Isabella Swoboda
    I am 12 year old turning 13 and would love to be considered in this movie. I love to play basketball soccer and act (duh!) and sing.
    I am very comedic and can always make people laugh in the right moments even when it seems practically impossible. I have taken part in loads of musicals and plays and am very good at acting. I can easily fit into any role given to me.
    I come from Kenya Germany and Italy and am bilingual. I have brown eyes very very very very very very dark brown hair (almost black) which is just longer than shoulder length. and fitting to the movie title I have been single my whole life long and know exactly how to be!!!
    I am easy to work with and definitely have time for this movie. My e-mail is given above and please consider me for this movie.

  46. Bryana Harshaw

    Hi I’m 19 and I would be perfect for this movie because I’m easy to work with, I’ve taken formal acting/modeling classes and I put my heart and soul into anything and everything I do.


  47. Mary Kuchina

    Hi, my name is Mary and i am 14 years old. my ambition in life is to be a dancer, an actress or a model! I work hard in every opportunity i have and make the most of it.

    Thank you,

    Mary Kuchina

  48. Genevieve Deely

    This cast is awesome and this movie is going to be ridiculously funny! For that reason I’d love to be part of this!

    Thank you!
    Gen Deely

  49. mary murray

    My name is Mary Murray I am 13 years of age in a hard worker and I can fake cry so good it looks real. Here’s a little info about me ;
    hair color:depends if I dye it
    eye color:hazel but can Change color
    race:Irish American
    height: 5.1 1/2
    please look at me for a chance im not the richest kid but im poor but I have a big heart

  50. Kaila Gutierrez

    My names Kaila and this movie sounds like the story of my life considering I’ve been single for all of it. Its always been a dream of mine to act as a career so I’m trying to start off somewhere no matter how big or small the role is. I’m currently a medical Assistant but, I’ve always had a passion for acting. I hope to hear back soon. Thank you for reading this!

    Name: Kaila Marie Gutierrez
    Age: 19
    DOB: 12/16/1995
    Gender: female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Languages: English/Spanish
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: light/medium
    Height : 5’1″
    Weight: 125
    Location : CT

  51. Bridgette Garland

    Hello! my name is Bridgette Garland. this film seems very fun to be in and i think you should choose me because i would be a good lead or extra. , i am 11 years old with blue eyes and blonde hair. I have 4 siblings, five counting myself so i ruffhouse alot and im a friendly person. Im well focused and would love the chance to be in this. but i look older than i am. Im so sorry because i just noticed this reseme is all over the place, anyways… I ama an A student, I spent 9 years of my life in theatre, and i have experience in acting. I am a gymnast and dancer as well. I am a very creative and loud person. Of course, im not really shy at all because im pretty wierd and outgoing. I would be delighted to be even an extra in this. I put a lot of effort in everything that i do. Thank you for your time and consideration!
    Email me

  52. Andrea Chapmana

    Hello, my name is Andrea Chapman I am 22 years old plus size African American. Currently I am attending college but I will stop at anytime to have my dreams come true.I have little acting experience beside local plays. I have always wanted to be apart of something much bigger and I think this could be my opportunity. I could emphasize the point of view of being plus size and trying to be in the dating scene. I have a very comedic personality which I think could be an asset for this movie. Really hope I hear from you soon thank you, Andrea Chapman.

  53. Monet Bullard

    My name is Monet Bullard I am a 26 year old black female . 5’1. 165 pounds officer who has a passion for acting! I have performed in a few play at The Kentucky Center for the Arts & Actors Theator in Louisville Ky. I haven’t tooken any acting classes. but I know if I could have five minutes in front of you, I could show you I have so much potential! Five minutes with me and you will see I was destined to perform!

  54. Mikayla Moore

    Hi I am mikayla moore. Your movie sounds really good, and I would be honored to be a part of it. I am huge fan of “fat Amy” so being able to work with her would be a dream. Weather the roll was small or big. I would be so excited to be a part of it. I don’t have much film experience, but I do have a lot of theater experience. I beleve that everyone has to start some where though, so even being a background or small role person, would be huge for me. I can play charecters probably from ages 12-15 give or take a little. I will always have fun with a role no matter what. I can sing and dance. I have been acting since 4th grade. My first play was Beauty and the Beast, I was Belle. It is my dream to be a film actress, and being a part of your movie would be amazing. I am very hard working and outgoing, I always will try my best no matter how big the challenge. I can be shy when you first meet me, but after I am comfortable I just might not shut up. I know many people have applied, lots very good actors. But, I believe, if you give me a chance you won’t regret it, and find I am ver qualified. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to be in contact with you soon. If you need to contact me please contact me at

    Name: Mikayla Moore
    Hight: 5’3″
    Age: 13 years young
    Hair color: light brown hair
    Eye color: brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Shirt size: small- medium
    Shoe size: 7
    Sex: female

  55. Angela Perry

    My name is Angela Perry and I am interested in auditions for How To Be Single.
    The reason I would like to audition is just from reading the description of this movie, I believe it will have emotion and humor and all the qualities that make a movie great.

    I have attached a link to my Actors Access below.

    I am very passionate about my work, and I never let anything turn me away from learning a new skill or trade.

    I look forward to hearing from you and to hopefully have the opportunity to take part in this amazing movie.

    Thank you
    Angela Perry
    Cell: 469-554-5261

  56. Jadyn Todd

    My name is Jadyn Todd I am 18 years old from cocoa beach Florida. I have experience in acting and as well as performing onstage as a musician and I am very interested in pursuing a role for this film. I have always pursued a career in acting because of my talent as well as my looks. I believe that there is a role for me in this movie, please contact me at 321 652 6244

    Brown hair
    Hazel/green eyes
    135 lbs
    Playing guitar 15 years
    Singing 4+ years

  57. Maria M.

    I’m going to be honest. I’ve never acted before, it’s always been a thing I wanted to do but I feel as though being deaf is something people don’t want in actors. I would love to get an opportunity to try this out. I truly want to audition somewhere for the heck of it and see if it goes anyway. I want to at least tell myself “At least you tried”

  58. tokio james

    Arresting and alluring Tokio has graced runways from South Africa to Thailand with her versatile brand of beauty. Equally suited to daring concept shoots as she is to traditional beauty, Tokio’s stunning features and spectacular physique have seen her shoot for prestigious publications including Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, Marie Claire and Wallpaper and international designers such as Yves Saint Laurent. Tokio’s demure disposition makes her a delight to work with – but it belies the fierce precision with which she works the camera. Tokio’s career is already set to expand with New York and London on the horizon. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store.!tokio-james/clgx

  59. April Brenes

    I’m truly interested in capturing the world with humor. I would love a chance to participate in bringing laughter to people’s home. Please feel free to email me. Truly grateful

  60. Alberto Uribe

    Hey, my name is Alberto Uribe, I’m 16 years old, once was a straight A student, now a high school dropout, and a pretty funny kid. I look a lot older, I mean I can grow a full beard so it doesn’t help when trying to talk to girls. That, and the fact that I’m super nerdy. I love comic books, and I love video games. I would like to be a part of this movie. I haven’t even kissed a girl so a movie about being single seems right for me. I’m Mexican-American, 240 lbs., and 5 foot 9 inches. Like I said, I was a Straight A student, and I had gotten into an early college, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, but due to financial reasons I could not attend. Well, I’ve taken the CHSPE exam, and if I pass, I’ll be a college student by this fall. All of the actors involved are people I admire and enjoy watching on screen, especially Rebel Wilson. She inspired me to stop taking crap from my bullies and just go for it and reach for the stars hence why I’m trying to go straight to college. Please let me know if you are interested and I hope you like me. I’ve been told I’m really funny, if not that, at least funny looking. Thank you.

  61. Kristen Mahoney

    Why wouldn’t you want to hire me for this movie? I’m a pretty woman, 39 years old, but I look much younger, as I was a late bloomer! I’ve always known acting is what I want to do, but I have been serving my country for 11 years. I’m out of the Air Force (honorably discharged of course) and I’m ready to give this my all. Please contact me for a head shot or audition. Please give me a chance. You’ll be happy you did.
    Thank you!

  62. Brianna Moseley

    Hello, my name is Brianna, I am 16 years old, Have brown hair and blue-green eyes. I love acting an would love to be apart of something this substantial. Unfortunately my only experience is through my school (school musicals and drama class), but everybody needs to start somewhere and this is as good as place as I will probably get 🙂 I live in Australia, and take dance classes 3 times a week and am an amateur singer. Whatever task you give me I will do it to the best of my ability, and ten fold, I am a very stubborn person and wont give up till I feel I have done my best or instructed to do so. I am outgoing, fun and very easy to get along with. Acting is my dream and I cant see myself doing anything else in life, please consider me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read through these comments. Kind regards Brianna.

  63. tamar levy

    Hello, my name is Tamar Levy, I am 13 years old. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I an love to sing, I am an actor and I play on the piano. I believe that I can be very good and you will see if you take me to an audition I will be very happy if you give me a chance..

  64. Nathaniel Smith

    hi my name Nate smith i live in Hollywood and im 19 yers old im my hight is 5 foot 7
    and my weight is 140 my hair is brown and i looking a afterword being in this movie thank you have a great day

  65. Victoria Bray

    Hi my name is Victoria Bray, im 17 years old and I live in England. I am very tall, 5ft 11 and i’m sure not my weight is but i’m around 13 stone but am currently losing weight.
    I haven’t had much acting experience, but when i was round the ages of 8-13 I was in a little drama group , which was called Man in the moon a.k.a MIM. With this organisation I did a few plays which were performed in front of a small audience. I have always been in one of my secondary school plays which was a musical.
    i am a very positive person and like to put a smile on peoples faces, which I do succeed in. I like to learn new things. I am also a outgoing and adventurous person.
    I have always wanted to be in actor ever since I was little even if that is being an extra or a main character – it has always been a dream of mine.
    Beng in this movie would be great because it seems like it would be a great experience and the storyline behind this movie just seems like it would become a great blockbuster movie.
    It would be a great honour for me to be apart of this movie even it is a small role or even just an extra. I hope you give me an opportunity to have an audition.
    Thank you so much for reading and hopefully I get to hear from you.
    Kind Regards,
    Victoria Bray

  66. Jasmina

    Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am 14 years old. I live in the United Kingdom. I love acting and acting is my passion. I have had experiences with acting before, for example I was performing in a theatre for 2 years, where I had to dance, sing and act. Anyway, I play on the ukulele. My dream is to one day become an actress on TV. I am always commited to what I have to do and never leave things to the last minute. I love spending time with my family and friends and especially love learning new things! I am very confident on stage and I love performing. Please give me this chance. It would mean the world to me. Thank You.

  67. Maria Moeller

    hey my name is Maria Moeller
    my dream is to become an actor, it’s something I give 100%.

    I am 18 years old
    long brown hair,
    blue-green eyes,

    it’s something I want to do for career

    hope to hear back 🙂

  68. Timothy Carter

    This film sounds like another Blockbuster hit. I want to be part of this. I am a valuable asset to to your team because I have some experience on film. I have also worked with the writing process /consulting as well as post production of a major Hollywood film. My resume is available apon request.

    Expecting To Hear From You Soon,
    Consultant Timothy Carter, Ph.D Counseler

  69. Brooke

    Brooke Nelson
    Highly interested in a role!
    I sent an email and some photos describing a bit about myself.
    Sounds like it will be a great movie!

  70. Alondra Palacios

    I want to be in this movie! Omg I love all the actors that are going to be in it and I think I want this movie to be what im know for. Im 16 turning 17 in july and I think you they can make the movie funnier if they but a teen in it and making fun of them or something dumb like that .

  71. Jessica Armstrong

    Name: Jessica Armstrong
    Age: 15 but people say i look older than that
    Birthday: August 2
    Eye: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    State: NC

    I’ve been acting since i was a little girl and every play i been in i always play the funny character. Last year when i was in 8th grade i won Best Actress. I work my butt off trying to get to where i am today and that’s why you guys should put me in your movie. Acting is like a way to express your self without somebody judging on you are picking on you, Which i experience all my life of and I prayed to god every day hoping he will get me famous as young as i am now to show people that the Youth have enough talents just as the adults do. I love to make people laugh, but i also can get serious. I even did i play in Romeo and Juliet. This year im doing another one “The LIon King” ill be playing Pumbaa and ill be 1 out of 2 high schoolers in it. So please and do me the honor into putting me into your movie.

  72. Paul mcaleavey

    Hello my name is Paul and I live in New York. I have experience in print, commercials and movies as an extra. I’m 6’1″ and 185 pounds with dark hair and hazel eyes and I’m athletically built. I sent a headshot in an email.

  73. Paris Walton

    Hi! My name is Paris Walton, I am 23 years of age, and I’m a college student. I’ve always had a passion for acting and modeling and I feel like this movie would be the perfect fit for me. This movie has an amazing cast that I would love to be apart of. The storyline is something I could definitely relate to. I’m young and confident with many hiden talents that I would love to share with the world. Now would be my time to shine, so I’m hoping my dream can finally come true by becoming apart of this fabulous movie with such amazing and talented people. I appreciate you for taking the time to read my comment. If you have any questions for me please email me and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks a lot for your time and I wish ‘How To Be Single’ the best of luck!

    Sincerely, Paris W

  74. Cyan

    hi, my name is Cyan, and I would really like to be on “How to be single.” I go to Kathrine Hart’s Hart and Soul. It’s the best acting school in Dallas.
    •eye color: green
    •hair color: dirty blonde
    •height: 4’9 I think
    Thank you! I would love to be in this movie!!

  75. Kelly Russell

    Hello, I am Kelly Russell, aged 17 years old, and I live in the United Kingdom.
    I would love to be considered for this movie. I am commonly known for my comedic personality in my local hometown, friends and of course my family. I come up with jokes, simply say the craziest things and have a social talent of impersonating ‘Theodore’ from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’.

    This film will be packed of single perspectives (which I would love to be apart of, as I live in the UK and have been single practically my whole life). But, most importantly, the evaluation of independence. I admire the passion of comedic writing and this film will no doubt be a blockbuster.

    Thank you very much for your time, and if you would like to know more about my limited acting agenda, here is the link for you to follow:

    my email is so do not hesitate to email me any enquiries you may have.
    Thank you very much!
    Kelly Russell.