House of Cards Season 6 - Netflix

TV Show Casting Call

The upcoming season of the two-time Golden Globe Award winning show “House of Cards” is now filming. Netflix is looking for models, actors and real people to be extras! A casting call for “House of Cards” season 6 is searching for people to portray military, police officers and firemen. Individuals who have real experience would be awesome to have as well. Filming will be in the Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. These roles will tentatively shoot on October 24th, October 25th and October 31st. Exact shoot times are still being determined. Men and women of all ethnicities who are ages 18 and older are being hired. The non-union acting job pays $84.00 for 8 hours. Sign up for the TV show casting call in 2017 if you would like to be an extra!

About “House of Cards”

The Netflix TV show follows Frank Underwood, played by Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, and how he played his cards to take him from senator to the President of the United States. The show gives us an inside looking into the dirty, gritty and drama filled world of politics. Also starring in the series is Golden Globe Award winning actress Robin Wright.

What They Are Looking For

Seeking Military/Police/Firemen!

Real Experience Is A Plus! Please List Experience In Your Reply If Applicable**

If You Are A Real Firemen/Military And Have Your Own Bunker/Uniform, Please Attach A Photo In Your Reply**

Date: Oct. 24th-25th, & Oct. 31 (Tentative shooting dates)
Location: Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas
Time: TBD (must have open available all day upon request)
Rate: $84/8 (Non-Union)
Male And Female – All Ages – Must Have Athletic Build!!!!
*Must Be Available To Come In For Military Style Haircut A Week Prior To Shooting Dates!
Subject Line: SAVIORS 10/24, 10/25, 10/31

How to Apply

To be considered for the TV show email
Please submit ALL of the following info:
*It is VERY IMPORTANT to answer every question and submit all requested photos for serious consideration and approval*
Legal name on ID:
Cellphone Number:
Men- Neck/Sleeve/Jacket/Waist/Inseam:
Women- Bust/Waist/Hip/Dress size:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos (please list locations):
LOCATION (City/State):
SAG or Non-Union?:
Do you have Legal ID to work in the US?:
Do you have a profile on Marinella Hume Casting Database?:
Are you willing to alter/cut/dye your hair?:
Are you a Fresh Face (never worked on the show before)?:
If you worked previously on this show, what was your role(s) and scene(s)?:
Attach photos that are well lit and clear focus against a plain background TAKEN TODAY:
1 Close up (head and shoulders)
1 Full body (head to toe)
1 Profile of Head and Shoulders

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