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Netflix Casting Call

Frank Underwood will soon be back with all of the drama in The White House and political scandals and you can help tell the story! Casting directors are now looking for background actors for Netflix’s powerful series “House of Cards”. The casting call is looking for models and actors ages 18 and up to portray protestors, tourists and police officers. These roles will be filming this Friday, January 13th in the Baltimore, Maryland area. This is a magnificent way to get on the set of a major television show and work with some of the finest actors around.

About House of Cards

The Netflix TV show follows Frank Underwood, played by Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, and how he played his cards to take him from senator to the President of the United States. The show gives us an inside looking into the dirty, gritty and drama filled world of politics.

What They Are Looking For

Marinella Hume Casting is looking for men who are fit and in their 20’s through 50’s to portray police officers and men and women ages 18+to play protestors and tourists.

Now casting paid background actors for Friday January 13th
Date: Friday, January 13th
Time: TBD (could be as early as 6am – must be open all day)

FIT MALES 20s-50s
Fit males to play police officers. Real police or military experience or background a plus – please indicate if you have any.
Must have natural hair color, conservative haircut, willing to be clean shaven, no visible tattoos. You MUST include your clothing sizes in your submission.
Fresh face a plus – please indicate if you have never worked on the show in any small scenes before.
Subject Line: Police 1/13

Must have natural hair color, no visible tattoos. Please include photos in business and casual attire.
You cannot work this scene if you have worked in a “DC storyline” scene, a recurring role, or have worked in a featured role.
Subject Line: Protestor or Tourist 1/13

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for the House of Cards casting call email Be sure to include all of the following information!
Legal name on ID:
Cellphone Number:
Men- Jacket/Sleeve/Neck/Waist/Inseam:
Women- Chest/Waist/Hip/Dress:
Shoe Size:
Tattoos (please list locations):
LOCATION (City/State):
SAG or Non-Union?:
Are you a US citizen? If not, what forms of ID for work authorization do you have?:
Car Year/Make/Model/Color:
Do you have a profile on Marinella Hume Casting Database?:
Have you worked on the show before & what roles were you cast as?:
Were you seen on camera?:
Indicate EVERY DATE you have worked this season and what specific role you had.
ATTACH PHOTOS that are well lit and clear focus against a plain background: 1 Close up (head and shoulders) 1 Full body (head to toe) as well as any additional photos in formal attire!
Please do not submit professional head shots or any other flattering photos that are out of date. Photos must be an exact representation of what you look like today.
***SAG members please submit photo proof of your paid-up status

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