Horrible Bosses 2 - Movie

Horrible Bosses 2 – Movie

Get ready comedy fans and comedy performers because the sequel to one of the most hilarious films of the decade is coming soon and auditions are coming with it. Horrible Bosses 2, the follow up to the 2011 original that dominated the worldwide box office, is ready to begin production and casting calls for several splendid roles are being organized now. Performers of all ages can submit themselves today for their shot at a part in one of the biggest (and funniest) movies set to be released in the new year.

Horrible Bosses 2 will once again feature funnymen Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live, We’re the Millers, The Campaign), Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Identity Thief, The Change-Up) and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Pacific Rim, Going the Distance) as they conspire to exact revenge on more deplorable higher up’s in their lives. Sean Anders (That’s My Boy, Sex Drive, Never Been Thawed) will direct this highly anticipated feature from a script by the phenomenal duo of John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2). The stunning supporting cast for this comedic dynamo will feature returning players Jennifer Aniston (Friends, Burning Love, Office Space) and two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, House Of Cards) alongside fantastic new additions Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness, Unstoppable, Smokin’ Aces) and two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Carnage). An already great franchise is just getting better and better!

Casting calls for the sure to be box office smash Horrible Bosses 2 will be starting soon for supporting, stand-in, extras and day player roles and aspiring performers of all ages can apply today for their chance at any of them by sending emails here centralchris@gmail.com. We will be posting further casting and production details as they are released so keep checking in for updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this upcoming comedy classic and why you want to audition for a role in Horrible Bosses 2.

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  1. Nicolai Ougrik

    Hi my name is Nicolai, 6’2 Brown hair hazel/brown eyes, 145 pounds so I’m pretty lanky. I used to have a Jew fro so I looked like a freakin furry lolipop. I would like the opportunity to do something different with my life. Everyone I know thinks I’m decently funny, even if I can’t get the part just an opinion would be cool. EMILIOOO!! I’d obviously prefer to get a part though huehue. Thanks for reading my awkward comment.

  2. "Trey" Jerome Schneider

    I have little acting experience aside from a few small productions in my school years, but I feel as though that means few or no bad acting habits and the ability to learn key parts with a clean slate. I’m extremely hardworking, but am struggling to start a career and have always thought about acting in the back of my mind. For me, something like this could be a complete life and career-changing opportunity. I would love to get a start in something that I can fully enjoy and express myself through. Playing a role in a movie would be a great break from reality and a chance to immerse myself into being someone else. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy.

    athletic 185 lbs (can gain or lose weight for role)
    brown hair and eyes

  3. Madyson Carlin

    Hello! I am 18 years old Caucasian female. I am 5’8, weigh 150lbs, and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live locally in Arizona and the movie Horrible Bosses is my favorite! So to have a role in this upcoming sequel would be an absolute dream of mine! I am funny, outgoing, and very personable! I can do any role assigned to me from an extra to a lead role! I am a great listener and learn fast so any suggestions made to me will be turned into instant results! I would be extremely grateful if you could just give me a chance to prove what I can do! Thank you for taking the time to consider me! Good luck!

  4. Brianna Tomas

    Hi I live in phinoex az and I am 12 years old and would be the perfect person for the role thank u for the opportunity

  5. George Thompson

    I’m a 21 year old male and have no experience with acting but i know i would be great actor and be great for this movie. I won’t try to wow you with great spelling, punctuation, or grammar but i can tell you that to me to be a good actor you must be a good liar because you have to keep certain facial expressions, stay relaxed, and make it believeable. One thing I’m great is lying! I could tell you face to face that yellow elephants with green tusks live in my backyard and make you believe it even if you know it’s a lie, just an example.

  6. Garret Jackman

    Hello My name is Garret Jackman. I am a 21 year old white male. I stand 5’11” with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have been acting since i could walk. I used to to work for Cindy Osbrink though i haven’t seen her in years. I started young doing modeling for playhut and other catalogs. Ive been in several short films, was featured on the Jay Leno show, and also the Bernie Mac Show. Since I moved i havent had a chance to do film and lately i have been dying to get back in to it. I’ve always had a deep passion for acting and i feel it is one of the most fulfilling things that i can do. I am serious and professional when it comes to getting work done but still love to goof off of course. Being in this film would mean the world to me. Im stuck in place and need a way to change my life and i truly feel this is it. I dont know who reads these but if you can i would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with all of these great actors. It would change my life which is really what i need right meow. Thank you for your time

  7. nathaniel j wright

    Im a highly decorated Sgt of marines, personal trainer, father, husband, 2x afghan vet, athletic driven person thats willing to work hard to get to the top. Just need ONE chance. Willing to learn!
    6% body fat

    Check me out!!!

  8. Reavis Dorsey


    My name is Reavis Dorsey. I’ve been living in Phoenix for 8 years. Been acting for three years. Done a lot of full feature, short films and student films here in the Valley. It was all to build my resume and prepare myself for the next step. Horrible Bosses was hilarious. did a comedy two years ago called Call of Warefare that played at the Comicon in Phoenix 2013. Was hilarious! I plan on submitting my information to centralchris. Have a good day everyone!!

  9. Jennifer Zamora

    Hi my name is Jennifer but you can call me Jenny I am 24 years old Latina speak perfect English, I grew up in phoenix arizona but I am willing to travel anywhere for this part, I am a very positive person, outgoing, great sense of humor and I am very excited for the upcoming sequel of horrible bosses because I loved the first one, Jason sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Jennifer aniston are one of my favorite actors it’ll be a great pleasure to share the screen with them even if I have to be an extra it’ll be awesome my dream come true, every time I watch a movie I always imagine to myself I wish I was one of them or I can’t wait to be one of them, since I was 5 I dreamed of becoming an actress, I hope this wasn’t to long for you please pick me, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! I’ll do anything seriously if I have to run butt naked in public to get the part I would hahaha thank you for your time! 🙂

  10. Kylie Grimes

    My name is Kylie Grimes. I have a very huge passion for acting, but I havent done well at pursuing my dreams. Im very sarcastic, but I can be a lot of different characters.
    I’m sure physical appearance is important, so just a sum up:
    I am female (I have actually met a guy named Kylie, so I figured I should just clarify), I am 21 years old, black hair, hazel eyes, I am white, and I am 5’6.

    I would very much like to be even an extra, which I assume this is for just that. But I also hope to be rememberable character some day.

  11. Riley Brakefield

    Hello i am a male 15 years old 180lbs and 6 feet tall i love the movie horrible bosses itsone of my top 5 favorites i t would be an awesome opportunity to be in this filmi have done quite a few plays at my school and town it would be a dream to be able to work with thise three actors it would be an honor and thank you.

  12. Landon Taylor

    Name: Landon Kirk Taylor
    Age: 16
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 171
    Race: White
    Eyes: Blue
    City: Ruidoso
    State: New Mexico
    Hi my name is Landon, my dream is to become an actor like the ones in Horrible Bosses! I live in a small town in New Mexico, which makes it hard to get discovered! I’m a very hard worker and would love to be a part of your movie! Thank you!

  13. E.V. Reyes

    Hello, I’m looking for movie extra work. I worked as an extra in Three Kings. I am 5’7, 105lbs., brown eyes, brown hair. I’d appreciate any movie extra work, thank you.

  14. Theodore Fortes

    There’s not really much for me to say about how I could fit into the show or why I should be on there. I’m a US veteran who is fairly young but with an old soul due to a life full of struggle (which I still go through to this day). I do have a minimal amount of acting experience but have shown great potential with skills that cause me to become the characters I play. From the different voices I can make to the ambiguity of my ethnicity, I am capable of fitting many roles. Acting experience and military experience have taught me how to keep my bearing and stay focused and professional.

  15. Sara Pomeroy

    I’m Sara! I’m 19 years old and would love to fill any part needed. I have mostly done lead roles on stage in my high school’s productions. I have received official recognition in every role I have played. I also was a part of an improv team my Junior year and absolutely loved bringing improv and comedy into my later work.
    185 lbs
    blonde hair (changeable)
    green eyes (sometimes blue depending on what I’m wearing)
    Comedy is my favorite genre to be a part of, but I am versatile.

  16. Charles Howard

    You need me! Oh and I’m great with girls
    170 lbs
    19 years of age. 20 August 18th
    Did I mention I look great?

  17. Jman

    I have a prodigious intellect and tenacious drive, and would be great for a background extra.



  18. Joha Harrison

    I will be a great fit in any role. I am a well rounded person, so being my self wont be hard.

  19. Ricardo Ortega Cordova

    16 years old and applying for an acting job. I’ll be simple. I’m from Puerto Rico, been living here since born, I just graduated 10th and I like politics. Pretty much my life is dedicated around my brother and parents but I won’t enter into detail since everyone can see this. I would’ve attached a picture but I don’t know how to change the monster face. Ha-ha.

    Interest: Acting
    Picture: facebook.com/GotRicardo

  20. Diggy watson

    Im sure these responses get little attention, but what the hell it cant hurt, my name is Devon, stage name is Diggy Watson. Im young, free spirited, and eager to persue my dreams please let me know if you have any interest

  21. Rebecca

    Hello, I am very interested in acting. I have been performing on and off stage ever since I was very young. I was a main character in every one of my school plays in elementary school up to middle school. I also took drama classes in middle school and high school. I have always wanted to be in a movie, or tv show. I believe it is something that I would excel greatly in. I have a likable personality, and great qualities that make me distinct from others. I don’t say this because I am trying to boast, I say this because I have been told many times by people who I have met, and people who know me very well. I am not trying to become famous, I just really enjoy acting. I love comedies, dramas, romance, action, adventure, and I believe I would be a great character in any of those genres.

    Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to here back from a casting director.

    Rebecca Joy Derksen
    caucasian female
    age: 23
    eyes: brown
    hair: brown
    height: 5’4″
    weight: 110 lbs

  22. Evidel Diaz

    To whom it may concern,
    Hi there my name is Evidel Diaz and i would really love to be in a movie. Especially like this comedy. Being in a movie is my number one dream/goal in life. I would die to be in a movie specifically a comedy one involving the greatest actors in Hollywood. I would again love/die to be in a movie. I would love to be funny,weird, quirky, and do so many comedy parts in this movie, and do so many things espcially weird and funny. Also ever since i was a child i would only think Hollywood and dreaming to be in movie. If i were to be in a movie my life would change my, dream would be completed…
    Im American, i was born in the U.S but, my parents are Mexican, which makes me half and half. I have lived in Arizona my whole life, which is pretty boring and exhausting(and still do) . Im 5-11 almost 6, i weigh, 166 pounds, 15 and 8 months and im going to High School. Well thats pretty much all i have to say. Thanks for time and consideration , if you have any questions or comments please contact me . Thanks

  23. Patricija

    I’m 18. I wanted to be a part of a movie or tv series for a while and I’m hoping this is my opportunity. I live in Slovenia (Europe) and since it’s a small country with small posibilities in acting (sadly) i started looking for roles in bigger places (also because i want to help my mom and dad financialy). I played a few roles in school theatre, but that’s quite it. I love to act and i really hope you consider me for this role.

    I speak pretty good english and my accent is not really obvious.

    Dark brown hair and eyes

  24. claudia

    Im 25 year old i have a passion for acting and singing
    Im 5’3 125lds

  25. Dw Wright

    Craig Robinson, Vince Vaughn , Sean William Scott, Jason Bateman, Jason sudeikis, zack galifinakis, mark wahlberg and Billy Bob Thornton. Have acted with all these guys..not really but with hard work and magic we can and will make it happen!

    African American

    Call me maybe!

    P.s. I sure would like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states.

  26. Merari Reyes

    Hello! I love acting!! and It would be a dream come true if you would consider me!!
    Contact me at 520-302-3469 and email is merari_o19@hotmail.com

  27. Kyle Cupples

    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 230
    Hair Color-Dark Brown

    Hello, my name is Kyle Cupples and I am an aspiring actor. I am currently a college student and taking acting classes as we speak. I am easy to get a long with and very teachable. I am a perfectionist and will work hard until the job is done. I have had minor success on social media. I have over 34,000 followers on Vine, 10,000 on instagram and 3,500 on Twitter. I know what people like in order to make them feel good about themselves, hence all of the followers. My goal in life is to just make a different person smile every day and I believe it starts with this movie. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.

  28. Riley Acosta

    It would be a great honor to have any role in this movie. I have always had a passion for acting, and I have been part of numerous play in schoool. I also have a partnership with YouTube. I am 20 years old. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

  29. Lucero Luna

    Hi. My name is lucero. Im 17 years old aspiring for success. Im a quick learner. A natural.

  30. Brittany Klein

    Hi my name is Brittany Klein. I am very interested in obtaining any role in this film. Acting has been my dream and I honestly think I would be great at it. I just need the opportunity in order to achieve this dream.

    Age: 19, turning 20 this summer.
    Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
    Weight: 125 lbs

    If you have any questions or would like any pictures, let me know.

    Thank you

  31. Martin Storaker

    Hey! My name is Martin Storaker, im a 17 year old boy from Norway. Living in a small town called Bergen, turning 18 the 29th december. Always had and still having the dream to be on the big screen, becoming an actor. My weight is 82 kg, in the days i lift weights and i am a very active person. Training alot and keeping it healthy. My height is 1.83 cm. Always wanted to go to America! 🙂

  32. Joshua Gage

    Name’s Josh. I come from Independence, MO, not too far from where actor Jason Sudeikis grew up. I am 28 years young and I believe I could add a next-gen comedic feel to this project. I have no previous acting experience and honestly only recently decided that I would like to get into the tv/film entertainment business. I don’t believe I need a large role within this project but would honestly prefer just a smaller one-liner would be perfect. Maybe perhaps one of the main characters says something to me and I come up with a funny quip response. Anyways, I would love to work on this project along side these terrific actors and actresses. Below I shall list my attributes.

    Gender – Male
    Height – 6’2
    Weight – 170ish
    Hair Color – Blonde
    Eye Color – Blue
    Race – Caucasian
    Age – 28

    Also, if you require a photo please email me and I will be glad to send you one. Thank you for your time.

  33. John Guariglia

    Hi my name is john guariglia, I’m 22 years old, I’m Italian. I don’t have much experience in acting
    . I would fit very well in the movie because I like all the actors in this movies and feel that it would make the movie better. Also I would like to gain a lot of experience in acting but I need to start somewhere! Thank you for your time! 🙂

  34. Lisa Nagy

    Hello. let me just start by saying I’m a very very board stay at home mom right now. I am however a pediatric nurse just not working right now. You should consider me for a extra. Ect. In your film due to I am a very funny outgoing 44 year old who grew up with your cast while watching them all on the tv. Most of my friends say I’m very witty with quick comebacks and that I should of went into stand up comedy. All the doctors I ever worked for say I used to make their day just with my humor. I loved the 1st horrible boss movie and would give a left nut if I had one, like I said I am a women so don’t have a nut to give.. but would love to be a part of the next horrible boss’ s. Much gratitude to ALL who read this.

  35. Tovia

    I would make amazing actress Because i have the face and i am very photogenic. And i love to be around people. I am very easy to work with and i will take any roll or posison given. I have long legs and arms and light brown golden colored skin i have light brown almost hazel slanted eyes and very full lips i have always wanted to be an actress and i am willing to almost do any thing to reach my dreams i am very willing to travel because i do my schooling online and besides the camara just loves me and i love it just as much back. i just am whaiting and trying to find my perfect chance so please contact me back

  36. Miles Henry

    Hello everybody! My name is Miles. I’m a young male looking to get my start on comedy movies like this one. I’m easy to get along with, I have great people skills, and I love comedies. This movie will end up being a huge success with the actors presented. Truthfully, I would love to be in this movie because I feel that I would fit in perfectly around Charlie Day and Jason Bateman. I have short black hair, Brown eyes, 125 lbs., and can improv on the spot. If there’s anything you would like to know, please leave me an e-mail. Thank you

  37. Yesenia Madrigal

    I am 19 years old Blonde hair my height is 5’1 I weigh 180 pounds pale complexion and have wanted to act since I was 4 years old.

  38. Louis Romano Jr

    Louis Romano Jr

    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: White
    Height: 5’9′
    Weight: 145
    Age: 23
    Brown hair/blue eyes
    currently living in Long Island NY.

    im very outgoing, energetic , humerous and put my mind to everything i do, i work hard and have fun at the same time, im always up for a adventure and to do new things, im a 23 year old guy who lives on long island, im friendly and love meeting new people, study hard for things that need to be done, im currently a automotive mechanic, looking for new and amazing oppurtunities.
    thank you

  39. michael joyce

    I always wanted to be an actor ever since i was a little kid. I think i have this johnny depp type look the would definatly look good on screen. From the type of actors in hollywood I definatley think i can do it trust me

  40. Yasmine Rock

    Hi my name is Yasmine Rock and i love acting but unfortunately where i live ( Australia) there’s not many opportunities for acting jobs especially movies. I do go to acting courses , I went to an adult actors now course and are going to do courses at frog management. I know you would have heard this a lot but i really think that this would really help me start my acting career (everyone starts somewhere) i would also be comfortable with flying and a range of many roles. I would be a friendly person on set and would never let anyone down.
    Race- i was born in England but now live in Australia
    I am 12
    around 1.60 maybe a bit taller
    D.O.B 15/02/02
    Eye colour – my eye colours vary from different colour sunlight-blue/green.
    Hair colour-blonde- but willing to dye.
    I danced in competitions for the state for 5 years and i can sing- i got a solo for songfest which was for all the schools across WA

    I do have a twin sister who is willing to act. I promise that i would never let you or the cast and crew down!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thankyou, Yasmine Rock.

  41. Ryan

    Age: 24
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: ~140
    Hair: Brown (mid length)
    I have been wanting to participate in the film industry my whole life and just now am pursuing my dreams. Please take me into consideration as I am able to travel and would love to take part in anything I would be able to do (an extra, background actor, or short line). I am just starting out, but my will and drive will show how great I really am. Please let me know about any upcoming casting calls!
    Thank you,

  42. Miriam Escalante

    Hello! I’m Miriam and I am a very optimistic person, don’t let anything bring me down. I present my full 100% effort when it comes to work or trying anything I love to do! I’m aspiring and driven to take the risks I need in order to achieve my goals! I’m also very goofy and laughing at myself is a common aspect of mine. I enjoy joking around and pranking my colleagues, it always brings the stress down a notch! And like a create the work space comfortable as well. Comedy is a genre I’ve always find at ease when performing, and improv comedy is always the best!
    Horrible Bosses is one of my top ultimate favorite comedy movies and would definitely love to be a part of the exciting new sequel!
    Thank you very much for your consideration and will be waiting to hear from you!

    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Height: 5″3
    Weight: 114 lbs
    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
    Bilingual: Spanish

  43. Ally Whitehouse

    Hey i’m Ally,
    im 15 turning 16 in October and im from Sydney, Australia. Horrible Bosses is one of my all time favourite movies to watch. And if i was chosen to be apart of this fantastic movie it would be an amazing opportunity. I am tall with brown hair and I’ve got olive skin.
    I hope you consider me to be apart of your movie.
    Thankyou Ally

  44. Sirena Rodriguez

    Hello! I am Sirena. After reviewing most of these replies I see a trend in the majority of them selling their appearance. I believe true talent unleashed comes from your personality and character! So I’m going to switch it up a bit and tell you how awesome of a gal I am! I am a 22 year old bubbly, free spirited, super driven unstoppable force. I am a current college student who is traveling the world studying international business, which is why I would be perfect for this role since traveling will not be a problem for me. I love feedback & criticism, it shows room for improvement and I’m always looking to be better! I love to try new things, acting being one of them. Not to toot my own horn or anything but everything I try for the first time, 99.9% of the time I excel at it. I love to dance , play sports, & be happy! My motto I live by “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” many people forget to step out of that box!

  45. Wayne Matthews

    Age: 21
    Weight: 160
    Height: 6’0
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black

    I would love to work for you guys! I have no professional acting experience but I will prove to you I can act. I can do impersonations, accents, improvise, comedy, sing, dance, I’m an athlete… I can play ANY role. I’m extremely confident in my acting ability and know I’d be a perfect fit. If you need a head shot or full body shot I can send those through email and I’m also available for travel. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  46. Jordan Dumitru

    My name is Jordan Dumitru and I am 16 years old. I’m deciding on whether or not I’m going to be an actor. I love to watch movies all the time and it would be a miracle if I was chosen. It doesn’t really matter what part it is because I will give it my all.
    White Male
    180 lbs
    Brown Hair
    Green Eyes
    The Entertainment Industry is where I want to be.

  47. Amanda Skrtich

    Hi my name is Amanda I do not have a lot of experience in acting but it is a dream of mine and I see this as a great opportunity. I am a 17 year old girl. I get well with others and am a fast learner and an active listener. I would really appreciate the chance to begin an acting career. I love trying new things and would hope to gain knowledge of acting as well as a chance to explore my comical side and sense of humor from an experience like this. I really look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

  48. Johnathan Richards

    Hi, my name is Johnathan, i’m 17 years old, im 5’7″ blonde hair green eyes, i live in Phoenix AZ but please dont let that discourage you. i am absolutely in love with acting i have wanted to do it since i was a little boy. i have done some school plays and church plays as well. i would love to have the chance to be in a movie like this, even if its just being an extra, anything is good for me. acting is my passion and i feel its my future. thanks for checking me out.

  49. Winston Willard

    To the casting directors that read this:
    Hello. My name is Winston James Willard. I am a19 year old, 6′ 3″ African American with a voice that some compare to Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. I have had some acting experience a long time ago from the ages of 4-10 doing plays with my church. Currently I am a marketing student, but I feel my destiny is an acting career. I could say many other random facts about me but as a person with a business marketing mind I know how to sell myself in any role and would hope you give me the opportunity to show it rather than say it because as they say, “Actions speak better than words.” Thank you.

  50. Ebony Matheson

    I am a 17 year old Australian female willing to move to America to pursue my acting and singing goals, I have been singing for 4 years, topped in my drama class and have taken many dance classes. I’m interested in this role so please email me at ebony_matheson@hotmail.com so I can give more information and photos! (: I have no problem taking direction and come across as confident and hard working!

    I am 160cm tall
    Long brown/ caramel hair
    Fair skin with green eyes
    Easy to get along with!

  51. Ruben Moiza

    Hello my name is Ruben Moiza. I live in Tucson Arizona and I am 14 years old. I love to act and entertain people. I also love making people laugh. I love watching movies and starting in one would be a dream come true. Unfortunately there isnt many auditions in Arizona so its hard to getting a role in a tv show or movie. So i am hoping i get a shot at this movie, which i love! Thank You

  52. Sydnee Marlowe

    Hello, im Sydnee Marlowe. I love having fun. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Im about 5’3. Im 14 turning 15 in June but people mistake me as a 16 year old a lot. I love to act. thank you for the consideration.

  53. Akeem Raemon Adams

    Age: 23
    Height: 5 foot 7/ slinder average
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: Light Brown/ Hazel
    Hair Color: Dark Brown/ slick back/ straight
    Race: African American
    Vocie Range: Bass/Baritone/Second Tenor

    Hello and Good Afternoon to you. I am a lover of music. I love television (sitcoms). I love old movies, musicals and acting etc. I learn everything by ear. I cannot read music (I am currently taking courses in college). I did not start my acting career until I was 17 in high school. I have learned alot in these short 3 years. I do not know everything about the acting business. I do not expect to learn everything in one sitting. I am always learning something. I believe in hard work. I always get the job done. I have a crazy sense of humor. I’m always making someone laugh. Even though I think I’m boring, someone is always saying that I make them laugh. I’ve always been myself. I’m somewhat old fashioned. I often go above and beyond. If you take a chance in life either good things will happen or bad things will happen. If you don’t try, nothing will happen. I am positive. I’m always optimistic. I look on the positive side of things. I believe things happen for a devine purpose. I love to meet new people and try new things. I work very well with others. I sing in the church choir(s) and school choir(s). I love to help others. I try to live a life of service.

  54. Kyara

    Hello, my name is Kyara Federico, and I’m 5’9, Brunette, (beautiful, awesome) ;P I’m working out for that athletic, fit body! ;P And I no I don’t have that much theatre experience, but you’ve got to start somewhere! Non? I would love to even be an extra! Just having the experience would be amazing! I’m up for it! Thank you for your time. Contact me whenever. Thank you.

  55. Brittany Wilkerson

    My name is Brittany, and I am from NJ. I am mixed, mom is white dad is black. I am sassy and corky. I love to make people laugh and laugh a lot myself. I also have many awkward moments, unintentionally. I also have experience doing plays and musicals. I’d fit right in because I can be awkwardly funny, which is fitting for this movie. I have very expressive facial expressions which would be great for certain roles in this movie, and I am a big fan of the first Horrible bosses!

    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 150
    hair: brown, super curly, short
    skin: mixed, caramel
    eyes: brown

  56. Sarah Bonow

    Hi my name is Sarah Bonow. I am turning 19 this month! I am a smiling fanatic with a passion for making other people laugh and enjoy life. I have done theater productions throughout high school, landing the lead role of Sandy in Grease senior year. I love to sing and perform. Acting is a huge hobby of mine and making someone laugh is something I strive for. I live in Arizona and currently attend ASU, and would love to further my talents in acting! Thank you:)

  57. Emmanuel Inglés

    My name is Emmanuel Inglés. I’m 20 years old, Puerto Rican. I have thousands of movies at home from 1940 black and white movies to 2014 movies. I know all about movies and acting. I’ve been in a lot of plays in high school but since I graduated I haven’t perform. I’m 5″9 white dark eyes and hair. 160 pounds. Strong. Handsome. Funny. Smart.I can help with the movie make it more dramatic. I have perfect English and Spanish. A slight accent like any other Puerto Rican. Hey, I could play a bad guy, trust me when I say my accent will be perfect for the movie. I can either be the funny guy that breaks bad every 10 minutes. I can cry whenever I want. I can laugh, improvise, fight and I can guarantee I can capture the audience. Not afraid to act in front of big crowds. If anything, my name is Emmanuel Inglés and you can contact me at this number ( 787-341-7200); email: victor.ingles@serralles.com

  58. Clara Arteaga

    I’m 15
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Athletic body
    Currently in a performing arts academy
    Was a student at Barbizon.

  59. Alex Roe

    Hello! My name is Alex Roe and I am a 18 year old Male who strives to act and entertain anyone anywhere! I have won countless awards for Improv Theatre here in Nebraska and also performed stand up once in Minneapolis MN. I love entertaining and becoming the life of a character. I would love to be a part of this so kick ass movies sequel!!! I loved the first one so much I wanted to bend it over a barrel and show it the 50 states ya know what I’m saying!? Love to hear from you!!

  60. Xenia

    Name: Xenia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 (I have been told I look around 20 or older)
    Height: 5′ 7” and a half
    Weight: 140lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Light Brown, Long and Straight
    (Mediterranean look and body shape)

    I had Theater Arts class in the IB Program (International school system) for two years. i have attended summer programs with acting courses. Best experience closest to filming: The “Focus TV & Movie Industry” summer program working with the producer Laurie Goldstein to make a 30-minute-long movie. I wasn’t able to attend acting classes regularly, so I have gained knowledge through books and parts of plays, practicing monologues and acting exercises. I love acting in everyday life with sarcasm and humor. It’s a passion, a need. Thank you.

  61. Carly Wood

    Name: Carly Wood
    Age: 20
    Race: Caucasian
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

    Horrible Bosses is my absolute favorite movie. I have many years experience in acting and I would love if I could have some part in the second film!
    I can do many voices/accents, and I enjoy doing an awkward, funny type of acting! Nothing makes me uncomfortable.

  62. Jeremiah Mathews

    Hi, my name is Jeremiah. I am a 25 year old, honorably discharged veteran of the U.S Air Force. My dream since I was a kid has been to entertain audiences with my personality and natural charm on the grandest of stages. Feature Film is that very medium. I want to prove myself to everyone that I am a unique, talented, and need to be seen. Please allow me the opportunity to enter into the world of acting. It will truly be a dream turned reality!!

    Race: Mixed – Light Complexion (African American/Caucasian)
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Height: 5″10
    Weight: 225
    Body Type: Muscular

  63. Habib skafi

    Name:habib skafi
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 6
    Eyes: greenish blue
    Body type: althletic/ built
    Race: Arab/Caucasian
    Skin color light tan
    Reason: I’ve been doing short films with friends but it’s getting boring I feel like I should bring my acting career to the next level. I also do a little bit of stand up comedy and enjoy making people laugh which is what this movie is about. Another reason for ur consideration is I can pass any where from a 16 to a 20 year old. And last but not least I can do any voice/accent you want me to! If interested email me ! Thanx 🙂

  64. Charley Lavigne

    I am a 13 year old girl that loves acting! I loved the fist horrible bosses movie and would love to be in the second one! I am 5’4 and am Caucasian and I am a cheerleader. I hope you consider me for a part! Thank you!

  65. Ester

    Age: 17
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 113lbs
    Location: queens, New York
    Ethnicity: Russian
    Race: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: light brown
    Body Type: Fit

    Hey my name is Ester Takhalova. I am seventeen years old. I am just your average gal from queens. The reason why I decided to pursue acting is because I love making people laugh and I enjoy playing different personality other than myself. I been told that I am such a character. My favorite genres are comedy, drama, thriller, romantic , and mystery. At first I wasn’t sure if I was good enough to even enter this kind of industry but then realized it won’t hurt to try something you love. If you want to see some on my work, I have an instrgram account. My username is BIG_MAMAAAAAA

  66. angel uriostegui

    Please contact me if I got the part or didn’t please..


  67. angel uriostegui

    Hi, my name is angel uriostegui

    Im 14 years old

    I live in phoenix arizona

    I have black hair and brown eyes

    And Its my dream to become famous.

    Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be in a movie or be a disney channel star.
    I always dream of me walking down the red carpet at the oscars.

    Dreaming One day it will be me co staring with jason sudiekis in a movie…

    Please… I really want this so much
    I really want to make it on the big screen…

    I really want to become famous soooooooo much.

    Please… I really want this

    Thank you for reading this

    (Please make my dream come true)

  68. Diane~deedee~ Hintz

    DOB: 03/02/1959
    Blonde/gray hair
    Blue/gray eyes


    My name is Diane Hintz, but all my life Ive been called DeeDee or Di.

    I’ve been attempting to enter the entertainment industry since I was approached by a gertleman at one of Fords open calls in Orlando in

    1993. I explained I was there for my daughter not me. He said he’d been in this business a long time and he said I was what they were looking for.

    My daughter and I were extras in “Marvins Room” in 1995 with Robert DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Diane Keaton, and Merel Streep

    to name a few.

    We relocated to Phoenix after the filming; Id gone to a Scottsdale agency that required $1,500,00 for 2 portfolios’, that I couldn’t

    afford at the time.

    Again, in 2007 I answered an ad for extras which took me to an agency in Phoenix that again wanted money for ? and a portfolio

    but I’d lost my job and got hired for a company in Tucson, so i had to move. A year later I suffered a massive brain bleed, that has left

    me with partial paralysis. Initially, I thought I’m doomed now, “damaged goods”, then I noticed more and more actors with

    disabilities were on television, so why not me? So here I am again submitting my info in hopes that I be heard and given the/a chance.

  69. Melissa Van Valkenburg

    I would love to be apart of this series. My name is Melissa Van Valkenburg and i am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I would love to show you what Canadians are made of. Just to put yourself in that characters shoes and to learn where they com from is just so fascinating to me.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 160lbs
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Ethnicity: Greek/Dutch
    Race: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Body Type: Athletic

  70. Vanessa Lewis-Callan

    Hi. My name is Vanessa Lewis-Callan. I am a 13 year old white girl and I live in the GTA near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have dirty blonde hair, I am 5’5, I weight 110 lbs and I am an aspiring actress. I could fly to where we would be filming if you wanted me to. My genres are comedy and drama. I think I could be a great addition to the cast as I’m not very difficult to work with. (so I’ve been told) I hope you can contact me about this as i have put my e-mail. i would really appreciate it and i think it would be a great opportunity for me.

    thanks, Vanessa.

  71. Vanessa Lewis-Callan

    Hi. My name is Vanessa Lewis-Callan. I am a 13 year old white girl and I live in the GTA near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have dirty blonde hair, I am 5’5, I weight 110 lbs and I am an aspiring actress. I could fly to where we would be filming if you wanted me to. My genres are comedy and drama. I think I could be a great addition to the cast as I’m not very difficult to work with. (so I’ve been told) I hope you can get back to me about this, it would be a great opportunity for me.

    thanks, Vanessa.

  72. jenny wu

    hi my name is jenny

    Nationality: australian
    Race: asian
    Age :13
    height: 1.58m
    weight : 49 kg
    Hair: long and straight (brown)
    eyes: brown
    gender: female

    i do gymnastics, dancing, tennis, swimming and aerobics

  73. Matthew Di Cesare

    Hello, my name is Matthew Di Cesare.

    I am Currently 20 years old.
    I am a white male, standing at 5’9 and weighing at 165lbs.
    I can pull any roll given to me, and can go by any look desired of.
    I am a very good actor, who works well with others.
    I live in New York.
    I have done acting in a few minor indie films.
    I would very much like to try out for any roll possible.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  74. Matthew Gaunt

    hello, i’m an aspiring actor/comedian who has been acting now in theater for about 4 years.. ish, and doing local stand up for about 2 years.. ish, i’m looking to get my foot in the door in the film and TV industry as an actor or actress if i have to wear a dress, i will take any part that is generously given to me and will forever grateful for the parts i’m given, if chosen i can bring character, energy, and entertainment to even the smallest character, just in case you were wondering, i’m a 20 year old white male, 6’0 and 240 lbs, i love performing and want to make it my life, i would like to thank you for your consideration!

  75. Sydney Perez

    Hello my name is Sydney Perez! I am a 18 year old, very tall, 5’11, and a very outgoing, fun girl! I have long brown hair with big brown eyes! I would love to be apart of this new movie and I believe I have what it takes to be apart of the cast! I work great with others and I love acting out different roles. I have a great sense of humor and comedy is definitely an area I thrive! I also live in California so traveling is not a problem! Thank you!!