History Channel Documentary Actors for Speaking Roles

Casting Call for Speaking Roles for History Channel Film in Los Angeles

The History Channel is now casting actors for speaking roles in a new documentary. This is a paid shoot and will be airing nationwide. This is your shot to showcase your acting on a national scale.

About The Shoot

The History Channel film is looking to cast people for the shoot that is doing recreations that deal with the Aryan Nation. The docu-series will be filming in Los Angeles, California. The History Channel produces award-winning original series and specials. Their hit series include American Pickers, American Restoration, Ax Men, Counting Cars, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars and Swamp People. They also have the scripted series, Vikings and the Emmy Award winning mini-series like Hatfields & McCoys. The channel reaches more than 98 million homes so this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up!

What They Are Looking For:

Role of Karen:
Blonde white woman (early 40′s) – to play KAREN, a distressed mother

Role of Undercover ATF Agent:
Burly blonde white man with goatee (30 years old) – to play DAVE, an undercover ATF agent

Role of Shawn:
Tough looking young white man (25 years old) – to play SHAWN, a tough young white supremacist turned informant.

Role of Mark:
Slim, dark haired, scary looking man with mustache (50 yrs old) – to play MARK, an evil man and white supremacist leader

Role of Billy:
Short haired, receding hairline, white man (mid 30’s) – to play BILLY, a crazy southern racist and white supremacist leader

How to Apply

If you fit any of the above roles and would like to be considered, you could contact Ample Casting at amplecasting@gmail.com. In the email you should include your name, age, headshots, resume and your contact information. Since the shoot is taking place in Los Angeles, you should be local to the are to be considered.

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Kourtney

    How do we sign up for auditions for Disney channel? This has been my dream like for ever!!

  2. Rebecca Scott

    PS. also have worked in the l.a. area. The film “Axis” and universal studios. for over ten years. much wardrobe, and have doubled as a performer and wardrobe mistress. lol. Very hard, and honestly getting to old to do both, and my real talent is acting……….wardrobe paid the bills for years, in theater and film . my daughter works for Sony in l.a. so have a sofa…..but rather get a hotel room. lol.

  3. Rebecca Scott

    I have an agent Foley agency. in Daytona, fl. I have been a serious performer since I was ten. I studied at the Cleveland playhouse, for many years. , many films, I also worked for Bob Ross, , and was in the Film Things Behind the Sun, an HBO special. I have college degree in film. and my agent sends you a photo, I have much longer blonde hair , and will send you an up-dated photo. I am a serious performer. and ready to work. Would be proud to work for HBO. The crew always says……….Rebecca you are a team player. I work for the betterment of the film, not the money.

  4. Shardae

    Looking to get my daughter into mideling. She’s sevenand very gorgeous