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Hercules – Movie Casting Call

One of Hollywood’s most buff and talented stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is putting his muscles to the test for his all new role in Paramount Pictures Hercules. Shooting on this epic sword and sandals film is set to begin soon for a release next year and that means that casting calls for this sure to blockbuster will be happening shortly. This could be your chance to land a role in the 100+ million dollar film that will have the whole world lining up at the box office.

Hercules will feature “The Rock” (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, The Fast and the Furious 6, The Scorpion King) as the titular hero Hercules. In this tremendous story Hercules and his band of six friends and warriors are hired by The King Of Thrace to train his country’s soldiers to become the greatest army of all time. While preparing these men for battle Hercules and his group realize just how far down they have fallen into the lust for the spoils of war. Will they be able to find their way back? This amazing story based on the fantastically popular series of Radical Comics and will be directed by the extremely talented Brett Ratner who has risen to the ranks of the directing elite with an impressive resume that includes The Rush Hour trilogy starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, X-Men: The Last Stand starring Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry and Tower Heist starring a who’s who of comedy greats including Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. So far only Johnson has been confirmed for the film so that means there are still hundreds of roles of all sizes still up for grabs for aspiring performers of all ages. Auditions for this fabulous production will be starting soon and you can submit yourself today by sending emails here castinghercules@gmail.com. As always we will be sure to keep you up to date with all casting news and information as it becomes available so keep checking back right here and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided and let us know why you would like to be cast in the all new Dwayne Johnson feature film event, Hercules.

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  1. Brooklynn

    Hello my name is Brooklynn Cowell. I am a African American with dark brown/red hair, I am 14 years old and I am 5/7.I think that I should be considered for this production because I am a lover acting, dancing, and singing. I could spend all day just singing and performing around my house. I have worked with the college of the abemarle during the productions of the wizard of oz and Charlie and the chocolate factory. I have always loved the Disney cartoon Hercules and would love to be a part of this wonderful movie.

  2. Brooklynn

    Hello my name isBrooklynn Cowell. I am a African American with dark brown/red hair, I am 14 years old and I am 5/7. I think that I should be considered for this production because I am a lover acting, dancing, and singing. I have always loved the Disney cartoon Hercules and would love to be a part of this wonderful movie.

  3. Cheyanne Johnson

    Hi my name is Cheyanne Johnson. I am 15 years old and very talented . I love to dance,act,model,sing,and play basketball. I attend plays at Family’s Christian Center in Munster, Indiana with Pastor Steve Munsey. I danced with Westside Theatre Gille for 9 years. I was a chosen candidate to present Michael Jackson a rose on stage in front of millions of people. I performed his number 1 hit , Bille Jean. I still have the picture till this day . I know I am ready to step up and inspire other young people. I believe that everyone has talents and gifts. It’s what you do with that talent that makes a difference. God has given every person a special gift to show the world. My motto : If you can dream it, you can do it .

    Contact 219-902-0916

  4. ileana gongora

    hi my name is ileana sarai flota gongora i think i should be considered an actor in this movie because i can play any role i like to try different thing and i work hard at them i’ve always wanted to act since i was little and use to watch movies,plays,disney and this would be my dream come true i like to act i practice all the time and i can really make y self cry get angry im a really fun and outgoing person that’s why I should be considered.

    gender: femle
    Age : 16 1/2
    Birthdate : april 28, 1998
    height : 5’2
    weight : 120
    skin tone : brown
    body type : average
    hair color : black
    eye color : brown
    ethincity : hispanic
    languages spoken : english & spanish
    Place born : Merida, yucatan, mexico
    Teenage Mom Of A Beautiful princess Thats 1 Yr. And 2 Months

  5. Amy Arias

    I love movies of books that I’ve read in my childhood , It’ll be a dream come true if i can be in it.

  6. Victoria Perez

    Hello, My name is Victoria Perez , I am a twenty-one year old inspired actress. I think that this movie would be perfect for me because Greek Mythology truly fascinates me! I’m very athletic and being in shape is a very large part of my life but I’m extremely passionate about acting. I honestly don’t have much experience but I’m more then willing to do what ever is needed to learn! Thank you so much for your time
    Hight: 5’4″
    Weight : 127″
    Hair: Brown
    Eye’s: Brown
    Ethnicity: Mexican and Black ( I can pass and a Native american, Middle or South American, And Pacific Islander)

  7. Diane Dodd

    I am looking to gain experience in the Acting field or maybe even appear as an Extra in this movie. This movie will be a great success if you would give me a chance. Thanks!

  8. Jerry McLemore

    My name is Jerry McLemore I think this film would be a great strt to my acting career simply because I have always been intrigued by swords and shields along with the history of ancient Greek…. I’m 6’2 155 athletic built I love stunts will be willing to come to set and work day in and day out till the scene is right… Plus the film will have alot more swagger and sense of humor if I was able to get a role so keep me in touch.. And Lets start a new journey asap…

  9. Taylor Anne Tafoya

    Hello, my name is Taylor Anne Tafoya. I was enchanted with acting since seeing my first stage production, but caught the “acting bug” when I first performed with the Missoula Children’s Theatre 8 years ago. Since that time, I’ve been dedicating my time to doing some local theatre acting, professional voice lessons, and dance to prepare for a move into an acting career. I enjoy comedy and drama very much but musicals are my favorite to perform. I have also had some television experience on a local kid’s science show. I am looking to gain experience and for personal growth as an actor. Please consider me for any upcoming projects. Blessings to you and your current project and thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

    Location: ST LOUIS, MISSOURI

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair: Brunette/Auburn
    Eyes: Blue Green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    “Pied Piper” Missoula Children’s Theatre- Missoula, MT (2006)
    Woodland Schools Children’s Choir-Voice- Dr. Melissa Cooper, Marble Hill, MO (3 years)
    Woodland Choir- Mr. Jordan Kinsey, Marble Hill, MO (1 year)
    Saxony Lutheran High School- Band Percussionist and Choir (2 years)
    Southeast Missouri Music Academy-Professional Voice Lori Shaffer, Cape Girardeau, MO (3 years)
    TobyMac’s Camp Electric-Voice-Instructor, Jamie Grace, Nashville, TN (2013)
    Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC)-Acting-HUB Chicago, IL (beginner-2014)

    “Pied Piper”- Towns Kid/Chorus-Hobbs, New Mexico
    Declamation Performer/Winner-Scholastic Meet, Dexter, MO
    “Noye’s Fludde”-Mrs. Noye’s Gossip, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
    “It’s a Wonderful Life”-Mrs. Martini, Saxony Lutheran High School
    “Wizard of Oz”-Dancer/Chorus, Saxony Lutheran High School
    “Oklahoma!”-Armina/Dance Hall Girl, Saxony Lutheran High School

    Hooked on Science- reoccurring child actor/participant, Cape Girardeau, MO

    Special Skills:
    Cheerleading, Dancing, Voice, Acting, Making new friends and SMILING!

  10. Camille Rountree

    I’m Camille Rountree, I’m 15 years old and I have blonde hair and blue eyes, 5″9. I think would be a great experience and a lot of fun!!
    Blonde (natural)
    Blue/green eyes

  11. Hope

    Name – Hope
    age – 14 1/2
    Race – Black , White , and Indian
    Hair – Black /Long

    I should be chosen because I love a good fight but in a good way , I love a movie that is action packed film . I love “the rock ” i think he is a very good actor . I have seen the cartoon movie Hercules i was amazing . I have always wanted to play in a movie . I’m very persistent , i don’t like backing down , I’m not hard to work with . When I put my best effort into something the results are always promising . I love to make people laugh , i love having a journey , i just love having fun and getting to job done .

  12. Janaya Sanchez

    Hi I’m Janaya

    Hair: Long, Black and straight
    Eyes: Dark brown- can change to a golden hazel color
    Height: 5’3
    Weight; 120lbs
    Speaks: English Spanish Greek and Italian
    I love acting it has been a huge part of my life for awhile i am very passionate about what i do and take it seriously one of my favorite Greek stories has always been Hercules i know it like the back of my hand it would be a honor to be in such a remarkable movie.

  13. Hawa Kosia

    Hello Dear
    My name is Hawa kosia I’m 21years old Am passionate about acting and experienced too, I have studied acting for 4 years now in my acting classes. This is an opportunity for me to share my talent to the world and face hard challenges on the way. Am a hard working person energetic, confident and also I love working with people in a positive environment. Thank you for your time and I hope I get considered. And God Bless

  14. Tiffany Mac

    I am a very hard working entertainer/ actress/ host and radio personality and I am a very hard working . I will earn and work hard for the role. I am very confident and getting the role of main character or supporting character, how ever I am constantly humble in being a extra on the set and work had to make sure that my craft is great in that as well. I have established many credits , I have a strong back ground in media and entertainment. I balance it all and let NO ONE take my goals and future successes away from me. Please email me if you have or need any additional details from me and I will provide promptly.

    Thank you and For Your Time


    Hello my name is Bobby Brown; I am a decanted hard working young man who would love the opportunity to auditioning for any roll within your move. I have many talents and skills that would be perfect for the movie. I am a train boxer and a comedian with great potentials and personality.

  16. Austin McClenahan

    im 17 i cann play any part and be the best at it if im an extra you see only taking a drink in the background ill be the best extra youve seen taking a drink in the background

  17. jenny wu

    hi my name is jenny

    Nationality: australian
    Race: asian
    Age :13
    height: 1.58m
    weight : 49 kg
    Hair: long and straight (brown)
    eyes: brown
    gender: female

    i do gymnastics, dancing, tennis, swimming and aerobics

  18. jaedyn oliver

    Hi I’m jaedyn Oliver I’m a handsome 12 year old male.I’ve seen the rock on millions of movies and I have to say he is spectacular.I’ve wanted to act like him since I was 5 years old.I know most of his personality like is is very strong and very smart and athletic.I would love to be in this movie because I have the talent to be a actor.I have tremendous memory and I’m 5″2.My skin color is light brown and my eyes are light brown as well.I know you have a tough decision of the millions of people but please consider me.

    Sincerely jaedyn oliver

  19. Angel BLAQUE

    Hello, I’m Angel BLAQUE
    I am almost 18 years of age
    hair color: dirty blonde
    eye color: brown
    height: 5.8
    gender: female
    and my dream is becoming an actor I want to be known and will even work for free if it means acting please
    Help my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Zena Anane

    I’m zena, 12 years old turning 13 in April and female from CA
    I’ve always wanted to start an acting career but I guess I’m not so lucky
    I want to have a chance to take part in this movie
    I’m confident and very very talented.
    Travel isn’t a problem.
    It would mean the world to me.
    I don’t mind if it’s a little role.
    I hope you understand how much i would love this.
    Please please please consider me and contact me by email. Please help me achieve my dream.
    Thank you very much

  21. James Skipworth

    I am an extra in Dallas Season 2 & 3. In 4 promos of Dallas. Getting ready to be extra in Pilot of Salvation. Extra in Revolution Season 2. Taking acting lessons with Nancy Chartier Studios and Kevin Howard Studios. I am with Legacy Casting and on MyCastingFile.
    Age: 58 Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5’11” Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
    Weight : approx 230 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I think I would be a great addition to the cast of this project.

  22. J.G. Franklin

    My name is John Gerard Franklin (J.G. Franklin). I am an American actor living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I am confident I could contribute to this film because I am experienced, reliable and I am willing to learn, above all else.

    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair color: Blond (Bald)
    Eye color: Blue
    Date of birth: 12/31/1973
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Agent: NO

    Last year I completed a principal role in an independent, Brazilian feature film, entitled “Americanos Na Terra da Copa” (Americans in the Land of the World Cup), here in Belo Horizonte. I have included the following three articles, though they are in Portuguese, that have been published about the film:




    It has been shown four times in various venues around Belo Horizonte. The Facebook page for the film is here:


    I have also provided my complete information, as well as links to some examples of my work below.

    This first one is a recent biographical video for Aécio Neves, a Brazilian senator:


    My IMDB information and another link to my resume and headshots:



    My demo reel:


    Other work I’ve done:







    HAUNT TRACKERS: (Episode 2):


    I am also a singer and, just in case, I have included some examples of my voice:




    I look forward to your reply. You can contact me by email as well at jgfranklinactor@gmail.com .

    J.G. Franklin

  23. Ariana Soleil

    To Whom This May Concern,

    I am very interested in the possibility of being casted. Please let me know if you would like anything else to be considered. I am a professional dancer with no acting experience except through dancing on stage. However, I am seeking to expand myself as a performer and eager be a sponge!

    Professional Contemporary Ballet Dancer
    Looking to explore all my options as a performing artist, gain experience working my passion in new fields and expand my career!

    120 lbs
    African American
    Deep Brown Eyes
    Native American bone structure
    Lean Athlete

    Eager to learn, perform & a quick learner!

    It would be incredible to find a place in this new film that needs my talents and is willing to help me acquire new skills.

    Thank you for the consideration,
    Ariana Soleil

  24. Vontate Stewart

    Name- Vontate Stewart
    Age-19 years old
    Weight- 150 lbs
    Height- 5’8
    Eye color- Brown
    Hair color- Dark Black
    Body Type- Athletic
    Ethnicity- African American
    Hello, my name is Vontate Stewart. I am athletic, and a hard worker. I think I deserve a part in you’re movie, because I will give
    you character, life, feeling, athleticism, and excitement.
    Thank you!
    You can reach me at my email- vonstewar@yahoo.com

  25. Phong

    Age – 24 male
    body type – athletic/muscular
    hair – black, faded
    height – 5’4
    weight – 125
    eyes – brown
    ethnicity – Asian American
    education- College; in pursing Chemistry & Computer science.

    Just an everyday person; I need an extra job.. I am intelligent, I have a muscular build and outgoing, I am as well very athletic.. I’ll be honest, I have no acting experience; but it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

  26. Romina Bernal

    hi, i would like to have the opportunity to be in this movie, it’s time to have a new great face, me! so let me know if you want me, e-mail me and i let you know all about me! thank you for considerate me, i acting all the time, and i would love to participate in this film, so if you considerate me i would be honored.

  27. Micah Marie Paulsness

    Name: Micah
    Age: 15
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: green
    Hair: long and blonde

    I am quite shy but I feel acting will give me a chance to be more outgoing and working on the film would be a blast!

  28. Lisa Sanders

    Hello, My name is Lisa Sanders and I have participated in a few movies here in Chicago as an extra. I would love to get a speaking role in a movie some day. I’m also a former model here in Chicago doing hair and clothes. when I was a baby 6 months old,I won 1st place in a photogenic contest and received an award. I also appeared on a calendar.

    I’m 42 yrs old
    140 pounds
    black and beautiful in and out!

    Thank You
    God Bless!

  29. Jorge Echevarria

    Hey I’m Jorge and I would like the chance to be a part of this big project that you guys are doing , if you are still looking for someone .. I’m a street magician ,love doing street magic being doing it for 5 years now and now met some amazing people this pass years and now I do shows to !! !! I like to do some many things .. And I would do any type of roles thank you !

    I’m. 5″7
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: brown

  30. Amrit Gosal

    Hi, my name is Amrit. I am 17years of age, I have light brown eyes, long golden brown hair, I’m 5ft 2 inches tall and I am slim built. I’m also from the UK.
    The truth is I am genuinely extremely enthusiastic and passionate about acting. It is my life long ambition and passion. I have performed in many different theatre plays, since from my childhood, as well as being a member of the National Youth theatre.
    However, having considering the film “Hercules” instantly caught my eye. As being a Classical Civilisation student, and passionate about Greek mythology, English Literature as well as Drama gives me the enthusiasm to combine my skills and knowledge together.
    Look I know I’m not the obvious choice, but please consider me! If you request a picture of me, please don’t hesitate.
    Amrit, agosal1@hotmail.co.uk
    Having worked at different opportunities has allowed me to broaden my mind. I cannot stress how fascinated I am and would be privileged to be part of the project( no matter how small or big the part is) Whenever given a opportunity I always apply 100%, I believe I possibly couldn’t give any more. I know you may wish to see my acting before believing. Though, I always deliver enthusiasm, passion, determination and commitment with everything I do!
    Look I know I’m not the obvious choice, but please consider me! If you request a picture of me, please don’t hesitate.
    Amrit, agosal1@hotmail.co.uk

  31. Sharrod Irving

    Age – 20 male
    body type – athletic/muscular
    hair – black, faded
    height – 5’10
    weight – 170
    eyes – real light brown
    ethnicity – African American

    This movie would be a hit if I had a role to play apart of it. I am an all around person regarding my personality. Any way you would want me to act, I can do it. I’ve waited years and years to finally see myself on the big screen and I would definitely be
    honored to be casted in this movie or any other movie you have down the road. I will be determined to get this movie’s ratings even that much higher. I can only do that if you take the time to consider casting me. No arrogance, but trust me, I’m one of a kind. instagram – xxx_rodboii_xxx

  32. Aaron Viger

    Hello, my name is Aaron. I’m a 19 year old Caucasian male. I’m 5′ 8″ with short brown hair, and muscular, athletic build. I feel I would be a great asset to this movie with my witty, comical, and relaxed personality. I’m driven. I get done what needs to be done quickly and as perfectly as possible. Detail is everything to me. I listen very well and do my best work when being directed. As an added bonus, I’m very skilled at sword fighting. I get along with everyone and always have a smile on my face. If you would do me the honors of an audition, you will find a role in me. My phone number is 402-217-3259 and email is aviger12@hotmail.com.

  33. Jessica

    My name is Jessica Gorseth. My phone number is 678-602-7737, and my email is brambleheart@live.com. I am 20 years old.

    This information was needed for another email, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt for you as well.
    My height is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. I am broader and more muscular than other girls, not a stick figure. I weigh roughly 175. My waist is 36.5, inseam is 30.5 inches. For my jacket size, my chest circumference is 42.5 inches and my arms are 32.5 inches from neck to the base of my thumb for my sleeve length. My neck size is 15 inches. My dress size is roughly a 14 from a bust size of 42.5, waist of 36.5, and hip of 42.5. I comfortably wear a 40C size bra. My shoe size is a 10, and my hat size is a 7.

    I’m going to school now for a Criminal Justice and Psychology degree; I have much experience with animals, and I have and ride my motorcycle.

    I have very little formal acting experience. In high school I was in one play, which I honestly say wouldn’t count for much. However, during my second semester in college, several of us college students participated in a Disaster Scenario event to help train paramedics and first responders, using plenty of fake blood, limbs, and other items. We enacted a bombing scene in a conference center; we played in twice for two training teams. We were told after the scenario that it was realistic enough that some of the first responders were shaking as they “helped” us actors and afterwards.
    I used to waitress; I ended up quitting because the sports bar environment became too chaotic and potentially hazardous for a woman my age, but I have to admit that I was able to practice plenty of acting while waiting on customers.

    I enjoy learning about mythologies and the chance to be in a film of one is something I can’t pass up!

  34. Bonnie Heaton

    As soon as I found out that Dwayne would be doing Hercules I freaked out. I was so excited because I love him. I would love to be able to work with him as well as an amazing film crew in order to grow as a young and ambitious 17 year old. I do love acting as well as being a singer/performer; I have a passion for them. It would be a wonderful opportunity to have a professional acting experience by taking part in a powerful and action packed movie such as Hercules.

  35. Roseline Mwakio

    Hello, my name is Roseline and am interested in both acting and modeling. I usually do VA but I would love to expand my acting and if possible turn it into a career if given the chance. I did modeling last year in my College and I won. Am a hardworking and responsible. The reason why am applying online its because its kinda hard getting opportunities like these. Thank you.
    Gender: Female, Age: 22, Eyes: Brown, Skin tone: Brown, Hair: Long and Black, Height: 5’9, Weight: 55, Body type: Slim, Ethnicity: African, Location: Kenya.

  36. Roseline Mwakio

    Hello, my name is Roseline and am interested in both acting and modeling. I usually do VA for fun but I would love to expand my acting and if possible turn it into a career if given the chance. Am very hardworking and responsible. In modeling I won at my College and I would also love to expand it as well. The reason why am auditioning its because I happen to live fur and also getting opportunities like these is very hard here in my country. Thanks.
    Gender: Female, Age: 22, Skin tone: Brown, Hair: Long and Black, Height 5’9, Weight 55 Eyes: Brown, Ethnicity : African, Location: Kenya.

  37. Dylan

    I’ve been watching Dwayne’s movies for a long time but I honestly think this will be a good one and I would love to be incorporated in this movie I’m only 14 but I look 16 I would be a great part for this movie .

  38. Abigail Awode


    My name is Abigail Awode. I am originally from Buchanan, Liberia. I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I am 18 years of age (will be 19 on December 4th, 2013). I am 5’6” and weight 145 lbs. I am a junior at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities studying neuroscience. I aspire to become a professional actor. Some ways that I have been preparing myself include; participating in my school’s drama club, taking acting classes and participating in plays.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my brief biography.

  39. Nicolas C.

    Male age 17
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 200
    Muscular build – Football player in high school
    Bench 345
    Mix Asian Italian Irish ….
    Dark complexion
    Black hair
    Brown eyes

  40. john-robert marks

    i’m a fan of the rock that much
    my pursuit of a career in the film industry is rock bottom(that joke deserves a shot at it)
    im not looking for a lead role unless there’s a role for a bumbling sidekick for Hercules
    like he had in the scorpion king
    im a student of film/acting so why shouldn’t i learn from one of the best actors in the business
    i mean that, Dwayne has come a long way from a performer to a respected actor of a variety of many great pictures

  41. Jose Centeno

    Age- 17 (18 in December)
    Height- 5’8
    Weight- 150 lbs
    Eye Colour- brown
    Hair Colour- Black
    Body Type- Athletic/Bodybuilder

    Hello my name is Jose Centeno. I would be honored to take part in a movie as this one. Making films and being part of them has always been one of my passions. This could be my big break and you guys could be responsible for it.

  42. Cole Lillich

    My name is Cole Lillich and I’m seeking to become a famous Actor. I’m going to college right now to obtain a degree in Drama and Theatre. I then want to transfer to a school out in Los Angeles to go to the Academy of Arts in LA. Acting is my die hard passion. I will do whatever it takes to take a role in this show. The countless hours of work and lines to remember and the stress would not be a problem. Stress and anger and fear cannot be what determines if you make or break. I know the talent it takes to be an actor. I know the time and effort that has to be put into it. I’m willing to do all of this.

    Male: 19
    Race: White Caucasian
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Weight: 200
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Build: Athletic
    Personality: Funny, Easy-Going, Trustworthy, Leader

  43. nadja green

    I’m a 33 year old inspiring actress with a passion to succeed in this business. I am a hard worker, and I learn very fast. I like to explore new things and network. I am a young woman with a gift to show the world who I am and what I can do. I just need a winning chance to prove myself. Dwayne is a great actor and I would love to network and learn from him.

  44. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes. I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.
    Chunhong Young

  45. Jared Lucas

    Going through AMTC training program right now. I have a talent competition Dec. 31st-Jan 5th 2013 in Orlando. I did some filming for “Prison Break”, as a prison guard. Did a really cool commercial for a local radio station: http://vimeo.com/50862688 . I am 6’3″, 280lbs. I was a U.S. Marine, MMA fighter, and proficient with many weapons. Those are a few interesting facts about me. I am looking for my first big break. Thank you and God bless.

  46. Royal Churchill

    My name is Royal Churchill I am a 19 year old African american male from the city of Baltimore. I have the face to play an adult role and a teenage role. I have been in plays sense i was younger , and have always dreamed to do something with my talents. I can promise to be the best at any role given large or small. I am a young but ambitious, and I invest my heart and soul into my craft. All I ask for is an opportunity. I feel like everyone wants to be in this movie but who wouldn’t i grew up watching these movies to be in one would be unbelievable. To win this role is like winning the lottery but ill test my luck and give it shot. hopefully today is my lucky day, once again my name is Royal Churchill.

  47. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Age: 19

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brown

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Backround: I both model & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy.

  48. Angelo Martinez

    age -19
    height -5’11
    weight- 200lb
    Eye color- hazel
    hair color- black
    Ethnicity- Hispanic
    body type -Atlantic

    I’ve always been able to do a lot with a little all I need is a chance… I’m available for any roles

  49. Zachary Bills

    Name: Zachary Brandon Bills

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 220lbs (Muscular Build)
    Jean Size: 34/34
    Shirt Size: XL
    Neck: 17 1/2
    Shoe: 11 1/2
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Blue

    This would be an amazing movie to play in especially with Dwayne Johnson! He’s a great actor who can really add to an action packed movie! He is one of my inspirations especially with his body. I love to workout and have a muscular build and I really want to get into the acting industry. I don’t have much experience but I went to the John Casablancas Acting and Modeling school in Royal Oak, Michigan. Please let me know about auditions. I attatched some photos.

  50. Tyreece

    I’m Tyreece Treadwell
    I’m 5’8
    Eyes: Brown
    I would love to work with my hero and inspiration.The Rock. I love the rock in the WWE. He is a awsome actor, one of the best actors if i had to pick one person to be in a movie with. It would be The Rock
    Contact me
    Twitter: @LMunchy
    Facebook:MunchyTeambringit Treadwell
    Instagram: Munchy_10

  51. Richard Klomega

    I have always wanted to achieve my goals and I think this is the opportunity fr me to do it I have always bean dwayne fan started in the wwe and I will love to be in a movie with him pls give me a chance and I am sure I will surprise you

  52. Donna Seans

    Hello my name is Donna Seans and i am a 21-year old law student from Stockholm. I have taken actress classes private in Stockholm and performed in a play. Would love to make a try in this movie!

    body: petite,skinny

    hair: brunette

    age: 21

    eyes: brown

    length: 5,5

    If you want pictures just email me! Best regards Donna

  53. Barbara Riley

    My name is Barbara Riley. I’m 38 years old and I live in Dayton, Texas. Acting as always been a passion of mine since I was 19 years old. When I was school, I took dram class. I had act out the whole Sweet Pickles book. I did every character and their roles in the book. I had 2 weeks to accomplish this and I did it! I made my classmates laugh and that was an incredible feeling! I understand that I must crawl before I can run! I have a great personality. I love to make my audiences go “Oh my god! She was awesome!” .I’m willing to learn new ideas that come my way. I hope to be working with everyone soon! Thanks for your time!
    Barbara Riley

  54. C'Quashae Williams

    Hello my name is C’Quashae Williams

    I’m interested in auditioning for the hercules ,I am 18 years old very out going , dedicated , hard working , and fun to be around . I’ve been performing since the age of 2 , acting is my passion I’m from Austin TX and attend school in Dallas TX at KD studios . Please give me a chance to express and show my talent . Thank You

  55. Kolina

    An aspiring actress from Tonga, neighboring island located right beside Samoa. If you’re still searching for someone with a distinct look, I’m willing to play the part .

  56. Just another funny fat guy

    Hello there, I am from Miami Florida I am fat therefore it automatically makes me a funny guy. I am 5’9 and I weight 220(people say it’s fat I say its hidden muscles) I would like to be a part in any movie and any role I am not a picky individual. I don’t look my age so I can play any role from a young teen to a person in there mid 20’s

  57. Alvaro Salinas

    Name: Alvaro Salinas (a.k.a.) BB
    Age: 28
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6′ 0
    Weight: 240

    Hello , My Name Alvaro Salinas..nickname BB, (stage name Bum n-da Box..)I’m an Independent Music Producer, Rapper and Singer.. Been working in the music industry for over ten years… as a Musician,song writer, composer, Engineer and Performer.. I’m also Bilingual, and use both languages in my talents and skills.. My next goal in life is to prove that I can also act.. my favorite category is comedy, action, drama.. I’ve been in several film projects in my past, but nothing published.. I look forward to hearing a response.. “a dream come true, when someone believes.. i believe, do you?” BB

  58. Edwardo Garcia

    Hercules: The Thracian Wars – Movie


    I know I may be a little late on submitting my photo and description, but I am here now and it’s never too late!

    Edwardo Garcia (Eddy G)

    Height- 5’-9″
    Weight- 205 lbs
    Eye Color- Brown
    Hair Color- Black
    Ethnicity- Hispanic
    Body Type- Athletic

    Location-Fort Worth, TX

    You inspire me to workout and would love to be in an epic flick!

    Thank you,
    Edwardo Garcia

  59. maywonn gates

    I Would Like To Take Part Of This Role I’m 24 In Good Shape
    African American And A Big Fan Of The Rock Give Me A Call At 616 795 5349

  60. Irin Mili

    Hello! My name is Irin (EYE-reen),
    I am from South Asia
    I am 18
    I am a female
    I am 5’5
    Short brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Weigh 110 pounds
    Tanned skin tone
    Speak English, Hindi and Bengali fluently
    Can belly dance and song!
    I am trying to get into the film industry! I have always loved acting and wanted to be an actor/actress but I never got the oppertunity. love fashion, acting, dancing and anything else that I can be or use to show my creativity and express my passion for the entertainment industry. I simply love acting! It always came naturally to me; I am able to both, control and express my emotions at will and I am able to make many expressions. Whenever I act I turn into my character and it’s just surreal to me. This is the first time I’m persueing a career in films and it would be an honor if you guys would consider me for whatever role you have available. And if I were to get a part I am more then willing to relocate or anything that might come with the role. I am very passionate about acting and modeling and I hope I get a chance to show that.
    I can be contacted via email anytime and anywhere. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

    Irin (EYE-reen)

  61. Jamie C. Jones

    Hi my name is Jamie Jones and I am 25 years old. I am currently enrolled in Carolyne Barry acting school this fall in North Hollywood, CA. I just completed a 6 weeks course (2 nights a week) this past summer under the coaching of Joshue Bitton. i used to play professional basketball overseas since completing my college education at Portland State University in 2010. I am now looking to transition into the entertainment world. I have a strong passion for acting. I am very athletic and work hard to stay in shape. I would love an opportunity to audition for this upcoming film. It would be with great pleasure to work with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on this movie. i’ve been following “The Rock” career since I was a little boy. This is the break that I definitely need. Please consider me for any roles that might be fitting for me.

    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Brown
    Height 6’6

    Feel free to contact me for further information
    Jamie Jones

  62. Denise Dy-Prieto

    I would like to submit myself to this movie casting.

    Name: Denise Dy-Prieto
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’9.5″
    Weight: 115
    Measurements: 34-26-33
    Ethnicity: Filipino-Chinese
    City: Las Vegas, NV

    Part time Model traveling in california and las vegas
    Represented by agencies TNG model agency and The Platinum Agency both in Nevada.
    I always wanted to be in a movie and I love trying new things, so I am going to try acting. I love everything supernatural. I

  63. Danijela

    Name: Danijela Djordjevic
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    This has been a burning desire of mine for most of my life. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to be on TV. I’ve tried for everything that came in my way, such as; commercials, background actor/extra, modelling and so on. Problem is, I always get the response that I’m too short.

    I see this as a great opportunity for me to start the career of my dreams. Now I’m not expecting a main character or so, but I’d be more than happy to just have a 3-seconds role.

    About myself, I just finished my school. My future plans are to get a job, at the side I’ll be trying my best to get in the film industry. I dance twice a week and I love to hang out with friends and family.

    I live home with my parents and my older sister in the capital of Sweden. I was born here and lived here since birth, though my ethnicity is from Serbia.

    Why would I be right for the movie?
    I’d be filled with joy and also, you wont be having trouble assigning me to a special role as I don’t ask for a special one. This would be the start of my, hopefully, future career.

    I hope I’ll hear from you!

  64. Dallas McLean

    Hello my name is Dallas. I am seven years old and will be turning eight in November. I am full of energy and I love exploring new acting projects. I had the opportunity of attending a huge talent showcase in July where two talents scouts picked me to work on projects with them. I also had the opportunity ofbbeing a featured extra over the summer in a movie called Papou shot in Michigan my home state. I am ready to continue my acting career and work as a cast member on other projects. I hope you have a open slot available for me.

  65. Samantha

    The truth be told that I have always wanted to be an actress. Secretly this has been a burning desire of mine for most of my life.  I have a lot of life experience in the world of the modern day citizen and young strong parents. I love to entertain others and only dream of a chance to play a role in a movie.  
    I am Samantha White and I am 25 years old. I have four beautiful children (1 boy & 3 girls). Married and a stay at home full time mother.  I want to be more than the discretion I have listed above. I am a strong person and as a plain Jane I am beautiful.  I am witty and pleasant. I have an extremely versatile personality and am very adaptable. I am a hard worker and am in a since the female energizer bunny (but sexier), I just don’t stop moving or working. I don’t complain much so that is a great addition to any job. I can play any emotion on demand. I also grew up dancing and competing in competitions for a total of 13 years. I have no stage fright and love putting on a show.  I don’t know what all you are looking for in a word description application, but I want to show you that I have what it takes to be a public entertainer. I want to make my children proud and bring smiles to the faces of America. I know that all actors are just everyday people making themselves know to the public.  PLEASE give me a second look as I know you’ll love me! Honestly I am broke most the time so I cannot pay a casting company in hopes that something may transpire.  I have after all four amazing children who I love spending time with so naturally “broke” and “spent” is all the time. I want to give them all that they desire and do what makes me happy too. I want to inspire for generations to come.
    Thank you for you time,


  66. Rex E Brown

    Hi, my name is Rex Brown. I’m 6’6″ an 330 lbs. I’m from live in Tyler Texas. I would live to be caste in this movie. I am a huge fan of Greek mythology and always will be. And being able to work along side one if the best action stars if today Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will literally be a dream come true for me. I have also always loved movies that was full of action packed scenes.


  67. Emily Fullhart

    My name is Emily fullhart I would like to be considered to be on this show because I am an amazing actor I love acting and have grate communication skills! I can easily fake cry! I love all movies I am thirteen years old and I would greatly appreciate the consideration of my auditions for this series. I have a sassy personality and have an amazing sense of hummer. I love dance ( i do pointe, jaz, hiphop, ballet,modern, and lyrical) and animals and do many sports and activities. I an about 5′ and I weight about 90 pounds. Please take me into consideration I would greatly appreciate it! I LOVE THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. David

    ’M HOPE YOU READ THIS. Hi I’m David Gabrielyan, I’m from Armenia. I can acting, singing, dancing and also play on guitar. I’m 15 years old, 172 cm tall. I’m realy want to be famous, here in Armenia I’m can’t do that, but in US I can realise my dream. Please don’t ignore. My Facebook page please write me message https://www.facebook.com/DavidGabrielOfficial

  69. DeKevious Bolton

    Age- 26
    Height- 5’9
    Weight- 180 lbs
    Eye Colour- Brown
    Hair Colour- Black
    Ethnicity- African American
    Body Type- Athletic

    Hello my name is DeKevious Bolton and I have always been a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson and it would be an honor to work along the side of him. I participated in one act plays and dramas in high school and college. I am a very outgoing and adventurous person with great verbal and communication skills. I would take any available part presented to me because it has always been a dream of mine to become an actor.

  70. Arlene A.

    Name: Arlene A.
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 145
    Ethnicity: Latina
    Location: California
    I am a hard worker, willing to even be background, and am available anytime, thank you.
    Contact me through e-mail or http://www.twitter.com/arlenegemini

  71. Stephen Geromette

    Age- 21
    Height- 5’10
    Weight- 205 lbs
    Eye Colour- Hazel
    Hair Colour- Brown
    Ethnicity- Caucasion
    Body Type- Athletic/Bodybuilder

    I believe Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the best actors/people out there and I would love to work along side him. Especially in a movie like Hercules. I am a huge fan of the Hercules story and would like to be a part of it. I also compete in bodybuilding and have done a few shows. I am very humble, outgoing, and listen well! I would take any part given.