Healthy Lifestyle Fanatics for New Reality TV Show

Casting Call for TV Show

Do you swear by your alternative diet or cleanse and believe that there are alternative ways to eat and to live? A new reality show wants you! Casting directors are searching for men and women local to California. The team is searching for people who swear by healthy lifestyles including master cleanses, lemonade diets, juice cleanses, Bullet Coffee Diets and more. If you spend all of your time and money into reaching your fitness goals and into your health, this is the TV show casting call for you! This is a fabulous opportunity to show the world your healthy lifestyle. If you are interested, sign up for the reality TV show audition right away!

About the Show

A new reality show is searching for health and fitness fanatics. The series will follow people and their healthy diet regimes.

What They Are Looking For

Are you currently on the “Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet?” Do you do a juice cleanse once a month? Do you take part in the Martha’s Vineyard -Diet? Bullet Coffee Diet? What about the strawberry, clay or egg diet? Do you swear by a celeb detox twice a month in the name of health?

Seeking Men & Women

Ages 18 and older

Local to California

Do you live for your training and NEVER miss a work out?
Have you experimented with supplements and maybe even enemas in order to be the healthiest version of yourself possible?
Do you have or ever considered a Naso-Gastric tube?
Are you putting 100% of your money, time, and resources into your health and fitness goals?
Are you on a health quest that is mis-understood by those around you?

How to Apply

If this sounds like you email Include your full name, phone number, current photos and what your health regime is.

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